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Last updated: January 24th 2015

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Saturday, January 17, 2015
- January 2015 first half - The first activity of the new year -
by Chraizy at 7:45 am

Hey guys! Chris here with the news of the first half of 2015! The year started with heavy activity, WRs have been hit. 19 active non-sc, 3 active SC players and 3 different WRs in total! Let's check it out:

New Players

Josh McCambridge joined our site with a full timeset at #265.
Mike Ma joined our site with 28 times, only FS and RRd dual missing. His debuting rank is #802. SC: #338.
Not exactly a new player, but Michael Arends joined NTSC with 4 times at SL and RRy dual.
Michel Talisson joined with the first 4 tracks of Mushroom Cup and debuted at #883.
Mike Plaehn joined the SC site only with 2 FS times and debuted at #353.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer set a groundbreaking WR this month! After Daniel Burbank was able to tie the old MR flap WR with a 27"71, which was still a tie overall but a PAL WR, he attacked it and managed to improve the old time from 2008 with a 0"01 cut from Dan's WR! The new time is a 27"70 (NTSC: 23"04)!!


Beck Abney tried his hands on the 2/3 Weathertenko and finished one! But before he was able to also improve the flap PAL WR, barely missing the overall WR, with a new time of 3"93 (NTSC: 3"27)!!

And the first successful WT 2/3 was also hit by him, with a 10 seconds cut, it now stands at 53"18 (NTSC: 44"23)!!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer visited MR flap after Dan showed his impressive skills on it. He spent quite a few days streaming, but yesterday he was able to hit the 0"01 cut that was needed to pass him and Luke. The reason was probably the insane Mushroom cut he performed, but watch it yourself, the vid should be posted soon on the boards, or you check MRs streaming channel.
#3 (3) Vincent Tolhuis appeared out of his 2 week retirement to send us a sign of life with a new MMF 3lap which cut one rank.
#8 (7) Daniel Burbank improved his MR flap and got the WR tie before with Matthias and Luke, but sadly had to pass it to Matthias. He still cut one rank and maintained his rank.
#10 (8) Daniel Lunczer improved his CM and BC times. BC saw a nice 0"4 cut and is a new TOP10, almost even TOP5! Dan passed Karlo for the 8th spot in AF and is coming closer again to the other Dan!
#17 (17) Beck Abney had an amazing week again, mostly improving 3laps. He got 17 new PRs, even though most of them weren't too big, but he managed a 2.4 AF cut out of it, which is pretty big for this level! Beck passed 4 players to reach the TOP20 and is only 9 ranks away from the TOP15! Notable PRs are his FS 3lap ranked 12th and BC 3lap ranke 15th!
#57 (57) Marcos Vinicius Alves improved his MMF 3lap and MR flap. The MR flap saw a nice TOP40 improvement with a PAL sub 28! He cut 0.6 AF points and almost passed Richard Karlsson for the 56th spot.
#61 (60) Darius Austin improved his LR times and got 2 really nice TOP40 times here. His 3lap is now ranked Legend B and definitely a strong time! He passed 2 players and reached the TOP60!
#69 (67) Jake Walter got 6 PRs on LR and DK dual, on MMF and KTB flaps. Jake got 3 new GOD times and passed 2 players with a nice 2.7 AF cut. He is almost holding the Legend B status in his hands, only a little bit is missing to reach it!
#84 (83) Christopher Zartler got 7 new records this half and got a pretty big 9.3 AF points cut! He passed 11 players and also reached a GOD time on RRy flap! Chris is inbetween a few big karters right now, like Andreas, Stacy, Stephen, Kevin and Mark. 10 points are seperating him from the TOP75, can he do it by this month?
#172 (172) Pat Bertovich improved FS flap and RRy 3lap, both were tiny PRs which helped him to cut 0.2 AF points and pass one player in the progress.
#185 (188) Anatsasia Steingold improved 13 PRs this half, with new records on every cup. Her best time was a 124th ranked FS 3lap, which is now her strongest time. She passed 12 players with a 10.5 AF points cut and also reached the King D ARR in the progress!
#192 (195) Tim van Ham improved 3 PRs on MR flap and BB dual. He cut 7.4 AF points and passed 1 player and is away from the AF graveyard. He also reached King D in the progress with 2 new King times on BB and a very nice King A time on MR!
#204 (205) Anna Moon improved 22 PRs this half which is enormous! Many of them are close to the TOP200, and 6 of them are new King times! Anna passed 19 players with a 23 AF points cut and is not too far away from the TOP200. Go for it!
#213 (223) Lewis Richards improved 5 PRs on KTB and RRd dual and RRy 3lap was also improved. Lewis still got a few lower ranked times like KTB flap which still hasn't passed the TOP350 mark, but also some incredibly good ones, like his RRd times which are both Legends and almost TOP100! Lewis passed 13 players with a 17 AF points cut.
#228 (229) Naveen Selvam got 10 new records, almost all of them were dual PRs except for KD and MR, which only saw flap improvements. He got 3 new King times and also got a promotion to Elite A! Naveen passed 14 players with a nice 12.5 AF points cut.
#320 (324) Pascal Schmidt got 10 new records aswell and improved mainly his weaker 3laps. He got a few nice Master and Elite times and reached the Elite ARR this half! In AF, he passed 17 players with a 15.3 AF points cut.
#512 (531) Mark Vizza improved 21 of his times and got a nice 29 AF points cut! He passed 30 players and easily reached the TOP550. He also became an Expert A player in the progress, well done!
#898 (653) Paul Fisher is continuing to improve his BB times, now he reached the TOP100 with both times and got a double Legend C rank! I wonder when this guy will start hitting those kind of times on other courses, he definitely shows TOP100 potential now!

SC Movement

#7 (7) Beck Abney was the highest active SC player, getting 4 PRs on TT and CM 3laps and KD and MR flaps. TT was a new TOP10 and KD a new TOP5. His MR is now in the TOP20 and as already mentioned, CM was a new WR! Beck is only one point shy from Myles and Alex to reach the SC TOP5!
#23 (24) Pat Bertovich improved his WS flap and almost reached a sub 3 lap here! He passed Noah for the 24th spot in AF and is half a point away from Jason and the next rank.
#87 (81) Daniel Burbank was active in SC aswell and sent us 2 LR times in which are directly ranked Legend D and King F! His TT and MR flaps looked sharp aswell, MR being a new GOD time! Dan passed 6 players and the Worst God Ever Cooper sits right in front of him and the TOP80 entry!

That's it for this half. Hope you enjoyed it! Seeya next time :).


Friday, January 02, 2015
- December Second half - END OF 2014 - A great year! Thank you guys! -
by Chraizy at 8:10 am

First of all, a happy new year to all of you! I hope you started well into it and had fun at fireworks/with your family or whatever you did. When you look back, what have you experienced? Are you happy with your achievements? Have you reached your goals? Well, whatever you finished or is left unaccomplished, 2014 was still a great year, with many new rising stars, many nice WRs and even a new overall GOD! It's been a while since we had the last one with Greg, but here we go again and congratulate Beck Abney! Even for me this year was really special, as my MK64 times are over for a while, but all this activity gave me some sort of motivational boost, and I just started again. Might be a bit rusty, but hey! You need to start somewhere eh? :)

Well, let's start with the last activity of 2014. Not too much happened compared to the last month, but it was still ok!

New Players

Tom Galindo joined our site with 32 times at a pretty high rank: #297.
Israel Mendoza joined the site with Mush and Flower cup times, and half of the Star Cup was sent too. He debuted with 20 records at #785.
Naveen Selvam joined the SC side of MK64 this half and scored 14 records to debut at #194!

World Records


Beck Abney was active on CM again, this time in the NTSC version! He played again for the weathertenko and was successful, with a lap 3 hit! He got a double WR here of 53"37 (PAL: 1'04"17) and a overall WR tie with VAJ at 3"26 (PAL: 3"92)!!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 SC and Combined Champ #3 (3) Vincent Tolhuis improved his MR 3lap by 2 hundreths and maintained his rank.
#8 (7) Daniel Burbank had a massive PR streak for the end of the year and scored 12 new records. Most of them happened in the Flower and Star Cups. He got 5 new TOP10s and even a #3 MR flap which is only 0"02 behind the overall WR! Dan passed 4 players and finished the year in the TOP10!
#10 (9) Daniel Lunczer passed TJL, but got passed by the other Dan, so he remained at the same spot. He cut a good amount of AF tho with his 5 PRs. His FS PRs show some bigger potential, especially the flap which he beat step by step and is now ranked third!
#29 (32) Michael Arends is coming closer to the TOP30 with a 1.7 AF cut, only half a point short of passing me. His 4 PRs were FS flap, SL dual and BC 3lap. He got a really impressive SL 3lap, which is ranked third and his strongest time by far! Apart from that he achieved 2 new Legend A times and is coming closer to the 0.000 ARR.
#59 (57) Marcos Vinicius Alves improved 5 PRs on MMF flap, KD and SL dual. His SL is a new dual GOD, which brings him to 6 non-sc GODs. Marcos passed 2 players with a 3.1 AF cut.
#69 (69) Jake Walter improved his RRy flap and scored a GOD time here! He cut 0.8 AF points with it alone and is close to the next spot.
#92 (94) Christopher Zartler has entered the double digit ranks by the end of the year and scored 8 new Legend times. Chris passed 6 players with a 9.8 AF point cut. He got a few nice TOP80 times which show potential!
#115 (114) Pier-Yves Lemire worked on his LR and DK flaps and cut 0.7 AF points to close the gap to Combined MK Legend Mickael Smolen.
#140 (140) Patrick Blank scored 2 records on CM and achieved a new Legend time on the 3lap. He passed 5 players and has entered the King B area!
#173 (174) Kyle Begley scored 2 new records on LR 3lap and FS flap. LR saw a tiny cut, while FS went sub 40 PAL and is a new Legend time!
#195 (196) Tim van Ham also scored 2 PRs but on RRy dual and passed 3 players to secure his TOP200 spot. He also reached a Legend flap on RRy!
#199 (200) Anastasia Steingold achieved her TOP200 goal just in time with 7 new records, mostly on 3laps. She scored 5 new King times and also became the newest King F player!
#222 (224) Anna Moon improved her RRy time and also achieved the Legend time here!
#229 (235) Lewis Richards scored 8 new records and achieved a pretty nice DK flap which is TOP100 and Legend C! Lewis passed 17 players to reach the TOP250!
#243 (243) Naveen Selvam got 10 PRs and improved many of his weaker times like a non TOP400 LR 3lap, which is now ranked 258th. But also other times which were outside the TOP300 are now in the lower 200 area. Naveen cut almost 30 AF points to pass 35 players!
#535 (561) Mark Vizza scored 24 new records and got a few nice Semi-Pro times, and even a Master time on RRy flap! Mark passed 39 players with a 27 AF points cut.
#896 (656) Paul Fisher scored a new BB 3lap which is ranked 140th and King B. He didn't pass anyone though, so same rank as before.

SC Movement

#7 (7) Beck Abney got as already mentioned the CM flap WR and also improved his RRy 3lap and DKJP 3laps. Both are new GOD times and now... Beck has reached as sixth person ever the GOD status in SC! But... if you remember, a few weeks ago he also got the Non-SC overall GOD, so he is our 5th overall GOD aswell! Huge congratz Beck!!
#11 (11) Jake Walter scored 2 PRs on WS 3lap and YV flap. The flap is a #2 time and brought him a nice cut of 0.7 AF points!
#13 (13) Daniel Lunczer improved his TT 3lap but didn't cut any ranks and maintains his current position.
#15 (16) Matthias Rustemeyer also wanted a PR this month so he decided to grind down some easy SC PRs. His choice went to FS 3lap, which he improved by 0.2 seconds and brought him a new Legend time!
#73 (72) Patrick Blank improved his DK flap which is now 84th and a King C time.
#100 (87) Daniel Burbank sent us 5 new records, one of them is completely new on YV flap, which is an instant GOD for him ;)! But he also achieved his first 3/3 spiral on RRd, which is a new TOP10. His TT times look sharp aswell and all in all he cut 10 AF points to pass 13 players and join the doubledigit ranks!

Well that's it for 2014! I hope to see many of you in 2015 again! Maybe for a rivalry... there's a lot activity around me hehe :)


Thursday, December 25, 2014
- Merry Christmas! -
by Chraizy at 10:46 am

Hey guys, it's Chris. Just thought to stop by and wish you all a merry christmas! I hope you got many presents and have a nice time with your family/friends. Enjoy the free time...


Thursday, December 18, 2014
- December first half - super tired, super much work, but also super close to Christmas! -
by Chraizy at 12:06 pm

Hey guys, it's Chris. I just spent my 2 hours today with the news, believe me, this is way longer as it would normally take, I lack sleep and if you find any mistakes in this news, tell me, might have overseen something. But now, let's move to the news:

New Players

Brennen Giesler is the only new player this half. WIth a FS SC 3lap he joined the SC ranks at #491.

World Records

No new World Records...

Non-SC Movement

The highest active player was #11 (9) Daniel Lunczer, who is on a nonstoppable strak of PRing. Since his comeback he seems to have caught fresh motivation and scored a few really nice TOP10 times on CM, DK and RRd. Especially his RRd times saw huge cuts, the 3lap fell by over 1.3 seconds! Dan cut 0.5 AF points and passed Marcelo for a single digit rank, just like 1 year ago!
The other Dan, #9 (11) Daniel Burbank scored 6 PRs compared to Lunczers 5 PRs, and improved some of his weaker times on WS and SL. Dan cut 0.6 AF points and is close to Dan, and also only 3 ranks away from the TOP10!
Our newest GOD, #21 (21) Beck Abney finally got the last remaining MR flap GOD, and alsoooo 15 other PRs! Beck is berserking through the ranks with amazing PRs like a #5 time on MMF 3lap or a #12 YV flap! Beck cut 3.6 AF points and passed 2 players aswell! The TOP20 is only 0.6 points away, but with those kind of cuts he will easily get there by next time!
#28 (28) Finn Berger decided to get a double PR on LR this half, so he just did it as if it was nothing!... no seriosly, Finn worked for those times and it took him a bit time, but the effort definitely payed off! He finally scored some PRs again, and got a nice TOP25 time on the flap as addition! The cuts were 0"01 seconds on the 3lap and 0"02 on the flap. Finn said he could bring the flap down a bit more with a few more tries, can he do it?
#31 (35) Michael Arends scored 3 PRs, two of them are new GODs on WS! He also improved his BC flap, one of the 6 times he hasn't GODed yet. Other times are MMF dual, FS dual and BC 3lap. Everything except FS 3lap should be easily doable for him, but FS will be a hard challenge, it's not the hardest GOD standard for nothing! In the other news, Michael also passed Myles for the 35th spot!
#60 (59) Marcos Vinicius Alves scored a new YV 3lap which is a new TOP100 and new Legend time. He is 1 point away from the next spot.
#70 (69) Jake Walter improved his FS 3lap and cut 0.09 AF points.
Close behind we have #71 (70) David Moll who PRed 5 times this half on LR and YV dual and DK 3lap. LR saw a new Legend and also a new GOD time on the flap. David passed Noah for the TOP70 spot and is not even one point away from Jake!
#100 (100) Christopher Zartler set 13 new records over the last half month and achieved many many new Legend times. His overall ARR also rose and Chris became the newest Legend F player, now the 110th! He passed 11 player, and also reached the TOP100 with style. Well done!
#104 (101) Lachlan Young got passed by Chris, but that didn't stop him to pass another player with 2 new records on MMF and KD 3laps. Both went into the TOP100 and are new Legend times.
#144 (145) Patrick Blank set 7 new records. The cuts weren't too big, except for his MR flap, which went directly from 170th to 116th and is a new Legend time, same as his RRy flap, which cut a good amount of ranks and is another Legend time in his timeset. Patrick passed 10 players and reached the TOP150 this month!
#205 (208) Anastasia Steingold got 12 new records, including her first Legend time on FS 3lap! She is only an Elite A player so far, but this Legend is definitely not easy to get, so well done! Stacy improved her AF by 29 points and passed 28 players, and is not too far away from the TOP200, which was her primar goal for the begining.
#222 (224) Anna Moon made a massive cut this week with 26 new records! Anna achieved many new King times, and destroyed her last remaining Master times. So far, RRy seems to be the first course where she will get a Legend time. Anna passed 53 players with a huge 49.5 AF cut! Sick movement!
#245 (247) Brandon Knodel improved 11 PRs with PRs mainly in the Star and Special Cups. Brandon passed 15 players with a 10 AF points cut and is close to a rank promotion.
Not too far behind we have #246 (252) Lewis Richards who is making good progress aswell on some courses. His FS times look really good and he also achieved a Legend time on the flap which is almost TOP100! It's his second Legend time, but so far he hasn't reached a TOP100. It'll come sooner than expected tho ;)! However, Lewis passed 28 players this half, barely missing the TOP250 entry with his 27 AF points cut.
#276 (278) Naveen Selvam got 8 PRs on KD, FS, CM and MR dual. Each of them saw good cuts and made a 15 AF point cut possible, which helped him to pass 9 players.
#569 (600) Mark Vizza got 26 PRs and passed 44 players with it. He got a few nice times, for example his already strong RRy flap time which went almost to sub 1 minute PAL (sub 50 NTSC tho!) and is a Pro A time. Mark also reached the Expert F rank, making him the newest Expert!
#589 (611) Daniel Sampson is only a few spots behind, with 7 new records he was able to pass 14 players with a 15 AF points cut. He is missing 11 more spots to join the TOP600 like Mark did this half, but with some more PRs this should be no problem at all!
#650 (689) Daniel Plaumann got 21 new records and added 6 new times to his timeset. He passed
77 player with a 59 AF points cut and reached the Advanced ranks this half! Nice work!

SC Movement

#7 (8) Beck Abney set 5 new records mainly on flower cup tracks. He continued his epic non-sc GOD hunt in SC, where he got 5 new GODs! Only RRy and DK 3laps are left, and he would be the 6th overall GOD! Beck passed 2 players and secured himself a single digit rank for a long time, as his AF cut was 3.5 points, and puts him 0.2 points behind Steven!
#11 (11) Jake Walter got 2 new records on MR and RRd flaps, which didn't cut that many ranks. Both PRs were already GOD times so no change in ARR.
#70 (68) Michael Arends improved his TT flap into the Legend C area and passed one player.
#73 (72) Patrick Blank also scored one PR, but on LR 3lap which was a minimal cut, but still gave him a 0.05 AF cut.
#125 (100) Daniel Burbank added 4 new times to his SC timeset, namely TT dual and DK dual. His TT 3lap is already a GOD time, ranked 15th! Those times helped him to pass 34 players and land directly in the TOP100!
#137 (146) Lewis Richards played a bit MR this half and scored 2 PRs here. His 3lap went into the 1'25 range and his flap is now ranked as Elite D. He passed 7 players and is a new member of the TOP150!
#197 (212) Daniel Sampson got a new RRd flap and passed 2 players.
#258 (279) Daniel Plaumann improved 4 PRs, but maintains his rank. He cut 0.2 AF points though.
#287 (331) Mark Vizza played RRy and scored a dual PR here. He passed 4 players with a 0.3 AF points cut.

Well that's it! This is the last update for the year, I hope you had a nice karting year, your goals are reached and that you will have lots of fun at future karting! May you come healthy into the new year 2015!


Sunday, December 14, 2014
- October and November POWs -
by Zoran at 5:35 am

4th quarter is the last chance to go for your goals, but it is harder to win POWs since others are trying as well. Let's see who were best of the best in October:

Week 1
Amazing week for Justus Gilstrap brings him his 1st POW award. He cut more then 14% AF and joined Elite ranks. Also, Justus already got a Legend time on KD lap.

Week 2
Another great week for Justus Gilstrap. With 19 new PRs he was able to enter top 300.

Week 3
Elite battle is heating up. With 19 new PRs, Thomas Bundschuh passed 76 people and also joined Elite ranks.

Week 4
Marcos Vinicius Alves reminded us of the Brazilian glory days. He got 3 new SC PRs and one of them was a WR. The course on which Marcos got his 1st WR is FS SC lap.

No doubt about the winner this month. Justus Gilstrap improved every PR and passed 87 people to join Elite ranks. KD lap he drove showed his potential. It is a Legend time ranked #142.

We end this update with November:

Week 1
Are you serious!!! Thomas Bundschuh jumped up the ranks like crazy. He cut 1/3 of his AF and passed 127 people. I guess he forgot to submit some PRs the week before, but even half of this is more then enough to bring him this POW award. Too bad because he might have won 2 POWs.

Week 2
SC WR + 4 more SC PRs. 18 non-sc PRs with 12.5 AF cut. Sounds like Beck Abney is back in town to pick up this POW award.

Week 3
Few PRs, huge cuts. This is a signature of Michael Arends who cut 21% of his AF with only 6 new PRs.

Week 4
Daniel Burbank responded to the improvements of his POY rival. With 8 new PRs, Daniel cut 8% AF and joined the top 10.

A lot of people were active this month and many had amazing improvements so this wasn't an easy choice. In the end Beck Abney wins another POM. He improved 30 non-sc and 7 SC PRs, got a CM SC 3lap WR, made a 28.5% non-sc AF cut and passed 14 people. Impressive!!!

Only December and POY are left. POW points are also updated.

Wednesday, December 03, 2014
- November second half - the time has come... -
by Chraizy at 9:47 am

Hey guys, Chris here! With December, the real work starts (at least for me) and free time is something I can only dream of currently. I hope that I can do a news update in mid december, but I will try my best. For now, let's begin with the news:

New Players

James Farrell-Shaw joined our site with 12 times, all of them ranging around the TOP700. His debuting rank is #871. SC: #483.
Christopher Carp sent us all 32 times and is ranked around 800th on the tracks. His times give him a start position of #877.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer improved 2 WRs this half. The first WR came on SL. This was his oldest WR from February 2013 which he improved by quite a bit, 0"16 to be exact! The new time is a 1'55"70 (NTSC: 1'36"22)

The second WR was on WS, where he improved his time twice within 2 days of playing (the first improvement came after only 20 Minutes!) He first got a 4'21"68, followed by a 4'21"54 (NTSC: 3'37"51)!

Non-SC Movement

#12 (10) Daniel Lunczer is back with a few new times! He has forced his way through LR and DK and gained 2 new TOP10s, one of the a #4 time on LR flap! His 3lap looks sharp aswell and is a sub 1'58"5 in PAL. DK went almost to a sub 2'15, only missing it by 0"02. He barely kept himself save from the other Dan, #10 (11) Daniel Burbank who made a massive cut with 14 new records! Times like DK and KTB saw nice improvements, but also the other tracks had nice cuts. His best PR in this submission was a #6 time on MR flap. He cut 1.3 AF points, and is only half an AF point away from the other Dan!
#22 (23) Beck Abney gained 8 new records, 4 of them are new GODs, and those are not the easiest ones. He got FS 3lap, CM flap and WS dual GODs, of which FS is definitely the hardest GOD standard! Beck is coming closer and closer to the overall GOD status, as he is only missing the MR flap standard. It's incredible, if Beck would get the MR flap GOD, he would only be a bit more than 0.2 worse than Cooper, and would've been the worst GOD ever. But now he cut too much AF... but that's good of course! He passed 4 players with a 3 AF points cut, 4.4 AF points away from the TOP20.
#34 (36) Michael Arends improved 6 PRs, both TT times were new GODs. He finally improved his last Non TOP100 times, and also his Non Legend/GOD times. All of his times are now TOP100/Legend! Michael made massive cuts on WS and TT, and also improved his MMF flap into the Legend A range. His KD flap saw a further improvement and is now ranked 21st. Michael passed 6 players with a massive 12 points cut! That's a cut of 25% from his old AF!
#61 (59) Marcus Vinicius Alves got 5 new records, two of them were Legend A times and reeally close to GOD. Marcus made good progress this half with a 1.5 AF points cut, passing 2 players and entering the TOP60!
#63 (62) Darius Austin raced 2 RRy times, both close to the TOP40. His 3lap is a new GOD time, definitely not one of the easier GODs as it takes a bit patience, but he made it! Darius passed 1 player with a 1 AF point cut. His GOD counter stands at 12 of 32 GODs.
#71 (71) David Moll got 5 new records, 3 of them are new TOP100 times. He eliminated 2 more King times and has LR 3lap as only King left before he reaches 32/32 Legends. He passed 6 players with a great 3.2 AF points cut, also entering the TOP75!
#111 (111) Christopher Zartler scored 8 PRs, 4 of them are new Legend times. Chris is reeeeally close to the Legend F ARR, only a very tiny amount of ARR points is missing until he reaches it. In AF, he passed 8 players with a 9 AF points cut, one of them was #112 (112) Dan Edeen, who got a double PR on WS to gain a double King A time. He passed MK Legend Mickael Smolen, but got passed by Chris, so he sadly gained no spot.
#198 (199) Tim van Ham sent us 2 missing SL times, those were the last missing times, and he now has a complete timesheet! He passed 31 players with those PRs and his ARR climbed up to King F, making him the newest King player!
#231 (231) Anastasia Steingold improved 11 PRs, 2 of them are new TOP200. She scored 3 new King times and eliminated 2 remaining Master times. Only KD and YV 3laps are left for a 32/32 Elite timeset! Stacy passed 28 players with a 24 AF points cut. She is really close to become Switzerlands #3 player and only needs 4 more AF points to pass Alain. The #2 however is a bit harder to reach at #130, but definitely not unreachable. Will she be able to pass him?
#258 (262) Brandon Knodel got 11 PRs aswell and got a few new TOP300s, and also eliminated a few Master times, and even got some more King times! He passed 14 players and made a nice 14 AF points cut. He also became an Elite B player!
#271 (277) Anna Moon made a nice cut of 25 AF points and passed 22 players this half! She scored 19 new records and made great progress on some courses like BB, where she destroyed her 3lap by almost 2 seconds!
#278 (280) Lewis Richards made a single PR on RRy flap which is a new King time, but he lost a rank due to Anna.
#361 (362) Tyler Chambers scored 4 records on LR and RRd dual. His RRd times are new Elite times, and his LR looks really good aswell with improvements into the TOP400 range. He passed 6 players with a nice 5.7 AF points cut.
#607 (625) Daniel Sampson improved 9 PRs and passed 49 players with a 35.7 AF points cut. He got a few nice TOP500s, but his other cuts were not bad aswell. His best PR was an Elite D flap on MR, ranked 360th!
#601 (644) Mark Vizza improved 24 PRs, 3/4 of his timeset. He played RRy again and improved his time even more, the flap is now a Pro time. Mark passed 37 players with a 33 AF points cut.
#789 (766) Daniel Plaumann (I just noticed we have many Daniels active in MK64 :D) scored 17 new records, with many new TOP700 times. His CM 3lap is a TOP400 time, ranked Pro D. He passed 36 players with a 39 AF points cut and joined the TOP800!

SC Movement

#9 (10) Beck Abney sent us a new time for DKJP and improved it to a sub 22"5, and scored a new Legend C 3lap.
#11 (11) Jake Walter also improved DK, but didn't gain any ranks with his improvement.
#13 (13) Daniel Lunczer played LR on the SC side aswell and made a nice cut from #14 to #8 with a nice sub 1'35 time.
#23 (25) Pat Bertovich scored 4 PRs, one of them was another successful Weathertenko attempt, which gave him a nice #3 time on the 3lap! He cut 2.1 AF points and is dangerously close to Noah for the 24th rank.
#151 (134) Daniel Burbank got a new MR flap time, which subbed the 19 seconds barrier and is a TOP30. It's also a Legend A time and leads him 2 ranks higher in the AF charts.
#198 (214) Daniel Sampson got a double CM SC PR, the 3lap is completely new, the flap is an improvement of around 2 seconds. Dan passed 1 person, but remained at the same AF.
#254 (243) Steffen Hagelskjaer got a CM flap aswell and improved it by around a second to a TOP10 time!
#261 (279) Daniel Plaumann got 10 records, 6 of them are completely new. He passed 89 people with a big 18 AF points cut. Most notable was his FS flap, which is ranked 136th and Elite B!
#290 (335) Mark Vizza got 8 PRs, 4 of them are new entries. His average lies around 240th, and he passed 20 people with a nice 6 AF points cut.

That's it for now! I hope you all have a nice pre-christmas time! Happy karting all!


Sunday, November 30, 2014
- June - September POW awards -
by Zoran at 12:32 pm

End of year is close and as POY award should be awarded as soon as possible, it is time to catch up. We continue where we stopped and that is June:

Week 1
Best player this week was Dan Edeen. With 9 new PRs Dan cut 9 AF points and is closing in on top 100.

Week 2
Christopher Zartler was the most active player with 10 new PRs. He passed 12 people in the process and is now at #135.

Week 3
Again, 10 PRs is what it took to get this weeks award. This time it was Beck Abney who added 4 more GOD times to his now very rich collection.

Week 4
Wery impressive week for Stefan Kok. With 18 new PRs Stefan passed 10 people. He also added a 2nd GOD time to his name on RRy lap.

Biggest climber this month was Stefan Kok. His 4th week performance was enough to give him this POM. He passed 10 people and went from #91 to #81 with a great tome on MR lap which ended up at #40. Possibly an indicator of what we can expect from Stefan in the future!

We continue with July:

Week 1
Without any doubt, best player was Daniel Burbank . Not only that he was able to get his FS lap WR back from the champ, he also drove 7 other nice PRs.

Week 2
Not a very active week as everyone were watching what will happen in FS WR battle. Daniel Burbank was able to improve once again after the champ took his fresh WR. He also got additonal 3 PRs.

Week 3
A very nice week for Anna Moon got even better with her 1st POW award. With 17 new PRs she was able to pass 15 people.

Week 4
Some historic events happened this week. Matthias got 3 new WRs, and all of them were the last missing Halford 10 standards. However, he still missed one that Lacey reached on DK 3lap for a perfect ARR score. Over on SCs, Beck Abney took his 1st WR and is the 1st person to land the new Weathertenko SC on CM lap. Beck also drove another 5 SC PRs and 3 non-sc. In the end, the award goes to Beck Abney.

Lot of new WRs this month, but of 3 WR contenders Beck Abney was the best. Not only that he became the 1st person ever to land a Weathertenko, but he cut his SC AF almost by 1/3 with 12 other PRs. Beck also drove 6 new non-sc PRs this month.

Next is August:

Week 1
Not to much activity in this hot summer days but that didn't stop Vincent Tolhuis to surprise us with a nice new RRd SC 3lap WR.

Week 2
Patrick Ode wins his 1st POW award. He earned it with 22 new PRs with which he passed 36 people.

Week 3
Another awesome SC week for Beck Abney who cut 22% of his AC AF. He did it with 7 new PRs and was able to jump all the way to top 10 from 16th place.

Week 4
Stefan Kok was the best player this week. He cut almost 15% of his AF, passed 13 people and is closing on top 50 fast.

He didn't PR much, but all of his PRs were pretty amazing. With "only" 8 Prs, Michael Arends cut 19% AF. 2 of his time times went all the way into top 20. Michael jumped from 67th to 53rd place in total this month.

Last month in this update is September:

Week 1
Another month and another POW for Stefan Kok.This week Stefan got 11 new PRs with which he cut 8.5% Af and passed 5 prople.

Week 2
For his 6th month in a row, Beck Abney won a POW award. This week Beck got 13 non-sc PRs and 5 SC PRs and made 9% Uni AF cut. He also got back his 10th place back on SC ranks.

Week 3
Stefan Kok does it again. He improved at his standard rate with another 10 PRs which gained him 4 places and 7.5% AF.

Week 4
Patrick Loseth had a great end of the month. With many new PRs he was able to reach Legend F rank and get into top 100.

With 26 new PRs Stefan Kok was the best player this month. Stefan cut 26% AF and passed 16 people ending the month just short of top 50.

In the end we still have to award 2 POQs...

2nd POQ
This 3 months were amazing for Daniel Burbank. With 23 new PRs Dan cut 24% AF, jumped from 21st to 14th place and became 17th player to reach non-sc GOD. His FS times both ended up in 2nd place and he was even able to challenge the champ on the lap where he held a WR.

3rd POQ
There can be only 1 winner this quarter and his name is Beck Abney. Beck improved 50/54 PRs. On non-sc he cut 22% AF with 29 new PRs, but the real magic happened on SCs. There, Abney was able to cut astonishing 2/3 of his AF and climb from 32nd place all the way to top 10. He also got his 1st WR on CM SC lap where he was the 1st person to ever land the Weathertenko SC.

This is all for now, rest will be updated before the end of the year.

Monday, November 17, 2014
- November first half - And everyone was like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA -
by Chraizy at 12:44 pm

Hi guys it's Chris! Back from a very stressing MK weekend, and here to provide you the newest news! Let's go:

New Players

Daniel Lunczer is back! Well, not a new player, but he decided to put his times back to the site, under his real name. He is starting at #11 again, with a slightly lower AF as he got a few PRs in his abscence.
Darius Austin is joining SC, as he hit the weathertenko and thought: hey! That's a free national record, right? :D No, jokes aside, he hit the number 5 time on the flap, which let's him debute at #406.
Josh Randall is a SC only joiner aswell, with 2 KD times he debuted at #506.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer Was active here, with the first ever sub on LR 3lap! The PAL sub, which he wanted to reach for so long, which was so much talked about, can it be reached? Yes, it can. Matthias took it at the smallest possible margin and the new WR stands now at 1'57"99 (NTSC: 1'38"13)!!
The next WR happened on FS, where Daniel Burbank hit his very first 3lap WR, on the same track where he got his first ever WR. it's Frappe Snowland, he improved Matthias old time by a small margin, and reached a 2'00"55 (NTSC: 1'40"26). However, Matthias decided at the very same day to play this track aswell, and unfortunately to Dan he was able to get it back: Matthias improved it by 0"06 more and stands now at 2'00"49 (NTSC: 1'40"21)!!


A huge collection of new WRs happened, due to the new Weathertenko SC. I won't list all the WR holders that held it (there weren't that many actually), but if you are interested in how many times it has been hit, you can check the MK64 Forum section.

People who hit the Weathertenko: Vincent, Darius, Marcos, Beck and Pat.

The 3lap WR holder is Beck Abney, who got the hang of the weathertenko as first of all. Now he dominates the 3laps with a time of 52"54 (PAL: 1'03"17)!
The flap WR holder on CM is Vincent aka VAJ, and man, you can believe me when I say he was like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Vincent just destroyed the old flap WR here with a lap 2 hit, the only one so far. The time is a 3"26 (PAL: 3"92)!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 World Champ Matthias Rustemeyer improved LR and FS 3laps. Both led him to new WRs, but not an AF cut, so he remains at the same AF.
#12 (12) Daniel Burbank improved 7 PRs all over the cups, with really nice cuts overall. His biggest success was with no doubt FS, but also his LR times went well down. He cut almost an entire AF point and is even closer to Greg and the #11 spot!
#27 (27) Beck Abney improved 30 PRs! That's almost the complete timeset, with a few really nice cuts, which leads him to a total AF cut of 7.8 AF points! That's a 20% cut of his previous AF! Beck got 4 new GOD times, which gives him a total of 27/32 non-SC GODs! Beck passed 9 players, and his best times of the update were his DK times, ranked 14th and 9th! It's his first TOP10 in non-SC, and not everyone could say that he got his first TOP10 on such a hard course!
#41 (42) Michael Arends is ruling tracks again, cutting over a second off of his KD 3lap, and a smaller cut on the flap. His 3lap is a #7 time, which is his highest ranked time so far! Michael passed 2 players with a nice 1.1 AF cut.
#65 (63) Darius Austin got 2 RRy PRs and also a new GOD time on the flap, which is his 11th GOD time. He passed 1 player with a 1.7 AF point cut. The TOP60 is not too far away, a similar cut next half could get him there!
#77 (77) David Moll played some KB and RRy this half, resulting in 3 PRs. His KB flap is a new GOD time, which is his 5th in total now. David also got a sub 2'56 3lap on RRy, which is ranked 82nd. He passed 2 players with a 1.5 AF point cut.
#104 (102) Lachlan Young improved both KD PRs, with the 3lap ranked at 122nd and the flap being a new TOP100 at 95th. Lachlan passed 3 players with a nice 2.5 AF cut. The flap is also a new Legend time. He is
not too far from the TOP100 now, only a bit more!
#119 (119) Christopher Zartler got 5 new records on LR, KD and MR 3laps and CM dual. All of the times are close to the TOP100, the CM 3lap is a new TOP100 time and also a Legend. Chris passed 4 players with a 3.8 AF cut, and is also close to the Legend ranks. Keep it up!
#175 (176) Kyle Begley got 2 little PRs on SL 3lap and YV flap. He cut 0.06 AF points, but didn't pass anyone.
#228 (231) Thomas Bundschuh got a complete new timeset, with many strong TOP300 times, even a few TOP200s! Thomas passed 117 players with an enormous cut of 112 AF points!! He also jumped from Elite F to Elite A, and is very close to the King standards! Thomas is on a good way to the TOP200, but if he can recreate what he did this time he will probably fly well into it!
#255 (259) Anastasia Steingold improved 9 PRs on MMF, WS and RRy dual, on BC and DK 3laps and YV flap. All of them are close to TOP200 and TOP200 times. She's improving well with another King time on WS flap and also earned a few new Elite times. She passed 15 players with a very nice 17 AF points cut!
#273 (276) Brandon Knodel improved 5 records and made a 2 AF points cut, but got passed by 2 players above, so he lost a rank. Brandon is still going strong with a few TOP300 time and many close to TOP300 times.
#276 (279) Lewis Richards got 6 PRs, eliminating 3 Master times and he also gained a new King time on MMF flap! He passed 3 players with a 4.7 AF points cut.
#283 (285) Naveen Selvam improved 16 records, and got many new Elite times, and even got rid of a Semo Pro A time! He passed 25 players with a big 24 AF points cut and also reached the Elite C ranks!
#296 (299) Anna Moon played some BC 3lap and maintained her current rank.
#366 (368) Tyler Chambers played 3 tracks and got 4 PRs, which resulted in a 1.8 AF cut. He passed 5 players and is close to the Master C ranks. Tyler got a nice BC flap, ranked 269th!
#824 (526) Jayden Ly played some BC 3lap and improved it from 554th to 340th! It helped him to pass 2 players.
#633 (674) Daniel Samspon improved 6 PRs and passed 8 players with a 8.5 AF point cut. Most notable PR was his LR flap, which is ranked well in the TOP600 area.
#637 (681) Mark Vizza improved 21 PRs, all of them by a pretty good margin. He cut 14 AF points and passed 17 players. His ARR also improved to Advanced D!
#972 (972) Alysia Tolhuis was able to finish another track, and also got a new double PR for MMF! For such a young member those times are really impressive!

SC Movement

MK64 SC and Universal Time Trial Champ Vincent Tolhuis improved both of his CM times and cut 0.05 AF points. He also reached the CM flap WR, see the WR section for more information.
#10 (10) Beck Abney got 6 new records, in Flower and Special Cup. Beck cut 0.9 AF points and came closer to #9 Ben Miller.
#24 (25) Pat Bertovich improved his 2 CM times aswell and reached a new GOD with the help of the Weathertenko on the CM 3lap. Pat cut 0.7 AF points and is only 1.5 AF points away from Noah Gordon.
#34 (34) Marcos Vinicius Alves also got 2 CM PRs and also added KD times to his timeset with his first KD hit. The CM flap hit brought him a good AF cut, all in all he cut 4.6 AF points and passed 4 players!

That's it for now guys. Join me again next time!


Monday, November 03, 2014
- October 2nd half - SMK, MK64 and MKDD are still providing WRs. Classic Karts are the best! -
by Chraizy at 9:08 am

hey guys! It's Chris. I am a bit late, but I saw an opportunity for a WR in SMK, so I spend a bit time there, forgot a bit about the update... :D but now! I will present you the newest news of the 2nd half of October! Spooky PRs, even more spooky WRs, and 2 new female players! Seems MK64 is getting more famous with the girls eh..? Hehe, well, let's see what happened:

New Players

Anastasia Steingold joined our site with 32 times. She joined with a pretty high standard, Elite C, at #274. You don't see that all days. Stacy told us that she plays MK64 already a while, but finally decided to join the site.
Alysia Tolhuis joined the site at #972 with 2 times on the first 2 3laps, namely LR and MMF. She will probably become much better, I mean, with a teacher like VAJ... you can only become good, right? :)
Mark Vizza decided to join the SC side of the site. With 8 PRs he popped into the charts at #355!

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer is back in business! He tried his hands on LR, and sadly barely missed the sub with an improvement of his own WR by 0"02. The new WR is 1'58"00 (NTSC: 1'38"14)!!
But also Daniel Burbank was active, hitting the PAL WR on FS 3lap aswell this half! He tied Matthias here with a 2'00"70 (NTSC: 1'40"38)!!


An unexpected SC WR from a Brazilian player. No, it's not Karlo, it's not Marcelo. It's Marcos Vinicius Alves! He improved his FS SC flap and tied Myles' recent WR with a 4"89 (PAL: 5"88)!! Well done on your first WR :)

Non-SC Movement

The highest active player this half was Time Trial World Champ Matthias Rustemeyer. He improved his own LR WR (see World Records section) and maintained his AF.
#11 (12) Daniel Burbank improved 4 PRs this half, namely KB flap, KD dual and FS 3lap. The flaps are new TOP10s, and his KD is sharp aswell, sitting at #13. Daniel cut 0.4 AF points to come closer to the other Dan, who luckily showed us a sign of life yesterday! Daniel Burbank is not very far from the TOP10, and with his WR he also has a slight advantage on the WRL.
#36 (36) Beck Abney improved 3 PRs on KD 3lap and TT dual. His TT times are 2 new GODs, which gives him a total of 23 NON-SC GODs. Beck passed one player with a nice 1.6 AF point cut.
Not far behind we have #42 (44) Michael Arends, who improved KTB and KD dual. All 4 times are new GOD times, and all of them except for the flap are new TOP50s! Michael has a total of 22 Non-SC GODs now, only 5 dual GODs are missing. One of them are the MMF GODs, which should be easily in his reach! Michael also reached the Legend A ARR rank, and also reached the TOP50 this half! That's a lot of achievments with only 4 PRs!
#79 (79) David Moll improved his FS flap by ~0"15 seconds and passed 14 players on the chart. He cut 0.3 AF points and is closing in to the next spot.
#122 (123) Christopher Zartler got 17 new PRs, 4 of them are new Legend times. Chris got many close to TOP100 times, and also a TOP100 time on MMF flap, which is ranked 93rd! He passed 13 players with a 15 AF point cut and also reached King A in the progress, well done!
#175 (176) Kyle Begley improved 3 PRs on WS dual and SL flap. The WS times are new TOP200s and SL barely missed the TOP200 spot. Kyle passed 5 players with a 2.4 AF points cut, and is very close to the next 2 spots. After that he will face a little AF graveyerd though.
#297 (230) Tim van Ham sent us 14 missing times, ranked between 120th - 298th. He almost completed his timeset, only missing the SL times. Tim made a huge jump from #525 to #230, passing 295 players! He also jumped from Expert F right to Elite B! His potential lies a lot higher though; if he sends the missing SL times he will probably be ranked as high King.
#271 (275) Brandon Knodel improved 25 PRs and made a really nice cut of 41 ranks with a 40 AF points cut. Brandon hit many new Elite times, which helped him to improve his ARR from Elite F to Elite C!
#278 (282) Lewis Richards improved 6 PRs and passed 8 players with a 6.7 AF point cut. The cuts weren't too big, but he is getting more and more Elite times!
#295 (298) Anna Moon improved both MMF times into the TOP300 and even got a #222 ranked flap! It's a King D time and her second Non-SC King. Anna cut 1.7 AF points, but didn't pass anyone due to the activity and new players.
#307 (310) Naveen Selvam got 4 new records on LR and MR dual. His LR saw a small cut on both 3lap and flap, while his MR times got a massive boost into the King D area, and low TOP200. The 3lap is even a TOP200 time. All of them helped him to cut 5.2 AF points and pass 4 players.
#342 (348) Thomas Bundschuh played this half and scored 19 new records, He finally decided to use all 3 shrooms on the flap tries and made immense cuts! He passed 70 players with a huge 73 AF point cut. He also jumped from Pro D to Elite F!
#647 (704) Marc Vizza passed 55 players this half with a 46 AF points cut. he scored many new TOP700s and is now the newest Advanced F player!
#905 (852) Brett Nowotny sent us 9 times for his timeset and improved his BB flap. Most of his times are ranked around 750th, but his BB times are a lot better, ranked 525th for the 3lap and 340th for the flap! Brett passed 86 players and easily reached the TOP900!

SC Movement

The highest active player was #16 (17) Matthias Rustemeyer again. Matthias improved his MR flap to the 8th rank and is now equal to his 3lap. Only 0"03 seperate him from Daniels german record. Will he go for it?
#38 (38) Marcos Vinicius Alves improved 3 PRs, including his new FS flap WR tie. Marcos passed 4 players with a 3.9 AF points cut and easily joined the SC TOP40! Well done!
#124 (129) Anthony Caiulo played some MR flap and improved his flap by a bit to pass 19 players on the chart. He passed 1 player with a 0.7 AF point cut.
#142 (154) Lewis Richards landed the KD SC for the first time, with a style that nobody has seen before! You can check the video in the forum (it's not a faster strat, but it looks really awesome!). He also improved his TT flap, all in all he cut 0.8 Af points and passed William Lacey.

Well that's it for this time! Join me again next time :)


Monday, October 20, 2014
- October 1st half - Old Legends -
by Chraizy at 8:20 am

Hey guys, it's Chris! Again, sorry for the delay, I was at my gradparents' golden marriage, so I got not too much time this weekend (at least at the PC). However, I found some time now and we will see what happened during the last 2 weeks!

New Players

Thomas Bundschuh joined our site with a complete timeset at #418.
Steffen Hagelskjaer sent us 4 times on TT and CM dual, with pretty impressive TT ranks at #125 and #134. His debuting rank is #842. SC: #243.
Brett Nowotny joined our site with only one time on BB flap, which is ranked 405th. His debuting rank in the AF ranks is #938.

World Records


Daniel Burbank went for the sub in PAL aswell, and here he goes: a 38"47 (NTSC: 31"99) flap on FS flap!!

Non-SC Movement

The highest active player was... #2 (2) Michael Jongerius! He came back to send us 2 new MMF PRs, which cut not too much, but the flap went a rank down and is now a bit safer again to not fall outside the TOP10. Michael didn't cut any AF though due to the other active players.
#7 (8) Thomas Jordet Larsen was the other surprising comeback to the site. Thomas sent us 2 new LR times, the 3lap saw a big cut of 0"15 seconds, which helped him to pass 6 players and reach a new TOP10. The flap went down by two hundreths and tied him with an old rival. Thomas cut 0.24 points, but didn't came significantly close to Karlo in the AF ranks.
#12 (12) Daniel Burbank got 5 new records on LR, TT, FS 3lap and RRy dual. He got 3 new TOP20s and is coming closer to the #11 spot with a 0.6 AF cut.
#52 (49) Stefan Kok improved his MR 3lap by one tenth and passed 5 players on the chart. He didn't cut much AF but enough to stay in front of #49 (52) Michael Arends for now. Michael showed us again what dedication can bring. He skilled his way up to the double GOD on LR. Notable is the jump fron King A to GOD on the 3lap, which is definitely no easy GOD! Michael cut 4 points with those 2 PRs and passed 2 players, closing in to the TOP50.
#79 (79) David Moll got 5 PRs this half and got a new GOD on SL flap! It's his 4th GOD now and also a new TOP60. David passed one player with a 2.4 AF point cut. TOP75 is only 3 AF points away, so a few more PRs could help him to reach it!
#179 (181) Kyle Begley got 4 new records on KTB, CM and SL 3laps and YV flap. All of them are ranked around 190th except YV, which is 141st. Kyle cut 3.8 AF points and passed 7 players with it.
#285 (290) Lewis Richards got 5 new records and passed 4 players with a healthy 5.9 AF points cut. Notable record was his RRy flap, which went almost sub 49 and is a new TOP300 for him.
#299 (300) Justus Gilstrap improved his entire timeset and reached many Elite, even King times! Justus got an enormous 87 AF points cut to pass 90 players and perfectly reach the TOP300!
#311 (314) Naveen Selvam improved 10 PRs and passed 23 players with a 21 AF points cut. Naveen got a few nice TOP300 times and is on a good way to the TOP300! He also became an Elite player with this update, well done!
#315 (316) Brandon Knodel got 7 new records, one of them an Elite A YV flap, which is TO250 and almost a King time. Brandon passed 11 players with a nice 15 AF points cut, but wasn't able to hold Naveem off his back. He needs to get a few more PRs now to repass him!
#580 (604) Anthony Caiulo got 5 PRs, which are pretty unbalanced, as they range from 670th to 397th. He still got some really nice cuts and even 2 Elite times and passed 17 players with a 18 AF points cut.

SC Movement

#11 (11) Jake Walter improved FS and DK 3laps, both are ranked 9th now and cut him 0.19 AF points in total. The FS 3lap is a new GOD time and gives him a total of 14 SC GODs, and 15 total.
#124 (13) Anthony Caiulo sent us 6 times, 2 of them were new times on YV dual. He cut around 7 AF points and passed 6 players to reach the TOP130!

That's it! You might ask why I haven't mentioned Duncan's name so far in any news... well, it's a bit weird to write the wrong name for the person you knew when he was active and even battled with. However, I can't change his mind, but still hope that he will come back someday :)


Older news can be viewed in the news archives