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Last updated: July 24th 2016

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Monday, July 18, 2016
- European meet / Solingen Championships 2016 -
by Chraizy at 12:16 pm

Hey guys,
it's July and I, Matthias, want to announce a long-awaited gathering, especially to reach the few people who might have missed the hype: The 4th European meet will take place in Solingen (Germany) again next week, from 26th until 31st of July.
For the first time the event already starts on Tuesday, moreover the players will fight for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals! There will be 7 official tournaments (including the "Last Man Standing" competition) across all modes of the game.

You can watch each tournament via live stream on the new channel here!

2016 schedule

26.07. Battle mode will be postponed to an afternoon on 27th-29th depending on weather (outdoor activities)
26.07. not before 21:00 Grand Prix speedrun races (non-sc / skips / 100%)
27.07. not before 14:00 Last Man Standing
27.07. not before 20:00 Time Trial 1-try
28.07. not before 19:00 Grand Prix Non-Shortcut
29.07. not before 19:00 Grand Prix Shortcut
30.07. not before 13:00 Versus Non-Shortcut
30.07. not before 20:00 Versus Shortcut
31.07. possible bonus stream (to be announced on Saturday)

Local time: CEST / UTC +2

Expect to see casual matches and free play on stream between, after and even before the actual tournaments. Past years have shown how unlikely we will start each competition on time (don't blame me!) We'll follow the same tournament rules which had been worked out last year, I've linked to the forum thread below the stream window on Twitch.
I hope to see many of you in the chat watching one of the MK64 highlights in 2016! Are the champs from the previous meet able to defend their titles? Who becomes the LMS this time? Does the "Croatian sensation" carry his power oversea? Will we see a surprising upset nobody has ever dreamed of? Find out all the answers in the Heiper LAN house...

- July 2nd half - It's getting closer... -
by Chraizy at 12:10 pm

Hey guys, it's Chris! A great activity wave has come over MK64 land this half, and I will present to you what happened!

New Players

Jake Clemms was the only guy joining this half in Non-SC. With a full timeset he joined us at a decent starting position at #567.
Alex Losego joined the SC site with an impressive start set. All 22 times are in it and he debuts at #122.
Toby Hooper, also joining the SC side after being on the Non-SC side for a while now, reported us 17 times for the timeset, debuting at #247.
Gerard Seinstra sent us a RRd flap to join the SC side. His debuting rank is #473.

World Records


Daniel Burbank had a go at SL 3lap last time, the flap was another target. He was able to successfully tie it and climb the overall WR count up to 3 again! His time is a 37"88 (NTSC: 31"50)!
Matthias Rustemeyer, slightly behind on the 3lap, attacked here and got SL back. With a 0"13 second improvement he was able to pass Dan again and got the 3lap down to 1'55"47 (NTSC: 1'36"03)! Almost there for the NTSC sub!
Another WR by Matthias was another try for the FS 3lap. Another 0"1 seconds have been shaved off and one of the 2 minute subs that has been thought to be impossible is close to getting achieved! The new time is a 2'00"06 (NTSC: 1'39"85)!


Marcos Vinicius Alves had another go at the FS flap which already reached a ridiculous limit. He improved it again with his own strategy and brought it down by yet another 0"06 seconds! CRAZY! The new time is a 4"80 (PAL: 5"77)!!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer hit 2 new WRs as already mentioned. The SL 3lap helped him to get back to the sub 1.1 AF once AGAIN. It must probably be the 4th time already this year!
#2 (3) Beck Abney hit 2 new PRs on KD flap and FS flap. KD saw a slight improvement which helped him to cut 2 ranks and bring it down to #3. FS already was #3, but the small cut helped him to reach the sub 38.5 in PAL!
However, Beck lost his #2 spot in AF due to #3 (2) Daniel Burbank, who had a massive streak this half with a collection of ELEVEN PRs! Of course they weren't the biggest AF cuts, but being able to PR a third of all 32 times on this level is insane! PRs included LR, WS, SL and RRd dual, RRy flap, YV flap and KD 3lap. RRd was the one with the biggest outcome with a cut from #6 to #3, performing a nice sub 1'57 lap! Dan also hit the SL flap WR, which was ranked 3rd previously and also helped him to cut a few more ranks. He left Beck completely behind with a 0.375 AF cut and is now the closest contender for Matthias, AF wise and WR wise. His 3lap and flap totals are still behind Beck, so a few more improvements with big time saves should get him above Beck in the WRL aswell! Great job here :)
#4 (4) Michael Jongerius, who is coming back from time to time completely unexpected, sent us 2 new records for MMF flap and KD 3lap. KD lost a spot due to Dans big improvement here, but he gained 2 ranks on MMF flap, which brought his timeset back to a all-TOP10 timeset! However, MR flap is now ranked 10th due to Lunczers improvement, so the all times single digit timeset is still not achieved.
#6 (6) Zoran Tintor had a successful session on LR 3lap with a nice 0"17 second cut! It was enough to push him two spots up in the LR 3lap charts. He did lose AF due to Dans rampage, but he still lost less than VAJ, who is becoming more reachable week for week!
#8 (7) Daniel Lunczer hit a new MR flap which surprised himself aswell! With a lap that short it's hard to cut much time, but a 0"03 cut is quite big and helped him to pass 5 players for a nice 0.12 AF cut! He passed William for the 7th spot in the TOP10 and kicked him down to #8. He still occupies the #7 spot in the WRL, so the work is not done yet for Dan!
#16 (16) Michael Arends hit a new BC flap after his latest improvement to get yet another TOP15 time! Things are getting sharper between Jeff and him, as the AF gap is shrinking from week to week. Currently he needs to cut 1.5 AF points to reach the TOP15, so a few more of those PRs and he should be there!
#17 (17) Marcos Vinicius Alves who beat his WS 3lap time by quite a bit jumped 5 ranks up in the charts there. He may not have gained any AF spots, but he was able to pass Michael F. and Alex G. for the 17th spot in the WRL, right behind Michael. Those two are still not to dramatically far apart, so if Marcos starts to play a bit more, he can make up the gap to Michael!
#35 (33) Frankie Morgan decided to take a short break from his GOD hunt and made a little excursion to Sherbet Land. The penguins were nice this time and allowed him a cut of 0"12 seconds to help him rise 5 ranks up here. This small cut was actually enough to pass 2 players in the AF charts, namely Alex P. and Kevin B. Not even 4 points seperate him from the TOP30, so this could be something he achieves before the overall GOD.
#46 (46) Leif Christian Tode had a nice collection of 10 PRs to report, which included a few small cuts. All of them cut 1-8 spots, except SL flap, which was a 0"19 seconds improvement and helped him to jump 20 spots up! Leif passed Jonathan Bernier in the WRL and secured himself the 46th spot. The next german, Patrick Blank, is only ~4 AF points away, so a few more of those PR streaks should make him pass Patrick!
#58 (56) David Moll hit 2 new PRs on KD and RRy 3laps. KD saw a nice improvement of 0"22 seconds and is a new TOP50 time for him. The RRy time was a 0"58 cut and also the sub 2'55! He jumped from 75th to 55th here, easily gaining over half an AF point with this one. In total he cut 0.9 AF points and passed 2 players on the AF charts!
#74 (73) Kyle Begley hit 3 new records on LR and RRy flap and also added a SL flap improvement. His Luigi went from #98 to #77, SL saw a similar cut from #98 to #76 and RRy was the smallest PR in this submission with a cut from #93 to #89. Those improvements allowed him to cut 1.3 AF points and pass Josh C. in the progress to secure the TOP75 position, as #77 (76) Jayden Ly is coming closer and closer with every update. Jayden had a fantastic year so far, coming from all the way down outside the TOP500 up to this spot here! This half, Jayden had a wopping 13 PRs to report, with 5 new TOP100 times. His GOD counter increased to 5, thanks to his newest improvements on LR flap and MR 3lap, his second 3lap GOD time! All those PRs weren't too small, as the total cut was 8 AF points and helped him to overcome 10 players! Only one spot seperates him from the TOP75, which is just a tenth from the cut that he made this half (0.8 AF Points)!
#120 (122) Lewis Richards hit 7 new PRs, including a new Legend time and more importantly, his second GOD time! He overcame the Legend A barrier and jumped straight into the GOD pool, cutting 0"13 off of his PR. Apart from that he hit a few smaller improvements on LR, MR, SL and RRy 3laps and WS flap. His YV 3lap was also outstanding, coming from #157 down to #76, giving him his 5th TOP100 time! Lewis passed 3 players and is also closing in to the Legendary Legend barrier. Keep going!
#140 (141) Anastasia Steingold hit 2 nice PRs on MMF 3lap and WS flap. MMF saw a solid cut of 0"16 seconds, barely missing the sub 1'16 here! WS saw a bigger cut of 0"24 seconds, coming from #144 down to #119! Stacy passed Kevin Horst for the 141st spot and is also very close to Switzerlands #2 spot, as Fabien Da Silva is only 2.2 points away! Thomas Grandjean, who is ridiculously far away yet, will probably keep his swiss crown for a while. But who knows how far Stacy can push her limits? Only time will tell!
#141 (139) Kyle Labelle also scored 2 new records, but on CM and MR flaps. His CM improvement of 0"06 seconds helped him to pass 17 players on the charts here! It's also a new TOP100 time, but barely missed the Legend D standard. His MR flap was only a 0"01 cut, so no changes here except for the flap totals. Kyle passed Fabien with a 0.4 AF cut.
#216 (218) Ben Stoneman hit 10 new PRs mainly in Star and Special Cup. He got a few smaller and a few really big PRs, like his KD 3lap, which went from #329 up to #204! He also smashed his last non Elite time and gained a 32/32 Elite timeset. Apart from that, he brought four times into the TOP300. Ben barely missed the jump into the King ranks, but a similar cut like this should make it possible. In AF, however, he was more successful and was able to pass 17 players to come closer to the TOP200!
#241 (242) Hans Jorgen Follevaag got 25 new records, beating many non TOP300 aswell, 18 to be exact! Hans also smashed his last Master times to achieve the 32/32 Elite timeset aswell, which also helped him to improve his ARR score drastically. He jumped from Elite C straight to Elite A, just hitting the barrier! His AF cut was pretty big, 55 points have been cut and he passed 57 players with ease.
#255 (260) Tyler Chambers hit 10 new records with the biggest cuts definitely coming from CM (3lap #303 -> #275, flap #334 -> #246). A lot of other times saw also good cuts and helped him to reduce his AF by 10.7 points. This made him rise ten ranks in the AF charts. His ARR is close to a rank promotion, not much left to Elite A!
#332 (337) Alex Losego hit 8 PRs, mainly playing his weaker tracks. He not only beat his non TOP400 times, but also improved them right into the TOP300! Big cuts were made, and KD was definitely the biggest from #464 up to #233!! In total he was able to cut 30 AF points with it, passing 31 players in the progress. 7 of those times were Pro and Master times, all up to at least Elite. KD and RRy flap both made it to the King ranks.
#385 (388) Stephen Weber had another go at MK64 and showed that he can still get higher up in the ranks here. 19 PRs came from him this half, mainly double PRs with execption of LR, which was only a flap improvement. 4 times landed in the TOP400, and many of his other times are close to it aswell. His ARR went from Pro B up to Master D, making him the latest Master player. His AF saw a significant drop by 31 points and let him pass 29 players to bring him up into the TOP400!
#398 (404) Gerard Seinstra, not too far behind Stephen, also set a good amount of PRs, one less than Stephen. He cut a total of 32 points though and is still close to him with his jump from #426 to #404. in the WRL he already made the jump into the TOP400, for the AF he still needs to cut one more point. Gerard beat some of his weaker times, to even put his timeset. His YV was ranked outside the TOP700, but is now pretty close to his overall AF at #435.

SC Movement

MK64 SC champ Vincent Tolhuis is back from the retirement for some SC action! A new MR flap and a new RRd flap improvement helped him to cut some of his flap totals. No AF cuts though, as the time cuts weren't big enough. Bummer!
#2 (2) Beck Abney, the Universal champ of MK64 is coming closer and closer. VAJ doesn't want this to end without a fight, but Beck is pushing this ridiculously. 4 new PRs on LR and WS flap, and 2 3lap improvements on FS and RRy were enough to cut 0.22 AF points. 3 new TOP3 times have been achieved, but it seems Beck is struggling to find any big improvements anymore. His timesheet is already well balanced with half of the possible WRs and otherwise only 4 times outside the TOP3, which seem to be his most problematic ones. However, in theory, Beck only needs one more spot to tie VAJ in the AF charts to get the crown.
#4 (4) Zoran Tintor had a go at LR in SC aswell and improved his time significantly for the 3lap. 1"7 seconds have been shaved off which helped him to get another TOP3 spot. He is coming closer to Greg and the #3 spot in the AF charts, only 0.6 points more to get him!
#32 (32) Marcos Vinicius Alves improved his own FS flap again, but didn't gain any spots as he already held this one. It's probably save to say that this one will belong to him for quite a while now, as this time is really strong!
#80 (73) Daniel Burbank tried his hands on TT SC 3lap and reported us a new TOP10 time with a 0"36 improvement and the sub 1'50! He didn't gain any AF as the guys surrounding him are PRing aswell and this single PR was not enough to cover that up.
#73 (79) Lewis Richards improved a single PR aswell. RRy was the target and the flap saw the sub 35 seconds! He cut 0.15 AF points and passed Patrick Loseth in the progress.
#160 (175) Tyler Chambers improved his DK flap time by a small amount and passed 8 players on the charts here. Unfortunately he lost a spot due to a new joiner a bit above him.
#285 (277) Frankie Morgan played YV 3lap and got a 3/3 SC run to work. It was also a new entry for him as he hasn't played it before. He went from #195 to #52 straight, which helped him to gain a total of 31 spots!

That's it! Hope you enjoyed the news and tune in again next time!


Monday, July 04, 2016
- June 2016 POWs -
by Kyle at 3:50 pm

Hey guys, here we go with another round of POW updates! Before we get started, just wanted to let everyone know that WR comments are also up to date through the most recent update (July 1st). Without further ado, let's get to it


Week 1
The first weeks award goes to Ben Stoneman. Ben would return to MK64 this week after a hiatus, and saw a ton of immediate success. He got 9 PRs to pass 23 people, and got a rank promotion to Elite B.

Week 2
Jayden Ly would be this weeks winner, as his 8 PRs to pass 5 players would be just enough. Jayden's best time this week would be his YV flap, a new GOD time that's ranked 64th. Jayden keeps moving up the charts at a good rate.

Week 3
Gerard Seinstra was this weeks recipient of the award, with a huge week of 22 PRs being enough to cut 10% of his AF and pass 42 people. Gerard moved from Semi Pro B to Pro C this month, a huge rank improvement for him!

Week 4
The final week was a special one for one player, and actually came from seemingly out of nowhere (although quite a few people thought it was long overdue). Daniel Burbank wins this award thanks to 6 PRs, one of which was a new SL 3lap World Record! But the most impressive part of Dan's week was that this was all just enough to pass MJ and move Dan into 3rd for non-sc! Congrats to Dan, this is an impressive milestone for him!

Quite a few great accomplishments this month, but I have to give it to Jayden Ly. His consistency is amazing, as he continually climbs up the charts towards the top. This month, he got 20 PRs and passed 13 players en route to Legend C ARR. With a few new GOD times too, he's showing his potential is pretty high up, and we'll see in the coming weeks and months just how good he can get. But for now, congrats to him on another great month!

This quarter is a no brainer. For consistency over the past 3 months, along with some great cuts and high ranking times, Jayden Ly picks up his first POQ award of his career. Jayden sent us an entirely new timeset, as he cut 46% of his AF and passed 71 players to enter the TOP100. Jayden also moved from King C to Legend C ARR, and eliminated all King and Elite times from his timeset. He also sent us 2 SC PRs. We look forward to seeing Jayden's progess in the future!

Well that's it for now everyone. Remember to vote in the Karter Contest as it winds down in the coming days. We're currently down to the Quarterfinals, and things are heating up, so every vote counts!

Until next time...

Saturday, July 02, 2016
- June 2nd half - Now this Euro had some unexpected winners so far! -
by Chraizy at 11:44 am

Hey guys, it's Chris! First of all, thanks for Kyle covering my back last time. I was unable to write news as a lot of personal stuff came into my way. Second, we had a few great WRs this half, so prepare yourself! Let's see what happened!

New Players

Jose Tiago sent us 10 records for his timeset and debuted at #1020. SC: #498.
Alex Losego joined out site with a complete timeset and debuted at #368.

World Records


Daniel Burbank played SL 3lap this half and was able to tie Matthias 1'55"65 time. Matthias, as hungry as always to catch WRs contenders, battled Dan for this one and quickly threw some improvements out of his controller. He improved it twice to 1'55"60 first and the additional 0"03 seconds to a 1'55"57. Dan, however, didn't like that and tried it one more time to improve it by 0"01: the new WR is a 1'55"56 (NTSC: 1'36"11). Very close to another NTSC sub, and it happens to be the other ice track! GG guys!

Matthias didn't stay WR less in this update though, as he was able to solidify his KTB 3lap with a slight adjustment for the end, which is causing problems to improve more as the water is in the way. However, a 0"02 cut has been done and the new WR is a 1'35"63 (NTSC: 1'19"53)!


Marcos Vinicius Alves was able to improve one of the shortest SC flaps, which happened to be one of which people thought it wasn't humanly possible. Marcos was able to improve it and hit an improvement of 0"03 seconds, making it a 4"86 (PAL: 5"84) flap!! Well done!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer improved 2 PRs/WRs this half, but lost some AF due to Dans improvement on SL, which was previously held by Matthias. Apart from a 3lap total improvement he stays at his #1 rank, with a slightly worse AF than before.
#3 (3) Daniel Burbank hit 6 new PRs on KD dual, SL, BC, BB and RRd 3laps. All of them were smaller improvements, but helped him to cut 0.281 AF points and - most importantly - helped him to pass MJ to make him the #3 in both AF and WRL! Beck isn't too far off aswell, sitting 0.25 points (or 8 positions) in front of him. This could be exciting!
#5 (5) Vincent Tolhuis made a return to MK64 after an abscence of over half a year! He tackled the LR flap and scored a 0"02 improvement to pass the mini barrier to the 37"6 laps. Vincent is also not too far away from MJ, who is 1.2 points above him. The Dutch crown could belong to him if he dedicates more time to MK64, but it's his decision if he wants to spend this time.
#16 (16) Michael Arends is slowly approaching Jeff, who is still the pathleader to the TOP15. A BC flap helped Michael to get rid of his weakest time and also scored a nice AF cut of 0.9 points! His weakest time now is his BC 3lap which is still a non-TOP40 time, his only one for now. Michael is now in the sub 20 AF area, only 1.6 points behind Jeff and the TOP15. When will he get it?
#35 (35) Frankie Morgan was able to get rid of 2 really annoying Legend times: LR 3lap and FS 3lap. Only TT 3lap and WS dual are left now to make him the next overall GOD. For now, Frankie scored a small 0.4 AF cut to close the gap to MKDD news writer Alex Penev (who definitely was a GOD contender in his prime years aswell by the way!).
#47 (46) Leif Christian Tode hit 2 PRs on TT 3lap, where he successfully subbed the 3'01 mark and entered the TOP50 and SL, where he subbed 1'58 and cut 2 more ranks. He scored a 0.18 AF cut and passed Jonathan Bernier.
#59 (58) David Moll scored 4 new records on LR 3lap, TT, FS and YV flap. Yoshi Valley was another GOD time for him, his 12th GOD in total and 9th flap GOD. David made a nice jump on LR 3lap, where he cut 0"43 seconds to pass 28 players on the rankings! He scored a cut of 1.6 points and passed 2 players in the progress. 4.4 points seperate him from the TOP50 for now, but with similar cuts like those he could easily reach that within the next few weeks!
#64 (62) Darius Austin is preparing for the next MK64 Meeting and improved the PR he set last year at the meet. FS 3lap and flap where the targets this time, and he successfully cut 29 ranks off the 3lap and 30 off the flap. He passed 2 players in total with a 1.8 AF cut and also scored a new Legend B time.
Fellow Newswriter #76 (74) Kyle Begley scored double PRs on BC and YV this half. His BC times look strong with a sub 1'53 on the 3lap (-0"45 seconds) and a smaller, but as effective flap cut (-0"11 seconds). YV saw similar cuts with a slightly bigger 3lap improvement and a flap cut which helped him to achieve his 6th GOD time. Kyle passed 3 players with a nice 2.5 AF cut, letting him join the TOP75 comfortably!
#85 (86) Jayden Ly scored 10 new records across all cups, mainly on Flower and Star Cups. He got 5 new TOP100 times and also scored his first 3lap GOD time on SL 3lap! It's his 3rd GOD time in total and more are definitely to come! Jayden passed 4 players with a nice 4.5 AF cut and also made the jump from Legend D to Legend C!
#123 (125) Lewis Richards set 7 new records this half with new times for LR 3lap, CM flap, SL dual, RRy, YV and BB 3laps. CM saw definitely the biggest cut, all the others except BB 3lap which was also a passable cut, saw smaller cuts, mostly only one rank cuts. His total cut were 2.6 AF points which helped him to pass 3 players. His CM is also a new Legend time, his 12th to be exact! Not too many standard improvements to reach the Legend ARR!
#142 (142) Anastasia Steingold scored 2 PRs: LR 3lap and SL 3lap. LR saw a 0"13 seconds cut and jumped from 178th to 165th. The SL 3lap saw a 0"06 cut. A bit smaller, but also helped her to cut 5 ranks here. Stacy passed Zack with a 0.5 AF cut and is closing in to Kevin Horst, who is 0.3 points away. After that she will face a little AF graveyard, the players after that are pretty close together, so definitely worth the grind!
#186 (186) Andrew Weatherton scored 3 new records on FS flap and RRy dual. The FS saw a nice mini barrier sub and landed at 33"45, a new TOP200 time ranked 196th. RRy 3lap hit the sub 2'28, but barely missed the TOP200. His flap however was a nice cut of 0"2 seconds and was a new Legend time! Drew passed 3 players with a 2.4 AF cut and needs 1.5 more for the next spot.
#232 (233) JP Dodson scored almost a complete new timeset, only KD flap missing. He scored many big improvements and also sent us a missing RRy 3lap time. A total cut of 93 points has been made, which was a cut of 27% of his AF! He passed 91 players to easily overcome the TOP300 barrier, even reaching closer to the TOP200! His ARR rank also improved from Elite D to Elite A!
#233 (235) Ben Stoneman scored 14 new PRs, mainly dual PRs. He got rid of 6 non-TOP300 times and also scored 2 new TOP200 times for MMF dual. His AF saw a nice improvement of 24.7 points and made him pass 22 players to reach the TOP250 with style. His ARR also improved from Elite B to Elite A, coming closer to the King ranks!
#438 (426) Gerard Seinstra scored 22 new records across all cups and hit a nice 48 AF points cut. He passed 49 players with his PRs and also left the Semi Pro B ranks to join the Pros in the Pro C area! Gerard got rid of many times outside the TOP600, and also scored a few TOP300 times, like LR flap at 290th!
#476 (477) William R. Natalzia III sent us 6 new records for this half on TT and BC 3laps, WS dual, RRy and BB flaps. He cut around 40 ranks in average with his PRs and passed 6 players with a total cut of 5.7 points.

SC Movement

#2 (2) Beck Abney continues the grind to #1 in SC with 4 new PRs on MR and DK dual. 3 new #2 times have been achieved, only DK 3lap at #4. Beck cut 0.4 AF points to minimaze the gap to VAJ to a painfully close 0.27 points! Will we see a new champ by the next update?! For now, his MR 3lap is pretty close to Laceys WR which is 0"06 seconds faster. Beck has a realistic chance to get this one. The flap was a tie of Vincents and Lennys old WR, making it a 3-way tie on #2. The DK flap was a tie with Greg at #2, only Vincent sitting almost a tenth lower.
#32 (32) Marcos Vinicius Alves broke the WR tie on FS flap and helped Beck a little more to reach the TOP spot as Vincent lost a WR (and a spot) due to this improvement!
#62 (64) Andrew Weatherton hit 3 new records, a WS 3lap time and new RRd dual times, which was a new dual GOD thanks to his first spiral hit! Andrew passed 5 players and is closing in to the TOP60.
#73 (80) Lewis Richards hit 3 new PRs on LR flap, TT 3lap and RRy flap. The LR was a new GOD time, with the help of a Mylestyle hit in NTSC! His other PRs were smaller cuts but definitely did their part for the 7 AF point cut Lewis made! He passed 5 players to enter the TOP80 in style.
#334 (308) Frankie Morgan hit a LR flap for his SC timeset and also made the jump with a mylestyle hit! He hit the GOD and also a 36th ranked lap. He passed 36 players in the progress, not too far away from the TOP300.

That's it for now! Hope you are enjoying the current Euro Cup and also vote for your favorite Karter in the Karter Contest!


Saturday, June 18, 2016
- June 1st half - No news update? Hah! -
by Kyle at 9:36 pm

Hey guys, Chris is busy dorwning his sorrows after Iceland choked away the win, so you're stuck with me this time to tell you about the news from this half. But that just means you get another update with me! Let's get started!

New Players

Patrick Taylor joins us this half with a full timeset. He's at the Beginner A rank, and debuts at #802.
Kyle Begley (hey, that's me!), who's been a longtime member, sent in a pair of KD SC times to debut on the shortcut side.

World Records


Tons of NTSC records this half, with Daniel Burbank leading the resurgence. 7(!) new records this half makes it almost more to list than possible, but we'll try! So Daniel started his tour off with WS, where he got a 3'38"62 (4'22"87) on the 3lap and a 1'12"10 (1'26"69) on the flap.

Dan would also set both WRs at SL, with a 1'36"61 (1'56"16) on the 3lap and a 31"60 (38"00) on the flap. Some nice cuts there, but Dan would continue the snowy theme and attack FS. His 1'40"27 (2'00"56) on the 3lap is just enough to open up a small lead against his competition. The last few records Dan would set would be at more sunny and (presumably) warm tracks. YV 3lap was next as he take another one from Karlo, with an impressive 1'25"61 (1'42"94) He'd go on to set the KTB 3lap Record with a 1'19"67 (1'35"80) to cap off an amazing half for him (and anger some of the staff for having to update all these times :p)

Non-SC Movement

The highest active karter this half would be #35 (35)Frankie Morgan, with a pair of FS PRs. His flap saw a good sized cut, as he moved into the TOP15 there. Meanwhile, his 3lap cut 0"15, and he's now only 0"06 away from the hardest GOD in the game. Still 5 to go for Overall GOD, but Frankie keeps inching closer. Will he get it before the month ends?
#48 (46)Leif Christian Tode came back after a short hiatus and sent in 2 new PRs as well. These 2 cuts wouldn't help him pass anyone, but he inches closer to his good friend Paddy. If his goal is to catch him, he's got a bit of work to do. But it's a very realistic goal.
#77 (77)Kyle Begley found a bit of time in between writing things to set 3 new PRs. None of them were too big of time cuts, but they all cut one standard and help him inch closer the next rank promotion. Kyle feels there's much more potential on these tracks, so time will tell if he can advance them any farther.
#89 (90)Jayden Ly made the biggest cuts of anyone in the TOP100. He sent us 11 PRs, and cut just over 12 AF to pass 9 players on the WRL. Jayden is close to a rank promotion, so we'll see if he can break through and continue his tear up the charts!
A bit farther down the list we have #127 (128)Lewis Richards, who came back after a way too long break. Lewis sent us 10 PRs, with the most impressive being his KD 3lap. He cut just over half a second and passed 50 people on that one track alone. He also got a rank promotion, and is now King A. Hopefully Lewis sticks with MK64 for a bit and can push to the TOP100.
#249 (257)Ben Stoneman was next up, and he'd have a huge week. Ben sent in 13 PRs which allowed him to pass 33 people and earn Elite B ARR. He had many big cuts, including FS flap which would see a 0"73 cut and become a Legend D time. Keep up the good work Ben, we could see you shoot up these charts!
#408 (414)Greg Gray was also active this half, and sent us 12 PRs. This allowed him to pass 19 people, and gave him a rank promotion to Pro B. Greg has a fairly balanced timeset, which is unusual for a player around his rank. However that consistency can be rewarded, as one giant breakthrough can lead to confidence in the other tracks, so keep it up Greg!
#479 (475)Gerard Seinstra sent us a good haul this half. With 19 new PRs, Gerard passed 46 players and moved to Semi-Pro B. Gerard's best time is now RRd 3lap, which is ranked #307. If he can get the rest of his times around that, he could be ranked much much higher.
#619 (640)Daniel Simpson sent us 4 PRs, mostly on longer tracks. He passed 10 people in the process.

SC Movement

The highest rank player this half would be #12 Jake Walter. He would set a lone FS flap PR, cutting 0"02. Unfortunately, he was stuck in a gap and didn't pass anyone. He's got another 0"04 to go to catch another karter, but the good news is once he does that he'll have tons of AF to gain with tiny PRs. Keep at it Jake!
#85 Lewis Richards would set 7 new PRs this half. Most of them were small cuts that only passed a few players, but he had an impressive time was his DKJP flap, which he improved to be #52. He still has quite a bit of potential on the SC side, so we'll see if he can continue his progress.
#219 Daniel Simpson was the last player to record PRs this half. He set 3 new SCs times, each with small cuts, but managed to pass 7 players in the process.

That's it for this half. Chris should be back for the next news update, but I hope you enjoyed this one! ok, bye bye!


Tuesday, June 07, 2016
- May 2016 POWs -
by Kyle at 11:21 pm

Hey everyone, it's time for another POW update. Sorry I'm a bit late this month, I've been a bit swamped with other stuff so I couldn't find the time to write this until now. Anyways, before we get to it I'd like to add a few announcements. As Chris said, the 7th edition of the Karter Contest is underway on the forums. We're almost through group stages, so the bracket stage should begin this weekend. Plenty of members of the MK64 community are still in contention, so go there and vote for your favorite karters if you haven't already! Also, the 10th annual Virginia meet is underway. Head on over to if you're looking for some good 4p vs action. Ok, with that out of the way, let's get to the awards!


Week 1
Jayden Ly picks up the first award for this month. His 11 non-sc PRs were enough to pass 6 people and inch him closer to the TOP100. Jayden also made the jump to become an overall Legend F player, so congrats to him!

Week 2
This weeks award would go to an older name in the community. Stacy Needham made a pair of improvements at DKJP count during a down week, as he would improve the 3lap to Legend B and the flap to Legend A. These PRs would be enough to pass 3 players, and give Stacy a rank bump to Legend C overall. We'll see if he decides to continue to grind away at this game and get some new GODs ;)

Week 3
This weeks winner would be a new one, and by my best estimation, the only one to have won it for his country! Osman Camargo had a HUGE week. 22 PRs would be enough to let him pass 107(!!!) players en route to the TOP350. He would destroy his current rank, moving from Pro C to Elite D in the process. Congrats to Osman, and here's to more big weeks!

Week 4
Osman Camargo wasn't done yet. Another good week, although not quite as good as last week. Osman would "only" beat half his timeset, but would still pass 52 players by cutting 14.8% of his AF. He would also end the month with an overall ranking of Elite B. Congrats for the big improvements!

Some people think this is long overdue, and they may be correct, but the timing was finally right for Jayden Ly to take home his first POM! The Australian wonder set 24 non-SC PRs, as well as 1 on the SC side. He would pass 17 people in the non-sc rankings, which would vault him into the TOP100! His ARR also moved from King A to Legend D in the process. Congrats to Jayden, this is the first of many I would imagine.

That's all for now, join me next month (as long as you vote for me :p) to see who performed exceptionally well!

Friday, June 03, 2016
- May 2nd half - KC 2k16 has started! Don't forget to vote! -
by Chraizy at 8:27 am

Hey guys, it's Chris! It's time for another news update. But first things first, if you haven't already seen it, you can find the Karter Contest 2016 edition on the Message Board now, which just started with it's group stage. If you are eligible to vote (have at least one full timeset on any of the 8 Kart sites and a Forum account with at least 50 posts, both from before January 2016) do so! Vote for your favorite karter and help to promote him!

New Players


World Records


Daniel Burbank played some NTSC this half and provided us 2 new WRs. The first was a WR tie on MR, tying Lukes long standing flap with a 23"05 (PAL: 27"72)!

The other one was on YV flap, where he first tied Jamies and Matthias' flap, and then beat it by 3 more hundreths to a 26"14 (PAL: 31"43)!

Matthias Rustemeyer sent in his missing FS record from the start of may and beat his old record by 0"01 seconds. The new time is a 2'00"16 (NTSC: 1'39"93)!

Non-SC Movement

MK64 Non-SC time Trial Champ Matthias Rustemeyer sent in his 0"01 second cut on FS from last month which he forgot to send in. No stats have changed (except for the 0"01 in 3lap totals!).
#15 (15) Jeffrey Gutierrez sent in a new BB 3lap time and passed one player on the charts there with a 0"05 second cut. It was no big cut, but it helped to get a bit more distance from Michael, who is a threat with his unexpected Non-SC TOP10s out of nowhere! Better watch out!
#37 (35) Frankie Morgan hit 2 new PRs on LR and FS 3laps. Both of them are considered as some of the strongest GOD times, and he brought both down to Legend A level. His LR time is 0"18 seconds away from the GOD time, and FS is 0"21 seconds shy. Both are relatively close, and with a bit more dedication and maybe finding out some spots where he loses time those 2 could be in his bag by the next update. For now, he passed 2 players with a 0.9 AF cut, reducing his ARR to 0.28 for now.
#77 (77) Kyle Begley hit 6 new times on CM and SL 3lap and MR, WS, BB and RRd flaps. All of them saw nice cuts with 2 new TOP100 times and a 65th ranked BB flap which was the best time of the submission. Kyle passed 4 players with a 2.8 AF cut and is 2.2 points away from the TOP75.
#83 (85) Stacy Needham continued his adventure in the jungle on the flap and extended the cut by ~0"2 seconds. It was enough to give him his second GOD time after the RRy flap. Another target this time was the YV 3lap, which saw a successful 0.8 seconds cut down to sub 1'47 and another TOP100 time. Stacy passed Craig Makepeace for the 85th spot in AF with a 2.7 AF cut.
#98 (99) Jayden Ly hit 14 PRs in the end of May with a few really strong cuts and a total of 4 new TOP100 times. His best time, a RRd flap is not only the best of this submission, but also his best in general now, ranked 59th, 12 ranks better than his only GOD time on RRy flap. In addition to that, he also passed 9 players to force his way through the TOP100 barrier, landing in the double digit spots at 99th! Well done! His ARR also jumped out of the Legend F ranks up to Legend D!
#199 (200) Alexander Schiller hit a similar milestone, only 100 ranks higher: he breaks into the TOP200 with a 2 AF point cut, passing 2 players and lands exactly on the 200th spot! Alex hit 3 new records on DK 3lap and BB dual for 3 new TOP200 times and 2 new King times on DK and BB 3laps. DK saw the biggest cut from 203rd to 170th, achieved with a 1 second cut.
#227 (228) Aljoscha Schneider hit 21 new records, getting rid of a few of his worst times. He beat his last 2 Master times to get a full Elite/King timeset! Aljoscha passed 21 players with a big 26.5 AF cut and also made the jump from Elite B to Elite A! Most notable times in this update were his MMF times, which saw big cuts at the 3lap from #313 to #223 and the flap from #270 to #221.
Another german, #241 (243) Martin Wille was active in the ~#200 block and sent us 19 new records. He hit a few really strong improvements with MMF being his best improvement aswell from #362 to #279 on the 3laps. He also eliminated his 4 last Master times, tried to beat the Pro C time on YC, but could only get up to Master C here to leave a lone Master time behind for now. Martin passed 20 players with a 20.5 AF cut, giving Aljoscha a nice battle to race to the TOP200! In addition to that he also made the jump from Elite B to Elite A!
#262 (268) Tyler Chambers hit 7 new times on LR BC and YV flap and TT and RRd dual. All of them were smaller cuts except RRd, where he gained 2 new TOP200 times! His 3lap was a 2.15 second cut and went from #248 to #190 and the flap was a 0"99 cut and went from #266 to #189, his biggest PR in this submission. Tyler passed 11 players with a nice 7 AF cut, boosting him closer to the TOP250.
#278 (283) Osman Camargo had a fantastic finish of may with 26 improvements to report and a lot of new TOP300 and Elite, yeah even 3 King times! Osmans best time in this update was his MMF flap, which almost hit the TOP200 there. His AF dropped by a whopping 155 points to help him pass 150 players and easily reach the TOP300! His ARR also made a huge jump over the complete Master standards from Pro C to Elite B!
#282 (293) Ben Stoneman was the last member active in the TOP300, and I couldn't have said that last time as he just made it into here with his latest 14.4 AF point improvement! 9 players have been passed with 9 really nice PRs, with FS being his best ranked times in this submission at #235 and #232! He hit his 3rd King time on FS with those PRs. He still has 2 times left at Semi-Pro and Pro level, namely DK and YV 3laps. Both of them are hard to master without the hard strats and the knowledge, so if he invests a bit more time into those he could probably easily get a few more Elite times out of it!
#373 (385) Toby Hooper, the New Zealand champ sent us 10 new records, a bit unbalanced ranging from #576 on LR flap to #122 on WS flap. He beat 3 of his last non TOP600 times, only leaving BC 3lap behind in his timeset. Toby passed 14 players with a 14.4 AF point cut. He also jumped from Master F to Master D!
#476 (474) Michael Kwasnik hit 17 new times across all cups and got times ranging from #327 to #557. He improved his AF by 27 points and passed 23 players. His ARR also jumped from Semi Pro C to Semi Pro A!
#479 (485) Rick Kwasnik reported us 21 PRs which resulted into a 46.4 AF cut to help him jump 55 players and reach the TOP500 comfortably. He got a bunch of new TOP600 times and also eliminated a few of his Expert times to improve his ARR from Expert A to Semi Pro C!

SC Movement

The highest active mover was #2 (2) Beck Abney, who set 3 PRs on MR flap, WS 3lap and RRy flap. MR cut 4 ranks, WS and RRy 3 ranks each. Those 10 ranks were enough to bring Beck down to 2.8 AF points, cutting half a point from his old AF, or 13%. 0.8 points seperate him and Vincents #1, and so the 2nd combined charts that he would dominate after gaining the Universal crown!
#13 (13) Matthias Rustemeyer hit a new DK 3lap after learning how to properly do it in the recent 100% and skips runs. It was an 8 rank improvement into the TOP20 and is also a new Legend time for him. Only 2 Legend times are missing in his SC timeset which are CM and WS 3laps. CM could be an easy, but also not so easy pick for the next Legend, as the Weathertenko means instant improvement, but it's hard to hit, so that's the other side of the medal. For now, he passed Michael Fried for the 13th spot and is 6 points behind Penev, who is occupying the TOP10 entry.
#51 (51) Michael Arendshit 3 new PRs on LR 3lap and MR dual. His LR was a fluke first try after many failed attempts with 3/3 easy SCs, gaining a new GOD here, his 9th in total! Michaels mission to hit a 54/54 GOD timeset is tough though, as many of those depend on good SC knowledge and hitting a few really hard SCs 3 times can be a pain. However, his MR SC looks fine with a 0"7 improvement on the flap, gaining him a King A time. This is one of the annoying SCs to hit, his 3lap shows it as it still is in the 1'22 range. A 3/3 hit, even with bad driving can already give you an easy TOP100 time. Michael passed 5 players with a healthy 6.5 AF cut.
#79 (73) Daniel Burbank hit a new RRy 3lap time with a 14 seconds improvement over his old time which resulted into a 18 ranks cut. He passed one person with a 0.7 AF cut.
#336 (323) Rick Kwasnik hit a new FS 3lap time and cut 2.3 seconds off of it. He cut 13 ranks on the charts and landed in the TOP250 here. He passed one player in the progress.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed it! See you next time.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016
- May 1st half - can't think of a proper title.. -
by Chraizy at 8:26 am

Hey guys, it's Chris. It's been quite quiet lately due to a lot of Grand Prix runs that are going on lately. Check the MB for the newest runned MK64 mode 100%!

New Players

Bryton Daniels decided to give MK64 a shot and sent us a timeset with 20 times. Bryton debuts at #893.
Osman Camargo, who joined us at the beginning of the month sent us also a SC timeset, only missing the LR and KD SC times. He debuts at #135. He already got a few fairly strong times like a 41st ranked YV 3lap!

World Records



Non-SC Movement

The highest active player was #37 (37) Frankie Morgan, who decided to get rid of the most annoying flap GOD standardwise. He made it with a small 0"03 cut, but it was enough to beat the GOD standard and to claim the 27th GOD standard as achieved. Only 5 times are left: LR, TT and FS 3laps and WS dual.
#81 (81) Kyle Begley sent us a new MMF flap and a KTB flap, both ranked 70th. MMF saw a bigger improvement from 92nd and gave him a nice cut on that ranking. Both times are new GODs, number 4 and 5. Kyle cut 0.7 AF points to close the gap to David, who is still the barrier to enter the TOP80.
A few spots down we have #85 (86) Stacy Needham who got the urge to try some MK64 again. DK was the target, and without expecting too much, he got a nice double PR out of it! The 3lap is a new TOP100 time and jumped from 101st to 69th. The flap was a smaller cut from 91st to 74th, but not bad at all. Stacy passed 2 players with a nice 1.4 AF cut and is closing in to the TOP80 (where he once was, but as time went by he got passed by many new players rushing through the ranks).
#107 (108) Jayden Ly had a nice half with 15 new times across all cups. 4 new TOP100 times have been achieved and also 5 new Legend times. Jayden made the jump out of the King ranks and is one of the Legendary players now! He cut 10.5 AF points and passed 9 players.
#142 (143) Anastasia Steingold hit 3 new times this half with a double PR on TT and a new MR 3lap time. TT saw smooth cuts, 0"32 seconds off the 3lap and 0"16 off the flap. The MR time barely missed the sub 1'15, but still reached the Legend ranks! Stacy passed 3 players and is approaching some kart legends like MKDS pro Fabien Da Silva and Nick Meade, the former MKW champ.
#199 )202) Alexander Schiller hit 4 new times on KD dual, BB 3lap and RRd flap. The KD flap is a new TOP200 time and a new King B time. Alex passed 4 players with a nice 2 AF point cut and also progressed to the King D ranks!
#225 (228) Eric Tapani sent us 2 double PRs on FS and RRd. RRd saw really great cuts with the 3lap going from 308th to 227th and the flap from 267th to 231st. His RRd flap also is a new King time. Eric passed 4 players with a healthy 5.4 AF cut.
#409 (414) Stephen Weber sent us a double PR for Bowser's Castle with both times hitting the TOP500. Stephen subbed the 2 minutes mark at the 3lap, the flap barely missed the 39 seconds sub at 39"01. He passed 2 players with a 3 AF point cut.
#437 (433) Osman Camargo who joined us last half completed his timeset and jumped almost 500 players to land at #433! Osman definitely has some potential, as he already hit a few TOP300 times and has 7 Elite times. Some of his other times are not on this level and are still in the ~#600 area. However, he cut 412 AF points and almost halfed his AF with those PRs! He also jumped from Newbie A straight to Pro C!
#459 (438) Rey Directo sent us 13 new PRs with a few really nice improvements, especially on the flaps. His LR, KTB and FS 3lap times all made their way to the TOP400 and all in all he cut 40 AF points to pass 38 players. His ARR also went from Semi Pro A to Pro C!
#923 (852) Ben Plath sent us a double PR for MMF and BB and made some nice progress here. He passed 3 players with a 2.1 AF cut.

SC Movement

#56 (56) Michael Arends sent us a dual LR time to fill his timeset. The 3lap is still improvable and barely missed the TOP100, the flap however was a nice new GOD time. He cut 9.5 AF points and jumped 7 places up the ranks.
#104 (108) Jayden Ly hit a new TT flap time with a 0"7 seconds cut and reached the Legend D rank here. His overall rank improved to Elite B while he passed 3 players with a 1.5 AF cut.
#182 (200) Ben Plath hit a new FS 3lap time but remains at the same spot, yeah even the same AF as the new player above made him lose AF points.

That's it for now. Sorry for the shorter news than usual, I am really tired and have no time otherwise than today this week, so yeah.. hope to see you next time!


Tuesday, May 03, 2016
- April 2016 POWs -
by Kyle at 3:47 pm

Hey guys, we're back with some more POWs! Not a lot of activity, but still some impressive feats this month. Let's get to it!


Week 1
The first week belonged to Tim van Ham. Tim came back after a short hiatus, and set 10 PRs. This allowed him to pass 14 people and trim his AF by 9%.

Week 2
Beck Abney wins this weeks award, thanks for 5 total PRs (3 SC, 2 non-SC). His most notable time was his 2'02"82 (1'42"15) on KD SC 3lap, beating his own World Record by about 1/4 of a second.

Week 3
Some nice improvements from Rey Directo earns him his 1st POW. His 23 PRs helped him cut 13% of his AF as he passed 92 people.

Week 4
Similar to last month, the final week belongs to Jayden Ly. 14 PRs would help Jayden pass 17 people with a 10% AF cut, as he come close to the TOP100

Even with limited activity, there were still quite a few impressive improvements, but none more impressive than Beck Abney. Beck set 9 total PRs, 3 of which - KD 3lap, CM flap, and YV 3lap - were SC World Records. Congrats to Beck, and here's to hoping for more impressive World Records in the month of May!

Monday, May 02, 2016
- April 2nd half - Activity slows down -
by Chraizy at 12:52 pm

Hey guys, it's Chris! Activity was a bit low this time,l but we got a bunch of active persons nonetheless! Let's see:

New Players

Osman Camargo was the only new player in the last 2 weeks of April. With dual CM and MR times he joined us at #914. His flaps look stronger than his 3laps, both ranked in the TOP300 range while his 3laps are right above the TOP500 mark. Some promising times, and his potential seems to be TOP300ish if he finishes his timeset!

World Records




Beck Abney hit a WR on Yoshi Valley 3lap, by beating it in NTSC he kicked Alex out of the WR tally and also beat the longest lasting WR on the site! The new time is a 27"76 (PAL: 33"38)!

Non-SC Movement

The highest active player was... #16 (16) Michael Arends! Not a single person in the TOP10 was active! However, Michael had another shot at the LR 3lap which gave him so much trouble, but in the end he successfully beat his old PR by a great margin!... for LR standards. A 0"15 cut has been made and helped him to reach a 8th ranked time! It's his ninth TOP10 time now and lowered his AF score by 0.2 points. He is 2.5 points behind Jeff, who is still enjoying a comfortable lead. His TOP15 spot might be in danger, as a goal that is not moving is not safe at all!
#37 (38) Frankie Morgan sent in 4 PRs for Choco Mountain and Sherbet Land dual. His CM times are both new GOD times as he missed them last time by only a few hundreths. He has a total of 26 Non-SC GODs now, only the most annoying 3laps and hardest standards left: LR, TT and FS 3lap, MR flap and WS dual. I'd say TT is still the easiest of them, but that depends on the player. Frankie passed Myles for the 38th spot with a healthy 1.9 AF cut.
#82 (81) Kyle Begley had 2 PRs to report, namely MMF 3lap and BC flap. His MMF 3lap was a nice 0"45 seconds cut and a new TOP100 time for him (#104 -> #78). Kyle only got 2 times left that are not in the TOP100, WS flap and SL 3lap. His BC flap, which was a #100 time, saw a slight improvement of 0"13 seconds and gave him a nice 82nd ranked time. Both times reached the Legend C standard, and he cut 1.3 AF points to pass 3 players. The TOP80 is currently blocked by David Schiering the old MKDD legend, who sits 1.1 points above Kyle.
#115 (117) Jayden Ly had a fantastic finish of April with 19 new records, with a few really strong improvements among them! 2 new TOP100 times have been achieved on FS 3lap (#145 -> #78!) and SL 3lap (#125 -> #100). 6 new Legend times are within his improvements, which increases his counter to 16 Legends. He barely missed the jump from King B straight to Legend F, but he got the cut to King A nonetheless! Jayden cut 20.6 AF points to make a big jump over 20 players!
#147 (146) Anastasia Steingold improved her Bowser's Castle times and beat one of her weaker times. The BC flap was among her lowest ranked times, but jumped up to one of her better ones. The 3lap was a 14 rank cut and is now ranked 134th, her 8th best ranked time. No time came very close to her strongest time, FS flap (#104) so far, but all in all she has a very consistent timeset. A good goal could be to bring every time into the TOP150, which would help her AF by a good margin. For now, she cut 0.6 AF points and closed the gap to Thomas van Leeuwen, another old MKDD legend ranked fairly high in the MK64 leaderboards.
#201 (206) Alexander Schiller improved 8 of his PRs, with 4 new TOP200 times and a 4 strong improvements on the other courses. His best improvement was the KD 3lap, coming from 2'10 down to 2'09"21 (#225 -> #181). All in all he cut 7.8 AF points and passed 2 players, coming out of an AF graveyard but slided directly into another one! Alex is closing in to the TOP200 now though, only 3.3 points are needed for that goal!
#231 (232) Eric Tapani scored 10 PRs in the last half of April and had a few nice improvements, including 5 new TOP300 times! Eric eliminated his last three Master and Pro times to make his timeset a 32/32 Elite one! He cut 18 AF points to pass 13 players. He also left the Elite B ranks and became our newest Elite A player.
#275 (279) Tyler Chambers hit 5 new PRs on TT 3lap, RRy and RRd dual. They saw decent cuts, especially his RRd had great improvements, with a 2.3 seconds cut (#310 -> #247) for the 3lap and a 0"6 seconds cut (#324 -> #265) for the flap. Tyler passed 4 players with a nice 6.3 AF point cut, bringing his AF down to sub 300.
#321 (321) Nathan Truchan scored 6 PRs, with 3 new Elite times on MR, WS and SL flaps. He still has 9 times left that haven't reached the Elite ranks yet, but with his current timeset he is far into the Elite ranks already. Nathan passed 7 players with a 7.6 AF cut, closing in to the TOP300.
#481 (476) Rey Directo sent us an almost complete new timeset with 30 new records, only missing the FS times. Rey hit a few nice improvements, the best being a TT flap (#741 -> #347)! He also achieved a few Elite times, and eliminated many of his Advanced times. Rey passed 146 players with a huge 131 AF point cut, and also jumped from Expert F directly to Semi Pro A, almost skipping two complete standard blocks!
#642 (686) Sam Smith hit 15 new records across all cups. His main improvements were in Special cup were he got 6/8 PRs. He reached many new Expert times, even a Semi-Pro C and a Pro D standard! Sam passed 61 players and comfortably reached the TOP700 with a nice 48 AF point cut!

SC Movement

#2 (2) Beck Abney set a new World Record thanks to a wrong NTSC conversion. It'd be the same cut nonetheless so his current AF has been improved by 0.22 points, closing in to the sub 3 AF! Vincent, who still sits on the SC throne is constantly losing AF due to Becks activity. A 1.3 cut is needed to reach him, but Beck has the most WRs at the moment. He still got a few really weak courses like MR and WS though, so plenty of room for improvement!
#158 (173) Tyler Chambers set two new records for Choco Mountain with a nice ~5 second cut on the 3lap and a 1.5 second cut on the flap. He cut 1.7 AF points and passed 4 players in the progress.

That's it for this time! Hope May brings some more fresh activity into MK64 world! Until then, cya!


Older news can be viewed in the news archives