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Last updated: February 24th 2017

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Friday, February 17, 2017
- February 1st Half - Slight Change of Plans -
by Kyle at 10:32 pm

Hey guys, it's Kyle again. Sounds like Chris is gonna be out of commission for a while, so you're stuck with me for the time being. I know, quite the treat. Anyways, let's get to the news.

New Players


World Records


A pair of World Records this half, again one by each of the TOP2 players. Daniel Burbank got the first WR this half, taking back his YV 3lap from the Champ, pushing his time down a few more hundredths to 1'42"28 (1'25"06)! Dan had a few impressive runs here, and has much more newly found potential here, so i'll be interesting to see how far he can push it!

Champ Matthias Rustemeyer was also in action this half, and he took back his recently beat WR at KTB 3lap. The new time of 1'35"60 (1'19"51) is a slight improvement over his old time, but impressive nonetheless as he edges out Dan by "01


lol... wait, actually we did have a WR this half. Beck Abney beat his own CM flap WR on the 3 year anniversary of the Weathertenko discovery. The time was pushed down "01 to 3"13 (3"76). Pi may be RIP, but it will ever live on in our memories.

Non-SC Movement

#1 (1) Matthias Rustemeyer sent us just the WR. He stayed at the same AF due to Dan and he swapping WRs.
#2 (2) Daniel Burbank also only sent in the new WR. He stayed in the same AF, and remains just a few points off sub 3 AF. Maybe next update?
#26 (25) Frankie Morgan also sent in a single PR, his being YV 3lap. His new time of 1'26"60 is good for 24th, and passed 3 people here. He inches closer to Eddie for 25th on WRL, but still has a bit of a ways to go. We'll see if he can break through in the next 2 weeks!
#91 (92) Stephen Meakings is getting back in a groove, and sent us another 5 PRs this half. Altogether, he cut just over 3 AF, and managed to pass 4 players. Sounds like Stephen is here to stay, let's see how far he can get! (Hopefully not past me)
#138 (138) Aljoscha Schneider used a massive 21 PRs across all cups to pass 20 players. His DKJP 3lap is now ranked 98th, which is not only his highest ranked time, but his first TOP100 time! He also managed to knock out his last Elite time, giving him a timset of Kings and Legends. Keep up the good work!
#180 (181) Ben Stoneman also sent in 5 PRs, with varying degree of cuts. Overall, he cut just over 4 AF which allowed him to pass 3 players.
#373 (372) David Gutierrez Pena is next on our list, and he also had a good half. His 19 PRs across all 4 cups allowed him to cut exactly 60 AF, en route to passing 56 players. David nearly jumped from Pro B directly into Elite, but ended up the half at Master A. If he sends in a few more PRs, he'll join the ranks of the Elite karters. Let's see what you got David!
#480 (482) Pascal Schlereth sent us 17 PRs to move up 29 spots, and into the TOP500.
#489 (492) Sam Smith sent us 2 PRs. He cut 4 AF but somehow remained in the same spot due to activity around him

SC Movement

#1 Beck Abney sent us the lone PR, listed in the World Record section. He didn't cut any AF as this was his own World Record he improved.

Alright guys, that's it for this half. You should be in for a treat for next half's news updater, it'll be a real blast from the past. But you'll have to until next time to find out ;)!


Saturday, February 04, 2017
- January 2nd half - 1/12 of the way there -
by Kyle at 12:13 pm

Hey guys, Chris asked me to step in for him this time around, so after a few days of delay I figured now is a good time to write the news. One little announcement, Paul Tanney created a new videos site that has vids from Elite F all the way up to GOD, in order to help players find vids for their ranking. If you're interested, you can check it out at Anyways, here's what happened the past half month.

New Players

Tim McCutcheon is the lone joiner this half, as he sent in all 8 mushroom cup times to begin his journey at #989.

World Records


A pair of World Records this half, one by each of the TOP2 players. Daniel Burbank started us off this half by improving his own WR at YV flap, pushing this time down a few more hundredths to 31"31 (26"04)! He broke a roughly 3 month tie with himself and the champ here.

But on the last day of the month, Matthias Rustemeyer also decided to improve one of his own WRs, bringing his TT 3lap down to a new time of 2'58"48 (2'28"44). The monthly PR streak lives!



Non-SC Movement

#1 (1)Matthias Rustemeyer just sent in the lone WR at TT, but he didn't gain any spots from it and actually lost a spot due to Daniel Burbank untying his WR at YV flap.
#2 (2) Daniel Burbank managed a good half, sending in dual PRs on both MMF and YV (including the aforementioned WR). He managed to cut his AF down a bit, and is now on the cusp of the 3.000AF barrier. Once he breaks through there, things will start to get very interesting at the top...
#6 (6) Zoran Tintor is not a huge fan of that #6 next to his name, so he sent us 2 PRs, MMF 3lap and MR flap, that each passed 2 players on their respective charts. He's now just a shade above 0.5 AF away from getting back into the TOP5, and it seems like this time around he's intent to keep his promise to do so. With these PRs, Zoran is back to having all his times in single digit ranks, displaying impressive balance in his timeset!
A bit further down the charts, #26 (25) Frankie Morgan is trying to enter the TOP25 on WRL. He sent us a YV 3lap time as he attempts to achieve that feat, as he managed to cut 0"15 and move up from 29th to 27th here. Eddie's 3laps are very impressive, which is what's keeping him where he is, but every week Frankie inches closer. It's only a matter of time now...
#45 (44) David Moll sent us 3 PRs this half (LR 3lap and DKJP dual). He was able to cut roughly 0.8 AF and move past the former MKDD champion in Andreas. David continues his ascent up the charts in a methodical manner, and is keeping his distance from #48 (48) Jayden Ly, who sent us a single DKJP 3lap time. While Jayden moved up 10 spots on that track, Moll had slightly bigger overall improvement, and the gap between the 2 is now 3.5AF. We'll see if Jayden can close in a bit next half.
Jack-of-all-karts #85 (87) Stacy Needham came back to MK64 this half, and sent us his yearly PR at YV flap. He moved up a few AF points, but kept the same ranking.
#95 (93) Stephen Meakings graced us with his presence this half, sending us a single time (like seemingly everyone else did) at BC 3lap. Stephen cut over half a second here and passed 35 players (28 of which were his alts) to move up 1 spot in the WRL and 2 spots on AF rankings. Way to go Meaks!
Outside of the TOP100 now, we have #135 (137) Doss Willowhite sent us 3 PRs to cut a total of 3 AF. While he (strangely) didn't pass anyone on the AF rankings, he moved past 3 people in the WRL, and got a rank promotion from King B to King A.
A few spots behind Doss we have #139 (139) Anastasia Steingold, who sent us 2 PRs to cut 1.375 AF, allowing her to pass 1 player on both rankings.
#158 (157) Aljoscha Schneider is the first real big mover of this update. Aljoscha sent us 17 PRs, most from Mushroom and Flower cups, and cut 15 AF to pass 11 players. He also moved up from King C to King A to give him a good half. Keep it up!
#187 (183) Ben Stoneman continued to take a break from MKDS and set 3 PRs on MK64! His most impressive cut was on FS 3lap, where he cut over a second and a half, and improved his time from 204 -> 94. Ben passed 4 players on the rankings, and is now a King C player.
#352 (358) Matt Rutkowski sent us a new KTB 3lap. He cut a few hundredths and passed 1 player on that chart.
#509 (523) Pascal Schlereth overhauled 3/4 of his timeset, and in doing so, cut 77 AF. He passed 81 players this half, and now has a rank of Semi-pro D. Keep up the good work!
#790 (879) Adam Roberts sent us 4 PRs, cutting just as much AF and improved his ranking by 10 places.
#951 (1024) J.J. Siler sent us 14 PRs this half as he cut a bit over 6 AF. Make sure you send us you're full times down to the hundredth J.J.!

SC Movement


Alright guys, that's it for this half. Chris should be good to go for the next news update, we'll see you then!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017
- January 1st half - -
by Chraizy at 9:54 am

Yoo! It's Chris with the freshest of fresh news!

New Players

J.J. Siler joined our ranks with only 3lap times and starts out at #1043.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer sent in a WR from last year on BB. He improved his old WR from 2013 and bested it by 0"06 to a 2'04"42 (NTSC: 1'43"48)!

Daniel Burbank had a shot at two WRs and was able to get a new 3lap on KTB, beating Matthias slightly. The new time is a 1'35"61 (NTSC: 1'19"52)!

The other record was a new flap on WS. He beat his time and passed Matthias' WR, barely missing the sub with a 1'26"03 (NTSC: 1'11"55)!

John Dude made an amazing comeback to the site and set a crazy LR flap, beating the already really maxed flap by another hundreth! The new time is a 37"61 (NTSC: 31"28)!

But not only this, he also tied the DK flap in NTSC with a lap 2 attempt! The time was a 42"27 (NTSC: 35"15)!

Non-SC Movement

Matthias Rustemeyer, the MK64 Non-SC champ set a new WR on BB. It didn't affect his AF, the people under him did though! He lost 3 WRs and is now down to a 1.2 AF.
#2 (2) Daniel Burbank was one of the guys who stole 2 WRs, pushing his own AF a bit lower to a 3.125, coming closer to the sub 3.
#5 (5) John Dude had a fantastic start into the new year setting 2 WRs aswell just like Dan and got a really strong LR 3lap, edging on the sub 1'58! He cut 0.125 AF points and is not even a point away from reaching the dutch crown, and could be the third dutch after Steven Zwartjes and MJ to be there. Let's go!
#14 (14) Marcos Vinicius Alves set 2 double PRs on LR and TT. His LR times cut small amount of times but gave him a nice 17 spots cut in total, ranked 16th and 15th now. His TT 3lap was not even sub 3, and reached 2'59"2 after he improved it, gaining a 7th spot and a new TOP10 time! His flap, also ranked 24th like his previous LR times, made a big jump aswell from 59"34 to 59"09, and is also a new TOP10 time at 8th. Marcos cut 1.4 AF points and is reaching his next target on the AF lists quicker than expected! It's still 3 AF points, but the cut of this half boosted him quite a bit and also left Trystan, who was in front of him, behind him.
#15 (16) Michael Arends hit a single KTB 3lap improvement from 34th to 22nd and is cutting 0.25 AF points to come closer to Trystan in the AF lists. The TOP15 is not far and with a single PR he could already do it.
#26 (25) Frankie Morgan had a shot at BB and improved both, the 3lap and flap. His 3lap is fairly strong and almost matches the old WR from 2010, ranked 11th now. His flap, the same improvement (13 spots) is ranked 15th, so another TOP15 time. He passed Eddie Taylor and has reached the TOP25 in AF with a 0.8 AF cut!
#44 (43) Leif Christian Tode got 5 new PRs, manly in Star and Special Cups. His BC flap and DK 3lap both were new GODs, barely enough to push his ARR from Legend A to Legend+, making him the newest player in that area! His PRs netted him a 2.1 AF cut, closing the gap to Josh a bit more.
#138 (137) Doss Willowhite also scored 5 PRs just like Leif, only 3laps have been improved. His TT 3lap saw a nice cut of 43 spots and was his biggest PR. It's also a new TOP100, ranked 91st! Doss passed 5 players, including Stacy Gold and former MKW champ Nick Meade with his 4.8 AF cut and closed the gap to Bryan Bosshardt. His ARR is coming close to King A, helpful were his 3 new Legend times which pushed him a good bit closer to it.
#169 (170) Aljoscha Schneider hit 5 new records aswell and scored 3 new times inside the TOP200. His AF cut of 4.9 points pushed him 7 ranks up the ranks and reached the TOP175 with ease. His YV flap time was also a new Legend time, his 5th in total.
#187 (189) Ben Stoneman hit 21 new records, with a few strong improvements like RRy, which went from 264th on the 3lap to 110th! His flap also made a massive jump from 244th to 108th, coming very close to the TOP100. Both are new Legend times. Speaking about Legends, his MMF got pushed by another 2 hundreths and is so close to become his first GOD! Ben is a MMF specialist in MKDS, so I wouldn't be surprised if this was his first GOD here. He passed 30 players with his big 31 AF cut, easily reaching the TOP200!
#379 (383) Stephen Weber hit a new WS flap with a 0"04 improvement and maintained his rank.
#429 (427) David Gutierrez Pena had another "let's play MK64 because MKDD stressed me too much" session and accidently scored 16 PRs... jokes aside, improving half of your timeset is quite good if you do not invest too much time into it! David hit a few nice improvements such as LR flap (521 -> 267) and TT flap (677 -> 371). He hit a lot of new TOP500 times, pushing his AF by a huge 72 AF points! That was enough to pass 63 players and comfortably reach the TOP450! David seems to have lots of potential left, so whenever he feels like MKDD is maxed, he should come over to this game.
#590 (619) Pascal Schlereth hit new PRs on LR flap, MMF dual and RRd 3lap. All of them cut a good amount of AF, however his RRd 3lap must have been a typo, so his AF gain wasn't too big.
#780 (806) Tristin Ervin improved his BC and RRd times and passed 14 players with a 12 AF cut. He also reached the Intermediate C ranks in the progress.
#790 (887) Adam Roberts continued to improve his times, This time he attacked LR with a new double 844th ranked PR. He cut 4.7 AF points and passed 9 players.
#936 (897) Bryton Daniels hit a new DK 3lap time which made it into the TOP400, ranked 399th. He passed 1 player and solidified his position in the TOP900.

SC Movement

The only active SC player was #345 (342) David Gutierrez Pena, who scored new times on FS flap and RRd flap. FS cut about 60 ranks and RRd about 130, so a total cut of 8.6 AF points helped him to pass 34 players and reach the TOP350!

That's it for now! A good start into the new year with loads of WRs! Let's hope this will continue.


Wednesday, January 04, 2017
- 4th Quarter POWs - The one update to rule them all! -
by Kyle at 9:48 pm

Hey guys, happy 2017! The start of a new year marks the end of another (obviously) and with that, gives us some final awards to close out 2016. Since I've been a bit lazy in writing these news updates lately, we've got a whole 3 months to cover. Let's dive right in.


Week 1
Although we had a slow first week, that didn't stop Mike Gaydeski from taking home yet another POW. He used 8 PRs to pass 11 players with 11 AF cut.

Week 2
Matthias Rustemeyer, our POW points leader, picks up another award to add to his collection. He used 4 WRs (KD 3lap, WS 3lap and flap, DKJP 3lap) in this week alone to claim the award. Well done champ!

Week 3
Activity started pick up on the site, and so too did the competition for this award, but Kyle Labelle ends up running away with it. 24 PRs allowed him to cut nearly 1/3 of his AF. He passed 46 players enroute to the TOP100 on the overall charts.

Week 4
Kyle Labelle had another big week. 10 total PRs (9 nonsc, 1 sc) gives him this award as he continues up the rankings and is now a Legend C karter.

After going on a tear the last 2 weeks, Kyle Labelle wins his first POM award. An impressive month saw him cut nearly 60 AF efficiently with only 27 PRs. He rose up the rankings 58 places to end up at #79.


Week 1
Doss Willowhite picks up the first award of November, thanks to 23 PRs cutting 20% of his AF, allowing him to pass 70 players on the non-sc rankings. Impressive month out of the blue for Doss!

Week 2
Jayden Ly picks up his first award this quarter thanks to an important milestone being achieved. He was able to enter into the TOP50 with 6 PRs this week, sneaking past fan favorite David Moll. A potential rivalry may be brewing here, stay tuned.

Week 3
David Moll, unhappy about being kick out the TOP50, uses 4 PRs this week to cut 2 AF and pass as many players to get back up to #49.

Week 4
After a few slower weeks, Doss Willowhite picks up another POW. He used 11 PRs to cut 18.5 AF, and was able to enter the TOP200.

Doss Willowhite wins this award thanks to big bookend weeks this month. The Doss was able to pass exactly 100 players by getting PRs on every track except for TT flap. Another quick riser, we may see Doss in future awards updates if he keeps this up.


Week 1
Frankie Morgan takes this weeks award. His 5 PRs were enough to pass 2 players and get the job done.

Week 2
Doss Willowhite continues his hot streak with a big week. 11 PRs and 21 AF cut, this was an easy decision. Doss keeps flying up the ranks.

Week 3
Mike Oliviera wins his first award in only his second week on the site. He enters the TOP100 with a 12.5% AF cut.

Week 4
Daniel Burbank snags the final award of the year, thanks to 3 PRs as he nears the sub 3 AF plateau.

The finals POM of 2016 goes to Doss Willowhite . He managed to cut 1/4 of his AF using 26 PRs, and was able to go from King D ARR to King B. The Doss keeps on moving up these charts, and shows no signs of slowing down.

The final quarter's award really came down to 2 karters, but at the end of the day, it was a fairly easy decision. Getting most of his work done early,
Kyle Labelle wins it. He managed to cut over half of his AF over these past 3 months with 29 PRs. This allowed him to move up from #137 to #66 on the rankings. A big month for Labelle, and we expect much more from him in the next year.

One final order of business remains for 2016: the POY award. Now that all the others have been doled out, I'll begin the process of selecting that award sometime this week. Expect to see something up here by the end of the 1st quarter at the very latest. Until then, happy karting!


Monday, January 02, 2017
- December second half - Happy New Year! -
by Chraizy at 5:39 am

Hey guys it's Chris. Guess there's happened a lot in the end of the year, and I was right! Lots of last minute acitivity, many goals have been reached by the end of the year! Let's see what happened on the final stretch of 2016:

New Players

Tristan Ervin joined the site with a complete timeset at #820. -SC: #539.
Logan Nelson joined us with 31 times, only missing Rainbow Road flap. He debuted at #992.

World Records

No new records...

Non-SC Movement

#2 (2) Daniel Burbank was the highest active player once again. He improved 3 of his times, namely KTB 3lap (#3 -> #2), CM 3lap (#4 -> #3) and BB flap. BB was the only PR which didn't cut any ranks, but is getting closer to Beck and the American Record.
#5 (5) John Dude hit a new LR PR which cut 0"01 seconds and helped him to reach the 4th spot. He is getting closer to MJ with any improvement, not only on LR but also the AF ranks.
#14 (15) Marcos Vinicius Alves hit a double PR on WS, improving his 3lap by 1.7 seconds and his flap by 0.5 seconds, securing him a great 0.7 AF cut to pass Jeffrey G. and Arends. Marcos only has Trystan close by, and after him he needs to cut over 4 AF points to reach the next spot!
#26 (27) Frankie Morgan hit a new BB flap which was a small cut, but still made him pass one player on the chart.
#45 (45) David Moll was on fire again with 6 new records, reaching the Legend+ ranks with strong improvements and 2 new GOD times on BB 3lap and RRd flap. David scored 3 new TOP50 times, and with his other PRs this resulted into a 1.4 AF point cut, closing the gap to swedish champ Andreas Rudmarker.
#48 (48) Jayden Ly scored a single RRd flap PR which cut 3 ranks. Unfortunately the people around him had a few PRs to report aswell so his AF remains the same as before.
#50 (49) Jake Walter hit 3 new records on KTB flap and BB dual, all 3 of them being new TOP50 times. All of them were also GOD times already, so his ARR didn't see any changes. His AF however improved by 1.2 points and closed the gap to Jayden Ly.
Newcomer #92 (92) Mike Oliviera already sets a high bar with his joining, but progresses fast with 9 new PRs. A total of 7 new King times and 3 new TOP100s helped him to reach not only the TOP100, but also the Legend D standard! With a 14 AF point cut he passed 15 players.
#140 (140) Anastasia Steingold scored 2 new records on LR and KD 3lap, reaching King B on KD 3lap. It's also a new TOP150 time, and the total AF cut of 0.5 points helped her close the gap to the next person in the ladder.
#142 (142) Doss Willowhite sent us 10 new records, coming from all cups. Most of them reached the TOP200 and more, a few big cuts and 2 new Legends! Doss passed 18 players with a great 17.4 AF cut, his ARR improved from King C to King B! His most notable PR was definitely his FS flap which went from #261 to #150, cutting 111 spots!
#179 (177) Aljoscha Schneider sent us 14 PRs most of them coming from the later cups. 8 new TOP200s have been achieved and let him pass 12 players with his 13.6 AF cut. In ARR he reached the King C ranks aswell!
#214 (217) Valentin Vilas Boas hit 6 new records on LR and RRy dual, KD and RRd flaps. 3 of them were new TOP200s, and all of them cut a total of 11 AF points, letting him pass 7 players. His RRy flap was his best improvement, ranked 117th and Legend C, not too far from GOD!
#218 (219) Ben Stoneman hit a dual PR on CM and scored two new TOP200 times. They helped him to reach a 2.3 AF cut. He didn't pass anyone, as he's facing a bigger AF graveyard at the moment.
#223 (226) Jed Grabman hit 3 new PRs on WS dual and RRy flap, all of them cutting around 35 spots. Jed passed 4 players with his 2.9 AF cut and made the jump into the King ranks, making him the newest King F player!
#286 (291) Gerard Seinstra had a great finish of the year with 15 new records, scoring a nice 20.3 AF cut! He passed 16 players and easily made the jump into the TOP300. His ARR also improved from Elite D to Elite C, while he also reached his first Legend time on RRy flap! He still got Semi Pro times left, so his timeset is still very unbalanced, though he shows potential for a lot more!
#322 (323) Johannes Fiebich had 3 records to report, YV flap and BB dual. All of them are TOP350 times and reached the Elite ranks. He cut 5 AF points and passed 6 players, closing in to the TOP300.
#634 (633) Eric Marry improved a few of his weaker scores outside the TOP700 and had a few good results to report. Most of his times reached the TOP 600, a few the TOP500 and one time, FS 3lap, even reached the Elite ranks and went from #732 -> #314! He passed 60 players with a massive 50.5 AF cut and reached the Expert D ranks in the progress!
#929 (898) Bryton Daniels filled his timeset a bit more with 2 KD times ranked around the TOP800 area and improved his DK 3lap time. He cut 7.2 AF points and passed 8 players to comfortably reach the TOP900!

SC Movement

The only active player in SC was #153 (143) Valentin Vilas Boas, who sent us a single RR 3lap improvement. It was a one minute cut and helped him to pass 222 players. In AF he passed 9 players with a big 10 AF cut.

That's it for the year 2016! Hope to see many of you in 2017 again, also check the forums for the yearly One Tries Challenge!


Saturday, December 17, 2016
- December first half - christmas is coming! -
by Chraizy at 7:28 am

Hey guys it's Chris! Time for the final month of the year! Lots of activity again and heavy WR activity in NTSC!

New Players

Mike Oliveira sent us a complete timeset with a very strong opening timeset. Already having 2 GODs on MR 3lap and YV flaps! Mike joined the site at #107, making him the highest joiner in a while!

Eric Marry joined the site with 32 times aswell and debuts at #693.

Shinya Igarashi sent us a single MR 3lap time and debuts at #1058.

World Records


Daniel Burbank has been busy with NTSC lately and scored 3 new WRs. The first came on MR, where he improved his old WR to a 1'13"26 (PAL: 1'28"09)!

The second one was a tie on TT with Matthias, scoring a nice 2'29"12 (PAL: 2'59"30) time!

The third record came a bit later on WS, where he was able to beat his own time aswell! The new time is a 3'38"54 (PAL: 4'22"77)!


Beck Abney also scored a WR this time! It was also an NTSC record and he was able to claim the RRd 3lap WR for himself in NTSC aswell! The new time is a 3'17"45 (PAL: 3'57"43)!

Non-SC Movement

#2 (2) Daniel Burbank was the highest active member this time. With a solid Toad's Turnpike submission he was able to cut another 0.03 AF with a spot gain on the 3lap. The 3lap AND the flap seem to be both in reach for him in terms of World Records, so let's stay tuned for more! With his latest NTSC improvements he was able to cut quite a few points and come closer to NTSCs #2 Jamie White.
#5 (5) John Dude is back in shape with a few nice PRs! 3 in total to be exact on LR, MR and SL 3laps. His Luigi time looks very strong and even with a few adjustments he could make to improve it even further! His MR 3lap reached the TOP10 and SL also saw a nice 0"15 second cut to jump from 8th to 6th! John did a 0.09 AF cut to close the gap to #4 Michael Jongerius, who's sitting in front of him with the dutch crown.
#27 (26) Frankie Morgan hit 5 new PRs on MMF 3lap and the rest was in Special Cup. A few nice improvements have been made, his strongest cut was clearly on DKJP flap, going from 43rd to 25th! His total AF cut of 1.6 points helped him to pass the relatively close group of players and jump from 29th to 26th.
#46 (45) David Moll has kept the streak up and scored another 5 PRs this half! He sent us dual PRs for TT and MR and a single RRd 3lap improvement. TT flap was a new GOD time and RRd 3lap, despite having problems in the beginning with chomps, also saw the jump from Legend B to GOD! Moll is going strong with 18 GOD times currently in his bag. In AF he did pass 2 players, one of them being MKSC SC pro Robert Szabo.
#48 (48) Jayden Ly hit a double PR on FS with a slight improvement for the 3lap of 0"06 seconds and a bigger flap cut from 39"20 to 39"07 (#57 -> #42), which is also a new GOD time for him! He wasn't able to match Molls AF cut, but closed the gap to Robert with his 0.5 points.
#141 (140) Anastasia Steingold hit 3 new records on KTB 3lap and RRd dual. The 3laps both had smaller cuts which didn't cut as much as the RRd flap, which went from 1'40"53 to the sub with a 1'39"99 and is also a new Legend time! It went from #173 to #137 and her total AF cut of 0.4 points helped her to pass Connor for the TOP140 spot.
#159 (160) Doss Willowhite had 19 new times to report, with 6 new King times and 2 new Legends on FS and MR 3laps! Doss had a few big cuts to report, so his total AF cut of 35 points made him easily surpass the TOP200 border and landed on #160 after passing 41 players! His ARR also improved and he is now our newest King C player!
#191 (191) Martin Wille was riding on a crazy PR train aswell and completely wiped out his old timeset! 32 PRs, mainly containing cuts well into the TOP200 helped him to pass 60 players with a damaging 68 AF point cut! He also reached the TOP200 and made the jump from Elite A to King D in the progress! His strongest time in his timeset is now his DK flap, ranked 103rd, followed by the 3lap which is ranked 110th.
#226 (230) Jed Grabman had 11 PRs to report, scoring a few nice cuts and getting double TOP200 on MMF. His total cut of 12.7 AF points helped him to pass 10 players. He is also getting closer to the King barrier.
#302 (307) Gerard Seinstra had 6 PRs this half and improved TT and RRy flaps and WS and RRd dual. His RRd times look solid, both joining the TOP200 and both WS times are new Elite times. All in all he cut 5.1 AF points and passed 8 players, scratching on the TOP300 door.
#379 (383) Stephen Weber sent us a TT flap time which made a jump from Pro B to Elite F. It's also a new TOP400 time for him. He cut 0.8 points with it, but it wasn't enough to pass anyone. In ARR however it was a big enough cut to make the jump to Master C!
#495 (490) David Gutierrez Pena sent us a wopping 26 PR haul and improved many times into the TOP500! David said he is mainly playing MK64 when his time is limited, so it seems he either got those PRs really quick oooor... he is spending more time than he said ;)! However, his giant 122 AF cut was more than enough to not only pass the TOP600, but also the TOP500 barrier with ease by passing 154 players! His ARR also made a huge jump from Expert F to Semi Pro B, making him the latest Semi Pro player!

SC Movement

#113 (116) Jed Grabman sent us a small RRy flap improvment and passed a player in the charts with it.
#357 (378) David Gutierrez Pena sent us a RRd Sc attempt and filled out two gaps in his timeset there. He passed 17 players with a 3.3 AF cut.

That's it for now! I wish you guys a merry christmas (or whatever you are celebrating!) and a happe new year, as this is the last news update for this year. Hope to see you all in the new year again!


Sunday, December 04, 2016
- November News - MK64 again one of the highest active communities -
by Chraizy at 12:12 pm

Hey guys! Chris here. It's been a while, but I am back and ready for some news! Let's see what happened last month!

New Players

David Gutierrez Pena, also known as OptimisticEmo in the MKDD world joined our site with a complete timeset at #644. David showed an impressive rise in MKDD, let's see if he can reproduce that here! He also sent two SC times to debut at #395 there.
Adam Roberts, more known in the MK7 section joined us with a complete timeset aswell and debuts at #893.
Stephanie Leyritz sent us dual LR and MMF times, with a Rainbow Road 3lap on top of that. She debuts at #967.

World Records


Matthias Rustemeyer sets a new WR on RRy after Dan tied him here. The 3lap got beaten 2 times and stands at 2'51"66 (NTSC: 2'22"76) now!

Daniel Burbank, not without a blast here, has been defeated on RRy, but he took 2 WRs of MR and beat the 2 ties to claim both of them for himself. The 3lap is now at 1'27"74, which is not only a strong improvement but also made the NTSC sub possible (1'12"97)!

The flap was a small 0"01 improvement, but we all know how much 0"01 actually is on this course! Dan beat the tie and stands alone at 27"66 (NTSC: 23"00) now, barely missing the NTSC sub, which would require a 27"64!

And that's not enough, Dan also claimed two NTSC records, one on MR again, which was a new 3lap record of 1'13"26 (PAL: 1'28"09).

The other one was on TT, which was a tie with Matthias old 3lap record. It stands at 2'29"12 (PAL: 2'59"30)!

Non-SC Movement

Matthias Rustemeyer, the MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champion set a new RRy 3lap WR. but lost ranks due to Dans WRs. He is down to 1.125 AF again, 4 spots away from the perfect AF.
#2 (2) Daniel Burbank, who is defending the happening of a 1.000 AF with his heart set 5 new records on MR dual with a dual WR, RRy with nice improvements and a brief WR on RRy 3lap and BC flap, which was an improvement from #7 to #6. He cut 2 spots and is solidifying his position and lead to Beck...
Speaking of #3 (3) Beck Abney, he returned to Non-SC this month with 3 new records on KD and MR flaps and a new SL 3lap. KD and SL were smaller PRs which didn't cut any ranks, his MR was a 0"02 cut and helped him to overcome a triple tie to land at 4th place.
#8 (7) Daniel Lunczer had a MR 3lap improvement to report and scored a new TOP10 time. His AF dropped a litte bit though, as many of the guys above him set a few impressive times!
#15 (15) Michael Arends hit 2 new records on FS and SL flaps. FS was a small 0"02 improvement and SL was a 0"03 improvement landing on 38"00, barely missing the sub! It was a small improvement from #8 to #7.
#17 (17) Marcos Vinicius Alves who already showed us that he can do great things in SC had a brutal BC session with two very strong improvements! The 3lap went from #30 -> #8 and his flap was a 43"31 time, ranked 6th and coming from 28th! The flap had a mess up in it and could have been even stronger, so we ae looking forward if he can beat this time again!
#29 (29) Frankie Morgan set 2 records on MMF 3lap and MR 3lap, both are older and weaker times of him which he improved both by 15 and 10 ranks. His MMF 3lap was the last time outside the TOP50, so all of his times are now 49th or better! Frankie passed one player with his 0.7 AF cut, in the WRL he passed 2 players and made the jump into the TOP30!
#47 (48) Jayden Ly set an impressive 15 new PRs this month, with 2 new GODs on KTB flap and RRy 3lap. Jayden improved many of his weaker times and was able to cut 8.7 AF point to pass 11 players and comfortably reach the TOP50! Jayden is also close to the Legend+ ARR, only a few more improvements and he got it.
#48 (47) David Moll who sits exactly one spot above in AF was able to escape Jaydens PR haul and keeps his rank with 9 new records. 2 new GODs were among those on KTB 3lap and RRy 3lap, being his 15th and 16th GOD times! Half of the timeset is GOD now, the other half will probably be harder, but since David once only wanted to have 1 GOD time in an MK game, he already collected a very nice amount of them! David passed 3 players and the 4.1 AF cut was almost enough to get him a sub 50 AF.
#50 (49) Jake Walter who got passed by both persons above sent a single PR on SL which was a new TOP50 time and tried to reduce the damage done by the guys above. He lost almost half a point though as many of his times got beaten.
#66 (64) Kyle Labelle hit a nice collection of PRs aswell, 15 new records, with 7 new GOD times to report is a nice way to end a month! Kyle passed 15 players with a big 15 AF point cut. His best time in the submission was a new BB flap, ranked 38th and was also his biggest improvement coming from #118. In ARR, he was able to leave the Legend C ranks and joined the Legend B ranks!
#73 (72) Kyle Begley lost his lead to the other Kyle but still had the power to set a new FS flap which provided him a 7 ranks cut on the charts there. It wasn't enough to keep his AF from dropping, as he lost 0.3 points due to the other players above.
#114 (114) James Farrell-Shaw improved 3 times on FS, SL and DK flaps, all of them cutting a smaller amount of time to help him gaining 0.75 AF points. For now he maintains his position, but is actually very close to the next spot.
#191 (192) Hans Jorgen Follevaag hit 2 new PRs, a dual record on RRy. His 3lap made it into the King ranks and his flap not only reached Legend F but also is a TOP150 time! He cut 2.5 AF points and passed 7 players.
#194 (201) Doss Willowhite had an amazing streak with 31 new PRs this month! Only TT flap hasn't been improved, but he got a lot of new strong times everywhere else! His highest rank was a 98th ranked WS 3lap and the highest standard was 126th ranked SL 3lap, his first Legend time! A total AF cut of 104.5 points secured him a gigantic jump of 96 spots, barely missing the TOP200! His ARR improved from Elite C straight to King D aswell, making him the newest King player.
#220 (222) Valentin Vilas Boas improved 15 PRs, almost half of his timeset, to secure himself a nice 17.2 AF cut which let him pass 15 players. Valentin hit 3 new King times and in total he made the jump to the King ranks at King F aswell!
#226 (229) Christopher Lange had a session on RRd 3lap and improved his time by 2.2 seconds to a TOP200 time. He cut 0.7 AF points and maintains his rank.
#234 (240) Jed Grabman just refreshed his timeset with a 32 PR submission! Many smaller improvements, but enough to bring every time into the TOP300! Jeds timeset is ranging from 298th to 188th, so there's still room for balancing it out. Jed passed 27 players with a nice 33 AF cut, also gaining that Elite A rank in ARR in the progress!
#245 (249) Tyler chambers hit 3 new PRs, a double PR on MMF and a new WS flap time. MMF flap looks sharp with a new TOP300 time in the King D ranks and WS flap is also looking good as another King time in his timeset. Tyler did pass two players, but got passed by the others above him, so no rank gain.
#310 (315) Gerard Seinstra hit 5 new records on CM, SL dual and RRy 3lap. One Pro time has been demolished and a Master time has been improved to Elite. Gerard passed 8 players with an exact 6 AF point cut.
#384 (389) Kevin Beauregard hit 6 PRs, dual PRs on MMF and CM and flap PRs on MR and DK. He got a 14.5 AF cut and passed 16 players, making him join the TOP400.
#556 (572) Peter Ford hit 8 new records, with a few new TOP650 times. Peter hit a few Semi-Pro times and was able to increase his rank to Expert B. He cut 12 AF points and passed 16 players.
#560 (563) Anthony Caiulo hit 11 PRs, 3 more than Peter but had a few much stronger improvements. Times outside the TOP700 got improved and are now not only in the TOP500, but also TOP400 range! Anthony passed 89 players with a massive 72 AF point cut. His ARR improved from Expert F to Expert A, not far away from the Semi-Pro ranks.
#828 (931) Jordan Fetner sent us 9 PRs, which resulted into a total cut of 3.3 AF points and he passed 7 players with it. His ARR rank improved from Beginner C to Beginner B, closing in to the Apprentice ranks!
#1002 (833) Dominik Kersch improved his LR and KTB flaps and got 2 new TOP400 times. He passed 9 players with a 6.9 AF cut.

SC Movement

Beck Abney, the MK64 SC and Universal Champ has provided us a WS 3lap improvement, which was still one of his worst time in his SC set. It went from #5 to #3 and leaves only FS flap and DK 3lap outside of the TOP3. Beck made the jump in AF from 2.000 to 1.909 with his PR, allowing him to surpass the sub 2 AF barrier.
#103 (104) Anthony Caiulo sent us 10 new records for TT, FS, MR and DK dual, CM flap and RRy 3lap. he got 2 new TOP100 times and got a few new ranked standards which helped him to get an Elite D standard in ARR! Anthony passed 32 players and barely missed the TOP100, which requires another 5 AF points.
#106 (106) Jayden Ly beat his MR and RRd flaps and improved both of them into the Legend area. RRd was also a new TOP100 time and both PRs helped him to cut 1.7 AF points to pass 3 players.
#113 (117) Jed Grabman improved 4 PRs on FS flap, RRy 3lap and DK dual. FS and RRy were new TOP100 times, FS and DK 3lap were both new Kings. Jed passed 4 players with a 3.2 AF cut and is closing in to the other two active guys above him.
#148 (140) James Farrell-Shaw had 8 PRs to report, mostly new TOP200 times which were enough to cut 11.7 AF points to pass 13 players, which was enough to reach the TOP150 with ease!
#288 (259) Kyle Labelle sent us a MR flap for his timeset and scored a 144th ranked time. A 6 AF point cut was the result and Kyle passed 18 people with it.
#488 (428) Gerard Seinstra improved his RRd flap by 4 seconds and passed 110 players on the charts there, scoring a new TOP200 time. He passed 50 players with this improvement and is quickly closing in to the TOP400.

Allright, that's it for now! Hope you enjoyed and see you next time :)


Thursday, November 03, 2016
- October 2nd half - Oktoberfest is over... let's have some more! -
by Chraizy at 11:24 am

Hey guys, Chris here with the newest News. October is over, and germans activity in drinking beer and eating Weisswurst is slowly going to stop. But to give you some more tatse of germans... just read the news and you will find out what happened

Neue Spieler

Kevin Beauregard sent us a full timeset and joins us quite in the middle of the field at #405.



Matthias Rustemeyer had a strong last half of October after gaining enough power over the Oktoberfesttime, with 2 regained WRs on MR. The first was the 3lap which tied Dans World Record at 1'27"81 (NTSC: 1'13"03)!The flap also tied Dan, and stands at 27"67 (NTSC: 23"01)!

William Lacey didn't like Matthias' aim for 32 Beer Records and unhoarded one of his DKJP times. It beats the old WR by 0"17 seconds and stands at a 2'12"50 (NTSC: 1'50"20)!

Non-SC Entwicklung

Matthias Rustemeyer, the MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champion successfully brought his AF down by 0.03. With 2 WRs gained and one lost it's bringing him up to 30/32 WRs again.
#2 (2) Daniel Burbank sent in his WS time from last half and remains at the same position.
#5 (5) John Dude had a nice FS and MR 3lap to report, cutting one rank and coming a tiny bit closer to Michael Jongerius.
#7 (8) William Lacey, the savior of the Anti 1.000 Alliance (at least for this time) hit a new DKJP 3lap WR and maintains his current rank.
#8 (7) Daniel Lunczer is right behind in the WRL, but is coming closer with a small MR 3lap PR, which could have tied John IF he wouldn't have PRd himself, so he remains at ther same spot.
#31 (30) Frankie Morgan hit a double KTB PR, bringing his 3lap down to #22 and his flap from #44 to #31. He cut 0.7 AF points and is coming closer to Zwartjes in the Af lists.
#60 (59) Jayden Ly hit 7 new records this half with improvements for KTB and BB dual, DK 3lap and TT and CM flaps. All of them cut a nice amount of ranks and TT flap and BB 3lap were new GOD times. Jayden passed 4 players to reach the TOP60 and also got the Legend A rank on the way.
#73 (71) Kyle Begley hit a single KD improvement for the 3lap and jumped up 2 ranks here. He lost a significant amount of AF due to surrounding AF cuts tho.
#79 (79) Kyle Labelle was the main part here, getting 27 new records only leaving 5 Non-TOP100 times in his timeset. He improved all his PRs at least to Legend standard and achieved his first GOD(s!) on MMF flap, KD flap (his first GOD of all), FS flap, SL flap and YV flap. Quite some potential here, with a huge jump from 136th to 79th with a big 60 AF point cut! Not only this, his ARR also improved from King A straight to Legend C, not only making him the latest TOP100 player, but also the latest Legend player! Congratulations!
#158 (163) Mike Gaydeski improved 4 PRs on MMF, KD and RRd 3laps and YV flap. MMF and YV were both new TOP200s and RRd was the strongest time in this submission ranked 133rd. Mike passed 3 players with a nice 5.7 AF cut and is on his way to the King B ranks.
#188 (187) Aljoscha Schneider was active and sent us 10 new records across all cups. Most of the times are now close to TOP200, and especially his RRy flap stood out ranked 123rd and Legend D! Aljoscha passed 15 players with a healthy 10.5 AF cut, bringing his AF below 200.
#193 (199) Hans Jorgen Follevaag sent us a single PR for CM 3lap which was a sub 2'01 3lap ranked 207th. He cut 0.5 AF points, but lost a rank due to Aljoscha.
#317 (323) Gerard Seinstra was on PR hunt aswell with 12 new records to report. He improved his DK 3lap time into the Pro area, only leaving MMF and YV 3laps in the Semi-Pro area. He also achieved a new King flap on TT, bringing the King counter up to 8. Gerard passed 8 players with a nice 10.1 AF cut. His ARR also reached the next level at Elite D!
#565 (588) Peter Ford sent us a complete overhaul of his old timeset with 32 new PRs! He hit many new Expert times, a few Semi-Pros, Pros and even an Elite time on DK flap! Peter passed 137 players with a huge 106 AF point cut, cutting 14% off his old AF. He also left the Advanced F area and jumped straight into the Expert C pool! Well done.
#1001 (842) Dominic Kersch has sent us a new time for KTB flap, which jumped from 967th to 432nd, allowing him to cut 16 points and passing as many players on the AF list.

SC Entwicklung

#8 (8) Daniel Lunczer hit 2 PRs on MR 3lap and DK 3lap. MR was a nice cut of 0"3 seconds which allowed him to enter the single digit ranks at #8. His DK 3lap was a smaller cut, but helped him to pass fellow german Matthias and reach the Legend C rank. He cut 0.15 AF points and is coming closer to Alex G and the german crown!
#81 (73) Daniel Burbank had another shot at MR flap and improved his time to 18"78 ranked 17th. He passed one player in the AF lists.
#329 (277) Kyle Labelle hit successfully the LR Mylestyle and sent us his first submission for it, ranked 55th at Legend A. He passed 33 persons with this PR alone!
#371 (387) Jay Dupont also sent us a single PR, but for RRy 3lap, which got cut by another 2.4 seconds to land him into the TOP200! Jay passed 5 players with this PR.

This is it! This is it! Hope you tune in for the next update aswell. Till then... cya~


Monday, October 17, 2016
- October 1st half - WRs? SO MANY?! -
by Chraizy at 12:01 pm

Hey guys, it's Chris!

New Players

Peter Ford sent us a complete timeset to debut at #725.
Jay Dupont also sent us a new timeset and starts a little bit more down at #851. SC: #392.
Dominic Kersch debuted at #858, sending us 6 flaps which are ranked in the 300ish range. If he fills his timeset his estimated rank could be in the 300-400 area.
Christopher Carp sent us 4 times and joined the SC side this half. With a dual FS and DK time he debuted at #395.

World Records


Daniel Burbank and Matthias Rustemeyer had some serious fights on WS going on. Dan came with the first improvement of the 3lap with a 4'20"75, which Matthias answered with a 4'20"70. Dan beat it by the smallest amount with a 4'20"67. Matthias however came with a very strong time and pushed it to the now standing WR of 4'20"48 (NTSC: 3'36"63)!

Only a few moments later after his most recent WR improvement, Matthias also tried his hands on MR, which was in Dans hands aswell. He was able to get this one back too, with a 1'27"85, which beats

Dan by the smallest amount! However, Dan was able to get it back just in time before the update, and pushed it by 0"04 seconds more to a 1'27"81 (NTSC: 1'13"03)!

But this is not the end, the jungle was on MRs target list aswell! DKJP 3lap was one of his other victims and puts William Lacey to 0 WRs again. The new time is a 2'12"67 (NTSC: 1'50"34), another one which beats the old WR by 0"02 (0"01 in NTSC).

And the next WR also beats the old one by 0"01. It was Becks only WR on KD 3lap which fell just a few days later. The new time is a 2'04"23 (NTSC: 1'43"32)! This puts Matthias up to 15/16 3lap WRs!!

Non-SC Movement

Matthias Rustemeyer, the MK64 Non-SC Time Trial Champion had a fantastic half this time with 4 new world records, the most in a long while! Getting back a few of the lost WRs from Dan and finally getting back the KD and DK WRs. His AF dropped under the 1.1 mark again and he is almost on his lowest AF again!
#2 (2) Daniel Burbank however lost his 2 WRs from last time on WS, but was able to successfully defend MR 3lap. He lost some AF tho, but is still close to the sub 3 mark.
#3 (3) Beck Abney hit a single MMF 3lap PR and defends his #3 spot. Dan is still too far away and more PRs are needed to catch up.
#15 (15) Michael Arends, Dutch #3 hit a new FS improvement, coming from #40 to #12, almost hit's the TOP10! This PR allowed him to finally pass Jeff for the AF TOP15 spot! Trystan is not too far away, but aiming for #13 will be a tough challenge.
#62 63) Jayden Ly sent us 3 new PRs on KD flap, CM 3lap and RRy flap. All of them cut around 15 ranks and helped him to cut a total of 1.4 AF points. Jayden also hit the KD flap GOD, his 11th Non-SC GOD time. In AF he didn't pass anyone, in the WRL however he passed Rune Stubhaug for the 62nd place.
#99 (96) Dan Edeen, our newest TOP100 member sent us a new BB dual improvement to stabilize his TOP100 position. A new double digit time for the 3lap and a on spot TOP100 time for the flap helped him to cut exactly 1 point and pass 2 players, one of them being Vincent van der Fluit, a legendary MKDD (and poker!) player. Vincents time in the TOP100 could soon be over, as more players from above target the mighty TOP100. So does #113 (113) James Farrell-Shaw, who is hungry for more. 3 PRs on KTB flap and BC dual were enough to cut 0.9 AF points and pass 2 more players. 18 points are needed to reach the 100th spot, and it's looking good with the progress he makes!
#165 (166) Mike Gaydeski sent us 8 new records on FS, CM and WS dual, MR flap and SL 3lap. 6 of those times are new TOP200 times, his FS flap is even a new Legend time! Mike passed 13 players with a nice 11.1 AF cut, and the next rank promotion is not too far away either.
#192 (198) Hans Jorgen Follevaag sent us 15 new times this half, with a lot of new TOP200 times and 2 new King times. It was enough to get him a rank promotion to King D. He passed 13 players with a 16 AF point cut.
#322 (320) Michael Ferraro improved 7 times across all cups, his timeset looks still really unbalanced. With his latest improvements he got a new DK 3lap which is ranked #111, while his worst time in this submission is ranked #377, TT 3lap. Michael passed 10 players with a 11.7 AF cut.
#328 (331) Gerard Seinstra hit 11 new records, with slightly smaller cuts than Michael. He hit a few nice times, including eliminating two Semi Pro times and getting a new King time on RRy 3lap. He passed 9 players with a 8.1 AF point cut.

SC Movement

#8 (8) Daniel Lunczer beat his YV flap time by surprise and got a nice 6 spot cut with a sub 7 flap! He didn't pass anyone, but he is coming closer to pass Alex G. for the German title. Keep it up Dan!
#157 (153) James Farrell-Shaw sent us 5 new improvements for his timeset and was able to cut a good 6 AF points off his AF. he passed 8 players and is closing in to the TOP150.

Seems activity goes up again...


Saturday, October 15, 2016
- POW updates - 2 for the price of 1! -
by Kyle at 9:14 am

Hey guys, finally got around to handing out POW awards. It's been a long wait, so let's get right to it.


Week 1
The first week started off with a bang, as Mike Gaydeski had a huge week. His 15 PR, 64.5 AF cut was enough for him to pass 46 people, and move him from Elite F to Elite C.

Week 2
Aljoscha Schneider of Germany wins this weeks award with 11 PRs cutting 16 AF. Only a few more PRs until we see Aljoscha in the TOP200, keep it up!

Week 3
The third weeks award goes to Mike Gaydeski after another strong week. He was efficient this half, as he turned only 13 PRs into a 15% AF cut, allowing him to pass 45 players in the process. At this rate, Mike should be in the TOP200 by the end of the month!

Week 4
Mike Gaydeski picks up another award this month, as he certainly is flying through the ranks! Passing another 25 players this week, Mike became our newest King F! Congrats to him!

A fairly simple decision here, Mike Gaydeski nearly sweeps the whole month of August. A brand new timeset with 32 PRs sent in allowed him to cut 40% of his AF and move him past 134 players. He also was promoted a whole standard over the month, as he moved from Elite F to King F. The only thing he wasn't able to manage this month was TOP200 on the overall charts, but that should come very shortly...


Week 1
The first week of this month belonged to Dan Edeen. Dan set 12 PRs, with many of them being new Legend or TOP100 times. He was able to pass 7 players this week, and is sitting on the verge of TOP100!

Week 2
A bit of a down week in terms of activity, but that didn't stop Jayden Ly from winning this weeks award. 2 PRs was all he sent in, but both at LR and both being new GOD times is what won him this award.

Week 3
Another week, another new name etched in the POW record books. This weeks new winner was Cole Horan, who used 19 new PRs to win it. He was able to pass 17 players using 9% AF cut.

Week 4
The final week of the month was a great one for Gerard Seinstra. The Dutchman had 15 PRs, which was enough for him to cut 48 AF and pass 48 players en route to Elite F status.

This month's award goes to someone that didn't even win a POW... How crazy is that? Anyways, Mike Gaydeski is this months top player, as he sent us 22 new non-sc PRs that allowed him to pass 33 players and enter the TOP200! But what separated him from the pack was his contributions to the SC charts, as he filled in all his times and placed 75th on those charts as a King F. Great month for Mike, keep it up!

This was a very tough award to give out. We saw quite a few players have a good quarter, namely Mike G., Dan B., Dan E. But at the end of the day, there's one acheivement that reigns supreme and deserves the recognition it shall receive. He set 3 non-sc PRs (although he moved down to 3rd on the overall rankings), as well as 5 on the SC side for a total of 1 new WR. But let's be honest, there's one particular reason he won this award, and that's because he's the new Shortcut Champion of Mario Kart 64 (and by doing so in style, might I add). That's right, the title of top player of the quarter belongs to Beck Abney, and deservedly so! Congrats to Beck!

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully next month I won't be so lazy and actually have these out on time. Until then, happy karting!


Older news can be viewed in the news archives