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25 May 2015: "I've been doing news updates every 2 weeks for half a year now"
Man, time sure does fly. I think it was November 23rd when I did my very first News update here. You guys should go check it out if you haven't already! But still, half a year. Makes me wonder how fast this half a year will go by. Anyway, enough with my reflection like monologue, let's start talking about some MK7 activity! Today. I will covering all activity from May 17th-23rd.

New Players/SRs

None this week.


We had 26 active players this week!

Top 25

#2 Weisse starts us off again with one PR this week, which allowed him to cut a small amount of AF. This PR was a nicely done #3 time on rCM. This is a really good time compared to a lot of us, but for Weisse, this just seems to be second nature.
#7 Okami played once again, sending in 2 PRs this week, both equally good, as these times were #13 times on rMC2 and rMT. Okami also cut .6 AF with these PRs, getting a bit closer to #6.
#8 Ray Parsons continued to grind rBC1 this week, even getting down to a 1:12.8! With this PR Ray also cut .3 AF. Now the question is, will he keep playing MK7?
#10 Bastien Antoniazzi also played, no surprise there. He sent in 2 PRs, and one of these was a #10 on PPS, yet another top 10 for Bastien. Bastien also cut a respectable amount of .4 AF.
#20 Darren Woods played a small amount of MK7 this week, only improving his MC time by a decent amount. He managed to cut .2 AF with his PR, and still remains in the top 20.


#26 Fants didn't do a whole lot this week, but he managed to get a 1:48.6 on PPS this week. He claims to have WR potential, but will he actually perform well enough for that? Well we will see.
#42 Logan Esper decoded to get his first MK7 PR since August 2014 this week, managing to achieve a #69 ranked time on rMC2. Maybe he will do more than just this, but that's for us to find out.
#49 DracoRom still remains in the same spot he was in last week, despite cutting more than 3 AF. He hit several PRs to achieve this, and he even managed to get 2 top 20 times, including a #14 time on rKTB!
#65 AntoMK played a decent amount as well this week, sending in 9 PRs, cutting him 3.5 AF, moving him up quite a bit on the charts. His best PR this week was his #42 time on MW, which his also his new best time. So nice job!
#68 Aaron Morton hasn't had a week like this one in a long time, as he sent in 7 PRs this week, cut 7 AF, and even moved up a crap load on the AF charts! He managed to get his NBC in the top 20, and also got a #44 TC time in there as well.
#70 Valentin Vilas Boas didn't play a lot this week, as he managed to gain AF. He only PRed on MW this week, but brought his time down to #32, which is quite impressive for a player like Valen!
#78 Enzo Mouteyen cut 4.5 AF this week, and he did this because of 7 (or 9) PRs. The best PR that he dropped in this week was a #57 time on rKD. He's understanding this track pretty well for his rank as it took me a lot longer to understand this track.
#87 Ghost played some MK7 as well this week, cutting 2.4 AF off of 5 PRs. He also managed to get #76 times on rAF and rDDJ, which isn't too bad, nice work.
#98 Blizzard finally reached his long overdue goal of top 100, so congrats to him. This week he celebrated this with 5 PRs, including a #79 time on rDKP and a #80 time on rDDJ.


#111 Hugo De Moya managed to somehow gain AF this week, which he usually doesn't even come close to doing. This was probably because he only sent in one PR this week, which was a #90 time on rMT.
#124 Armand D. sent in 7 PRs this week which helped him cut 2 AF. His best PR was a #104 time on RRM, but I think he should go for top 100 here (if he can of course).
#129 Samuel Deblois played a lot of MK7 this week, and even cut 23 AF, but this is normal for him, so I'm not surprised at all. Anyway, he sent in a lot of PRs this week, and his best time was a #77 time on rKTB. He got plenty of other top 100 times though, but I don't feel like naming them all right now.
#135 Baptmario randomly decided to compete his timesheet this week, and I must say, none of his times even compare to his PPS, but that's ok. I hope that Bapt climbs up the AF charts and continues to TT this game.
#138 Frederiek Warreyn seems to be busy in real life, only sending in one time on MC this week. It was a pretty big cut for him though, he even managed to get 2:01 there!
#144 Meteor also didn't play very much, only sending in one PR this week. With this PR, he cut 0.3 AF, which isn't bad.
#150 Sebastian Derbre played more than the 2 people above him, sending in 5 times, and cutting 2.4 AF. Somehow he managed to get a #55 time on WL, which is outstanding for his rank!
#185 Jackson Visser also finished his timesheet, but is still pretty inconsistent, as some of his times are apparently PRs on the day he got the game. Well, in that case, we will probably see a lot more from him.


#206 Zekhai Meadows played a lot MK7 this week, cutting more than 9 AF off of 6 PRs.
#218 David Taylor cut 3.4 AF this week, but still remains where he was before.
#256 Craig Sargent sent PRs for the first time since August 2014, and cut 7.3 AF.
#258 Mark Vizza sent in 6 PRs this week but only cut .5 AF. I feel for you, Mark.


This week's POW will go to Samuel Deblois for making such a huge AF, one we usually don't see. Although he didn't get it making a bigger AF cut, he was lucky enough for nothing remarkable to happen, so Samuel has taken this week's POW. Congrats!

One more note is that because of the limit of POW awards given in month, the next news will be sometime around June 3rd. Just said this so no one will be complaining. Thank you for your patience. Have a good one!