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04 June 2015: "First News Of June! Man, Time Flies."
Hey everyone, it's Darren here giving you a back to back news article, as Elias has been captured by the Alien government and is currently trapped inside an alien planet light years away from this universe. He's been contacting me through his 1 hour a day wifi access to give me updates. He's starving, in need of serious shelter, and misses his family dearly. We're not sure when he will come back....JUST KIDDING! He's just on vacation in Italy at the moment, which in my opinion sounds a lot better. Oh well, let's get started on the news. Today I'm covering all activity, as promised, from May 24th-June 3rd

New Players/Site Records

We had 1 new player this week, that being the #1 Austrian player, Thomas S. He joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #39!

We also had 2 new site records:

Okami beat the old Retro Dino Dino Jungle site record with a time of 1:50.123 .

Eric A. beat the old Piranha Plant Slide with a time of 1:48.476.


34 players were active this week! (Last time 30+ players were active: May 23rd-June 29th, 2014, in which 47 players were active)

Top 25

#2 Weisse starts us off this week, sending in 3 PRs. The one PR he had that took my breath away was an rMC2 time that ranks at #2 and is a sub 1:10! I hope he makes a push for a 2nd site record! Weisse also got a top 5 rDKP time, and a #6 time on PPS, both very good times as well.
#7 Ray Parsons doesn't have motivation to TT MK8 anymore, so look where he's landed now! This week Ray sent in a few PRs, even pushing his rBC1 yet again, this time to a 1:12.3! Ray also moved up 1 spot, reclaiming his nice #7.
#8 Okami was a bit active this week. He sent in 2 PRs this week, and one of them was quite obviously a WR improvement on rDDJ. He's still hoping for a 1:49, bit he's a bit busy with exams at the moment, so he's going to try for it once he's done with his exams. Good luck from me and everyone else!
#9 Bastien Antoniazzi may be juggling 2 games at once, but he is really focused on MK7 it seems! This week he sent in a couple of PRs, this time improving his top 10 DKJ time, and getting a nice no pasta time on rMC2 of 1:11.5. Bastien continues to be very strong, and won't even let mk8 get in the way with the game he really savors.
#19 Wouter Mulders didn't do anything too big this week, the only thing he did was improve his MW time. However, he improved to a 1:26.3 run, a fail WR run he says. Let's hope that he continues his powerful grind and turns it into the ultimate achievement!
#20 Darren Woods has been playing a lot of mk8, and you can flame at me for that, but he did manage to send in 1 PR, which was on rMT. This time was a #12 time, one of his best non pasta cheat non big jump non balloon boost times (yes, I really am that cheap). Hopefully he keeps his top 20 spot, as he may lose it to...
#22 Samuel Klein, who also didn't really do much MK7 wise, but that's only because he's busy naming bongs "lil nigga citrus". Anyways, he did send in 1 PR, which was a small improvement on MC. Also, even thought we don't have glitch times here, he did manage to set the glitch WR for rMT, so congrats (again) for that!
#23 Zepple decided to make a quick comeback this week, dropping off a PR on MC. This PR seemed to mean something though, as it was a 2 minute sub, sometHong he had been chasing after since 2013. Well, that chase is over now, and it must feel good, doesn't it,
#25 Eric A. sent in 4 PRs that were mainly kept to himself and a few others for a while, but some were done recently, like his new on WR on PPS. Aside from that, Eric sent in some other good times, such as a #24 time on rKD, just above average for him.


#26 Fants worked on some of his weaker tracks this week, sending in a total of 4 PRs, and his best one was an impressive #23 time on WL. He seems to still be trying for his spot back in the top 25, and he had the spot for a bit, but Eric took the spot from him, what an evil guy angry, grr
#39 Thomas S. was our newbie this week, coming along with 32 times. Some of his times are very impressive though, including a #4 time on RRM, and a #3 time on CCL. He also has 2 other top 10s on rMC2 and SGB. To my dismay though, his worst track is BC. I suppose I could give you a few tips there, but just because you're new wink
#49 DracoRom still stays where he is this week despite sending in 7 PRs. One of these PRs was a #19 time on TC, which is one of his best times overall, even better than me and many other people. Draco also improved his top 10 time on RRM.
#61 Stacy Needham decided to quickly send in an old PR on RIW this week. I don't know why he sent this in at this exact time, maybe to improve his AF? Eh, I don't know.
#62 Aaron Morton continued to have another strong week this week, sending in 14 times! Some of these times included a #35 time on rDDJ, which was a large improvement for him! He also top 50d tracks such as rDKP and rCM. I'm seeing top 60 in his future, but I'm still wondering how he even got motivation to TT this much!
#65 AntoMK played some more again, sending in 12 PRs this week, similar to Aaron in terms of activity. His best PR this week was a #42 time on MW, but he also got a #42 time on PPS, so they are both equally good in my opinion. Anto also didn't seem to go anywhere on the AF charts, but that was only because of Thomas.
#69 Valentin Vilas Boas played a decent amount this week, sending in 3 PRs, including a time on MW that ranks at #32. He still isn't at 1:26 though, but let's hope that he gets this sub, because this particular sub feels good from personal experience.
#74 Enzo Mouteyen also seemed to be active, sending in 6 PRs, including 2 top 70 times. Those times were a #63 on DKJ and a #69 on SGB. Let's see if he can get any more top 70 times next week...
#84 Ghost also played some mk7, nailing out 12 PRs. These PRs included a #57 time on rCM and a #68 time on rLR. With these times in mind, it seems that Ghost has some mighty potential, so let's hope he uses it to the best of his ability!
#97 Samuel Deblois made quite a big jump this week, bit it wasn't on rMG! (Because he isn't cheap like me) He moved up almost the same amount of spots as active players this week (32), and that's saying something! He also entered the top 100, which is a pretty nice achievement. Anyway, Samuel got so many PRs again that I don't feel like finding out how many, but I do know that he got his new best time, a #60 time on rRR. Heck, he almost beats me there, but that's only because I suck at rRR.
#100 Blizzard broke his 3ds R button this week, so he wasn't very active. He only sent in a few PRs, including a #81 time on rDKP. Because his 3ds is crippled right now, let's hope he can defend his top 100 spot as long as he can. After all, he did work hard on getting there.


#111 Hugo De Moya still has not gone anywhere on the AF charts lately. He did however manage to get 4 new records this week, the best one being a time that ties his AF rank with a #111 time on DH. I hope Hugo not going anywhere on the charts is just a fluke, I'd really like to see him in the top 100 soon!
#116 Armand D. was pretty active this week, as he sent in 7 PRs to move him up a substantial amount on the charts. His best time this week was a true outlier, that time being a #59 time on SGB. He only got one other top 100 time besides this as a matter of fact, so I hope he gets more next week.
#136 Frederiek Warreyn played the amount of MK7 that he could. I mean, he raises a family and all! Anyways, he sent in 1 PR this week on rKC, but this was a rather large improvement, as he improved here by more than a second. Looks like he can finally understand this strange track a bit, hopefully we will see him get another top 100 time here.
#137 Baptmario is right behind Fred, and it looks like Bapt is putting up a fight! This week he sent in 3 PRs, including a top 100 time on rLM. In my opinion the only problem with Bapt is his consistency. If he becomes consistent, then he can become a much better player. After all consistency is an important factor, but that's a discussion for another day.
#145 Meteor didn't show himself off too much this week as he only submitted 1 PR to add to his timesheet. This didn't really seem to cause too much either, as he moved down 1 spot on the charts.
#147 Sebastian Derbre was active again, this time sending in 8 PRs, or 7, I'm forgetful at the moment. Anyways, he Impressively enough achieved top 100 times on 2 courses, which were RRM and TC. Hopefully he'll get some more of those as he moves along.
#152 Paul F. was active again, sending in 1 PR. This PR though was a best overall time for him, that being a #101 time on rAF. Come on Paul, we're all waiting for you to get that top 100 time!
#155 Kyle Stoeger went on a PR rampage this week like a few others, sending in more than 10 PRs. Kyle even pushed his BC time again, this time to a #66. Kyle also subbed 2:01 there, which is a pretty nice achievement.
#167 Nebs MK made a little return this week after finally making a new account to send times. The best time he sent in was his RR, which he had cut down to a 1:38.7 since we last saw him. However the other times he sent in were mediocre, and didn't do too much overall.
#173 Jackson Visser worked to improve some of his weaker times on his sheet this week, sending in a grand total of 12 PRs. He also got close to a 3rd top 100, as he managed to get a #103 time on rRR. This is still a pretty good run, especially for someone who is ranked where he is!
#192 Rudy Weitze came back after being gone for a few weeks, and he came back with 4 PRs. Only one of those times surpassed the top 200 mark, and that was a #193 tike on rAF. However, Rudy did complete his flap timesheet, so he was probably more focused on that.
#200 Zekhai Meadows was our newest top 200 member this week, so I get to write more about him than usual! Furthermore, Zekhai sent in 5 PRs this week, and like Rudy, he only managed to get 1 time into the top 200. That time was on rLM, which ranks at #193.


#212 David Taylor continues his fight for a top 200 spot this week. He sent in 6 PRs, and managed to get his PPS time all the way down to #188. Not bad for a #212 overall!
#258 Mark Vizza played 2 of his weak tracks this week, in hopes to climb up in the ranks. However, he failed to do so, as he stood where he was last week. But like I said earlier, you can only blame Thomas for that!


POW for this week goes to Samuel Deblois! This week he made such a big leap that we haven't seen in such a long time, maybe the last player to do this was Bastien!

Samuel Deblois also gets POM for May! He started May at #170, and got all the way down to #97, a jump of 73 spots! Normally this takes months to do, but it only took him 1! Wow!

Well, I'm finally done with news after starting last night. I hope that I put a smile on your face this time, as we all deserve to be happy.

Also the next news probably shouldn't be until the weekend of June 12th and June 13th. So please don't complain.