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15 June 2015: "Prime League goes into the next round!"
Hello Players Page, Elias here doing the news this week after I finally managed to escape the Italian alien government. This weekend, the 11th season of the universally known Mk7 competition Prime League started and the special thing about this season is, that there is only one division with 8 clans participating. During this 7 week long event, every clan will race one of the other clans once and at the end of the season the clan with the most victorys, or rather the most points, will win. So at this point I would like to wish every player good luck and go on with the news update for this week! I'll cover all activity from June 4th - 14th.

New Players/Site Records

We had a deluge of new players this week, 5 in total!

The first new karter was Caleb Tran from Vancouver, Canada. He decided to join us with a full timesheet, which is not yet perfect but shouldn't be underestimated. Good luck climbing the ranks!

The 2nd player was Jaden Figueroa from Florida, who ranks only about 1 AF point above Caleb! I guess this will be a nice rivalry in the future.

3rd player to join was Paixtis from Greece, who submitted rather low-average times (31/32), but I have to say we all started small and I'm sure this guy will be a superior TTer someday. Good luck my friend!

4th new player was LeoMK from France, a very promising newcomer. He submitted a really good full 3lap & flap timesheet, his best time is a #13 time on PPS!

The last new karter was Page L., who lives in the USA. He sent us 3 records earlier this week and started filling his timesheet this weekend. He will rank somewhere in the Top200 as long as he keeps the standart of his times as high as they are at the moment.

There also was a new site record:

Ray Parsons improved the Retro Koopa Troopa Beach site record (1'30"498) with a time of 1'30"435.


We had 35(!) active players, of which 2 are not ranked yet.

Top 25

Okami got back his spot on #7, by submitting 4 PRs, all Top15. His best record this week was a 1'36 on Rainbow Road, wich happens to be #8 worldwide! Okami is now only 0.3 AF points away from Adrian Dorado, so it's really likely to see him on #6 next week.
Even though Ray Parsons improved his WR on rKTB, he got pushed back on #8 this week. He recently announced, that he will go for a comeback on DKJ, but I'm not sure if he will try getting his #7 back.
#15 SunMK's goal for the next weeks apparently is the Top10, which can easily be noticed by the PRs he sent in, 4 in total. The best time he got this week was a 2'12"003, ranked #3, and with only a few improvements of his weak tracks (*cough* i beat you on rMG *cough*) he could be in the Top10 in about 2 weeks or less, since he is like 5 AF points away from his goal! Good luck Sun!
#20 Darren Woods was focussed on Mk8 this week and only played Airship Fortress. He ended up with an impressive time of 1'55"1, cutting 0.5 AF.
#21 Samuel Klein is now (again) closer to the Top20, from which he got kicked out earlier by Darren and Sun. He played two tracks this week, the first PR he got was a #6 (1'48"6) time on Piranha Plant Slide, such as the flap site record, the second a (I assume Pasta) time of 1'11"4 on Mario Circuit 2! These two records - both quite high ranked above his average position - allowed him to cut 1.3 AF and pass one player!
#25 Fants was busy on rRR this week and scored a King C time, to be more specific a 1'13"7! However this didn't do much, as it only made him cut 0.03 AF points, a rather low value, caused by the new players I assume.


It seems like #31 Thomas S. was very motivated this week, since he only joined last week on #39 and already passed 8 players, with an AF cut of 7.5! An improvement of his Top10 WW Cheep Cheep Lagoon time and a Top20 time on Piranha Plant Slide were only a few of his submissions. If he now improves his weaker times, we could see him in the Top25 soon!
Murray Wright got scared by me creeping up from #43 and as a result of that he immediately used his time-trial-skills to blast off and land on #40, 3 positions above me... He got a lot of nice PRs this week, some of them being a 1'57"0 on Coconut Mall and an improvement of his #5 time on Bowser's Castle.
Next one is me, #43 Elias Rack. I decided to pick up some of my weaker tracks, for example rCM, rLR or SGB and managed to move from #47 down to #43, but also a few of my submission were older times. Apparently, my activity wasn't enough to reach Murray... Be warned my friend, I'll get you soon enough!
Obviously #57 Aaron Morton didn't lose his motivation to tt yet, as he sent in 12 PRs, unfortunately he only cut 4.5 AF this week because of the massive amount of newcomers. After all it was still a strong week for him and he's coming closer to the Top50 rapidly.
LeoMK, the best new player for this week, entered the ranking on spot #58 with a few noteworthy times, the best one was a 1'49"1 on Piranha Plant Slide! Just like Aaron, he will probably be in the Top50 really soon, good luck for that!
AntoMK had a rather active week, sending in six 3lap records and five flap records, all on a really high standart. He cut 2.5 AF points, which was similar to me or Murray, however he stays on #65, as LeoMK entered the ranking above him and pushed him back one position.
#68 Valentin Vilas Boas played Shy Guy Basar, such as Coconut Mall and cut 0.7 AF. I think Valen's tts are quite interesting, because he mainly uses the gyro POV, which ussually makes the tracks a bit harder. The fact that he is ranked #68, shows what a good player he is!
#71 Enzo Mouteyen sent in both 3lap and flap records and cut 1.3 AF. His best time this week was a quite imposing time of 1'50"4 on Piranha Plant Slide, which annoyingly beats mine.
#83 Ghost keeps up his activity and achieved 5 new PRs, which allowed him to cut 0.6 AF. His RRM time even beats mine! How can you?! Watch out, the Ghostbusters might visit you soon... crazy
#90 Darwin Ray was one of the most active players this week, as he sent in 18(!) PRs, allowing him to cut 11.5 AF. His best PR this time happened to be on rLR, a 1'43"8, which is really good for his current position!
After last week's PR rampage, #91 Samuel Deblois still had some motivation to tt and sent in 4 PRs and a few flaps. Funny thing about his rRR PR is, that he beats Darren by one millisecond! big grin
It seems like #99 Cole Gilbert felt like playing Mk7 once again, this week he got a pretty good 2'04"4 on Shy Guy Basar. Apparently Cole plays Mk7 only once a month and then pauses, with only a bit more motivation to tt, he could easily skip 4-5 people per week. The potential for it assuredly exists!


Apparently #105 Marc Ray and his brother Darwin tt'd together, as they had comparable activity. Marc even sent in 3 more PRs than his brother, 21 in total! He also cut 0.5 more AF, 12.1 AF overall! After his next submission he will most likely be in the Top100.
#112 Hugo de Moya only played one track, that being Piranha Plant Slide, and achieved a nice time of 1'53"0. He also managed to get a #3 Mario Circuit 2 flap, which is a pretty impressive time, especially at his position.
#115 Armand D. had another quite powerful week, he even got a #70 time on PPS. This track seems to be uncommonly popular this week! Anyway... Armand cut 2.1 AF and passed one player, he has good chances to get into the Top100 soon, I believe it will take him less than 2 weeks from now.
#135 Frederiek Warreyn focused on Kalimari Desert this week, which is now his best track, especially because it's a Top100 time. He got a 1'35"9, allowing him to cut 0.5 AF and move up one spot on the Chart!
#138 Baptmario played Koopa Cape, such as Retro Rainbow Road and got two really nice PRs. In my opinion, this deserves some respect, as these two tracks are part of the famous "Let's piss everyone off"-Club and tting them is really hard work.
Sebastien Derbre had a really nice week, as he moved down 5 spots. He's now ranked #142, due to an AF cut of 5. His best PR this week was a 1'20"2 on TC, ranked #66, which is also his best track at the moment.
Jackson Visser thought to himself this week "Uhmm... i'm bored, let me just cut 25 af.", and well... He did so! By sending in 12 really strong PRs, he passed 20 people and now ranks at #153. I think that's definitely worth an award!
#154 Paul F. sent one 3lap record and two flaps, all average ranked for him. He unfortunately couldn't cut AF this week and moved down 2 spots. But well, everyone has a bad week from time to time, I'm sure you'll do better next time. Good luck!
#155 Kyle Stoeger, founder of the pretty well-known clan ksm, had a quite solid week. He sent in 9 PRs, but could "only" cut 3.7 AF and pass 1 player. I think Kyle has a lot of potential left, his best time (a 2'00"9 on Bowser's Castle) almost beats mine!
#178 Jaden Figueroa, the newcomer with the rather complicated surname, already submitted an improvement on NBC, which happens to be a nice #136. That's a kinda good time for his position, but not even his best time so far!
#180 Caleb Tran, currently Jaden's biggest rival, was a little more motivated to make his timesheet stronger. Caleb sent us 4 PRs, mostly improvements of his weaker times, but also a #164 on PPS. His activity allowed him to cut 2 AF, a nice way to begin his journey on the PP.
#186 Zekhai Meadows keeps passing crowds of players, this week he managed to cut 10 AF! After entering the Top200 last week, he now shows up on #186, ready to pass even more players.
I almost forgot #193 Rudy Weitze this week, as he didn't cut AF, but that was probably because (I might have mentioned it before) so many people joined. Rudy got a nice PR on CCL and a pretty nice flap on rMC2, but he unfortunately moved down one spot this week.


#237 Ricardo Bach, whose majority of PRs was sent in 2012/13, made a little comeback with 3 rather average PRs. I hope he will stay active for some time, his chances for a Top200 position are not bad!
#287 Luke Fields also wasn't active for a while and submitted improvements on the first 12 tracks, such as a nice #232 on Maple Treeway! He cut 2.5 AF, a really nice way for a little comeback.


The POW for this week definitely goes to Jackson Visser. This guy moved from #173 to #153 (that makes 20 spots in only one week!) with an AF cut of 25! The only ones to top this in the last few weeks, maybe months, were Samuel Deblois or Bastien!

I guess I'm finally done with this news update, pretty sure this was the biggest one I've ever written... But well, I shouldn't complain, much activity is always a nice thing for the site! Good luck to all of you, have fun karting!