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24 June 2015: "Hi My Name Is Late"
Hello, Darren back again with another news! Sorry for the wait though, it was a very selfish thing to do, not being motivated and all. Oh well, I think I'm just going to start this news, which covers activity from Jun 14th-22nd.

New Players/Site Records

This week we had a grand total of 3 new players, all with full timesheets.

Zeko Z. was the first, submitting his timesheet and ranking at #85 already. Good luck getting up the charts!

Yacine Wind Waker was the second to join, adding to the long lost of french people who have joined in the past half year. He ranks at #114, but also has a site record on rMC2! That's pretty impressive for a newcomer!

Shy Guy made the new player section a crowd, sending in yet another full sheet. He is also the best out of all the new players here, ranking at #83 to start. Good luck to him as well!

There were also 2 new site records

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Koopa Troops Beach site record with a time of 1:30.383.

Yacine Wind Waker beat the old Retro Mario Circuit 2 site record with a time of 1:09.502.


28 players were active this week

Top 25

#2 Weisse is becoming active again, this week sending in a single PR on rDKP. This time however is a god standard time, making Weisse the 3rd person to reach God on this track. Congrats!
#6 Okami played as well, as usual, but this week was pretty strong for him. He sent in 4 PRs this week, all top 20 worthy, and even cut .9 AF! This also moved him up to the #6 spot, and top 5 seems like a possibility for him!
#8 Ray Parsons wasn't too active this week, but his little activity got him a site record improvement on rKTB! He even achieved god standard there, which is even more incredible!
#9 Bastien Antoniazzi is right on Ray's tail, sending in 2 PRs this week. One of these PRs was also a top 10 time on rCM, which is impressive to say the least. But what do you expect from a top 10 player?
#13 SunMK was active once again, moving up 2 spots on the AF charts due to sending in 2 PRs. He got another top 10 time on RR as well, so congrats on that achievement.
#25 Fants played a bit as well, helping him maintain top 25. He PRd on 2 of his weak tracks this week, his best time being a #34 on RR.


#30 Thomas S starts off this loooong section today. He sent in 5 PRs this week, and even got another top 10 time this week, that being in rDDJ. I'm hoping he didn't knock me out!
#40 Elias Rack decused to recover his top 40 position, and he did so this week by sending in PRs on 2 tracks. He also got a #42 time on NBC, which is average for him, but still not too bad.
#41 Murray Wright just trails Mr. Rack at the moment. However he isn't going down without a fight, sending in 3 PRs, the best one being on rLR at #35. Also, it's .001 from Elias' time, I think, which is pretty funny.
#47 DracoRom was also active, sending in some times, including yet another really above average time for him, that being a #21 on rCM. If only all his PRs were like this!
#51 LeoMK is doing pretty well for his 2nd week here, delivering several times, including a top 10 on rMC2! I guess he orders pasta for his main course.
#53 Aaron Morton is on another rampage, this week sending in 9 PRs, including another top 10 time for him on NBC! Wouldn't be suprising to see him in the top 50 next week!
#62 AntoMK got some pretty impressive PRs out of the several he sent this week, including an rMC2 time that ranks at #29! Pasta or no, that is the question.
#67 Enzo Mouteyen was pretty active too, sending in about 5 or 6 PRs. He also got a #51 time on rDC, so I'm wondering if he will top 50 there.
#68 Valentin Vilas Boas is tight behind Enzo, as he sent in 2 PRs, including a pretty decent one on the track popular amongst frenchies, rMC2. That PR ranks at #76.
#79 Evan Wiseman hasn't played for quite a bit, and he sure has quote a bit to make up! Right now he's working on a sub 1:14 on rBC1, which will probably take time, but good luck.
#82 Ghost could go for top 80, as he sent in 5 PRs, and even top 50d on rLR! Hopefully he continues this strength.
#83 Shy Guy so far looks decent, already being here and all. His best PR is a #17 on rMC2. Hopefully he keeps climbing...
#85 Zeko Z. looks about as good as Shy Guy, as he is pretty close to him. His best PR is a #47 on rCM, which seems to prove he's more consistent.
#93 Tonio Samuel came back this week with 1 PR. The PR was a 1:12.2 on rMC2 and he seemed to cut decent AF off of the PR.


#114 Yacine Wind Waker is mentioned yet again. Besides his SR, his best time is a #59 on TC. Hopefully he gets better, he still seems a bit inconsistent.
#115 Armand D sent in 4 PRs this week, and even got a top 50 time on RIW! However, he didn't do much on the charts thanks to the 3 new players.
#116 Hugo De Moya is falling down but doesn't seem to cate, as he only sent in a flap. I guess he doesn't play for AF.
#136 Frederiek Warreyn sent in only 1 PR this week due to his bust life, but his improvement was a pretty decent one on rWP. Hopefully he's not too busy, he's starting to fall behind.
#139 Sebastian Derbre played a little bit this week, but he managed to get a PR in the 60s. That's pretty nice considering he ranks outside the top 100.
#178 Caleb Tran PRed on 13 tracks this week, and his best PR was an rDKP time that ranks at #120. I think Caleb will be a pretty active person at the moment, let's see if I'm right.
#182 Jaden Figueroa only played 3 tracks this week, and even managed to get his MC PR down to #37! That's his strongest time by far, not even sure if I believe it's real to be honest.
#188 Zekhai Meadows was also active and stuff, sending in a total of 4 PRs, all not in the top 200 though. By the end of next week I want to see 1 of those PRs in the top 200, unless you want the belt.


Okami snags amother POW for his solid activity this week, especially at such a high level. He's inching closer to top 5, and he'll probably be able to pull it off.

Well, that is all.