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09 July 2015: "No, I didn't forget about Mk7!"
Hi guys, Elias here after no news update for a while covering the activity of the last two weeks. There was no news update last week, as my connection went completely down and I had no internet for a few days, but I'm back again. I won't be able to write much about every player this time as there was much activity in the past 2 weeks and this would just be far too much work. As promised, this update will cover events from June 23rd - July 6th.

New Players/Site Records

There were 3 new players this week, that being Sorata MK, Shoryu and Kyle Wadley, which all joined with full timesheets.

There also were two new Site Records:
Nicola Torre improved the old Retro Daisy Cruiser site record (1'26"607) with a time of 1'26"576.

Ray Parsons improved the old DK Jungle site record (1'55"402) with a time of 1'55"366.


There were 34 active players with full timesheets in the past 2 weeks.

Top 25

Okami kept up his good work of the last few weeks and ends up on spot #5 this time, as he passed Marv with an AF cut of 0.5!
#8 Ray Parsons managed to improve his DKJ WR, which unfortunately didn't change anything in his AF score, but he was also active on rAF and got a high standard pr of 1'54"7, which allowed him to cut 0.0625 AF, just like #9 Bastien, who cut exactly the same amount of points with the submission of a nice 1'48 on MP. He also got a #5 on rCM earlier, to be more specific a 1'56"7!
#11 Nicola Torre's main achievement these two weeks was his improvement of the Daisy Cruiser world record. Nicola also played some other tracks, for example Waluigi Pinball, on which he got a sub 2'13!
#12 SunMK is coming closer to the Top10 faster and faster! This week he cut almost 1.5 AF and a similar amount last week, yesterday he even tied the world record on Luigi Raceway! He's for sure the next player to get into the Top10, as he learns how to play tracks incredibly fast.
#17 Wouter Mulders focussed on his weaker tracks recently, after he played Maka Wuhu some time ago and got a #2 WW time, and got a #21 on TC, such as an EU top on rRR (1'13"510!). With these improvements he managed to tie Koche with a total score of exactly 24.0000 AF!
#23 Zepple improved on his best track Mushroom Gorge and got a time ranked #2 on the site and somewhere in the Top10 wws. Unfortunately he wasn't active on other tracks.


#27 Thomas S. keeps on firing out one strong PR after another and already skipped 12 players in four news updates so far! He sent us around 7 solid high-standard times and he recently got a #3 time on RRM as well.
#38 Murray Wright still keeps up his Gandalf-like position right in front of me, according to the motto "You shall not pass!". I'm not sure how, but he manages to get back in front of me every time i get a decent time to pass him...
Exactly one spot behind Murray is me, #39 Elias Rack. This is my first week being in the Top40, which i managed to enter by pushing down my rRR time to a 1'13"595. This time annoyingly is around 0.03 seconds away from the EU tops, so I think my job isn't done here yet.
#46 DracoRom focussed on his strong tracks this time and improved his 1'59 on RRM, such as his rCM time which is now a really nice 1'56"9. He also played some Maple Treeway and entered the Top20 on this track, so I think his chances for a Top25 spot at some time are quite high, as he shows potential on many tracks!
#50 LeoMK entered the Top50 this week with many improvements on serveral tracks. There are still a few tracks he needs to focus on as he still has a few #90 spots left, but his two Top15 tracks compensate most of his weaker times. There's still much room for improvements left though!
#52 Aaron Morton recently got two really nice records, the one was a sub 1'20 on TC, the other one a really impressive Top10 WW on Neo Bowser City with a time of 1'44"0, which is also ranked #2 on the site! His timesheet looks similar to Leo's, as he has some really strong times, as well as some rather weak tracks he apparently just doesn't like.
#61 AntoMK came up with a bunch of improvements, partially on his weaker tracks, but he also got some higher standard times, for example a low 1'50 on Music Park, which is a bit above his average! He by the way passed one player during the last 2 weeks.
#66 Enzo Mouteyen sent us 8 PRs (I'm not the best at counting but i think it was 8.) and moved from #67 to
#66. This may not seem like a huge cut, but it's better than nothing and he got some nice times, for example a #29 on rKTB, which annoyingly beats mine.
The Gyro-Guy #68 Valentin Vilas Boas submitted about 5 records and cut a solid amount of 3,1 AF points this week. This was unfortunately not enough to pass anyone, yet he is still close behind Enzo and could easily catch up a little.
#72 Evan Wiseman appeared on the site again with 5 nice new records, of which the best time was a mid 1'11 on rMC2, ranked #19. Since his last appearance, he moved up from #79 down to #72!
Unlike Zeko, #80 Shy Guy had some motivation to play and passed 3 players since joining last time. He keeps expanding the distance between him and his German rival Zeko Z. and it could get an exciting battle, if only his opponent would play a bit more...
#82 Ghost submitted 7 PRs these two weeks, but still didn't get into the Top80. He's now really close to it and with another strong week he may get there soon. Good luck!
#97 Armand D. was this week's most active player with an AF cut of 13.8! In the last two weeks he moved up almost 20 spots, from #115 down to #97! This guy shows a lot of potential for the future, I'm sure we'll see him in the Top50 some day.


Starting of this section is #109 Yacine Windwaker, who's currently the best African player! Yacine got a row of nice PRs, with one really noticeable #30 time on TC, allowing him to cut 5 people after he joined us last week.
#113 Hugo de Moya, also known as Kleenex, came up with a bunch of regular PRs and a few flaps. He passed 3 karters and is now only 2-3 strong weeks away from the Top100!
Sorata MK, one of our new players, starts his journey on the Player's Page from spot #131. His most promising times are a #71 on Maka Wuhu (1'27"6) and a 1'38 on Rainbow Road, which is ranked #74!
Next one is #134 Frederiek Warreyn, who's leading on this one heap of regularly active players, that's currently poring over it's way into the low 100's. His most noticeable record this time was an extremely low 1'40 on Rainbow Road, hopefully he will get this sub soon!
#136 Sebastian Derbre got a nice amount of PRs, two of them are even in the Top70s (Toad Circuit and Daisy Cruiser!), which is far above his average. Sebastian passed 3 players since the last update, which is pretty nice and he's one of the people who have good chances for a future Top100 spot in my opinion!
#137 Meteor had a really strong week, as he managed to cut 9 AF points! He did that by improving on 5 tracks, such as sending serveral flap records, good job!
The next player is #138 Baptmario, also known as Bapt the best deaf TTer, sent two average and one really good time this week, a 1'57"0 on Rosalina's Ice World, which is ranked #83! Unfortunately, he couldn't pass players since his last submission.
#152 Paul F. sent something around 4 PRs this time and moved up 2 spots. He's now closer to the Top150 than ever before and he'll probably enter it next update. Good luck!
Only one spot behind Paul is #153 Jackson Visser. He played 2 tracks, that being Wario Shipyard (respect for tting this, I hope I will never need to play this track again) and Airship Fortress. Due to the three newcomers his AF didn't vary at all and he stays on his spot.
Caleb Tran had some really active two weeks and sent 16 PRs! This allowed him to move from #178 down to #171. Caleb passed a remarkable amount of players, he even got a #109 on DK Pass, which is quite impressive for his rank.
#180 Jaden Figueroa only played Rosalina Ice World this week and endet up with a solid time of 1'59"3, which is a little above his average! Unfortunately he couldn't cut any AF and as a result of that didn't pass any players.
The last player in this section was #185 Zekhai Meadows, who's also known as Acro. He sent a bunch of 3lap and flap records, which let him pass 3 karters on the Average Finish rankings!


There were only two active karters in this section, that being two of our newcomers!
#202 Shoryu starts off directly in front of the Top200 and with only 1-2 strong PRs, he could already enter it this week!
Last player for this news update and also the 3rd newcomer was #305 Kyle Wadley. He begins his journey close to the 300s and his first goal for the next weeks on the Player's Page will be to enter these. Good luck!


This time, I'll award 3 people, first week's POW, second week's POW and the POM of Juny! There was also a poll about the next Player of the Quarter, but Darren will mention this one in his next update.

The first POW goes to Okami! He entered the Top5 and caused the first real variation in the top spots in a long time!

The second POW goes to Armand D.! He cut almost 13.8 AF points and managed to bounce into the Top100!

The POM of July goes to Okami! He moved from #8 down to #5, which may not look much, but is extremely hard due to the really high standard of the players up there. Congrats!

That's it for this time, sorry for the late news, I didn't have much time recently, but this year of school is finally over and I'll have holidays soon, so the next news will probably be on time! As a nice ending and apologize, have a kitten fighting a derpy lizard.

Have fun karting!