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21 July 2015: "The Activity Here is Like 2012!"
Welp, I'm finally going to write this news article that I could have written last week but Elias's news was late, so sorry for the suspense. Well this week (or fortnight I should say) the activity was strong again this time, probably because we get several new players almost every week, which helps out a lot on our activity. I remember when I would cover 15 or less people, and now I'm covering 30+. MK7 was supposed to die, right? I guess not, and it truly amazes me. Anyways, let's get into the real magic. I'll be covering players' activity from July 6th-21st.

New Players/Site Records

This week we had 3 new players

TitanMK was the first. So far he's submitted little times, so let's see how he does filling his timesheet.

Daniel Crutcher came next, sending in a full timesheet. He currently ranks at #258, so we should see him improve.

Toad1 then came along as a third, also sending in a full timesheet. He's at #293 for now, so he should improve as well.

Also this guy was new last week but was never mentioned I think, or Elias mixed up his dates for player activity. Anyways, welcome to Fly-MK who joins with a full timesheet at #130. Good luck!

Also we had 3 new site records:

SunMK tied the Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1:42.965.

Weisse beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2:11.733.

Wouter Mulders beat the old Maka Wuhu site record with a time of 1:26.306.


35 players were active this week.

Top 25

#2 Weisse sent in 4 PRs this week that were all Top 3 worthy! Thrse times were a #1 on rWP, #2 times on rDDJ and rKTB, and a #3 on rCM. Weisse impresses all of us every week!
#5 Okami got 2 times this time, cutting him around .1 AF. He got a top 5 time on MP, but also managed to get a #7 time on PPS as well, both really good times. I wonder if he will get top 10 WW on any of the 2 tracks...
#8 Ray Parsons only sent in 1 PR this week, that being a #5 on rAF. He has improved since this time, but he didn't submit in time. Nice job regardless!
#10 Sam Laryea hasn't submitted in quite a while, but this week he sent in a #3 time on MP. He plans to go for WR, so good luck on getting it!
#11 Lee Robbins submitted 5 PRs this week to move him up 2 spots on the AF charts. Of these PRs were #3 times on rLR and rDC, which are pretty impressive.
#13 SunMK sent in 2 PRs this week, which obviously included his SR tie on rLR, as well as a #10 time on rCM. Sun will be probably be in top 10 soon, he just needs to be more active.
#16 Wouter Mulders or should I say WouTAS, sent in 3 PRs this week, including his SR time on MW which he worked for on and off since 2013, so huge hats off to him! He also got a #4 time on CCL, which is also really impressive.
#18 Darren Woods is currently at his peak spot, sending in 2 PRs this week to cut him around 1 AF. He got a Top 10 on NBC this week as well as a nice rRR improvement.
#19 Samuel Klein sent in a few of his PRs, which included a top 5 time on rMG. He also got a #13 time on rMC2, which is not too bad for the pasta strat. If he could pass me next time though he wouldn't be a noob!
#23 Zepple sent in 3 PRs this week, including an impressive 2:00 sub on RRM. He also got a #18 on PPS which is pretty decent, so nice work.
#24 Fants sent in 5 PRs this week including a PPS improvement that ranks at #6. He also got a #10 time on RLR with 1:43.254.


#26 Thomas S sent in some PRs this week which got him closer to the prestigious top 25, including an RRM time that ranks at #3. I wonder if he will WR there, maybe in the future.
#32 Elias Rack made a nice 5 point AF cut by sending in 11 PRs. I guess vacation does a lot to people's activity! Anyways, Elias's best time was a #16 time on rRR, which is one of his best times overall.
#48 LeoMK moved up 2 spots this week by sending in 3 PRs, including a #24 time on RRM, which is pretty nice. He also got a #26 time on rKD, which is also really good. Nice improvements Leo!
#49 Aaron Morton achieved top 50 this week by sending in several PRs including a #37 time on TC and a #44 time on rKD. Aaron just gets stronger every week it seems.
#66 Enzo Mouyeten sent in 2 PRs this week. However, they may be his last 2 PRs ever, as he broke his game system and can't get a new one at the moment. Farewell to Enzo, maybe.
#68 Valentin Vilas Boas sent in a PR or two this week, but either way he managed to get a #34 time on MW, which is pretty impressive for his rank.
#69 Evan Wiseman made up for lost time this week, sending in 6 PRs to move up several spots. He also got his AR back on rMG, beating me in the process. Nice work though!
#77 Shy Guy sent in 3 PRs this week including a #56 time on rCM, which is a pretty decent time for him. He also managed to move up 3 spots from last time, not bad!
#90 Samuel Deblois finally came back from his 1 month absence by sending in a PR on rDDJ. The PR ranks at #68, which is pretty decent for him.
#92 Armand D continues his activity by sending in 6 PRs, including a #58 time on PPS. He also may have achieved top 100 this week, so congrats!
#97 Tsurigi changes his name again this week, but also made a 7 point AF cut to get him back in the top 100. His best PR this week was a #38 time on PPS, which is pretty impressive, so congrats!


#120 Sebastien Derbre sent in 12 PRs this week, enough to get him an 11 point AF cut and a spot in the top 120. Of all his PRs, the best one was a #52 time on TC. He will hopefully get 1:19 there, I know he's been trying.
#130 Fly-MK is looking ok so far, but has room for improvement. For example his times range from #61-233. Maybe you just need more practice, good luck!
#132 Baptmario sent in 6 PRs this week including a top 100 time on WS. He also managed to pass 6 people on the AF charts.
#134 Sorata MK sent in all of his 3lap times this week. So far his best time is a #71 time on MW. I've mentioned MW a lot though.
#135 Frederiek Warreyn sent in only 1 PR this week, that being a #130 time on rDKP. He's still busy since it's summer though, so he'll be back to being decently active in a couple of months.
#151 Jackson Visser sent in 5 PRs this week including a #83 time on rKTB as well as 2 other top 100 times. Let's hope that Jackson gets more of those.
#154 Kyle Stoeger decided to compete with Jackson this week, but came up short to him. However he did send in 6 PRs, including a #82 time on rRR.
#155 Paul F sent in 1 PR this week, that being a #153 on rMC2. Linda wish you were more active Paul, in my opinion you have more potential.
#168 Caleb Tran sent in several PRs this week, but the beat one was a #133 time on RIW. Caleb also made a 5 point AF cut which is pretty decent.
#181 Zekhai Meadows sent in 3 PRs this week, including his new best #138 time on rMC2, which was also a sub 1:13. Nice work!
#185 Shoryu sent in many PRs this week like Caleb, and his best was a #137 time, also on RIW! I wonder if Shoryu is an alt of Caleb....only joking!


The only 2 players here were 2 of our newcomers, #258 Daniel Crutcher and #293 Toad1. Both of you have a lot of room for improvement so good luck to both of you!


POW for this clearly goes to Wouter Mulders. After working 1 year+ for a WR and finally getting it, I don't see how he doesn't deserve this. Congrats! You've truly made a name for yourself this week!

I shall now end the news with this very inspiring quote:

"Both Mario map and red young Americans voices are good, but still must be familiar with the rules, but it's not over yet."