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28 July 2015: "News Going Up..."
On a Tuesday. Other than groaning at the bad joke, I’ll bet you’re thinking “Wait what? You’re not Elias or Darren, what are you doing writing the news?” Whether or not I accurately read your thoughts, my name is Jackson, also known as Aech, and this is my very first news update for you guys! That’s enough about me, so I’ll just get right to the news. I’ll be covering the activity from July 21st - 26th.

New Players/Site Records

There were no new players this week.

There were some new site records however (4 to be specific):

Diogo Dos Santos Costa beat the old Wuhu Loop site record with a time of 1:23.171 (although this was a older time, it was not submitted until this week).

SunMK beat the old Cheep Cheep Lagoon flap site record with a time of 29.966.

Weisse beat the old Retro Dino Dino Jungle site record with a time of 1:49.949.

Wouter Mulders beat the old Maku Wuhu site record with a time of 1:26.277.


33 players were active this week.

Top 25

#1 Diogo Dos Santos Costa was technically active, as Ray sent in 2 PRs that he forgot to submit. These were on Wuhu Loop and Retro Daisy Cruiser, and they were both slim improvements that didn’t cut him any AF. It appears his heart is with MK8 right now..
#2 Weisse only played one course this week, but it was a good one, as he got the sub 1:50 on rDDJ and the site record there too. Congrats!
#9 Bastien Antoniazzi played rAF this week, and got a #7 time there. He also held on his #9 spot, maybe he’ll seize #8 next week!
#13 SunMK sent in 3 PRs this week that were all at a very high standard. #2 on CCL, #1 CCL flap, and #4 on rWP! This didn’t cut him much AF, but it’s hard to cut AF when you’re so close to the top I guess.
#16 Wouter Mulders improved on his MW site record, pushing it to a high .2. He also snagged the glitch record there as well! I think it should be called Maka Wouter now, congrats!
#18 Samuel Klein sent in 2 PRs this week to cut a spot and .5 AF. Nice job, go for top 15!
#22 Gaspard Fournioux cut a little AF with 2 nice PRs, a triple 8 sub 1:19 on TC, and a #27 ranked time on RRM. These are his first new times in almost half a year, maybe if he stays active he can get top 20!


#34 Murray Wright did well this week, despite only moving up around 1 AF, he set 6 PRs, including a #19 time on rRR. Nice job!
#44 LeoMK was very active this week, sending in 12 PRs! He cut just over 1 AF and 4 spots in the process. Nice work, I can definitely see you getting in the top 25 if you keep the activity up!
#49 Aaron Morton sent in 2 PRs this week, including a 1:55.0 on rAF. Go for 1:54 here, you can do it!
#61 AntoMK played BC and rMG this week, and cut .8 AF. I wonder if we’ll see him in the top 60 next week.
#67 Valentin Vilas Boas cut a spot with 2 nice PRs, including a #26 time on Maka Wuhu. Nice work!
#69 (giggity) Evan Wiseman sent in 2 PRs, which included a #69 (giggity) time on Maka Wuhu. Nice job, but please improve because otherwise I’ll make the same joke again next time I do the news razz
#84 Zeko Z. played this week, setting 2 PRs that included a #38 time on rCM. Nice work!
#89 Tsurigi sent in 3 PRs this week, including a nice #72 on rWP. He also moved up 8 spots, and he’s really moving his way up through the charts!
#91 ArmMK sent in 5 PRs this week, to cut around 2.8 AF. This included a #34 time on PPS, which is very good for his rank!
#98 Yacine Wind Waker burst into the top 100 this week, cutting 10 AF and improving on 7 of his times to achieve this. Congrats, and keep going!


#109 Sebastien Derbre jumped up a solid 11 spots, and cut 12.5 AF to do so. He submitted 14 PRs, and at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the top 100 next week!
#111 Sorata MK had a very strong week, cutting an outstanding 20 AF by basically re-doing his time sheet with 25 PRs! That’s worth an award in my book!
#129 Fly-MK was pretty fly this week, sending in 3 solid PRs for where he’s at. He only cut 1 spot though, he’ll have to work on his weaker times to move up the charts more.
#132 Baptmario played only Cheep Cheep Lagoon, and got a time that ranks #120 there. Nice! However, this only cut him 1.4 AF. Go for top 125, you can do it!
#135 Frederiek Warreyn, close behind Bapt, kept up his 1 PR trend, getting a 1:44.4 on rLR. This wasn’t enough to cut him any AF however, but that’s still an alright time for where he’s ranked.
#139 Kyle Stoeger came back to TTs and cut an impressive 13.7 AF this week, moving up a whopping 15 spots! Nice work, maybe top 100 is in your future if you keep playing!
#150 Jackson V. got a Wii this week, so his focus was elsewhere. However, he did manage 1 PR on BC to cut 1 spot, and he plans to play more MK7 next week, according to an inside source.
#155 Paul F. played this week, with 2 PRs and a nice #124 time on rMC2 to show for it.
#163 Caleb Tran moved up 5 spots. He submitted a bunch of PRs, including a #116 on TC, to cut around 6 AF. Nice job!
#174 Jaden Figueroa had a good week, setting 10 PRs and cutting almost 13 AF. I can see him moving higher up the charts with more weeks like this!
#180 Zekhai Meadows sent in 5 PRs that all ranked around #160 in order to cut a spot. He can definitely improve more, maybe he needs to put down the cheerleader films though razz
#183 Shoryu had a nice week, with 7 PRs and a 7 AF cut as proof. He was able to move up 2 spots, so I hope he keeps this momentum going into next week.


#243 Sam Jones played this week, cutting around 3 AF with 4 PRs. He has a lot of room to improve, so hopefully he keeps it up next week!
#284 Toad1 sent in 7 PRs to cut 9 spots. He certainly has a lot of potential for improvement, I’m looking forward to seeing him get up the charts!


RRNetsabes is almost finished with his time sheet, maybe he’ll finish it next week.


This week you guys made it really tough to pick just one person that deserves POW, but I’ll have to go with Sorata MK for cutting 20 AF and climbing up the charts at an insane pace. Good luck keeping it up!

Well, that’s it! Thanks for reading my first news update, and I’ll hopefully be back in a couple weeks to do it again!

- Jackson