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19 August 2015: "Ultimate News Update Of Doom"
Hello Guys, Elias here after 3 long and painful weeks without a news update. I don't really know why there was nobody doing it, I was on vacation for one week and when I came back, there were still no news. So now it's my turn to clean up this mess! Prepare for the ultimate update, probably the most activity I've ever covered. Please be kind, I won't be able to write much about every player, but I'll do my best!
This update will cover events from July 27th - August 17th.

New Players

We had 4 new players in the past weeks, that being INFERNO, InfinX and Logan Owens, who don't have a full timesheet yet, such as MarkoKart, who started his journey on the PP in the Top200!

Site Records

There also were new site records!

SunMK improved the Retro Luigi Raceway site record (1'42"965) with a time of 1'42"961.

Yacine Wind Waker improved the Retro Mario Circuit 2 site record (1'09"502) with a time of 1'09"132.

Samuel Klein improved the Retro Mushroom Gorge flap site record (29"987) with a time of 29"781.


We had 38 active players in the past three weeks, of which 6 are not ranked yet.

Top 25

#8 Ray Parsons only played rAF the past weeks and pushed his #5 time down to #2! He's only a few hundreds away from the WR and could already get it this week!
SunMK had some nice activity and now ranks #11 in the AF chart. He managed to tie with Lee Robbins and with an AF cut of 0.6 he could be in the Top10 next update!
Apparently Gaspard Fournioux had much motivation to TT, as he moved from #22 to #14. His best PR was a low 1'56 on DK Jungle!
Wouter Mulders kept his position on #16, by submitting 3 PRs, the best one was a very impressive #12 on Koopa Cape!
#19 Samuel Klein was active on 2 tracks the past weeks, that being Rock Rock Mountain and Mushroom Gorge. He set a #23 time on RRM and a #4 on rMG, such as the flap SR!
#23 Thomas S. managed to enter the Top25, with an AF cut of almost 4 this week! He got maaany PRs, the best were on RIW (#6) and on rMC2 (#5).
#25 Fant's set 2 nice PRs, that being a sub 2'00 on Bowser's Castle and a 2'12"4 on rWP, which is ranked #9!


First player in this section is #29 Elias Rack, aka me. I had some nice 3 weeks, even though I wasn't active most of the time. My best PR was a nice sub 1'35 on Kalimari Dessert, which also happens to be my 2nd Germad CR!
I also managed to finally get some air between me and #37 Murray Wright, who (luckily hehe) wasn't very active. He still got some nice PRs, for example a sub 1'20 on Toad Circuit, or a low 2'00 on Mario Circuit!
Close behind Murray is #41 DracoRom, who passed 5 players since his last appearance in a news update! Draco could easily be Top25, his main problem seems to be his consistency, as he has times that are in the Top10 but also serveral #80s.
#43 LeoMK only moved up one spot, as he got passed by DracoRom. He set serveral PRs, for example a nice mid 1'39 on DH and a 1'45"4 on Neo Bowser City! He's also one of these players, who could definitely cut really much AF by improving his weaker tracks!


#62 Valentin Vilas Boas, the gyro-guy, had some really nice activity, as he moved up 5 spots! His best records were a really low 1'13 on Bowser's Castle 1 and a 1'34"6 on Cheep Cheep Lagoon! He also has an AF score of 69 (giggity).
#66 Evan Wiseman got scared by Jackson's jokes and quickly moved up 3 spots as fast as possible! He did so by PRing on many tracks, such as DH (sub 1'41!), or RRM (sub 2'02, which annoyingly beats mine).
#70 Shy Guy managed to pass 7 players the past weeks and now happens to be the 3rd best German player. Yesterday he even managed to get a German CR on Maple Treeway!
#78 Matthew Huinker only set 1 PR, but that one was really good for his rank! He got a #36 time on PPS, a low 1'50 to be more specific!
Many things happened in the last 3 weeks, one of the most exciting things for me was the new strat on Mario Circuit 2! #86 Yacine Wind Waker, #3 WW on this track, managed to push his mid 1'09 down to a 1'09"1 by using 2 shrooms Lap1. This strat was found by the Japanese player Akamaru I think, who now set the WR with a time of 1'08"6! Anyway, with his new SR and serveral improvements, Yacine passed 12 karters!
Sorata MK joined us in early July on spot #131 and now already climbed down to #91! Last week, he cut 17.5 AF, an impressive amount! His best time was a 1'27"4 on Maka Wuhu, ranked #59.
Night, formerly known as Sebastian Derbre, moved from #120 down to #92 in the past weeks! He cut almost as much AF as Sorata, seems like this section is really active!
Last player in this section is #95 Samuel Deblois, who only had time for rMG lately. He subbed 1'38 there, his PR is ranked #89, a bit above his average.


#121 Robert Lee made a small comeback to the site, as he sent 4 PRs after about 1 year of inactivity. He cut a small amount of 1.5 AF and moved up a few spots.
#123 Fly-MK set serveral PRs, off which one caught my attention: Fly managed to get a 1'43"5 on Luigi Raceway, a PR far above his average! If he manages to push more of his times on that level, he could be in the Top100 soon!
Close behind Fly comes #124 Baptmario, who's still the best deaf TTer. I guess he will keep his title for a while, the competition is rather small. Anyway, Bapt played 5 tracks and flew past 8(!) players. Nice one!
#133 Frederiek Warreyn keeps sending PRs consistently, this time he passed 2 players! Fred had 3 nice weeks, he worked on 3 tracks, that being TC (1'20"9), SGB (2'04"9!) and rLR (1'44"2!) and got a few really nice records all above his average!
#136 Kyle Stoeger had some solid activity, as he passed 3 players! He played serveral tracks, but by far his best PR the last weeks was a 1'59 on Bowser's Castle, which is far above his average!
Even though #143 Jackson V. is now proud owner of a Wii, he managed to push serveral of his PRs into the Top100 and pass 7 players! Good job!


#153 Paul F. got 2 PRs, both a bit above his average, and passed 2 karters. He's really close to the Top150 now and will probably enter these this week!
#156 Caleb Tran is, just like Paul, really close to the Top150 and now "only" needs to keep his activity of the recent weeks up, to enter these. This week he cut 10 AF!
#160 MarkoKart, one of our new members, joined on #169 (giggity) and already moved up 9 spots! He has a few very promising times and will probably be in the Top150 in no time.
#163 Shoryu recently was one of the most active players. The last two weeks he even cut 27 AF! That's one of the biggest cuts I've seen so far, very impressive!
#172 Zekhai Meadows, or Acro, keeps up his consistent activity and passed 8 players by cutting over 10 AF points. I bet he will be in the Top100 some day!
Jaden Figueroa got 3 PRs the past weeks, all average for him. Jaden moved up one spot and now ranks #173, close behind Zekhai.
Last player here is #272 Toad1, who recently cut 17 AF! This is really nice, based on the fact that he joined almost one month ago and already plays really active. I assume he will enter the Top200 soon!


INFERNO sent us 7 times so far, the best one was a mid 1'40 on Mushroom Gorge! Not a bad way to start.
InfinX submitted only 4 PRs, all ranked around #300. He still needs to fill up a big part of his timesheet, just like INFERNO.
Logan Owens's timesheet is only missing out one PR and that's on Maka Wuhu. He will probably rank somewhere in the 300's and I hope we'll see him climbing the ranks soon!
TitanMK sent us 13 times so far, most of them are in the Top200. His best record was a 1'56 on Airship Fortress, which is pretty nice! I hope we'll see more from him in the future as his times seem promising so far!
Page L. only has a quarter of his timesheet filled so far, but the best of his times is a 1'20 on TC, so I'm quite excited to see more from him soon!
RRNetsabes is almost done with filling his timesheet! The only times missing out are the typical glitch tracks, for example Maka Wuhu or Wuhu Loop! Go for it!


This time I'll award 4 players! Three POWs and one POM:

The POW for the last week of July goes to DracoRom! Draco improved on many tracks, but also got a Top10 WW time on Kalimari Desert, which is a really nice achievement, as rKD is one of the hardest tracks in my opinion!

The POW for the first week of August goes to Aiguille, who made a comeback to the site and managed to move up 8 spots, which is a really hard thing to do when you're so close to the top!

The POW for the second week of August goes to Night. This guy burst into the Top100 and now ranks #92! A really big cut and for sure worth an award!

Last but not least, the POM of July goes to Wouter Mulders! Wouter not only fulfilled his dream of the double WR on Maka Wuhu (glitch + no-glitch), but also set a Top10 WW time on Cheep Cheep Lagoon! A really nice achievement, which is definitely worth a POM.

That's it with this news update! I hope you enjoyed reading, it was really a lot of work. Have fun karting and good luck!