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23 August 2015: "Summer always goes by way too fast...."
Well I start school in less than 3 weeks, isn't that just lovely? Although some people are already in school, some for as long as 3 weeks, I am absolutely dreading the day school starts. Anyways, it's MK7 news time, so it's time to see what happened in the MK7 world. I am covering activity from August 17-23rd, but not all of the 17th.

New Players/Site Records

4 rookies this week! Let's meet them, shall we?

Nathan.P is yet another French player added to this site. Nathan has a full timesheet with a starting point at #83! (Spoiler:That's a higher rank than any other new player this week)
Sakito is another French addition, also having a full timesheet, ranking at #87, not too far from Nathan. Let's see how these two battle it out!
KSM Zach sent in a full timesheet and currently ranks at #204. I think he will make good progress!
Stephen Quincy comes last, and he has only sent in 1 time. However unlike our other 3 rookies, he entered his actual full name, which is an oddity these days.

As for site records:

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Airship Fortress site record with a time of 1:54 232


23 people in the AF ranks were active this week

Top 25

#5 Okami sent in a couple of top 10 runs this week. He is getting closer to getting an SR again, but on rKC, where he is only .182 away from it! Let's root him on! He also got a #6 time on rDKP, which is also quite amazing.
#8 Ray Parsons has got major bragging rights now that he has got the rAF WR, which was already ridiculously strong. Congrats to him! I believe that's all he did this week, though.
#20 Darren Woods sent in 1 PR this week on rBC1, and it'll probably be his last. I hope I don't lose my top 20 spot too fast, or else I might play again rolls eyes
#23 Thomas S is the deciding factor to this it seems. He continues to be plenty active, sending in 3 PRs, with top 10s on rMC2 and rKD. Nice work!


#26 Toma hasn't had his pp updated in more than 1 year, but this week, 4 new times were added, including an RIW timr that ranks at #2! I'm not exactly sure how old these PRs are, but they are still impressive.
#29 Elias Rack is back for more, sending in 1 PR on rKC that ranks at #34, quite nice, better than what I could pull off.
#34 Murray Wright sent in 5 PRs this week, including a #4 time on BC that he finally managed to send. He's still making progress, maybe he will top 30 soon.
#43 LeoMK sent in a couple of PRs this week, including an rMC2 time that ranks at #6! Top 5 there shouldn't be hard for him, good luck!
#62 Valentin Vilas Boas sent in 1 PR this week, but it's a good one, an rBC1 time of 1:12 8 that ranks at #17. Grats on the sub!
#64 Shy Guy isn't too far from Valen, so maybe we'll see him ahead of him next week. Shy Guy sent in several PRs this week, topping them all was a #16 time on rMT. Well done!
#83 Nathan.P is still getting started here, but has some decent times, such as a #20 time on rMC2. The pasta is too OP it seems.
#87 Sakito is also new but has good times as well such as a #23 time on MC, also a 1:59. This guy has some potential!
#91 Night may have been a little busy celebrating his top 100, he only sent in 1 PR, which coincidentally ranked at #91! Where do you really come from Night, and who really are you?


#119 Fly-MK sent in 3 PRs, and the only one that wasn't mediocre was s #67 time on DKJ. He also passed 4 people.
#135 Frederiek Warreyn sent in a PR on SGB this week, but that was all from him due to his continuously busy summer.
#138 Kyle Stoeger sent in 3 PRs this week but non were eeally up to his standards. His best time was a #156 on rLR this week.
#145 Jackson Visser sent in one PR this week which was a #93 time on TC. I assume he's busy playing MKW, but that makes sense.
#155 Paul F sent in 2 PRs this week, the better one being a #163 time on MP. It seems though that he can go lower, so good luck on that.
#157 Caleb Tran sent in 8 times this week, even achieving a #113 time on TC, even with a 1:20.7. Times really have changed...

201-Bruno DanTAS

#204 KSM Zach is just outside top 200, so let's see if he can imitate his clan mate Acro and get top 200...
#275 Toad1 sent in some PRs but moved down 3 spots.
#277 Paixtis is close behind Toad1. He is also our 5th new player apparently, but I didn't think he was new. I'm too lazy to edit this to put him in new players, so welcome and good luck.


POW for this week goes to Ray Parsons. He managed to beat one of the strongest WRs in the gane, now that's something.

By the way I may continue doing MK7 news, in case you heard otherwise.