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31 August 2015: "Weather's Been Nice"
Well, since I feel obliged to offer a little banter before diving straight into the news, I thought I’d use the most overused and cliché filler topic of all, the weather. Interestingly enough, it hasn’t been so nice in my home state of Washington as of late. There have been ongoing wildfires, and just yesterday two people were killed in Seattle due to high winds. But I’m writing for the Player’s Page, not the times, so I’ll talk about Mario Kart now. This update will cover events from August 23rd to August 30th (with the exception of a couple time submitted late on the 30th).

New Players / Site Records

We had one new player this week, and that was Kyle H. , who currently ranks at #238. He’s from Seattle like me, I’d ask him how he feels about the weather, but he may not have even noticed because he’s sending in PRs like crazy! Good luck getting up the charts.

There was also one new site record this week, Randy Mangar beat his old Rainbow Road Site Record (1’36”261) with a time of 1’36”217. Way to go!


32 players were active this week.

Top 25

#2 Weisse sent in 2 strong PRs on rAF and rMC2, ranked #5 and #3 respectively.
#7 Bastien Antoniazzi set 3 PRs near the end of this week to take the #7 spot. Nice job!
#9 Ray Parsons, fresh off beating one of the strongest WRs in the game, sent in a #4 time on rCM, but he still gained a little AF. Maybe he’ll WR there next?
#10 SunMK sent in 2 PRs (not including the flap) to make his way into the top 10, tying Sam L. in the process. He’s notorious for improving quickly, so I’m curious to see how many more spots he will cut in future weeks.
#14 Gaspard Fournioux waited til the end of the week like Bastien to send in his PRs, but it was worth the wait as one of them was a #6 on rBC1. Nice job, I can see you getting top 10!
#23 Thomas S. submitted 2 times (NBC and RR) this week. His RR is a very low 1:38, perhaps he can sub there in the coming weeks!
#24 Fants is right on the tail of Thomas, and he sent in 4 PRs to close that AF gap between more. Like Thomas, he also played RR, and got 1:37.2. Well done!


#28 Elias Rack had a good week, submitting 7 PRs to move up a spot in the rankings. He also did some flaps, which he hadn’t done for a while until now.
#38 DracoRom sent in 6 PRs this week, and by doing so cut over 3 AF. Nicely done!
#43 LeoMK got a strong #4 time on rMC2, which although impressive, didn’t do much to his AF. Still a nice time though!
#45 Randy Mangar, also known as Gogoku7, made a surprise comeback, and beat his RR world record time with a low .2! I hear he’s going for more, so best of luck!
#61 AntoMK posted a few PRs, the strongest of which was rMC2 at #21. His Toad Circuit is pretty close to mine, hehe..
#62 Valentin Vilas Boas went all in on rBC1, getting a #10 time there! He also cut a litle AF in the process, maybe if he goes ham on some other tracks we’ll see him in the top 50 soon.
#63 Shy Guy was pretty fly for a shy guy, sending in a spree of PRs to cut him one spot. Hopefully next week for him is just as nice, I see a lot of potential in his times.
#83 Nathan.P sent in a couple times, including (surprise, surprise) a strong for his rank rMC2 time. Perhaps new shroom strats on this track are to account for players choosing to TT here.
#89 Night. continues to push further into the top 100 with some new PRs this week, none that were too noteworthy but they helped him regardless.
#91 ArmMK had a good day on the 27th, as he set several PRs that day, but most of them are far below his rank. It’s nice to see he’s working on his weaker tracks though, that will definitely help him cut spots and possibly even catch Night.


#124 Baptmario got a few PRs this week, including some top 100 times on rMG and rBC1. Keep up the good work!
#129 Kyle Stoeger stuck to his usual trend of waiting to send in a hoard of PRs all at once. Out of these, he was able to get a top 100 time on MC, and cut 5 AF to cut 9 spots. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if he see him in the top 100 soon!
#134 Frederiek Warreyn, aside from helping me write this news by keeping times updated, got a couple PRs to move up a spot. Well done!
#143 Jackson V. played his favorite track, TC, and made it his strongest time at #79. He also learned how to write in the third person about himself.
#149 Caleb Tran had a solid week, sending in more PRs than I can count on my hands to cut over 8 AF and the same number of spots. Very well done, props!
#157 MarkoKart also challenged my counting abilities, and had a very similar week to Caleb’s, cutting over 8 AF, but only 3 spots. Still a solid week though!
#163 Shoryu played a lot of different courses this week, and also did some flaps, which cut him 5 AF.
#173 Zekhai Meadows kept some activity going even with school starting for him, sending in times on rDKP and rKD, which cut him 2 AF.
#193 Ben Stoneman came back after a couple months of inactivity, setting a time on RRM. Let’s hope he keeps playing to improve this more!

200 and beyond:

#234 Yasten sent in 3 PRs to cut as many AF.
#238 Kyle H. just joined this week, but he’s been posting like crazy in the times updating thread enough PRs to cut 5 AF.
#276 Toad1 sent in lots of times this week, but they were only able to cut him a small amount overall.


This week’s POW goes to Caleb Tran, for having an outstanding week across the board by cutting a solid amount of AF and entering the top 150 with a bang! Honorable mention to Randy Mangar for improving RR, good luck pushing that down further.

Well, as always, thanks for reading my news. I’ll be back next time a regular can’t do the news, and if you have problems with my POW choice, get at me on Skype. Until next time, peace and happy karting!