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09 September 2015: "While I Still Have Free Time.."
Well, school was supposed to start tomorrow, but apparently the teachers have decided to strike. I feel sorry for them, they must be so overworked after a 3 month vacation. Anyway, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my extra 24 hours of summer then to write a news update for you guys? Also, I need something to do, because I’ve been having unusual complex dreams so I have something to spend my lazy summer days analyzing. So, to take my mind off of that, I’ll write this news update, which will cover activity from August 30th to September 8th.

New Players / Site Records

There were two new players this week, #318 Maia Hasso, who joined this PP in addition to the other handheld ones, and #29 Luisv, a well known player from Belgium who begins his journey in the top 30.

There were no new site records this week.


There were 34 active players this week.

Top 25

#2 Weisse scored a #2 time on rMC2, but stayed put otherwise due to being ranked, you know, #2!
#5 Okami is still holding on to his top 5 spot, and he helped his case for that by getting a #3 time on RR. Nicely done!
#7 Bastien Antoniazzi played WS, got a #14 time there, and kept his #7 spot.
#8 Ray Parsons played rCM, and set a #2 time there that is very close to the SR. Could he be going for yet another SR?
#10 SunMK submitted 3 PRs this week, which despite cutting him half an AF point, didn’t advance him any spots. To be fair though, it’s difficult to improve when you’re that far up on the rankings!
#14 Gaspard Fournioux got 1 PR at the beginning of the week, this being a #20 on rKTB. Curious to see if he’ll improve this further.
#18 Samuel Klein improved his DKJ time, and then sent two #3 ranked flaps. Not a bad week if you ask me!
#23 Thomas S. had a 1 PR week, and this #28 time on rDC wasn’t enough to move him anywhere.


#28 Elias Rack set 3 PRs, the best of which was the rWP, coincidentally around the time when mume improved the WR to a .1.
#33 Murray Wright was very active this week, sending in a boatload of PRs (mostly flaps) to move up a spot. Let’s see if he’ll keep this activity going into next week.
#39 DracoRom was definitely active, sending in a good amount of PRs, two of which were top 10 times! Very impressive for his rank.
#44 LeoMK sent in 2 PRs that didn’t do him much, but it’s worth noting that one of these was the flap SR for MW. Congrats!
#48 Aaron Morton got a #5 time on rMC2 this week, and that was all we saw of him. Congrats, that’s a pretty impressive time if you ask me!
#56 Valentin Vilas Boas visited the circuits this week, and got #47 times on both of them. He also played a couple other tracks, to cut almost 4 AF.
#61 AntoMK sent in several PRs, but none of these however felt up to his standard. Good luck if you choose to improve these more next week!
#64 Shy Guy got several PRs this week, the most notable being the rKTB time, ranked #34. Well done!
#82 Nathan.P set a couple PRs, the best of these was #70 on rDDJ. Nice work!
#85 Sorata MK made his monthly appearance, sending in a handful of PRs to cut nearly 10 AF, and moved up some spots too.
#88 Night. improved 5 of his weaker times to round out his timesheet and move up a spot.
#93 ArmMK sent in a lone PR on MP, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from gaining AF.


#111 Fly-MK had a strong showing this week, sending in many PRs including a very unexpected #37 time on rKD, which is insane considering he’s not in the top 100!
#117 Hugo de Moya just played rCM this week, and got a mid 1:58 there. It looks like he can definitely improve this, so good luck on doing that!
#131 Frederiek Warreyn played 2 of the water tracks this week, and got decent times on both, including a low 1’58 on WS.
#142 Jackson V. took advantage of all of the free time summer break provided (sarcasm), and only sent in 1 PR, an improvement on a weak MW time.
#149 Caleb Tran went on a PR spree, sending in lots of times, including a rDKP that’s in the top 100! In addition to this, he’s motivating to get off my Wii and play this game, because he’s creeping up on my spot!
#155 MarkoKart was active, sending in 7 PRs, but they were only strong enough to cut him around 3 AF.
#156 Paul F. played some rBC1, but this didn’t help him out much on the charts. Still a decent time though!
#162 Shoryu played rKD, both 3lap and flap, but this was only really enough to get him mentioned on the news.
#174 Zekhai Meadows sent in a TC time for kicks and giggles, which didn’t really move him up at all. However, it was enough for him to get 2 sentences in the news about him.

200 and beyond:

#230 Kyle H. didn’t waste any time improving, setting loads of PRs and dabbling in flaps, which cut him 8 spots. Keep grinding and you’ll be in the top 200 soon!
#234 Yasten sent in 1 PR to cut 1 AF.
#275 Toad1 went on a flap craze, however this didn’t do anything to his overall rank. Maybe if he does the same thing with 3laps next week..?


The POW goes to Fly-MK for sending in lots of PRs this week including the #37 on rKD, and moving up 8 spots. A couple more weeks like this, and he's in the top 100!

The POM for August goes to SunMK for being active throughout the month, making 2 improvments on the rLR WR, and setting strong times on other tracks, like BC and rWP. He also made his way in the top 10, and still has much more potential. Congrats, and good luck in your future karting!

Well, that's it for me, I hope you enjoyed this news update and the fact that while MK7 is less active as compared to MKW and MK8, the MK7 news updates are more frequent and consistant wink

Peace, and take care of yourselves as we head into September and the fall.

- Jackson