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14 September 2015: "September is Gold Wheels Month! #GWM"
In this news I'd like to nominate the month September as the official Gold Wheels Month, not only because our favourite time updater Frederiek posted a Hashtag on Miiverse, also because already 2 WRs got set with these beautiful and shiny wheels, on tracks where slicks were ussually used to grind good times! So I would like to appeal all of you guys to get a PR with gold wheels and post it with the hashtag #GWM! This basically works on most of the tracks, where slicks were considered as the perfect wheels, good luck!
Anyway, let's start with this weeks News. I'll cover activity from September 9th - 13th.

New Players & Site Records

There were 2 newcomers this week!
First one was a quite well-known guy from the states, ADAM-XL. He was active in the online scene for a long time now, similar to Luisv, and finally joined the PP with a solid timesheet ranked on #118!
Second new player was Leyla Hasso, the sister of last week's newbie Maia Hasso I assume. I really like when siblings join the site, there's always potential for a nice rivalry!

There was also a site record:

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Coconut Mall site record (1'56"453) with a time of 1'56"436.


There were 26 active players this week, which is a fairly small amount, compared to the past weeks!

Top 25

#2 Weisse had an incredibly strong week, as he cut more than 0.5 AF, while Diogo's AF got pushed down to 4,0! He's slowly approaching to the world champion and might take down Diogo some day, basically the only thing he needs to do now is focussing on his weaker tracks, as he still has some PRs outside the Top10 or even Top20.
#7 Bastien Antoniazzi visited Cheep Cheep Lagoon and got a good low 1:34 here. His time is like "030 away from the Top10 EU, so he might not be done here yet.
#8 Ray Parsons managed to get the site record on rCM this week, unfortunately only a few days after Eve from Japan got the WR and pushed it down to a "404, using gold wheels! But maybe we'll see him WR soon, Ray was always one of these players who managed to do things that seemed impossible at first!
After entering the Top10 last week, #10 SunMK still keeps pushing his AF down! This week, he played Wuhu Loop and ended up with a mid 1'23, not too far away from the worldwide Top10! He may not be done yet, good luck!
#17 Wouter Mulders is still busy with Rainbow Road, basically the only track he played the past weeks. He now got a 1'36"810 and according to him, there's still a lot of potential left. Good luck improving!
It seems like #23 Thomas S., the Austrian TT-beast, now focusses on improving his weaker tracks. He got a #50 on Neo Bowser City, without using the turn-cut. Maybe he comes up with a turn-cut time next week, learning strats fast was always one of the things he's good at!
#24 Fant's had a very strong week, 4 out of his 5 PRs were in the European Top10s, his Maka Wuhu time even ranks #10 Worldwide! He cut 1.5 AF, which is very much for his position. Maybe he'll overtake Thomas next week?


Internal sources claim, that #28 Elias Rack was pretty lazy this week. However, he managed to pull of a 1'43"3 on Luigi Raceway, which made his day. He also tried some Daisy Cruiser but that rather made him mad, because he doesn't like that track at all. Luckily his PR on rLR saved him from being overtaken by...
...#29 Luisv, who had a really good week! After joining the site last week with an absolutely stunning timesheet for a newcomer, he sent a deluge of times. His best PR was a 1'54"5 on Rosalina Ice World, which is only milliseconds away from my time.
#32 Murray Wright slowly creeped up to me this week, I guess he's planning on passing me again. I'm surrounded by 2 really good players right now, who could both whoosh past me with only one good week, HALP! However, Murray got a low 1'59 on DK Pass this week, some time ago he announced, that he's going for the sub there. Good luck!
#58 AntoMK set 3 PRs, of which one sticks out a bit. Anto got a #33 time on Rosalina Ice World, a very challenging track! Well done, we may see him entering the Top50 soon, so good luck for that!
#87 Night. keeps up his consistent activity with small cuts and managed to move up one spot, he cut almost 2 AF, which is quite much compared to this weeks activity.


#105 Fly-MK keeps up the great activity from last week and moved up 6 spots. We'll probably see him in the Top100 next week, I'd say that boi's fly.
#115 Hugo de Moya continued with Coconut Mall and managed to sub 1'58, which makes it his 2nd best track! His best one is a #53 on Wuhu Loop, if he improves his weaker tracks next, he definitely has a lot of potential for the Top100!
#118 ADAM-XL one of our newcomers, starts his journey close to the Top100. He mainly plays online as far as I know, but he may become really decent with TTs, as the same happened with Luisv the last weeks! Good luck reaching the Top100!
#129 Frederiek Warreyn had some golden days, as he was the one who founded the #GWM and started off with shiny improvements on Cheep Cheep Lagoon and Daisy Cruiser! He managed to move up 2 spots with an AF cut of 0.7!
#162 Shoryu played Koopa Troopa Beach, such as Waluigi Pinball, which is now his 2nd best track! I saw him using slicks there, maybe try gold wheels next? wink
#176 Jaden Figueroa set 2 PRs this week, one on Kalimari Desert and one on DK Pass! The 2nd one is ranked #144, quite above his average. More PRs like this will probably push him into the Top150 soon!
#190 Ben Stoneman set 6 PRs, mostly on tracks with gold wheels-potential. He cut 2.8 AF and as a result of that passed 3 karters!

201 and further

Starting of this section is #226 Kyle H., who sent a few PRs, best of which was a sub 1'40 on rMG! A really really good time for his position, keep it up!
#276 Toad1, who ranks a few spots behind Kyle, only had time for one track: Wario Shipyard. In my opinion, this is one of the hardest tracks in the game and Toad managed to set a time there, which ranks slightly above his average! Keep it up and you'll be in the Top250 soon!
#299 Vincent Kwiecien wasn't active the past 5 months and now made a nice comeback by sending us 15 PRs!
#318 Leyla Hasso joined us close to the Top300 and a few spots above her sister Maia. Their first goal will be the Top300, which is not very far away. Good luck getting there!


Steven Quincy sent us his 3rd time this week, ranked 230th. With a full sheet on this level, he'll enter the Top200 in no time, but first he should try filling his missing times


It wasn't easy deciding a POW this week, but I think Fant's deserved it the most! He set 5 PRs, of which 3 are in the Top10. Congratulations!

That's it with this week's news, thanks for reading! School starts for me tomorrow and for some of you guys it already did, so I hope you all have a succesful school year and still find the time to play some Mk7 occasionally!
Have fun karting and good luck!