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09 October 2015: "Last News Update Hero, And I'll Go Out In Style"
First off, flashback to 10 months earlier, when I did my first News update here. Man was I excited:

The news is back with a brand new updater! If you don't know me, I'm Darren. I've been here for a couple of months now. Before I begin, I would like to thank Escher and Elias. Escher is updating times very frequently, and Elias will be doing the news along with me. Now let's get this show on the road! This update will cover events from October 26th to November 20th

Now we are here, the final update from me. Time seems to go really fast sometimes, but hey, it's what you have to deal with in life. Anyways, just gonna say that I enjoyed my time as a news updater (mostly) for now. I'll say more later. I'll cover all of the activity from September 14th-October 7th. (Yeah I was only a bit late)

New Players/Site Records

Yeah new players again like always. This time I won't say how many to keep you guys in suspense.

Here we go!

Well first we had Noah R who hails from Iowa USA. His only top 200 time is a #178 on MW, but it could be a glitch time :kappa:

Next we have Etienne who is a promising player with a #24 time on WS. However his sheet isn't full yet, but I'm sure he will be top 100 when he does.

We also have Cameron. His time sheet isn't even half full yet, but he has some decent times, including some top 100s. Hope you do well!

Jonas Liedtke is next, and I definitely spelled his last name wrong. Jonas only sent in a #19 time on RR, but I think he will get more.

Swinger is the lat new player. He sent in 4 PRs so far but since he is very new here I think he will send more!

As for site records, we had 3! Yikes!

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Coconut Mall site record with a time of 1:56.399.

SunMK beat the old Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1:42.918.

Weisse beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2:11.701.


Of everyone on the AF Charts, 33 were active.

Not gonna segregate by sections this time because I'm just that lazy razz

#2 Weisse still continues to try to be #1, and now he is only 1.1 AF from the champ! Weisse has sent in 3 PRs since the last update, and besides his rWP SR, he got #4 times on rDC and NBC. This is probably just typical Weisse, though.
#5 Okami sent in 3 PRs, all on 9/20. 2 of these were top 3 times, which were on RR and rWP. I think he can SR rWP if he puts in enough time!
#7 Bastien Antoniazzi sent in 2 times this week and got one top ten, that being on rWP. Think this is the end of rWP? Well, I'll just tell you it's not.
#8 Ray Parsons only sent in his rCM SR WR AR CR PR this week, bit besides that he remained isolated from getting a PR. He's actually improved his own rAF WR, but too recent to be mentioned.
#10 SunMK continued his rLR dominance this week, but also got other good times, such as #4 times on WL and rWP. Why are so many people playing rWP?
#16 Wouter Mulders only sent in 1 PR, which was on RR. However this time lies at #4 PP, which is pretty impressive alright.
#23 Thomas S sent in just one PR this week, that being a 2:13.2 on rWP. However he has been playing Super Mario Maker, so I can see why he's not playing MK7.
#24 Fants sent in 4 PRs, and managed to get 2 top 20 times, the tracks being CCL and rRR. I sott of want to see him and Thomas battle it out, let's see who wins!
#25 Luisv is already in the top 25 thanks to his strong activity. The best time he got was a 1:34.333 on CCL, which is .005 ahead of Fants! Luis got some more top 20s too this week, so nice work!
#31 Murray Wright still needs that top 30. He sent in 4 times this week, and the strongest one was a #26 time on rBC1. Gotta go fast man, the top 30 is calling your name.
#35 DracoRom got 5 PRs this week, even a top 5 time on rKD! Maybe he will get French CR there ! If he does, good luck!
#41 LeoMK sent in a few times since the last news, and his #17 time on WL certainly is news! That's a pretty good time for Leo, considering his AF rank.
#47 Aaron Morton sent in a nice 1:54.8 on rAF this week, but that was all we got from him. Aaron is pretty unpredictable, tting at random times.
#53 Valentin Vilas Boas is much better from what I remember! Boas sent in 5 PRs since the last news, which included a #36 time on RRM. However he's at 2:01.0, so go get that 2:00!
#55 AntoMK sent in some times these week, mainly just average PRs for him, but hey, they are still PRs, so nice work!
#72 Yacine Wind Waker sent in a lot of times since the last news and moved up quite some spots! The best time he sent was on MC which ranks at #31.
#73 Nathan.P is right behind YWW, but who knows if he will get ahead of him. Nathan sent in several times this week, but the best one was s #45 time on RIW. He also got a #47 time though, on TC.
#78 Tsurigi is now in the top 80, along with the help of the many PRs he sent in. He even got a #31 on PPS, a track he is pretty dedicated to.
#82 Night sent in several PRs as well, even getting a top 40 time on rLR! He also top 50'd TC in the process. Overall good work!
#95 Fly-MK is flying on the charts, getting top 100 this week! Among the PRs he sent the best one was a #26 time, that being on rLR. rLR is such a French track lol...
#105 Hugo De Moya came back to MK7 I suppose, sending in 6 PRs this week. He even got a top 50 on MW, so I suppose the rust wasn't much.
#122 Meteor played some MK7 as well, sending in his first times since June! Of all the PRs he sent, the best one was a #58 time on rKD.
#126 Frederiek Warreyn actually sent more than 1 PR this time, how neat. The best time out of his 3 was a #114 time on BC. Get top 100 so I can be happy!
#151 Shoryu is close to top 150 at the moment, and I think he will get there by next week. He also managed to get some times in the 130s, which isn't too shabby.
#157 Paul F managed to get a top 100, finally! This time is a #93 time on rWP, which he was very excited about, and I can see why! Congrats!
#171 Zekhai Meadows is back to MK7 as he was before. This time he got a top 150 time, this being on PPS. He's done this before though, but not too bad for him.
#175 Jaden Figueroa sent in a few times this week, and even got a second top 100 time, this being on rKC. Pretty nice time for where he stands.
#180 Francis Antepim is trying to get better I think, as he sent in 29 times this week! This caused him to move up a lot in the AF ranks, unless he wasn't on the ranks before, I forget
#223 Kyle H sent in a lot of times as well. The time that is quite clearly his best is a #153 time on rMG. I wonder if he will lower that....
#261 Noah R I already told you about, so let's move on to the next player.
#270 Toad1 is still getting there I guess. He's a pretty active player though, so don't doubt him due to his skill!


I don't feel like doing awards right now, but Frederiek had some nice award ideas, so he could just put them on the awards page if he wants razz

Anyways, this will be the final time I conclude an update I think. From baguettes to fun worldwide to getting WW Top 10s to Dynamite, I had a good time with MK7. I got to meet some really good people who I had good conversations with (they can still message me if they want, anytime). You guys were the ones who helped me get a good time karting, and have inspired me to be a competitive karter. Special shoutouts to Evan, Wallace, Samuel, Frederiek, Elias, the entirely of DY MK7, Nicola, Flinbi, and others for being some of the best people I know. Although I've made many friends in the MK8 community you guys still mean a lot to me and I won't forget you guys. Also a special good luck to Elias and Jackson for keeping the news alive, as well as any other person who becomes a news updater. Thank you all for making me feel like someone special, and motivating me to become who I am. That's all i have to say.

Happy karting!


P.S. Screw your intro and conclusion Frederiek I can think if my own too :kappa: razz