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28 October 2015: "Oh hello procrasination, what are you doing at my doorstep?"
The title basically sums up why this update is so late. Anyway, I apologize for that, but I'm here now to bring you the news. I'm Jackson if you didn't already know, and I'm just gonna get into it because there really is no time to waste, right? I'll be covering events from October 7th to October 25th .

New Players / Site Records

There were 4 new players this week, Alex Burnett, Will Dykstra, Magnus Nicolaysen and Derek Maguire. Best of luck to them!

There were 3 new site records this week.

Ray Parsons beat the retro Airship Fortress site record with a time of 1'54''208
Aaron Morton beat the Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1"43''723
Weisse beat the retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2'11''626


There were 30 active players this fortnight, so to speak.

Top 25

#2 Weisse did well this week, playing some rWP to take the SR there, and also some NBC too. I can’t help thinking if one day he’ll be #1.
#8 SunMK can’t complain, as he sent in 4 top ten PRs to cut 2 spots. Congrats on breaking into the top 10 man!
#9 Ray Parsons improved the already strong rAF WR SR AR CR, but still gained AF due to the struggle that setting WRs doesn’t do a ton to your AF. Hopefully he can stay in the top ten though.
#15 Wouter Mulders submitted 3 new times, including a #7 ranked RIW. I can definitely see him sliding into the top 10 sometime this year if he keeps it up.
#21 Fants sent in a solid amount of PRs, and like Wouter got a #7 time, but on rDDJ.
#24 Thomas S. made his one PR count, it being a #3 RRM. That’s a pretty amazing time, hopefully he pushes this lower in the coming weeks.
#25 Luisv went on a PR spree and made his way into the top 25. Nicely done!


#31 Murray Wright spent his time on BC, getting a #2 time there. Would love to see him grind this down to an SR, but we’ll see. Still very well done!
#34 DracoRom got the sub 2 minutes on MC, along with a couple other PRs. Not bad, not bad.
#40 LeoMK did some nice flaps, along with a few PRs to cut some AF.
#45 Florian Gadrois has some nice times for being new here. Curious to see what the future holds for this player.
#48 Aaron Morton got the SR on NBC, so big props to him. He also played a couple other courses to hold onto his spot.
#52 Valentin Vilas Boas had a nice week, submitting 4 PRs including a #22 PPS. Nice!
#53 Olivier Luyckx made a special appearance this week, PRing on rKD and making me mention him. Good job though, I wonder if more MK7 is in your future!
#56 AntoMK got 3 PRs, but it wasn’t enough to keep him from moving back a spot.
#66 Nathan.P improved some weaker times, which is a solid way to cut AF. This showed,as he cut 7 of those points!
#70 Evan Wiseman did the same, cleaning up two times that are below average for him. It has to be done at some point I guess.
#75 Etienne played quite a lot this fortnight, and his efforts were rewarded, allowing him to cut nearly 10 AF! Well done man!
#76 Tsurigi managed to slice off a couple PRs, and a couple AF points too.
#77 Sorata is right on the tail of Tsurigi, choosing to send in a lot of PRs on the 21st to cut 11 or so AF. These three ranked in the mid 70s will hopefully have an interesting rivalry in the coming weeks!
#83 Night. sent in a few PRs, the best being a DH time ranked in the 50s.
#96 Hugo de Moya sent in a lot of times along with some flaps. to join ADAM in the top 100! Congrats!


#117 Meteor had a pretty solid week, sending in 5 or so PRs to keep moving up the charts. Honestly I won’t be surprised if this guy’s in the top 100 sooner rather than later!
#126 Frederiek Warreyn showed up decently this week, with 4 PRs to cut him a little AF. Also, a special shout out to him for keeping all the times updated, it really is appreciated.
#133 Shoryu had one hell of a run, sending in more PRs than I can count and cutting 15 AF in the process. Well done!
#145 Jackson V. conquered WS this week, getting a top 100 time there. Maybe he’ll play more next week.
#149 Caleb Tran, the guy I always think is going to pass me because I’m sitting on my metaphorical behind with this game, sent in some PRs, none really felt up to his rank though.
#163 Francis Antepim got things going, completing his time sheet and cutting a whopping 30 AF! Props to you man, now keep it going!
#171 Jaden Figueroa sent in a couple times, including a close to top 100 one on NBC. Nice going!

200 and beyond:

#222 Kyle H. submitted a couple times to move up an AF point or so.
#259 Noah R bothers me because he doesn’t have a period after his last initial, but he sent in 5 PRs to cut a couple AF.
#268 Toad1 got 8 PRs, but they didn’t help him move up much. Every little bit counts I guess.
#284 Alex Burnett is new, but has already cut over 20 AF by sending in time after time. I’m afraid to tell you, but it only gets harder from here..
#315 Magnus Nicolaysen is also new, hailing from Norway. Only time will tell what he does next, the only way is up from here.


Derek Maguire, Jonas Liedtke, Steven Quincy, Page L. and Will Dykstra don’t have full timesheets yet, but they all did things so good job!


The first POW goes to Shoryu. He put in a lot of effort at the beginning of the fortnight to cut 15 AF and move up a lot of spots, even passing me! Props, maybe we’ll see your name in the top 100 soon!

The second POW goes to Aaron Morton. After getting the NBC site record which he very recently made his first world record, I can’t really give this elsewhere. Congrats man, now do it on rRR!

Well thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it even though it was late. Have a happy Halloween and stay safe, and keep karting!

Until next time,

- Jackson V.