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10 January 2016: "The Long-Awaited Final News Update!"
Hello out there and welcome to the first News in 2016 (Happy new year to all of you!) and the first update after more than 2 months of inactivity! So many things happened the past weeks and I hope I can cover everything important. Our 2nd updater Jackson somehow disappeared mysteriously, which delayed this update a little more, but now I found some free time and with the help of Frederiek I was able to cover all the activity. There are also sad news for you, this will be my last news update and I'll basically quit Mk7 or at least the TTing part of it. I may get a PR from time to time out of boredom or play some WWs with friends, so maybe we'll meet sometimes soon! Well, this update will cover activity from October 26th - January 8th. (holy moly)

New Players & Site Records

There were 4 new players without a full timesheet (Ben Jamin, Feint, Toad252 and Zachary) as well as 4 newcomers with full timesheets (Greg Howard, JojoMk7, MK7Jack and VishYoshi).

There also were new site records in the past 75 days.

Okami beat the old Mario Circuit site record with a time of 1'58"568.

Aaron Morton beat the old Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1'42"915.

Toad252 beat the old Rosalina's Ice World site record with a time of 1'52"796.

SunMK beat the old Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1'42"896.

Samuel Klein beat the old Retro Mushroom Gorge site record with a time of 1'33"637.

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Koopa Troopa Beach site record with a time of 1'30"314.

Weisse beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2'11"452.

SunMK beat the old Retro Kalimari Desert site record with a time of 1'34"326.

Okami beat the old Retro Koopa Cape site record with a time of 2'07"534.

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Airship Fortress site record with a time of 1'54"173.


Sorry people but I won't write a comment for every active player, that would just be far too much work, so I'll just show the AF change of every karter. There were 59 active karters the past weeks.

Top 25

#2 Weisse(0.4375), #5 Okami(0.2187), #6 SunMK(-1.5938), #7 Bastien Antoniazzi(0.0938), #9 Ray Parsons(0.9688), #11 Wouter Mulders(-2.5625), #16 Daniel Pena(-0.1563), #18 Samuel Klein(0.3124), #19 Fants(-0.6250), #22 Luisv(-1.5624), #24 Thomas S.(0.8438), #25 Murray Wright(-10.9375)


#27 Zepple(0.8437), #28 Elias Rack(0.4063), #31 DracoRom(-4.0938), #33 LeoMK(-6.3126), #43 Aaron Morton(-1.8126), #44 Florian Gadrois(0.5937), #47 Valentin Vilas Boas(-2.9062), #53 Olivier Luyckx(1.3750), #55 JojoMk7(-2.7056), #60 Etienne(-12.6250), #68 Nathan.P(0.1874), #74 Sorata(-4.4062), #78 Night.(-4.0937), #79 Sakito(-17.0005), #80 Hugo De Moya(-17.3440), #83 ADAM-XL(-13.9378)


#109 Meteor(-8.2190), #114 MK7Jack(41.3619... lol?), #118 Frederiek Warreyn(-8.0630), #121 Shoryu(-11.5320), #132 Baptmario(2.2190), #145 Caleb Tran(-3.9060), #148 Jackson V.(2.3440), #156 Francis Antepim(-3.1880), #160 Christian Connally(-0.6250), #162 Paul F.(3.0940), #171 Jaden Figueroa(-3.3430), #200 Kyle H.(-20.2810)

201 and further

#205 Omar Martinez Ramirez(-4.9690), #213 Noah R(-38.9060), #233 VishYoshi(-7.6660), #264 Toad1(-7.0940), #271 Daniel Pabst(-8.7810), #278 Alex Burnett(-10.5620), #279 Bryan Hall(-11.3440), #283 Mark Vizza(5.6560), #288 InfinX(6.8000), #301 Greg Howard(-13.8750), #310 Vincent Kwiecien(4.5320), #321 Stephen De Winter(5.3750)


These players remain unranked yet: Zachary, Ben Jamin, Jonas Liedtke, Feint, Steven Quincy, Toad252, Derek Maguire


And now we'll get to the best part of the news: The Awards.
Frederiek basically looked up all the activity and picked out the best players of the past weeks! Without him this update would've taken much more work so I'd like to thank our favourite Time Updater a lot!

Here are the POW Awards:

Week 4, Oct: Aaron Morton: He was single-handedly responsible for improving the Neo Bowser City site standard from Titan C to Myth B. He didn’t do it all this week but what an achievement!

Week 1, Nov: Fant’s: We have a new top 20 player and his name is Fants! Congrats #18!
Week 2, Nov: Valentin Vilas Boas: Valen entered the top 50 this week and he really deserves this POW. He is one of our most consistent players and he does it all in gyro view!
Week 3, Nov: Weisse: He didn’t only join the select club of 1'58’s on MC but he also improved the Waluigi Pinball site record in the same week!
Week 4, Nov: Ray Parsons: Thanks to Ray, the Airship Fortress WR looks now as sharp as a samurai blade! And he achieved a 1'47"685 on Music Park too!

Week 1, Dec: Samuel Klein: For beating the over-500-days-old Mushroom Gorge WR! We love your BJ’s, Samuel! ;D
Week 2, Dec: Aaron Morton: He had 4 strong PR’s this week and his new rMC2 and rAF times even made it into the worldwide top 10s. Congrats Aaron!
Week 3, Dec: Hugo De Moya: Hugo is working hard on his timesheet lately and it is paying off. 1'47"1 on NBC, 1'55"7 on rAF and 1'23"6 on WL are strong improvements for him. He’s git’n gud!
Week 4, Dec: Ray Parsons: For that big cut on his Retro Koopa Troopa Beach World Record. That run looks so perfect, Ray! Congrats!

Here are the POM Awards:

October: SunMK: Sun had 7 PR’s this month and all seven ranked in the top 10 on the site! And one of them was a major improvement of the rLR world record. Yep, this is POM-worthy wink

November: Etienne: Etienne had another fast climb in the rankings, and with 11 new times he was able to cut 10 AF in one month. He now ranks #66. Congrats!

December: Murray Wright: For being so active, for improving on 15 tracks in one month and for reaching the top 25 with it!

Yeah that's it, I'm done with my last News Update. The time I had with you guys was amazing and I not only improved my English a lot with you, my time in the Mk7 community also influenced me and my life in many ways. All you people helped me a lot with karting and I really enjoyed the evenings I played clanwars with you or just had funny conversations. Special shoutouts to: Nebs, Jonas, Jut (Klatscheier), the KSM team, the whole banterous DY squad, the POW leedahs Aaron and Sarger, FinalFight, Nicola, Samuel, Wouter, Okami and Aiguille for helping me with tricky strats, the almighty RR god Gogoku7, Murray for being the best rival ever, all the funny baguettes (especially Fant's, Kleenex and Bapt), Bastien, Frederiek, Jackson and Darren for working on the PP together and all the karters I forgot mentioning right now!

Thanks for being such a big part of my life for so long and happy karting to all of you out there!


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