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03 February 2016: "Leedah Takes The Lead In This News"
Hello everyone in the world of MK, bet some of you lot weren’t expecting a news update from someone like myself. It has been a while since the last news update and this happens to be only the second news update in 2016. Quite a bit has happened since the last update varying from huge AF cuts to a new champion!! Well… sort of… not really… Anyway this news covers all activity from January 7th-1st February.

New Players

We had 3 new players join us since the last update. Mike N.E, Light and finally Jeff Ferencz-Nagy. None of these newcomers sent in full timesheets so won’t be making a huge appearance in this news but I’m sure they will be in future news.

As for new Site Records there weren’t any, maybe I should try and change that soon.


32 players were active in the past month. Apologies to some people for not writing a comment but as there has been quite a lot of activity to cover so not everyone has a comment.


#2 Weisse has been playing some WS and rDC recently and has got them both into the top 3. He is now 1st in the ARR and is slowly making his way to being the champion

#5 Okami only submitted 1 track, this being a 2:17.636 on rMT which allowed him to maintain his top 5 status

#6 Bastian Antoniazzi has been extremely active lately sending in a few very strong PRs including a 1:23.502 on WL and 2:03.289 on SGB. I see a future top 5 place for Bastien soon

#7 SunMK sent in 1 time being a 2:00.517 on RRM, one of his weaker PRs. This wasn't enough to stop him gaining AF

#28 DracoRom has managed to cut over 2 AF with just a couple of PRs. The main one being his 1:34.342 on rMG which is 4th on the site. With PRs like this he should be able to get into the top 25 easily

#32 LeoMK sent in 2 PRs in the last month, which were 57th on rBC1 and 53rd on rKC, which allowed him to cut around 0.7 AF to edge himself closer to the top 30.

#41 Valentin Villas Boas cut 4.1 AF in the last month from 4 PRs. The best of these being a 1:23.589 on WL. I expect him to be in the top 40 very soon

#44 Aaron Morton has only submitted 1 time over the past month however this was a 1:12.998 on rRR, something he had been working on for an extremely long time.


#54 Jojomk7 cut 1.9 AF with 4 PRs including an impressive 2:00.628 on RRM and 1:39.967 on DH. Top 50 is the next stage for Jojo and I'm sure he'll be able to get there soon enough

#57 Etienne cut 3.2 AF and did this with 3 PRs including a 1:59.736 on rDKP which is 54th on the site. However Etienne is stuck in an AF graveyard so it will be harder for him to reach the top 50, i know the feels

#72 Stacy Needham only sent in 1 PR which was a 2:00.877 on MC. Despite this PR he still gained 0.5 AF

#75 Hugo De Moya cut a very decent 6.1 AF in the past month to propel himself into the top 75. He managed to do this with 4 PRs including a very impressive 1:43.491 on rLR which is 38th on the site.

#79 ADAM-XL cut a respectable 2.5 AF last month due to a few good PRs for his standards which included a rank 60 on rLR and 78 on rMT.

#87 MK7Jack cut an incredible 30 AF to take 87th place overall. This huge burst of activity saw him overtake over 20 people. He did this with an incredible 17 PRs in the last month with the best of these being a 2:00.309 on MC which is ranked 42nd.


#107 Meteor (-1.4860)

#114 Frederiek Warreyn (-3.9060)

#119 Shoryu (-1.5620)

#194 Kyle H (-9.2500)


#202 Noah R (-10.3340)

#217 Nicholas Joseph Renzetti III (-18.6560)

#242 Yasten (0.8760)

#251 Sam Jones (-1.3750)

#260 Aedilis (-5.2650)

#265 Daniel Pabst (-7.3440)

#278 Alex Burnett (-)

#279 Bryan Hall (0.0940)

#288 InfinX (-0.3750)

#297 Greg Howard (-5.4690)

#337 Zachary (-5.5630)


Mike N.E


Jeff Ferencz-Nagy


Time for the awards ceremony now (guarantee that a load of people skipped straight here). Our one and only Frederiek looked through the activity and picked out the award winners.

POW awards

Week 1, Jan (From the last news): Jojomk7: Jojo was very active this week sending in the most times and cutting a good amount of AF. Nice job Jojo

Week 2, Jan: MK7Jack: Like Jojo, Jack was extremely active and sent a lot of times in resulting in a massive AF not to differently to when someone like Bastien was cutting AF very quickly

Week 3, Jan: Aaron Morton: After not PRing on rRR for 272 days Aaron made a return and managed to secure a 1:12 here becoming only the 2nd person ever to do so

Week 4, Jan: Bastien Antoniazzi: Bastien has made a very solid return to MK7 this week sending in a few very strong times to get himself just outside the top 5

The player of the month award goes to MK7Jack! The reason for this is that he cut an astonishing 30 AF this month, sending him to a very solid 87th place on the site. The only person I remember cutting this much AF in a month was Bastien, so this is a great achievement. Congratulations Jack!

That’s all for this update. It felt really good doing this news update for everyone and I hope I can do this again sometime in the future. I don’t have much else to say so I’ll (hopefully) see you all again sometime soon.

Happy Karting