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08 February 2016: "Behold the glitch charts!"
Dear karters,

4 years and 3 months ago, the first glitch of this game was found. And now, 4 years and 3 months later, we introduce to you: the glitch charts. Thanks to some slick behind-the-scenes work by our favorite admin Alex, our favorite updater Frederiek and our favorite ex-rDC WR holder Nicola (go get that one back, Nicola) you are now all able to submit your times using glitches. Here comes a brief introduction of the glitch charts as written by Frederiek:

"Anytime soon, we will add glitch charts to MK7. I have been discussing this with Nicola and Alex. We really lack them and we hope it will be a step forward for the mk7 page.
They will not count for any overall rankings or total times, because we think we are way too late for that and so it would be unfair to all the players who have quit mk7 by now.

We will add 9 glitch tracks, they correspond to the WR history site:

WL G = Wuhu Loop Glitch
NBC G = Neo Bowser City Glitch
MW G = Maka Wuhu Glitch
DKJ G = Donkey Kong Jungle Glitch
rBC1 G = Retro Bowser Castle 1 Glitch
rLM G = Retro Luigi Mansion Glitch
rDC G = Retro Daisy Cruiser Glitch
rMT G = Retro Maple Treeway Glitch
rKC G = Retro Koopa Cape Glitch

We would also add 8 flaps for these tracks (there will be no WL G flap chart, because everyone will have 00:000 anyway)

On the bottom of each player’s timesheet, we add 17 tracks (9 tracks + 8 flaps). No totals mentioned below it.

The 9 glitch tracks will also appear on a charts page and on the site records page.

The overall rankings will stay non glitch only. Glitch times don’t count there.

We don’t have any glitch standards for now. We will try to implement them soon.

When Alex succeeded in adding these changes to the site, we would announce it in a special news article. From then on, all players must specify G when they submit any of the glitch tracks and flaps mentioned here above. All the rest of time submitting should stay the same as it is now. However we recommend to specify NG for all your nonglitch times too, so time updaters wouldn't have any doubts about your time being a possible glitch time.

This example would be a correct submission:

Date: Fri Feb 12, 2016 6:00pm
Name: Willy Whatever
rMT NG 2:20.148
rMT G 2:04.758
RR 1:40.365
WL G 1:20.871
rDKP 2:02.456
rAF 1:57.423
rAF flap: 39.591
rBC1 G flap 23.549
rKC NG flap 43.823

The glitch charts will start empty. We will ask not to post your NG times as G times. We will try to keep it completely separate.

Of course it’s allowed to send us your glitch PR’s that you obtained in the past. And it’s not necessary to submit them with the correct date of when you achieved them, but you can do that if you want to. If your name is Wouter, and your MW G will be Site record, then we prefer you use the correct date.

It will be okay to send in a glitch time that is slower than a no glitch time. For example: If your rKC NG time is 2:13, and you are playing rKC G and you got 2:14, you can still send it in.

There, I think I mentioned the most important things. I hope you are all excited about this. If you have questions, please post them here below.

Big thanks to Alex for doing all the work and making this happen."

Any remarks and/or questions can be posted in this topic on the message board: http://www.mariokart64.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1454669143

As always, submit your times in this topic, using the correct format, obviously: http://www.mariokart64.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1378080694

Now go and submit your times if you want an early Site Record to add to your karting resume.