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16 February 2016: "The Glitchiest News Update Yet!"
Hi everyone! I'm Samuel, bringing you the first news update with the newly integrated glitch charts! I've been anticipating these charts for a while because people had been talking about them for quite a long time now, but they were finally made a reality by Frederiek Warreyn and Alex Penev, a big THANK YOU to them both! Anyways, this update will cover all of the activity from February 2nd - February 15th .

New Players

We start off the fresh mea-- new players section with MK7Atki who lives in the land of the Brits. He has all but three tracks submitted, and his current times range from under 100 to over 350, so who knows where he could land on the AF?

Next up for slaughter is ORANGE BRO who comes from the country continent of Australia. He starts off at an AF position of #189. He is sure to bring lots of orangeness to the page.

Site Records

There were an astounding 13 new Site Records in the last 14 days.

Weisse beat the old Wuhu Loop site record with a time of 1'23"139.

SunMK beat the old Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1'42"891.

Daniel Pena beat the old Retro Luigi Mansion site record with a time of 1'43"471.

Weisse beat the old Retro Daisy Cruiser site record with a time of 1'26"475.

Weisse beat the old Wuhu Loop Glitch site record with a time of 1'18"251.

Ray Parsons beat the old Neo Bowser City Glitch site record with a time of 1'21"970.

Valentin Vilas Boas beat the old Maka Wuhu Glitch site record with a time of 1'04"508.

Ray Parsons beat the old DK Jungle Glitch site record with a time of 1'52"880.

Tom van Kessel beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 Glitch site record with a time of 1'10"896.

Long John Marv beat the old Retro Luigi Mansion Glitch site record with a time of 1'41"589.

Weisse beat the old Retro Daisy Cruiser Glitch site record with a time of 1'11"883.

Samuel Klein beat the old Retro Maple Treeway Glitch site record with a time of 1'48"993.

Long John Marv beat the old Retro Koopa Cape Glitch site record with a time of 2'08"642.


#2 Weisse has had a groundbreaking two weeks, making #2 times on NBC and WS, and #1 times on WL and rDC of course. On the way he cut .13 AF, inching ever closer to that #1 spot, and achieved #1 in total times! At this rate, Weisse could become our site champion at any time!
#3 Okami seemed to play the Shell cup especially, getting #15 #13 and #10 times on rLR, rBC1, and rMG respectively. However these improvements allowed him to cut .9688 AF, which was enough to not only move him past #5 Thomas Gonda, but it also pushed him past #4 Alejandro Muhsen! Passing anyone in the top 10 is hard enough, but naturally Okami managed to pass two of the best MK7 players in two weeks. What else would we expect?
#6 Bastien Antoniazzi has just been blazing through that pesky AF! Just like Okami, he only improved on three tracks, MP, rMG, and rDC, but these improvements allowed him to cut an incredible 1.0275 AF, which is incredibly incredible! Incredibly enough, his rMG and rDC were also site top 10s!
No matter how incredible Bastien did, he couldn't cut enough AF to prevent the rLR champ #6 SunMK from TYING him at their now shared #6 spot. Sun played many tracks in these last two weeks: WL, PPS, MW, rLR, rMC2, rDKP, and rAF, all of which are top 10 times with the exceptions of rMC2 and rDKP. Sun's flurry of activity has cut 1.4375 AF, but the question is: will he be able to keep it up and put up a good fight against Bastien for #5? We shall see...
#16 Daniel Pena gained AF this week, however... he also gained something much more important... his first WR! Daniel has been working on getting a WR for years, and this week he finally accomplished his goal with a 1'43"471 on rLM! A huge congratulations to him!
#23 Thomas S. did get a #18 time on MC, unfortunately he gained AF, probably due to so much activity from our top players. There's always next week though Thomas!
Although #28 DracoRom was active, he only played rMG and achieved a #4 time there, which resulted in him gaining .3437 AF. But don't expect to hear him complain; his rMG time is the ER, and this is his first ER, so an AF gain is a small consequence of the reward of being the best rMGer in Europe.
Our next active player is #32 LeoMK, who cut .5 AF by playing a single track, CCL. If he can cut this much AF on one track, he will be able to span the 1.5 AF gap separating him from the top 30 with ease.
#40 Valentin Vilas Boas cut 1.5937 AF to rise one spot on the AF, which earned him his membership to the top 40 club. To earn his membership to this prestigious club he played DH, SGB, and rKD, which he managed to achieve 1'34 on. Happy Valentin's Day!
That embarrassing pun brings me to #42 Aaron Morton who wrote our last news update. He's been spending his time on TC, where he pushed his time down to a beautiful 1'19"657, but he didn't only play TC. He also played RRM and rLR. His activity has resulted in a 1.0624 AF cut, which has resulted in him passing two people from #44. Will he soon be the next member of the prestigious top 40 club?
#50 JojoMk7 is in that magical position of #50, incidentally my starting position for the PP. He played PPS, WS, and MW, and cut 2.4063 AF to enter the top 50 in a quick blaze of glory! Hopefully he will continue to cut AF to maintain his top 50 spot and progress even further.
#57 Shy Guy has cut a full 10 AF spots with his improvements on many tracks! TC, DH, WL, MC, MP, rLR, rBC1, rLM, rKTB, rMC2, rCM, rKC, rDDJ, and rAF all got improved upon (gosh 14 tracks, Shy Guy is on some good stuff) to cut 8.1875 AF. 8.1875... wow...
Our next player, #63 Sorata started out February at spot #74, but managed to jump a huge distance of 11 AF spots with improvements on 17 tracks! He was able to cut an astounding 10.0313 AF these last two weeks! You and Shy Guy really need to hook me up...
#71 Hugo De Moya was able to use his BOS skills to move up 4 AF spots! He improved on SGB and rMT to cut off 2.0938 AF, they must've been some BOS times to be able to get him that far up the chart.
#72 Evan Wiseman was very wise indeed this week. Although he gained AF, he made a 1'34"043 3/3 bj run on rMG, the second person so far to do so other than mwah. Hopefully he can sub 1'34 and even possibly WR? (scared)
This brings us to #77 MK7Jack who has had a good two weeks. Well that's an understatement if I ever saw one! MK7Jack has cut an unfathomable 10.4063 AF so far, by improving on 11 tracks, who knows what the rest of the month could bring? Could he be the next person to enter the top 60 or even top 50?
One spot below MK7Jack is #78 ADAM-XL who cut 5.6250 AF with some XL sized improvements on DH, SGB, MW, DKJ, rMG, and rCM. Let's hope the XL improvements that only ADAM-XL can bring continue to lift him on the AF.
Starting off our 3 digit AF players is #108 Meteor. He only played rCM, but he still managed to cut .8120 AF on this one track. It must've been some improvement, do it on more tracks and top 100 is yours in no time flat!
Our glitchiest player yet, #113 Frederiek Warreyn only played rKTB and rMT, but that doesn't mean he didn't cut any AF. Frederiek was able to cut 5.157 AF on these two tracks, which is incredible in itself, but even better considering all that he does for the site, especially these glitch charts as of late!
#131 Baptmario played 3 tracks this week to cut .8760 AF. But more importantly, he accomplished something he has been trying to get for quite a long time: 1'48 on PPS! It has always been his best time on the PP, and he's been working to get 1'48 ever since I've known him, so huge congrats on achieving that time!
#148 Jackson Visser submitted only one time, a TC PR, which unfortunately not enough to prevent him from gaining AF... But at least it's a 2016 PR!
Now we skip all the way down to the low 100s to look at #194 Kyle H.. Just this month he has cut 13.344 AF, which has allowed him to not rise 10, 20, or even, 30 spots, but an insane 40+1 spots! Kyle H. has the potential to be in the top 150 for sure, and he will have no problem getting there at this rate, congrats to you Kyle!
#198 Noah R. has cut 16.3750 AF by playing TC, RRM, PPS, and rMG. This is the first news that he has had a full timesheet, and his improvements on these tracks and others will bring him into the top 150 soon, especially when he cuts such massive amounts of AF.
Starting off the 200s is #260 Aedilis who cut 4.4060 AF by playing RR, rMT, and rRR. He will be able to get in the top 250 soon, especially with that lucky Irish blood of his. Good luck!
#279 InfinX has been very active these last two weeks! He cut 10.3750 AF so far this month by playing a variety of tracks: TC, DH, SGB, RRM, WS, rLR, rMG, rKTB, rCM, rDDJ, rAF, and rRR (phew). Big improvements + variety of tracks = large AF cuts, don't forget the formula!
Our first 300er #339 Zachary H. is a fairly new member to the PP with most of his times being made in 2016, and he's off to a good start, improving many of his times to cut 3.8440 AF. Keep going Zach!


Here we are at what many of you have been waiting for: the awards! We have two POWs to give out, so without any further adieu...

Week 1, Feb: Daniel Pena: For working years to achieve his goal of holding a WR, congratulations Daniel!

Week 2, Feb: Weisse: For his continuing activity, for achieving WRs on both WL and rDC, and for becoming #1 in total times! Congratulations Weisse!

I'm much too tired to write a proper conclusion, but I really hope you guys enjoyed reading my first news update, I worked very hard on it!

Until next time, Happy Karting!