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15 March 2016: "Hello fellow karters!"
Yes it's me, Frederiek! I got myself a news updating account because I thought that it could be useful to have one of my own. I'm not planning to write news articles in the future, but however I will post one now thanks to our very own Evan -Mushroom Gorgeous- Wiseman who was so kind to "volunteer" to write the news this time. Enjoy!

Hey guys! Evan here (Supy on the forum) with my first news update! A bit about myself: I’ve been playing MK7 since Christmas of 2011, although I didn’t start playing competitively until January of 2012. I’ve been on and off of this game ever since, however I keep coming back to set new PR’s from time to time. I also recently turned 21 this month! Alright, let’s get down to business. This update will cover activity from February 16th - March 14th.

New Players

We had 11 new players join the site this past month!

Prunus Mume joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #17
Syaru Eve joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #23
Miracle joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #29
Lumi Heart joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #59
Beck Burnett joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #202
Bradon joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #229
Lolzac joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #281
Russel Horwood joins with a full timesheet and ranks at #312

Aatu Hahto, MK7Manu, and Elekk join with incomplete timesheets.

Come on guys, fill those timesheets! All the Kool Kids have full sheets...

Site Records

SunMK beat the old Mario Circuit site record with a time of 1:58.455

Prunus Mume beat the old Piranha Plant Slide site record with a time of 1:47.947

Prunus Mume beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 site record with a time of 1:11.694

Syaru Eve beat the old Retro Coconut Mall site record with a time of 1:56.353

Prunus Mume beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2:11.157

Prunus Mume ​beat the old ​Retro Bowser Castle 1 Glitch ​site record with a time of 1:10.794

Prunus Mume ​beat the old ​Retro Daisy Cruiser Glitch ​site record with a time of 1:11.302

Prunus Mume ​beat the old ​Retro Koopa Cape Glitch ​site record with a time of 2:07.828



We start off this section with #2 Weisse. He sent in a 1:47.732 on MP and a 2:17.958 on rMT. He didn’t cut any AF, but those are 2 amazing times! This guy continues to impress. Next we have #3 Bastien Antoniazzi, one of our beloved time updaters. He PR’d rDDJ, rMC2 and rBC1 and cut .5 AF. I’m especially jealous of his rDDJ, 1:50.331! Then there’s #6 SunMK, although he gained AF, he set a new WR on MC with his 1:58.455. That’s his second WR, congrats! Now we skip not far down to #17 Prunus Mume. He finally joined our site and has cut 1.1 AF already with a 1:34.989 on rKD. He also has WR’s on PPS, rBC1 and rWP. I’m looking forward to seeing you climb the ranks! (only 16 ahead of you lol) Just below Mume is #19 Samuel Klein He sent us a single PR on PPS, but it’s one hell of a record. He got a 1:48.294 which is 3rd WW, 2nd on the site, and Myth A standard! You did well mah boiii! #31 DracoRom played rKC and got a respectable 2:09.820. Good job! At #32 we have LeoMK who cut 1.3 AF on 6 PR’s, one of which is a 1:35.010 on rMG. That’s good enough for 15th on the site. Well done! 8 spots down is #40 Valentin Vilas Boas. He played SGB (2:03.668) and rLM (1:44.669). Those are some great PR’s dude! #45 Aaron Morton played his favourite track: rRR. He now has a 1:12.971 which is 2nd WW and only .022 from the WR. I can’t wait until you finally get it, GL! JojoMk7 sits at #51, one spot lower from last update. He played 4 tracks and unfortunately gained .4 AF, but he did get a 1:44.862 on NBC which is ranked 18th! Nice! Just a bit further down is #59 Lumi Heart. Lumi joined on the 8th of March, and has since made 2 PR’s on rDC and SGB. Go for top 50! #60 MK7Jack is hot on Lumi’s trail, he has made a substantial cut of 16.1 AF on 18 PR’s! You are a machine! #63 is Etienne. He played some good ol’ Luigi’s Mansion and has a 1:44.541 which is King A and ranked 46th! Next is #66 Sorata, he played some MC, BC and rKTB. Keep on karting! Starting off the 70’s we have #73 Hugo De Moya aka Kleenex. He cut just over 1 AF with 3 new records on PPS, DKJ and rWP. He also played DKJ G and rKC G. #77 is yours truly, Evan Wiseman. Evan played A LOT of rMG. He set a 1:33.742 which is 3rd WW and is trying to get the WR (sorry Samuel). He also improved his TC and rMT G times along the way. At #80 is the one and only ADAM-XL. Adam PR’d on 5 tracks, one of which was a 1:37.857 on RR7 which is his best time at 34th! GG! And last but not least of this section is #98 Ghost. He PR’d rLM with a 1:45.628 and sent us 4 glitch times on MW, WL, rDC and rBC1.


So sorry but I can’t write something for everyone, you will simply be mentioned in this section.

#104 Cole Gilbert (-12.5620 AF)

#117 Frederiek Warreyn (+2.3130 AF)

#148 Caleb Tran (+2.4060 AF)

#151 Jackson V. (+2.8750 AF)

#158 Francis Antepim (+0.9690 AF)

#176 Jaden Figueroa (+4.4370 AF)

#188 ORANGE BRO (-3.0940 AF)

#191 Kyle H. (-2.0000 AF)

#200 Noah R. (-1.2810 AF)

#202 Beck Burnette (-13.3750 AF)

#229 Bradon (-52.5980 AF)

#257 Aedilis (+2.1870 AF)

#271 InfinMK (-13.2810 AF)

#281 Lolzac (-18.2180 AF)

#284 Bryan Hall (+5.2500 AF)

#299 Daniel Fox (-3.3750 AF)

#304 Greg Howard (+6.4060 AF)

#309 Stephen Weber (+6.0000 AF)

#311 Russel Horwood (+2.3750 AF)

#347 Zachary H. (+7.9380 AF)


It’s time for the awards ceremony!

POW Week 3, Feb: Evan Wiseman: For being the 4th person ever to achieve 1:33 on Mushroom Gorge and getting 3rd WW, congratulations! Frederiek and Samuel insisted on this one razz

POW Week 4, Feb: MK7Jack: For tons of PRs and getting 10th WW on Daisy Hills, well done Jack!

POM, February: Sorata: For cutting 12 AF and improving on 18 tracks! He went from 74th to 61st!

POW Week 1, Mar: Samuel Klein: For his 1:48.294 PPS site record + 3rd WW! Congrats Samuel!

POW Week 2, Mar: Lumi Heart: For sending in PRs and adding 3 legendary Japanese players to the site! Thank you Lumi!

I hope you enjoyed my first news update, I am sorry in advance if I got something wrong or I missed you entirely. I’m very tired. Anyway, keep those PR’s coming, MK7 will never die!!