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11 April 2016: "Presenting you: A new site champion"

weissecrown (101k image)

We are all trying to climb the same ladder but only one of us can be on top of it. And from now on, the person on top will be Weisse. So congrats, Weisse! We all admire your talent and dedication to the art of mk7 time trial.

So yes, he is the new champ and we can’t congratulate him enough for it. But you can also ask yourself: “Where is Diogo in all this?”. So we had the idea of asking Diogo a couple of questions about it and publish it as an interview in the news. Our former champion agreed to do this and here it is:


-So Diogo, why didn’t you try to battle Weisse for the 1st spot?
I don't play Mario Kart anymore.
-How do you feel about losing your #1 position?
I feel free.This community felt absolutely amazingly trash towards me for a long time, there's definitely nothing I could do and I wanted to be beaten.Thank god.
-You were always very active in mk7 or mk8, but now it seems that you play a lot less. What changed?
The community changed. I don’t want to explain it.
-So what do you do or play now?
I play other games. And I play way less than I used to.
-You started playing Music Park again, after you lost your WR to Doco. What happened to that? How is that going?
I gave up. And I didn’t want to bother about the 10-0-0 coin strat either.
-What do you think of Weisse as a player?
I don't really care about it myself. All I know is that he has no limits. He can do anything.
-Do you think that you will ever make a comeback on Mario Kart 7? And would it be to regain the throne or do you have other goals?
Nope, sorry.
-And suppose that mk9 gets released, would you buy it and play time trials competitively again?
Also no.
-Who do you see as a possible candidate for being the next mk7 champ?
Bastien. I don't want anyone else to be #1.
-Final question: to all of us out there who wants to become good at mk7, can you give us some tips/advice?
NeverGiveUp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxGRhd_iWuE
Thank you Diogo and good luck on whatever you do next.

Alright. Now where is that news?

This update will cover activity from March 15th to April 10th.

New Players

I could have been mistaken, but I encountered 7 new players. All of them have full timesheets:

Liure (also known as kisk), Tsuca, Sinmk, White, Hawaado (also known as N or Zansetsu), Siana, Finlay J-W

Site Records

Syaru Eve beat the old Retro Coconut Mall site record with a time of 1:56.339

Tyler Christian beat the old Retro Maple Treeway site record with a time of 2:16.989

Wouter Mulders beat the old Maka Wuhu Glitch site record with a time of 1:04.344


We had 55 active players in the past month!

#1 Weisse is number one. He improved his MP and DKJ, but especially his big improvement on RIW (one of his “weakest” tracks) gave him the title. Weisse is now the best MK7 player in the world and maybe in the universe, but we didn’t get confirmation about that yet.
#3 Okami took back the third spot thanks to 7 PR’s. All of them were extremely good times.
#4 Bastien Antoniazzi only improved his rLM. He has a special bond with that track and I still secretly hope that one day he will get his first WR on that track. sorry FF :p
#5 SunMK announced on Miiverse that he will play less because of, well, real life. He seems like a smart guy and we know that he will be good at whatever he does. Hopefully he sends in a PR regularly, like his 2:11.7 rWP now.
#9 Wouter Mulders got a top 10 WW time on DKJ NG, he sent in 5PR’s, and he made it into the top 10! Congrats Wouter! Top 10 on the Players’ Page was his 2016 goal. And the fact that he suddenly felt the urgence to make it so fast, has probably something to do with the next player:
#11 Prunus mume should be the fear of everyone in the top 10. It seems like the sky is the limit for this player. Mume cut 5 full AF points thanks to 5 PR’s. Top 10 for him is now only a matter of days.
#16 Syaru Eve is another Japanese superhero. His cut was 6,5 AF points. His RIW, rAF and especially his RRM were very strong. But most of all: he wrote another chapter in the WR history of Retro Coconut Mall. Congrats Eve!
#21 Liure joined on a very high position, but we are still waiting on his first new PR.
#22 Miracles happen. How else could he climb so fast? Or maybe it’s because of his 10 new times. Nice sub on rDC and rLM, Elcarim! (y)
#24 Toy Onehundredandone sent in a new PR?! Is this a comeback???
#31 DracoRom showed his skills on PPS. 1:48.877!
#32 LeoMK is now 32nd, passing Zepple. I’m still impressed by his talent. It looks so easy for him! D: Among his 4 nice PR’s is a 22nd ranked TC.
#39 Valentin Vilas Boas also ranks so high these days. But he gives me another impression; one of hard work and grinding tracks. This time rLM, rLR and NBC NG. Nice job on all three, Valen!
#43 Aaron Morton must be the person that played rRR the most. He is trying to beat one of the strongest world records in the game, and he is closer than ever. 1:12.961 now. We all wish you good luck, Aaron!
#49 Lumi Heart is very enterprising on our forum and we appreciate it a lot. But I never dare to ask if he/she is a boy or a girl. :3 Lumi improved on 9 tracks, cut 7 AF and achieved a 1:26.7 on MW NG. Nice!
#50 Tsuca improved on Wario Shipyard and Wuhu Loop NG . Both ranked top 30, what is very good for his position!
#51 MK7Jack almost cut 9 AF and climbed 9 spots. Yes, he did it again and is 51st! :o
#53 JojoMk7 must know it by now: Once you get passed by Jack, you will never beat him back. But I don’t know if that worries him. Jojo improved his RIW again, and ranks 17th now on that course. I think it’s his favorite track.
#64 Sorata sent in a bunch of PR’s all at once. It’s his style to do so, and he cut 2 AF with it. Don’t forget; that would be a lot more if there wasn’t so much activity and new players. People around him who didn’t play, all lost around 3 AF points.
#65 Etienne stayed cool and improved 4 of his times. But he gained AF :/
#69 Hugo De Moya is the newest asset of the mk7 staff. We are happy to have him, and we congratulate him with his awesome WS Flap record. Too bad that he entered the wrong date of that flap in his submission big grin
#78 Evan Wiseman played some rMG but it was no cigar. He also ameliorated some of his weaker times. Why did I choose to write this news instead of beating your 2:01.4 Mario Circuit?
#79 ADAM-XL probably has a lot of caps lock records on the site. But he should watch out for ORANGE BRO. Maybe there could be a rivalry in this? ;p Real nice rWP by the way, ADAM. Congrats!

#104 Sinmk must not be confused with SunMK. Sin is a veteran in the game but new on the Player’s Page. He is especially known for his rBC1. Sin already sent in 1 new PR, being a top 50 time on Wuhu Loop NG.
#107 White is also from Japan, like Weisse. And for those who don’t know: “weisse” is the German word for white. I don’t know if there is some sort of a connection… Anyway, White is a likeable guy on Miiverse and is extremely good at rLR. Welcome to the site!
#114 Meteor is a bit of a rival for me. He sent in 7 PR’s. I like his inactive periods more. Nah, just kidding! Congrats Meteor! And a nice rKTB! But it doesn’t beat mine! Just kidding again!
#118 Frederiek Warreyn maybe isn’t the best player in the world yet, but he definitely is the most handsome. I bet he will beat Weisse next week!
#120 Hawaado is also new to the site, with a 22nd ranked time on MW NG and 11th on CCL!
#142 Kyle Stoeger is playing MK7 again. How is KSM these days, Kyle? And welcome back!
#144 Arlabunakti didn’t send in anything. But he used to be my buddy and rival and now ranks 144th. He made it into the top 100, early 2015. Just saying.
#146 Aatu Hahto cuts 23 AF, what is more pretty decent. All his times are top 200 now, and his TC and MP are even top 100 now.
#157 Jackson V. sent in 1 PR, on RRM. Get 2:03, Jackson!
#169 Paulo Ferreira sent in his first PR this year. I guess he’s playing more MKDS at the moment.
#171 Christian Connally is back? With a VERY good WS time that ranks at #69. <3 His new rMG is even better (39th) but he has been grinding that track for as long as I know him.
#178 Tyler Christian sent in 1 PR. And it’s a… WAIT WHAT?! 2:16.989 on rMT??!!! Unbelievable. Even after I have seen the video proof.
#179 ORANGE BRO cuts 13 AF, improved on 19 tracks and is getting some decent PR’s! You go, bro!
#195 Kyle H. played BC and rLR. Both a bit below his pace, in my opinion. But he’s next submission will be a kickass PPS time.

#204 Noah R. sent in a bunch of PR’s. His PPS is pretty good!
#214 Bradon is very active. He is climbing the AF charts fast and is specializing himself on RR at the same time. His RR is 87th now.
#217 Siana is new to the site, and she is the newest member of RR too if I’m correct. Go top 200, Siana!
#223 Blaze improved half of his timesheet, but still gained AF. Sad story sad
#225 Sam Fairless only played Mario Circuit and got 2:04.0.
#248 InfinMK is very motivated. He played 26 tracks, and even more flaps. His harvest is a 20 AF cut. If I can give you one tip: Just don’t rage or brake your 3ds screen or anything.
#253 “Zac” managed the biggest AF cut of all: -29 AF. Congrats Zac! Now get yourself a top 200 time!
#265 Aedilis, TC 1:23.3. I’ve been there, buddy. TC is so hard at that point, but that is where you learn to master the game techniques.
#281 Daniel Pabst plays all Mario Kart games. But he has to admit that all the coolest players are at MK7. 8)
#291 Bryan Hall got the 2 minute sub on Music Park.
#298 Daniel Fox played a lot of tracks and got himself top 300.

#306 Adam Maynard only played rMG and MW. Come on, Adam! Train that thumb!
#309 Greg Howard, 5 PR’s. Keep going, Greg!
#311 Finlay J-W is new. How nice must it be to have all those beatable players above you…
#313 Stephen Weber is playing again and improved on 11 tracks.
#319 Russell Horwood may have submitted times with the wrong year. Doesn’t matter. You will beat them!
#324 Vincent Kwiecien stopped by with 5 new times.
#356 Zachary H. is Kyle H.’s brother and maybe our youngest member. He played NBC NG.

Page L. is a pretty good player and it astounds me that he doesn’t have a full timesheet.


Here they come (music):

Player Of the Week 3, March:
Aatu Hahto. Aatu was able to cut 15 AF in one week. In his position, this means you are talented or that you just played a lot. But in both cases you would deserve this POW. Congrats!

Player Of the Week 4, March:
Tyler Christian. A lot of things has been said about rMT NG, one of the oldest world records, if it was possible to beat or not. But Tyler, he just did it. And he got the sub on top! Truly deserved, Tyler!

Player Of the Month, March:
Tyler Christian. He gets this one too. For only that one track, yes. But he played it the whole month and even longer. And Tyler may not be the most gifted player, but his perseverance was unseen. That’s why he deserves this award too.

Player Of the Week 1, April:
Okami. Sorry Weisse and Wouter, but Okami gets it. He got 6 PR’s in one week and they all made it into the European top 10. Congrats Okami!