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20 April 2016: "Aaron is back!"

Hello there Mario karting world it is me, Aaron again making a return for another piece of news. It has been a little while since I last did the news but here I am again. There have been quite a few things that have happened recently in MK7 which will make a great piece of news. Enough of the chat this news covers all activity from 11th to 19th April with a couple of times submitted on the 10th after the last news.

New players

NONE?! What is this madness?

Site records

2 new site records since the last update

Okami beat the old Retro Dino Dino Jungle site record with a time of 1:49.816

Aaron Morton beat the old Retro Rainbow Road site record with a time of 1:12.948


We had 36 active karters since the last update

#1 Weisse- Weisse is breaking away from everyone else by sending in 2 PRs ranked #9 and #2 to cut 0.25 af and extend his lead as the champion
#3 Okami- despite gaining af and only sending in 1 PR, this was an astonishing PR being a 1:49.816 on rDDJ reclaiming the WR there. Congrats!
#5 Sunmk- Sun is making himself known in the top 5 by sending in 2 new PRS. These were a 1:13.320 on rRR and a 1:50.630 on rDDJ, both very impressive times if you ask me
#9 Wouter Mulders- Wouter sent in just 1 PR which was a 1:19.637 on TC which ranked at #20 to solidify his place in the top 10
#10 Prunus Mume- Mume sent 2 times to us including a 1:50.817 on rDDJ to help him cut 0.5 af and solidify his place in the top 10
#13 Syaru Eve- Eve sent in 6 new times! Very good for his rank. The best of these was a 1:34.876 on rMG ranked at #11. I’m sure he will be in the top 10 very soon.
#20 Miracle- Miracle joined the top 20 this week by sending in 3 PRs which were on RR, BC and rAF. The best of these being #20 on BC. Congrats on becoming top 20
#32 Leomk- Leo sadly gained AF but it was reduced by the 1 PR he sent in on WL which is an impressive 1:23.567 ranked at #18. Hopefully he can reach the top 30 soon.
#38 Valentin Vilas Boas- Valentin sent well… 1 PR, this being a 1:57.381 on rCM to edge him into #38 on the site. Not too much else to say here but I hope Valen can one day make the top 30
#43 Aaron Morton- Aaron sent a few times this week. A 1:09.833 on rMC2 but that doesn’t matter, nor does his top 25 time on rLR. But he managed to finally get the rRR WR with a time of 1:12.948, something he wanted for a very long time. Congrats!
#47 Jojomk7- Jojo cut an impressive 3.3 af to move up to #47 and did this with 4 PRs the best being 1:12.830 on rBC1 which is #28 on the site. Now please stay where you are and don’t overtake me.
#49 Mk7 Jack- Jack cut 1.5 af this week to move into the top 50 on the site. This week he sent in just 3 PRs but it was enough to get into the top 50. With these PRs he now has top 100 on every track, something I need to consider if I want to move up the ranks.

#58 Sorata- Sorata managed to cut 7.6 af this week! This amazing cut was done with 5 PRs the best being a 2:03.748 on SGB which is #40 on the site and very good for his standards. Maybe we’ll see you in the top 50 soon
#64 Etienne- Etienne made a small af cut of 0.3 this week, but hey it’s better than gaining af. This came from 1 PR which was a 1:11.983 on rMC2, about average for him.
#86 Elekk- Elekk gained 55.7 AF this week, must be a massive noob. Just kidding it’s because he sent in the last of his times in to complete his timesheet. The best time he submitted was a 1:23.722 on WL which is #30 on the site, which is very good for his placement.
#97 Retro- Retro powers his way into the top 100 this week by cutting a very solid 8.25 AF. Well he only submitted the times this week but he did some of them a while back, at least he was honest about it. The best of these times was a 1:13.829 on rRR ranked #39. Congrats on making the top 100
#98 Ghost- like retro, Ghost managed to creep his way into the top 100 on the site. He sent in 6 new times this week to cut 3.8 af. The best of the times he sent in was a 1:56.093 on RIW which ranks #68 and is very good for his position.

#103 White- a fairly new player to the site has already managed to make his way just outside the top 100. White sent in a bunch of PRs to help make his very nice af cut including an outstanding time of 1:43.096 on rLR ranked #4 on the site. Good luck on 1:42 and for top 100 I’m sure you can do both.
#119 Frederiek Warreyn- Frederiek like a few others only sent in 1 PR, this being a 2:01.273 on MC just making it to the top 100 for that course. He only cut 0.4 af but it is better than gaining af. I’m probably not the only one that wants Frederiek to make the top 100 af so keep going for it!
#120 Hawaado- Hawaado sent in 2 PRs to cut 0.5 af. These weren’t huge cuts but he did manage a 2:00.203 on MC which is very good for his position. If he can get other times like his MC then he can climb up the rankings in no time.
#129 Shoryu- Shoryu cut 1.2 af with 3 PRs. The best of the 3 was a 1:28.066 on MW ranked #127 which is above average for his position so good job.
#137 Kyle Stoeger- Kyle cut an impressive 5.2 af by sending in 7 new times, very nice. One of these was a 1:59.661 on BC which made it into the top 10 American. This is a very good time for Kyle’s position and good luck if he plans to improve it.
#141 Aatu Hahto- Aatu managed to cut 4.4 af with 7 PRs. He improved some of his weaker times and now has all of his times in the top 200. Congrats I hope you continue to improve.
#157 Jackson V. - Jackson sent us a 2:03.723 on RRM to cut 0.25 af. Not really a lot to say here but I hope he continues to TT and to keep improving.
#178 ORANGE- ORANGE made a very solid 5 af cut and did so with 7 PRs. The highest ranked time he sent in this week was #146 on rRR. The rate ORANGE improves he’ll be up the ranks in no time.
#184 Jaden Figueroa- Jaden only cut 0.03 af … but as I’ve said a couple times already it is certainly better than gaining af considering there has been a lot of activity. The time he sent in was a 1:58.637 on RIW which is above average for him. Nice job
#187 Zekhai Meadows- Zekhai made a return by cutting 3.8 af with 4 PRs. The best time being a 1:39.277 which is quite good for his position. I hope Zekhai will become more active again.
#195 Kyle H- Kyle cut 3.8 af with 6 new PRs, the best of these times was a 1:51.389 on PPS which is ranked #96 on the site. This is an incredible time considering Kyle’s position and I wish him luck for improving it further.

200+ Sorry due to my laziness these people aren’t getting a comment but will still receive a mention in this news
#211 Bradon - (-4.7810)
#239 InfinMK- (-9.4060)
#249 “Zac” - (-4.4060)
#310 Finlay J-W- (-3.5)
#324 Vincent Kwiecien- (-0.3440)
#357 Zachary H

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Steven Quincy

AWARDS TIME (drum roll please)

Only 1 POW award to go out for this news update and it goes to…. Aaron Morton! After over 2 years of working or the rRR WR he finally managed to achieve it. His determination to get the WR finally paid off after all this time.

That’s all for this news update it felt really nice to do it again after a little while but hopefully you all liked it. On a personal note to end I would like to thank all people for support and congratulatory messages on my rRR WR. As you probably knew it did take over 2 years to get it and it felt so good to get it. Once again thanks a lot and I’ll see you guys next time.

Happy Karting