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20 May 2016: "Glitch Standards are a Thing Now"
Hey everybody! Evan here, and it’s that time again…. Are you ready kids? I can’t hear you! It’s time for another edition of the MK7 news! Please excuse my horribly unfunny Spongebob references as we move along here. Glitch standards have been added to the site! Give a big thank you to Alex, Frederiek, TvK, Diogo, Kleenex, Will, Ray and Nicola for the awesome addition. Also, the 7th biennual Karter Contest is taking place on the message board right now as I type this. Who will be the victor this year? Be sure to check it out! (especially my campaign thread *wink*) Ok, this update will cover everything from April 20-May 17. Oh boy, here we go.

New Players

We had 8 new players join since last time! Bryton Daniels, AMcoEva, Joshua O, Sarah Soungie, Iguil jr, Esa Esa, Maik G. and Jayden Bartlett.

4 of them sent us 32/32 times: Joshua, Sarah, Iguil and Jayden. As for the rest of you, get to work!

Site Records

I’ve got 6 new site records to tell you guys about!

Esa Esa beat the old Daisy Hills site record with a time of 1:38.426

Syaru Eve beat the old Piranha Plant Slide site record with a time of 1:47.941

Weisse beat the old DK Jungle site record with a time of 1:55.317

Weisse beat the old Retro Dino Dino Jungle site record with a time of 1:49.773

Ray Parsons beat the old Retro Airship Fortress site record with a time of 1:54.140

Weisse beat the old DK Jungle Glitch site record with a time of 1:52.635


We had a whopping 60 active players since last update!


#1 Weisse- Whaaaaa?! Weisse is still #1?? No surprises here folks, all he did was set 3 new WR’s on DKJ, DKJ G and rDDJ. He also set an amazing 1:53.284 on RIW. And I think it’s worth pointing out that his rDDJ is God standard!
#5 SunMK- The fantastic frenchman got new records on RR, DKJ and DKJ G (4th WW). His DKJ is 4th on the site and 7th WW!!
#8 Wouter Mulders- He played some good ol’ PPS and got a 1:48.240 that’s ranked #3 on the site, and good enough for 4th best in the world.
#9 Prunus mume- got 4 PR’s and cut .2 AF. One of his improvements was a 1:52.949 on RIW that’s 2nd WW. Just over .2 away from the WR…
#11 Ray Parsons- The Canadian champ sent us 1 time, but it was a new rAF WR of 1:54.140, as mentioned above. Go Canada!
#13 Syaru Eve- set a new WR on PPS with a 1:47.941 and got a 1:58.856 on rDKP as well.
#19 Miracle- cut .4 AF on 3 tracks. His best being a #13 rRR time of 1:13.482!
#20 Michael D’Errico- has been missing for a very long time, but has sent us a 1:37.377 on RR! However it is an old PR from 2014, looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the comeback. He seems to be back on the MB though!
#21 Samuel Klein- played 4 tracks and cut .25 AF. He achieved an AR on rDC G with a 1:12.382, and finally submitted his rMG flap which beat my only site record. RIP…
#23 Thomas S.- cut 1.6 AF on 6 PR’s. He also got a WR….on my Mushroom Gorge level in Super Mario Maker. GG, I can’t beat it.
#27 Liam David- another Canadian has also appeared as if from nowhere and played some RIW (1:54.153) and MC (1:59.850). Good to see you back Vexus!
#31 LeoMK- shaved 1.25 AF points with the help of 5 PR’s. One of those is a 1:11.667 on rDC G which is 4th WW! Congrats!
#37 Valentin Vilas Boas- moves up one spot with 3 PR’s and a 2 point AF cut. One of his times was a 1:51.382 on rDDJ which is 13th on the page.
#41 MK7Jack- jumped from #49 to #41 with a 6.1 AF improvement on 15 new records!! Keep up the great work, you’ve got serious potential!
#42 Aaron Morton- PR’d on rLR, BC, RR and DKJ. His best ranked being 12th on rLR with 1:43.219. Well done.
#48 JojoMk7- sent in one PR on rMG. A 1:35.188, ranked 19th on the site. Have fun getting 1:34, it certainly wasn’t easy for me.
#49 Lumi Heart- is wrapping up this first section with a .5 cut on 2 PR’s at rDKP and MC.


#52 Tsuca- sent in a single time on rDKP. 1:58.952, that gets him 35th on the site.
#58 Sorata- got a 2:00.410 on Mario Circuit. Short and to the point!
#63 Shy Guy- PR’d a bunch of tracks to drop 5.4 AF points. He’s King C standard on rLM and is 38th on rBC1. Great job!
#66 Hugo De Moya- Facial Tissues cut 4.5 AF and moved up 3 spots on the rankings. He’s been working hard on rDDJ lately so I wish him luck with that!
#70 Sakito- cuts an astounding 17.5 Average Finish points on improvements to half of his timesheet. His MC stands out to me, it’s #17 on the page with a 1:59.543! Wow.
#74 Elekk- also scores a great AF cut of 11.5 with 10 personal records. His best was on MC as well with a 2:00.270, that stands at 51st. Nice!
#77 Evan Wiseman- is your Mushroom Gorgeous news writer that must now speak in the 3rd person about himself. Evan subbed 4 tracks: rKTB, rDKP, RIW and MC, with the most recent being 2:00.920 on MC. He surprisingly didn’t play ANY rMG, but still desperately wants the WR…
#79 ADAM-XL- sent 4 PR’s on rDKP, RIW, rAF and RRM. For an XL sized cut of 1.3 AF. I CAN’T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO TYPE SO YOU GET CAPS LOCK. smile
#89 Ghost- sent us over a dozen PR’s which was good enough for a 7.7 cut of AF. BOO! Did I scare you? Ah, I didn’t think so.
#92 Retro- climbs 5 spots with a 4.4 AF cut. He sent in a load of times to do so. rMT is the best of the bunch ranked at #72 with 2:19.417.
#94 White- cut just under 9 AF and springs into the top 100! rLR was his best submission, 1:43.080! Unbelievable time, congrats on the top 100!
#100 Matthew Huinker- made a comeback and got 8 PR’s. Welcome back Matt!


#105 Hawaado- starts this section off with a big 11.7 AF cut. He improved almost half of his timesheet, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the top 100 next time. Good luck!
#107 Meteor- is heading toward the top 100 with a 5.5 cut and a #62 time on rCM. Everyone ranked above him should brace for impact!!
#119 Frederiek Warreyn- our beloved time updater, has been grinding Mario Circuit for quite a while now. He started with a 2:01.9 and has since improved by over 1 second to his current 2:00.816. He gained AF, but I’m sure he’s got other important things to do. Right?
#121 Kyle Stoeger- got a bug cut of almost 18 AF! He made massive improvements on almost all tracks. He also has a 1:17 flap time on rWP, I sure hope that’s a mistake wink
#126 Shoryu- made 5 PR’s and is sitting at 18.500 ARR points. One more new record should get you Expert B title! Go go go!
#161 ORANGE- the Australian wonder submitted a hoard of new PR’s. So many that I’m too lazy to count them all. But I must ask, are oranges your favourite fruit?
#164 Christian Connally- my fellow rMG player has returned to send improvements on 6 tracks. He also cut a solid 5.25 AF, keep going!
#181 Jaden Figueroa- sent us a 140th ranked rWP: 2:14.999, and a 44.569 flap.
#185 Zekhai Meadows- played 6 tracks to get rid of 2.2 AF points!!!!
#186 Kyle H.- cut 9.4 AF with a lot of new times. He’s currently sitting at 201.5 AF, so I’m hoping to see you sub 200 next time!
#197 Noah R.- made a 4 point AF cut with 10 new PR’s. GG.

201 and beyond

#207 Bradon- takes off 6.9 AF points with 9 NG records. Top 200 is getting close!
#209 KSM Zach- sheds a huge 26 AF and closes in on Bradon. Who will reach top 200 first ?
#212 Joshua O.- one of our newcomers, storms his way up the rankings with a 16.9 AF cut. The potential is there, keep going!
#215 Siana- another new player, made a 4.7 cut and climbed the charts. One of Siana’s PR’s was a 2:02 on MC, not bad!
#221 Omar Martinez Ramirez- is a cool name, I like it. Omar sent in 7 PR’s, however he still gained a small amount of AF.
#226 Sarah Soungie- joined the rankings and cut exactly 41 AF! Holy moly. She also got a 2:21 on rMT which is her 1st time in the top 200!
#230 InfinMK- made a cut of 4.4 AF with 11 new PR’s. Nice work.
#234 “Zac”- one of our Canadian twins, cut 11.1 AF on 9 personal records. You better catch up to your bro!
#249 MariosMZ- a karter from Greece, got this update’s biggest AF cut…..70.4. Oh how I wish could magically cut 70 AF.
#282 Bryan Hall- cut a good amount of AF for his position: 16.6. Top 250 seems like a good goal to start out with, go for it!
#287 Iguil jr.- one of the newbies from France joins at this position. You shouldn't have any problems climbing the ranks. Go get some PR’s!
#295 Jayden Bartlett- joins at 295. Good luck improving!
#313 Finlay J-W- posted 6 new records but unfortunately gained some AF.
#322 Russell Horwood- got 9 improvements but did the same as Finlay.


Jeff Ferencz-Nagy
Jonas Liedtke
Esa Esa
Maik G.
Bryton Daniels


POW Week 3, April: Kyle Stoeger had 15 PR's in the span of a week and cut a bunch of AF as a result.

POW Week 4, April: "Zac" for winning the random rBC1 war that broke out on the message board with a 1:14.323!

POM April: Weisse became our new site champ, made some amazing PR's and reclaimed the WR on rDDJ with a 1:49.773 god time! Congrats!

POW Week 1, May: Liam David made an unexpected return to MK7 with his PR's on RIW, my Canadian bias forced you in here Liam!

POW Week 2, May: MK7Jack made 8 PR's and has jumped to #41 with the likes of 1:51 rDDJ and 1:48 MP. Well deserved Jack.

Well that's it for this time! I should make this short, it seems my dog has thrown up all over the floor. No joke lol. razz

Happy Karting everyone!