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14 June 2016: "News"
Okay, let’s hit it!

This update will cover activity from May 18 - June 12.

New Players

We have 3 new players:

SkyfangSSB, Teddy Bomber and Joseph Armstrong

Only Teddy bombed us with a full timesheet.

weissesgb (146k image)
 Weisse SGB WR

Site Records

We have 9 new site records!
(Note that Diogo’s new site records are old PR’s that were submitted recently.)

Weisse beat the old Shy Guy Bazaar site record with a time of 2:02.738

Diogo Dos Santos Costa beat the old Music Park site record with a time of 1:47.562

Aaron Morton beat the old Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1:42.843

Prunus mume beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 site record with a time of 1:11.626

Prunus mume beat the old Retro Waluigi Pinball site record with a time of 2:11.141

Weisse beat the old Wuhu Loop Glitch site record with a time of 1:18.201

Weisse beat the old DK Jungle Glitch site record with a time of 1:52.504

Diogo Dos Santos Costa beat the old Retro Daisy Cruiser Glitch site record with a time of 1:11.138

Diogo Dos Santos Costa beat the old Retro Koopa Cape Glitch site record with a time of 2:07.696

weissedkj (176k image) 
Weisse DKJ G WR


We had 52 active players in the past 4 weeks!

#1 Weisse played like a true boss. He achieved 3 world records (!), got 2nd place on Daisy Hills and 8th on Retro Luigi Raceway. Epic times.
#2 Diogo Dos Santos Costa didn’t play! He only gave permission to Hugo to submit his Music Park and his glitch times.
#5 SunMK accomplished a 3rd place on DKJ, but didn’t improve anywhere else.
#8 Prunus mume sent us 5 new PR’s. They ranked 1st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 32nd. He also played SGB and benifited from the new stall boost strat to sub 2:03. And he finally passed Wouter. Pretty amazing.
#9 Wouter Mulders had 1 PR: 1:23.468 on Wuhu Loop. He has been trying to improve it further because it’s annoyingly 0.001 slower than 10th worldwide. But he had no success this far.
#11 Syaru Eve brings us more Japanese amazingness with 4 new top times on SGB, rWP, NBC and DH. Especially his 2:11.361 on rWP stands out.
#18 Miracle has 5 new PR’s and cuts more than 2 AF. He is close to passing Gaspard now.
#22 Thomas S. got 1:19.816 on TC. Otherwise we haven’t seen much activity from him lately because he is still playing a lot of Mario Maker. Great game, Thomas, but we all want you to come back and get that RRM world record!
#26 Liam David got us all excited with his return. He has 3 new times and his MC even ranks top 10.
#28 LeoMK is talented and active as always. He played Stall Boost Bazaar like almost everyone else and 4 other tracks, and entered the top 30. Congrats Leo!
#37 Valentin Vilas Boas improved on RIW and rDKP. They rank 54th and 44th, and that confirms his consistency.
#38 MK7Jack cuts another 5 AF thanks to 9 new PR’s. Congrats on entering top 40, and shout out to his 1:38.604 on DH that ranks 4th!
#40 Aaron Morton played rLM, rKD and WL to reduce his AF score, and played NBC to improve his world record once more. Nice job, Aaron!
#48 JojoMk7 improved on rMG (12th PP now) and rLM (43rd) and they both ranked above his average. So congrats on that.
#49 Lumi Heart has a beautiful name, and is now 27th on MP and 28th on rDKP, what is a beautiful result. <3
#55 Martijn is back with 7 new PR’s and a Music Park time that even ranks top 10. I know he also achieved some other PR’s recently but nobody submitted them yet. When will you make your own forum account, Martijn?
#63 Shy Guy is now 18th on rMT NG and 4th on DKJ G. Great PR’s! :o
#65 Hugo De Moya subbed 1:53 on rDDJ and subbed 2:00 on BC. His new rDDj flap and BC flap are even better because they ranked 1st and 2nd. For those who don’t know this, Hugo and Leo are in a battle for 2nd place total time laps-only. And Hugo just passed Leo. Congrats Hugo!
#68 Sakito cuts 2.4 AF with only submitting an rMG time that ranks 116th? Is that correct?!
#69 Elekk has a nice 4.5 AF cut, he also conquered the coveted 69th place, and achieved a very nice Rainbow Road time that ranks 6th! Watch out for this one, Gogoku!
#73 Evan Wiseman crushed me on MC with his 2:00.063. Great time, Evan! He also got his WL NG into the top 100.
#76 adam-xl played nbc, pps, rmc2 and yes; sgb. this comment is sponsored by the anti-caps lock-movement.
#80 Yacine Wind Waker submitted a bunch of PR’s, probably from the past couple of months. His 1:44.721 on NBC with turncut stands out to me.
#83 Matthew Huinker climbed 17 spots! Piranha Plant Slide is now his best track and ranks 22nd, and his PPS flap is even 1st! It’s great to have you back, Matthew.
#85 White has a lot of potential. His 1:26.575 on MW and his 2:03.397 on SGB are proving it. He also achieved 11 other PR’s this past month, and has cut 10 AF points. The only way is up! (unless you brake your 3DS)
#90 Ghost broke his 3DS. But he is happy to have reclaimed his top 100 spot. His last exploit with his 3DS was a 1:41 sub troll on DH. :p But anyway, GGs Ghost! And maybe you will return some day?

#104 Hawaado cuts 2.6 AF with 2 PR’s. Top 100 is within reach!
#107 Meteor submitted only 1 PR, a 1:51.281 on PPS that ranks 93rd.
#117 Frederiek Warreyn also sent only 1 PR. An improvable 2:11.512 rKC. At least I climbed 2 spots.
#149 ORANGE improved on 8 tracks, and as a result he entered the top 150! But he is even happier that he now became the highest ranked Australian. Nice achievement, congrats!
#150 Lachlan Young is our second highest ranked Australian. :p His 3 PR’s weren’t good enough to thrash the orange. That would have been juicy though!
#162 Joshua O. has a -65.656 AF cut?! And climbed 50 spots?! 0_0 What an achievement! @Everybody: There is a new Jack in town.
#182 Kyle H. moved up 4 spots with 5 PR’s. His best new time is a 2:12.735 on rKC. And he did that with Barrel train, if I remember correctly.
#198 Bradon is clearly enjoying the game and he is now in the top 200. He submitted 13 new times. His RR stays his best time by far and ranks 54th.
#199 Noah R. loses 2 spots, also due to Bradon that passes him. But Noah’s new DKJ time is top 100, so he’s happy nevertheless.

#219 Sarah Soungie has 7 new times and she could be our next top 200 player. That 1:58.529 is a nice WS.
#224 InfinMK sent us 12 new PR’s and they all rank between 200 and 300.
#227 ”Zac” could be a good rival for InfinMK as he is closing in on him.
#230 Rudy Weitze has 3 new times after a one year drought.
#232 Jeff Ferencz-Nagy finally completed his timesheet and is thereby our 232nd best.
#239 Andy Lundeen submitted a couple of average PR’s but even so, we are thrilled every time that the MKSC God picks up his 3DS. And he is now tied with Aron Langerak in our rankings, who is another god but from SMK and MKDD. I find that amusing. big grin
#255 Jayden Bartlett improved half of his timesheet and cuts 42 AF. Nice!
#267 Bryan Hall is trying to get all his times to Intermediate D at least. Only Koopa Cape left! But that one isn’t easy, I know.
#272 Aedilis TC 1:22.275, nice improvement. Thumbs up!
#273 Marco van Turner’s circumstances of his new submission are doubtful. Marco, if you read this; we would like some confirmation on those new times please. Thanks.
#291 Bryton Daniels improved on 15 tracks and got his first top 200 time on Wario Shipyard.

#320 Russell Horwood has 4 new times. But nothing top 300. Come on, Russell!
#342 MK7Manu sent in 14 new times. His rWP is really good for him.
#354 Teddy Bomber likes to bomb teddy bears? Or will he bomb us with teddy bears? I don’t know. Nice name, lol.

Esa Esa, Joseph Armstrong and SkyfangSSB

weissewl (211k image) Weisse WL G WR


These guys deserve a medal:

Player Of the Week 3, May:
Joshua O. for cutting over 20 AF in 1 week!

Player Of the Week 4, May:
Matthew Huinker who got his total AF score below 100 points thanks to 8 PR’s in one week. (-9.6AF, #90)

Player Of the Month, May:
Weisse. for the DK Jungle (Glitch) WR, for the DK Jungle WR, for the Wuhu Loop (Glitch) WR and for the Shy Guy Bazaar WR 0_o

Player Of the Week 1, June:
Aaron Morton for his new NBC NG WR of 1'42"843 what is now a Myth A standard. Aaron also subbed 1’35 on rKD this week.

Player Of the Week 2, June:
Joshua O. for another huge AF cut with 12 new PR’s and a #80 DH time.

Congrats to all of you!

aaronnbc (167k image) 

Well, that was it for this time. I also want to tell you that I will work a lot during July and August. And I want to do less for the Players’ page during those months. I will still organize the POQ awards during the first days of July, but after that I hope some other staff members take over most of my work. I’m sure we will work something out.

Happy karting everybody!