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01 August 2016: "Bananas"
Hey everybody! I’m back with another news update! The plan is to have the news at the beginning of each month, but we’ll see how long that lasts lol. Alright, let’s get to it. This huge update will cover activity from June 13th - July 30th.


New Players

We have 6 newbies this time: Syx Wolf, Mauro Deketelaere, Brock, Jigglypuff, Nathan Allen, and Albert Batts.

Full timesheets from: Syx Wolf, Jigglypuff and Albert Batts.

Welcome to the site guys!

Site Records

6 new SR’s!

Weisse beat the old Shy Guy Bazaar site record with a time of 2:02.686

Aaron Morton beat the old Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1:42.766

SunMK beat the old Retro Luigi Raceway site record with a time of 1:42.876

Prunus Mume beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 site record with a time of 1:11.215

Weisse beat the old Retro Luigi’s Mansion site record with a time of 1:43.281

Weisse beat the old Retro Koopa Cape Glitch site record with a time of 2:07.397


67 karters played some MK7! Don’t be surprised if I start to get lazy by the end of this section. wink


MK7 Champ Weisse- is still #1. He PR’d 8 tracks, 2 of them are World Records on SGB and rLM and 1 is a SR on rKC Glitch. Weisse only has 1 time that isn’t top 10, 11th on PPS. All hail the King!
#3 Okami- got a 2:02.969 SGB and a 1:57.900 rDKP, Myth C and D respectively.
#4 SunMK- improved his Luigi Raceway WR to 1:42.876 and scored 2 more awesome times: 1:19.385 on TC (4th WW) and 1:49.350 on rMT G (3rd WW)
#8 Prunus Mume- discovered a new rBC1 NG strat to further his WR to an amazing 1:11.215. (seems a lot of people played rBC1 because of this) He played some other tracks, but I thought this was the highlight.
#9 Syaru Eve- enters the top 10 with a 1.8750 AF cut. That’s a significant amount considering where he’s ranked!
#10 Wouter Mulders- sets an amazing record on BC. He’s 5th WW with 1:58.629! Teach me your ways, BC has not been kind to me.
#14 Miracle- makes a 3.7 AF cut with 8 improvements. His best was a 1:11.666 rBC1 NG…..gasp! shocked
#20 Samuel Klein- Dat boiii submitted times on PPS, DH, rBC1 and SGB. His PPS is the AR with 1:48.123 and his rBC1……...no way…….1:13.666. I’m scared.
#21 Michael D’errico- didn’t PR. He instead sent us an old 1:04.811 MW G, 12th on the carts. We all await your return…
#22 LeoMK- cut off 3.4 AF points on 5 tracks and jumps up 6 spots. His best time was a 10th ranked 1:12.230 on rBC1. Wait….HUH??! You’re kidding me right? He also got a 1:34.666 on CCL.
#23 Thomas S.- was decently active. We got a great 2:12.313 rWP and 1:11.365 rBC1 G from him along with a few other times. Keep it up!
#24 Liam David- Vexus played DH, DKP and BC. I’m especially jealous of his 1:59.210 BC.
#29 Murray Wright- one of the great BC masters sent a lot of PR’s including a 1:58.338 on you guessed it, Bowser’s Castle. I wish you luck for further improvements! (WR…?)
#32 DracoRom- has been grinding PPS. He managed a really good 1:48.263, ranked 5th and Myth A standard! Go for God!
#33 Aaron Morton- made a great cut of exactly 8 AF, and moved up 7 spots! And he pushed his NBC WR down to a 1:42.766! Nice work Aaron.
#34 Zepple- PR’d for the first time since Dec 2015. He got new records on rRR and rKC. It’s nice to see you back!
#35 MK7Jack- made so many new records that I got a lpl. I’m most impressed with his rBC1 times: 1:11.748 NG and 1:11.305 G.
#38 Valen Vilas Boas- PR’d 3 tracks including a 12th ranked rBC1. Nice!
#42 JojoMk7- goes fom #48 to #42 with 6 new personal records with his best being a 1:31.2 on rKTB.
#46 Martjin- sends 16 new records, and a huge pile of flaps. And he chops off 5.5 AF as a result, noice.
#51 Shy Guy- also got 16 PR’s which moved him up 12 spots! Great work!
#57 Etienne- cut 10 AF off of 9 new PR’s. That’s a nice improvement, keep going!
#60 Sorata- hasn’t been around since April, but decided to send in 6 PR’s this month. One of which was the ever popular rBC1.
#66 Elekk- 9 new records. 2 were rBC1 (1:12.934 NG, 1:11.455 G) So much rBC1. Lol
#71 Adam Roberts- Who is this guy? It looks as though ADAM-XL has fled the country to join the anti caps lock movement. Anyhow, he managed 11 PR’s and has passed yours truly. GG.
#72 Evan Wiseman- is very mad at Bowser. His castle has been trolling Evan for 7 weeks and counting. He got a 1:59.581 and a 1:43.490 on rLR. No rBC1 here!
#74 Matthew Huinker- made an 8 AF cut with 11 PR’s. He has an awesome 1:49.044 PPS and 1:11.711 rBC1 NG (now .541!) I wish you luck for the WR man!
#84 White- failed to cut any AF, but holy moly his 1:43.076 on rLR blows my mind! Ranked 4th on the PP and 8th in the world!
#86 Stacy Needham- the #2 combined rankings legend got a 2:02.192 run on RRM. Not bad!
#90 Retro- sent us 3 new times on MP, SGB and RIW. He’s got a 1:49.994 on MP which is good enough for 75th on the page! Great, now DONT DLT it!
#96 Joshua O.- ??? That’s right! This is the same Joshua that was ranked 162nd in our last update. He has broke his way into the top 100 with ease and shows no signs of slowing down with a 65.6 cut on virtually his entire timesheet. Skill.
#98 Hawaado- also cracked the top 100 with 10 PR’s. Congrats!


#106 Zeko Z.- PR’d a handful of courses. The most notable in my opinion were his 1:57.084 rCM and 1:46.503 NBC NG. Those both beat mine!
#119 Shoryu- played a bit and drove a 1:37.362 top 100 time on Mushroom Gorge. That’s pretty good man.
#126 ORANGE- continues to give the site a hint of citrus with his hoard of new records. He now has 2 top 100 times on rAF and rLR. Nice work!
#136 Aatu Hahto- the fin, precisely made a 7 point cut of AF with lots of improvements. None were better than his FINALLY sub 1:20 on TC. (1:19.999 lol) Great job, you worked very hard for it!
#147 Kyle H.- pretty much improved his entire timesheet for an awesome 36.1 AF cut! I’d also like to congratulate him on his sub 1:51 PPS! I’m sure he worked his butt off for it, now it’s time to beat my record...
#164 Christian Connally- submitted a lonely 1:14.971 on rRR and gained AF. I cri evrytiem. sad
#170 Francis Antepim- sent in 3 new times. That is all, move along now.
#180 Syx Wolf- our first newcomer of this update makes his MK7 debut at #180. Let’s see what he’s made of!
#182 Jaden Figueroa- has a really good Mario Circuit record. 2:00.231 is superb for where he sits in the AF ranks.
#185 Bradon- got a big 24 AF cut and continues to stay ahead of his brother Zac. Go for top 150!
#195 Noah R.- hops up 4 spots thanks to 9 PR’s by him. Good work.


#204 Albert Batts- starts us off with an astounding 46 AF explosion! He played every track in the game except for rLM and TC. Get dat top 200 Albert.
#210 Jacob Desmond-Hooper- has an AF score of 231.0000, he cut 30.0940. How much did he have to begin with? Math.
#219 Rudy Weitze- had a decent 12.6 AF cut this time around. His best of the batch he sent us was a 187th ranked PPS!
#223 MariosMZ- improved his position by 27.9 average finish points.
#225 InfinMK- had a whole bunch of new PR’s and subtracted 3.5660 from his AF.
#226 “Zac”- “cut” 3.5 “AF” with a “good” amount of “personal” records. Did you know that “Zac” is a NARWHAL? The more you know.
#229 Omar Martinez Ramirez- played SGB and got a 2:06.948. The end.
#233 Jeff Ferenc-Nagy- gave us 5 PR’s including an Expert B 1:45.136 Luigi Raceway!
#237 SkyfangSSB- sent in a huge mountain of new times. He has one newbie time left on rKC so let’s hope he takes care of that!
#258 Jayden Bartlett- had only 1 new time: 1:31.600 on Daisy Cruiser.
#261 Bryton Daniels- made 11 improvements to his timesheet and took off 24.3 AF.
#272 Aedilis- formerly known as Toadfan, got a 221st ranked 1:21.555 on TC which is his best time! .555…..at least it wasn’t .666 again.
#280 Chuck Foster- #90 on the combined MK ranks decided to pick up MK7 once again for the first time since 2013. He got 3 PR’s including a top 300 on MW. Don’t leave us so soon!
#318 Kyle Wadley- had a big 51 AF cut, let’s see a bigger cut next time!
#319 Greg Howard- cut 2.8 AF and is hot on Kyle’s tail, but he’ll fall behind quick if he doesn’t get a bigger cut!
#320 Jigglypuff- is in 3rd place behind Kyle and Greg. This is Jigglypuff’s debut position so it’s time to get some PR’s...
#325 Russell Horwood- shared 3 new times with us but unfortunately gained AF.
#370 Zachary H.- last but not least, sent us a 2:18.347 MC and a 1:23.478 rRR.


Nathan Allen
Mauro Deketelaere
Page L.
Joseph Armstrong
Esa Esa


Lot’s to hand out this time!

Player of the Week 3, June:
Weisse, for his 2 world records on rLM and SGB within a day of each other! Both records are God standard as well. Congrats Weisse!

Player of the Week 4, June:
Aaron Morton! He played well this week with his top 20 rKD, top 10 rLR and his new NBC WR.

Player of the Month, June:
Joshua O.! His rapid climb up the ranks scares us! He jumped up to #135 this month!

Player of the Week 1, July:
Kyle H. For 11 PR’s in one week, not including flaps. He’s made some great progression lately!

Player of the Week 2, July:
Albert Batts is a new face around here and managed 10 PR’s this week. He’s been really active since joining and has cut lots of AF. Nice work!

Player of the Week 3, July:
Miracle, for 5 top 25 PR’s including his #2 ranked rBC1.

Player of the Week 4, July:
Prunus Mume, his efforts on rBC1 NG were incredible! He discovered a new strat and used it to improve his WR to a God 1:11.215! Just watch out for Matthew though…

Player of the Month, July:
Joshua O. That’s right, 2 POM’s in a row. He landed his spot in the top 100 at #96 with an endless amount of PR’s. I really think he deserves this award as well. Congratulations!

Congrats to all the award winners above! Some of them were really hard decisions…

And with that this edition of the news concludes. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!

Until next time, happy karting everybody!