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02 September 2016: "Back 2 School!!"
Oh no...it’s that dreaded time of year again. The back to school season is upon us, summer vacation is coming to a close, and karting activity usually drops a little. I know most of you are already back in school, but if you aren’t, savour your last bit of summer while you can!!

Alright, this update will cover the month of August, July 31st - August 31st. (Note: there are a couple submissions on the 31st that didn’t quite make it in time for this update)

New Players

There are 3! Say hello to Doodle, Flo_Mk and X.Dark.x! The first two players have incomplete timesheets while Dark joins with 32/32 times. We look forward to seeing more from them!

Site Records

Only 1 this time:

Samuel Klein beat the old Retro Maple Treeway Glitch site record with a time of 1:48.938


We had 50 active players this month!


#1 Weisse- only played 2 tracks: a 1:56.562 on rCM and a 1:11.704 on rBC1. With these two improvements, he has subbed 4 AF on the rankings!
#3 Okami- sent 3 records on rAF, BC and rWP. His 2:11.640 on rWP is 7th WW while his 1:54.355 on rAF is 4th worldwide! Great job Okami!
#9 Wouter Mulders- TT’d Koopa Cape earlier this month and achieved a 2:08.362 which is a top 10 time!
#12 Miracle- passed 2 players with a 1.8 AF cut. He submitted 5 PR’s, the best being a 1:53.964 on RIW which is ranked 10th!!
#16 Nicola Torre- sent 3 PR’s from June and cut .5 AF. They were: a 1:43.607 rLM, a 2:11.911 rWP and a 1:23.332 on WL.
#20 Samuel Klein- remembered to send in his rMT Glitch WR this time! Congrats again buddy!
#21 LeoMK- currently sits at just over 30 AF. He didn’t cut any, but was still active with 3 PR’s and 2 flaps. His rBC1 NG is an astounding 1:11.752, 6th on the charts and 7th worldwide!
#22 Thomas S.- had a #1 ranked RRM flap (37.605), a 1:43.415 rLR and a 1:59.841 BC to share with us this month. Nice PR’s!
#29 Murray Wright- improved his NBC record to a 1:45.700, it’s Hero C and 30th on the site!
#32 MK7Jack- jumped up 3 spots with 8 improvements! His DKJ was the best of his NG submissions ranking at 26th with a 1:56.367. He’s also 8th WW on rBC1 Glitch with 1:11.131!
#34 Aaron Morton- had one PR for us: a 1:52.252 on rDDJ. hehe
#37 Valentin Vilas Boas- also had a single PR, but on rBC1. His 1:12.156 is a site top 10 and Titan C standard.
#40 JojoMk7- cuts 5.2 AF and improves 2 spots on the rankings. He played 4 tracks including a 2:18.357 rMT. Nice work!
#44 Shy Guy- has quietly been moving up the ranks, he was 51st last update, and 63rd the one before that! He set another 12 PR’s this month and those had a 1:34.467 rMG which is 7th PP and 10th WW! Great job!
#46 Etienne- was another 12 PR player this month and leap frogged 11 karters! Great work Etienne! P.S your 1:55.387 on Wario Shipyard makes me jealous!!
#47 Martijn Veldhuis- sent in a heaping pile of flaps, 21 to be exact! And 7 3laps too! The best of those 3laps was a 1:56.362 on DKJ, ranked 25th. Nice!
#52 Lumi Heart- squeezed in a quick 1:57.155 on Coconut Mall to get a mention in this news update!
#54 Sorata- slipped past 6 players with 7 new records and cut 3.8 AF in the process. Solid progress, keep it up!
#62 X.Dark.x- is up next. He joins at this position so be careful everybody above him! It looks like he’s got some serious potential!
#68 Hugo De Moya- TT’d some Wuhu Loop and got a 20th ranked 1:23.571 and a 2nd ranked 22.766 flap! You’re so close to the worldwide top 10...JUST DO IT!! razz
#71 Matthew Huinker- sent 11 flap records. Both his rBC1 flaps are site records and he also sent 4 3lap records. The best was a 1:31.755 rKTB which is ranked…..69th. Ha.
#72 Adam Roberts- had 5 PR’s this month, his most recent being a 2:13.054 on rWP to defend his 10th American spot from….
#73 Evan Wiseman- He tried for the American Top 10 on Waluigi Pinball but fell just short of Adam’s time. However he improved his record from 2:13.709 to 2:13.245 and got a 43.429 flap. Not bad I guess.
#77 Stephane Comodi- posted 4 PR’s. His rAF is AMAZING, 1:54.255 is unbelievably good! He’s 3rd in the world just behind Ray and Adro.
#85 Zeko Z.- randomly cut 22.5 AF cut and breaks into the top 100 from 106th. He made 14 new PR’s to do so. Where the heck did that come from?!
#88 Joshua O.- continues to climb the ranks quite hastily. He dropped 9.9 AF with the help of 12 PR’s! Good job with your NBC, rKTB, rKD, rLM, rDC and rDKP, they all beat mine haha.


#119 Shoryu- sent in a 124th ranked Wario Shipyard time of 1:57.752 and a 38.566 fastest lap. GG.
#120 Frederiek Warreyn- Freddy Found the Free time to Finally Finish his First PR on Koopa Cape (2:11.340) in Forever. FFFFFFFFFantastic!
#121 ORANGE- got four fruity PR’s this month on rDKP, RRM, rKTB and rBC1. His rDKP was the fastest of the group with a 1:59.874! NOICE.
#145 Kyle H.- had 8 PR’s and a handful of flaps to show for this month. Congrats on beating me out of the American top 10 for rBC1. Your 1:13.655 is safe for now…
#146 Francis Antepim- submitted a big batch of new times for a 21.5 AF cut. His Koopa Cape is a 2:10.494 which is really great for his rank!
#166 Syx Wolf- has made some great progress from when we saw him last. He was #180 in the last update! Two of the times he sent: PPS and rBC1, are in the top 100! Grrreat!
#167 Christian Connally- got a 1:31.916 Hero B time on Koopa Beach, one of his best tracks along with rMG and WS.
#182 Jaden Figueroa- made a 1:58.734 DKJ and a 2:05.697 SGB which are both top 200 times
#184 Bradon- did the same as Christian and PR’d on Koopa Beach with a 1:32.326, good enough for a Hero D standard. He also sent some flaps with his 11th ranked WL being the fastest.
#193 Albert Batts- had another solid cut of 16 AF points as he keeps up his activity and enters the top 200 this month. Congrats!
#194 Noah R.- didn’t cut much AF, but nonetheless got improvements on rRR and PPS. His 1:51.609 PPS is among his fastest records ranking in at 112th!


#203 Jacob Desmond-Hooper- has a long name. He got a bunch of PR’s this time, around 11 + some flap records too. His best submission was his 1:28.324 Maka Wuhu, Expert C and ranked 148th!
#215 MariosMZ- cut a hearty 9.4 points this time. Keep climbing the ranks man, the top 200 is getting close!
#218 Siana- shared 8 new records with us this month and took off 3.3 average finish.
#220 Omar Martinez Ramirez- is gaining ground on the above 2 karters. He cut some time on 14 tracks which gave him a nice 9.5 AF drop.
#221 InfinMK- got 10 PR’s in August while also cutting 3 AF. I’m running out of things to write to be honest….here, have a cookie. Does it taste good?
#224 “Zac”- played PPS, rMC2 and rKTB. Of the three, his 1:54.202 PPS is in the top 200! Good work Zac.
#261 Bryton Daniels- is smack dab in the middle of an AF graveyard. It was very difficult to locate him amongst all of the inactive people! Anyway, he did send 2 PR’s on MC and RRM, but it wasn’t enough to prevent him from gaining AF.
#317 Greg Howard- made some tweaks to his timesheet with 8 PR’s to ultimately subtract 2.1 points.
#319 Anthony Caiulo- hasn’t been active since January of 2015. He may have decided to pick up his 3ds again, or perhaps he just unloaded all of his old PR’s from long ago. Either way, we’re glad you shared them with us!
#321 Kyle Wadley- gave us a 1:58.811 on Airship Fortress, that’s not too shabby.
#327 Russell Horwood- finishes us off with 10 PR’s and a just under 1 AF cut.




Did you skip to this section…?

Player of the Week 1, August:
Shy Guy: For a 5 point cut and his 1:34.467 on rMG which made it into the WW top 10! <3 rMG

Player of the Week 2, August:
ORANGE: His persistence on rDKP paid off! He achieved an awesome 1:59.874 which is 74th, and he also got a really solid 1:13.976 on rBC1 NG!

Player of the Week 3, August:
Zeko Z.: For a strong week of mostly top 100 PR’s, which included a 1:38.506 RR and a 2:01.740 RRM to name a couple

Player of the Week 4, August:
Okami: put up some outstanding PR’s this week. He got his rAF to 4th worldwide and his 1:58.968 BC is also approaching 10th WW.

Player of the Month, August:
Shy Guy: I scrolled through his Miiverse posts to see many improvements all throughout August, he worked very hard this month! Congrats Shy Guy!

Thanks again for reading (or skimming) everybody! See you all next time, Bye-bye!