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07 October 2016: "Matthew Joins the Battle!"
Hi everybody! Here is Matt's edition of the news, enjoy!

Hey guys, Matt here. It has finally reached one of the best times of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is not too hot, not too cold, and there is always a slight breeze to keep you feeling good. It's a shame it can't be like this all year round.

Alright, this news update will cover the month of September, August 31st - October 1st. Unfortunately, there are quite a few time submissions that didn't quite make it for this time update again this month.

New Players

We have 1 new player this month. Paradox, who comes in at #92 and has already begun sending in even more times, watch out for Paradox, everybody!

Site Records

We have 3 site records this month.

Randy Mangar beat the old Rainbow Road site record with a time of 1:36.170

Yacine Wind Waker beat the old Retro Mario Circuit 2 site record with a time of 1:08.327

Prunus Mume beat the old Retro Bowser Castle 1 Glitch site record with a time of 1:10.737


This month we had a slightly underwhelming 39 active players, 12 of which gained instead of losing AF. I don't know whether or not to include those who lost AF, but were still active on 1 track or sent in only flaps, or not. I never noticed if we had done it before, so I only wrote about those who cut AF.

Top 20

#1- Weisse, our fearless leader, sent in 3 PRs this month, including a short-lived rBC1 Glitch WR.

#7- Prunus Mume continues to make me jealous by setting a new WR on rBC1 Glitch immediately after Weisse this month, as well as sending in a #8 BC time.

#9- Syaru Eve retained his position by sending in 6 PRs himself. Watch out for Miracle!

#10- Miracle broke into the Top 10 in style, cutting 3 AF and setting 5 PRs!

#19- LeoMK finally broke into the Top 20 this month by sending in 4 PRs, as well as 1 flap. Congratulations, Leo, I'm proud of you!


#34- Fants has impressed me by sending in 6 new PRs this month, including a #6 rKTB time.

#42- Shy Guy has solved the answer of life and the universe by cutting an impressive 3.7187 AF. Good luck on POQ!

#45- Martjin Veldhuis made 4 new PRs and 1 new flap, including a new MP time, ranked #5.

#46- Etienne sent in 4 PRs but somehow managed to cut less than half an AF point. Keep up the good work, Etienne! We know you are trying your best.

#53- Sorata only sent in 1 PR, but managed to cut a bit of AF, the reason being it was a very impressive #23 WS!

#70- Evan Wiseman starts off a triad of players with 3 PRs and a solitary flap.

#71- Matthew Huinker is not used to talking to himself out of first person and has been focusing on getting all Top 10 flaps, cutting only .9687

#72- Adam Roberts ends off our trio with a sweet 1.4668 AF cut.

#75- Yacine Wind Waker continues to crawl up the rankings, not to mention his amazing rMC2 WR! Amazing job, Yacine!

#77- Joshua O. continues his monstrous rise through the rankings, cutting a big 9.3750 AF. His rise through the rankings reminds me of someone else who used to play MK7 hehe

#78- Stephane Comodi sent in only 1 PR, being a time on TC ranked #107. I guess one is better than none!

#82 Zeko Z. sent in 5 PRs this month, the best being an amazing #58 WS time!

#91- Paradox enters the ranking at a mind boggling #92! Looks like ORANGE has some new competition, as Paradox is a fellow Australian.


#110- Shoryu has been silently, yet effectively, climbing the rankings this month. He has set 7 PRs and a few flaps this month, his best time being a #91 CCL.

#114- ORANGE continues his juicy climb to Top 100 with a great 7.0630 AF cut and 5 PRs, and has finally passed the all knowing Frederiek Warreyn. Keep it up my man!

#118- Frederiek Warreyn seems to have been listening to The Who lately like many others, setting a PR on rWP, as well as a PR on rKC.

#136- Kyle H. continues to cut decent amounts of AF as always, sending in some flaps and impressive times on rDKP and NBC.

#188- Albert Batts rounds off our 101-200 list with a 10.8120 AF cut, making continued progress on his rise through the rankings, cutting an additional 5 spots since last month.


#219- Omar Martinez Ramirez cut a minuscule amount of AF this month, only .5630, but still jumped 3 spots.

#222- "Zac" cut a bit of AF, with a cut of only 2.0940. Playing only RIW and rBC1.

#237- Bryton Daniels cut considerably more AF than anyone in the +200 rankings, with an AF cut of 26. He played a few tracks, his best being rBC1, and PPS, ranked at #143 and #180 respectively. Great job, Bryton!

#326- Russel Horwood played DKJ, MW, NBC this month for a small .7810 AF cut. His best time out of the three being DKJ ranked #282

Keep up the good work guys!


Courtesy of the wonderful Frederiek Warreyn.

Player of the Week 1, September:
Yacine Wind Waker of course! For his rMC2 world record, congrats Yacine!

Player of the Week 2, September:
Joshua O.: for 5 PR's in one week. His rWP and rBC1 are his best ranked times, nice job!

Player of the Week 3 September:
Syaru Eve: He got 3 top 10 PR's in a week! His 2:02.912 on SGB is especially impressive, he was outside the WW top 10 but jumped up to 4th there!

Player of the Week 4, September:
Miracle: For entering the legendary top 10, talk about an amazing achievement! Congrats, we're all very happy for you!

Player of the Month, September:
10 PR's in a month and two of them are top 10? Yep, let's give it to Shy Guy again.

Thanks for reading everybody! Maybe I'll end up writing the news again someday. See you on the forums, bye-bye!