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01 November 2016: "IsaaK puts the "K" in Kart"
Hi everybody, here is IsaaK's news masterpiece:

Hey guys! It's IsaaK here, writing the news for the first time. Now as you know, it's Halloween, so I'm expecting as many .666 times as July. Only joking,
This update will cover activity from 2 October- 31 October.

New Players

Three new people joined, which means 499 MK7 PP accounts have been made. Just one more until that magical mark of 500! Anyway,

Ducks and DelYoshi each join with 31/32 times submitted.

Hugh Moorhead also joins, but with a full timesheet, debuting at #337!

Site Records

Only one this month;

SunMK beat the old Daisy Hills site record (1:38.426) with a time of 1:37.897.


We had 36 active players this month. School really plummets the numbers!


#1- Weisse is now over 6 months into his reign as site champion and he is a full 3 AF ahead of Diogo! Nice PRs, keep it up!
#4- SunMK is slowly chasing down Okami for third place; all of the times he set are top 10 including that godly DH time!
#10- Miracle only sent in 1 time; a 2:00.134 on RRM. Go for the sub!
#18- LeoMK stays put with his rank, but cuts 0.8 AF. However Leo is very consistent, and that is important in the charts.
#21- Thomas S. only sent in 2 times, but what times they were! His rWP is ranked God and his rKTB is not short of WW top 10. Also RIP rBC1 because that strat that Thomas found is unbelievable!
#23- Fants submitted 4 PRs, the best being a 1:11.552 on rDC G, which is 4th WW!
#28- Murray Wright has enjoyed 4 very good times. His BC is a standout; he is .016 away from the already strong SR!
#39- JojoMk7 breaks into the top 40, beating his oldest PR and cutting 0.8 AF in the process!
#41- Shy Guy was a little less active, only submitting times on MP and NBC. Etienne is hot on your heels, keep going man!
#42- Etienne however has been very active this month with 10 PRs!!! He also gets three exclamation marks from Frederiek for finally accomplishing a correct time submission😀
#45- Martijn Veldhuis sent in 7 PRs, and even more flaps. Just watch out for Matthew!
#48- X.Dark.x was October's biggest AF cutter, shaving off 11.4 points. Although I don't know if all the times were set this month, it's impressive nonetheless.


#68- Hugo De Moya kicks Supy out of this 'trio', cutting 0.1875 AF.
#69- Matthew Huinker is going strong on the flaps, but still cut 1.75 AF. Noice.
#70- Adam Roberts is no longer XL, but remains in the triad. He also achieved the legendary 1:50 sub on MP. Well done!
#72- Joshua O. as usual PRed like crazy. I particularly like your rMG! I wonder if he'll kick someone off the trio next month?
#84- Nathan P. made a mini comeback to MK7 with a 1:13.336 on rBC1 ranked 44th. Very good!
#87- Paradox cut 6.8 AF but only moved up 4 spaces. His WS particularly stands out, ranked #18.
#90- Stacy Needham also made a comeback this month! The 2nd best all-around MK player's only top 100 time was a 1:52.863 on rDDJ.
#93- Retro plays for the first time since July, with times on TC, MP and rDDJ.


#112- ORANGE's fruit friends say that Apple + Pen= Apple Pen. The king of the citrus was too busy playing MK7 to notice their annoying singing. His MC is within touching distance of the Top 100, and his rCM is also good!
#116- Frederiek Warreyn, everyone's favourite time updater, took some ground off ORANGE with a very impressive 1:11.580 on rMC2. It's now his best track, congrats!
#134- Kyle H. squeezed in a couple of times at the end of the month, and passed 2 people because of this.
#182- Jaden Figueroa TTed only on RRM on rMC2. Nevertheless, he cut 2.2 AF, which is considerable bearing in mind he only PRed twice.
#185- Bradon made a 1:59.296 on RIW and subtracts 0.1880 Average Finish. But I guess I now have a broken screen buddy!
#195- Noah R. only played rDKP at the start of the month, and cuts a small 0.2 AF!

200 and beyond

#217- "Zac", who is probably my biggest rival, cut 5.5 AF, and got a top 200 time on PPS. WUT is all I can say.
#223- InfinMK learned a new strat on RR to get the 1:43 sub. He also learned how to talk about himself in third-person.
#232- Bryton Daniels is getting closer to me, help! His surge of 7 PRs improves his AF by 4 points.
#323- Russell Horwood sent in 7 PRs on the 7th October, playing MK7! How wierd.
#325- Finlay J-W played rMC2, rDDJ and rAF but still gained AF. Stay optimistic, I remember when I was there in the charts!
#337- Hugh Moorhead is new to the site! The charts are there to climb, have fun!


Esa Esa
Joseph Armstrong


Don't worry, I don't blame you for scrolling down to here.

Player of the Week 1, October:
Thomas S. for an impressive 2:11.473 on rWP which is 5th WW!

Player of the Week 2, October:
Another impressive time on rKTB and finding an OP shortcut that has broken rBC1? It's none other than Thomas S. again! Well done!

Player of the Week 3, October:
Murray Wright: for 3 PRs one of which is a 1:58.298 on BC (just 0.016 from the SR)! Go Murray!

Player of the Week 4, October:
SunMK for setting his third WR on DH with a 1:37.897 which is ranked God, amazing!

Player of the Month, October:
This was very close, but we thought Etienne deserved the POM! He was very consistent throughout the month, cutting 5.6 AF. He also achieved two amazing things; a WW top 10 on WS, and a correct date format in his submission. Congrats!

Thanks for reading through my news update! Hope you had a great Halloween (and stayed away from those killer clowns lol). Until next time,