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02 December 2016: "Bradon puts the "B" in B Dasher!"
Hey guys! It’s Bradon! one of the the MK twins. This month I’m going to be doing the news. ;3
This update will cover activity from the 1st of November - 30th of November.

New Players

GS_Dark, Potato, Aaron Triplett, and Jack Whittingham all joined this month with 32/32 times debuting at 309th, 324th, 329th, and 331st respectively.

Good luck on climbing the AF charts guys!

Site Records

Only 1 this time:

Aaron Morton beat the old Neo Bowser City site record (1:42.766) with a time of 1:42.688 and then lowered it to 1:42.637! Amazing!


We had 35 active players this Month!


#1 - Wiesse stayed site Champion and also made 1 new PR on rMT.

#3 - Okami posted one new record on rBC1. This allowed him to get a huge .4 AF cut which kept SunMK from getting 3rd place.

#4 - SunMK joined the 1:34 sub group in rMG! He cut .875 AF in the process of doing so. Watch out Okami!

#9 - Miracle posted two new records on RRM and rAF cutting over 1 AF and passing Syaru Eve to get the 9th spot. Great Job!

#21 - Thomas S. finally got WW tops on rKTB with 1:30.628 (6th WW). He also PR’d on rLM.

#34 - Aaron Morton also posted only one new record. That record was his new NBC WR: 1:42.637. Amazing!

#36 - Jojomk7 made 3 records including a 30th place TC time. He cut a total of 1.8438 AF this month.

#41 - Tsuca beat almost half of his timesheet by posting all his hoarded times just like Wata-Z. Tsuca cut a total of 17.3750 AF.

#43 - Etienne posted a 37th place MP time and a 35th place RR time. He cut exactly .5 AF.

#44 - Wata-Z Cottingham almost created a whole new timesheet for himself with all his hoarded times! He lost over 63 AF and climbed the AF charts by a bunch! O.O He even got the CCL AR!

#46 - x.Dark.x made 7 PR’s this month including a 24th place WL time! He cut a total of 7 AF.

#47 - Martijn Veldhuis posted 4 new PRs and MANY flaps. He overtook Kleenex and LeoMK in flap AF moving into 4th place! Keep on climbing Martijn!

#56 - Sorata Posted one new PR this month. It was Sorata’s ONLY WW tops time: DH 1:38.713(8th WW!). Sorata still gained a bit of AF this month.

#63 - Hugo De Moya AKA Flap lover Kleenex got all his times under top 100 this month and lost 3.1250 AF. He didn't have any new flaps though...

#64 - Joshua O. after getting closer and closer to Kleenex he is now practically breathing down his neck. Joshua beat MANY records this month and lost 7.1875 AF. Here comes Josh, Hugo!

#70 - Matthew Huinker broke the trio and made 2 PRs and MANY flap PRs this month. The most notorious flap being his 1st place rBC1 NG flap.

#72 - Adam Roberts made 8 PRs this month. One of his times being 30th PP and 7th American rWP! Wow!

#73 - Evan Wiseman posted 3 new PRs including the long awaited 3/3 NBC turncut.

#77 - Paradox, ORANGE’s #1 Australian rival made 5 PR’s this month, his best being his SGB time which is 55th place.


#107 - Shoryu cut 8.3750 AF placing him at exactly 116 AF. He also finished up his glitch timesheet!

#111 - Meteor made only 3 Prs this month. Fighting off Frederiek from taking his spot, Meteor cut 2.1570 AF.

#112 - Frederiek Warreyn played TC and worked on both RRs (which i’m still better on). He cut almost 4 AF with his times.

#128 - Kyle H. made 7 new PRs and cut 8.5620 AF edging him closer and closer to top 100 AF.

#176 - Jaden Figueroa got 4 new records this month that allowed him to lose 3.5310 AF. He even got a 127th place NBC time.

#184 - Bradon learned 3 things. 1.He learned his 3DS’s R button doesn’t work correctly anymore 2. He learned 3rd Person 3. He learned how to gap skip without stopping on rMG. He made 2 PRs and cut 1.3750 AF.

#187 - Albert Batts made only 2 records on rWP and rAF which allowed him to cut a total of 1.4690 AF reaching ever so slightly closer to me.

200 and beyond

#214 - “Zac” made 5 new PRs. His most noticeable is his 88th place rBC1 time. He also got an 8th place flap on rBC1 too! He got all his times under 300 and cut 5.6870 AF from from all of this. Great job bro!

#223 - InfinMK got new times on both Mario Circuits. He cut a total of 1.9070 AF!

#232 - Bryton Daniels beat only 1 record this whole month. It was his rDKP. This made lose him over 2.1 AF!

#309 - GS_Dark was the best newbie to join this month! He has mostly top 300+ times but the ones that stick out are his WL and rMC2 which both are 275th place. Best of luck climbing the boards GS_Dark!

#322 - Finlay J-W made a few records including a top 300 rKC time! Congrats! Finlay lost 3.4060 AF.

A nutritious food joined this month to take place of ORANGE’s inactivity! It was #324 - Potato! All of his times are low 300 and we’re all waiting for his first top 300. You can do it you vegetable!

#326 - Russell Horwood made 5 new PRs this month but still lost a bit of AF.

Another new player #331 - Aaron Triplett joined this month being our 500th player to join. He has already lost 3.5 AF and failed to sub rAF with exactly 2 minutes!

Again, another new player joined this month! It was #333 - Jack Whittingham! The AF charts are ready for you to climb!


Player of the week 1, November:
Joshua O. wins this week's POW for beating 6 records and getting a 2:12 rWP in the process.

Player of the Week 2, November:
Hugo de Moya wins the second POW this month because of the astounding achievment of getting all records to top 100!

Player of the week 3, November:
The winner for the third POW is again Joshua O. for another 5 PR’s, his best one being his rBC1 NG 1:13.261 which is 8th american.

Player of the week 4, November:
Aaron Morton wins the final POW because of his new NBC WR, beating the old WR by over one tenth of a second.

Player of the Month, November:
The POM goes to x.Dark.x for being active throughout the whole month and losing over 7 AF. He would’ve moved up more spots if it wasn’t for the hoarded times of Tsuca And Wata-Z.

I wrote this with a neck wanting to kill the person using it!