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03 January 2017: "2017 - A Year For 7?"
Hi Karters! What a year it has been. From new site champions to new record-breakers, 2016 was far from quiet. Right now though, I'm gonna talk about December.
This update will cover activity from 1 December - 31 December.

New Players

A couple of Japanese legends, and some familiar faces arrived to the site this month. Good for the PP, but bad for people like me, who had to withstand big AF rises🙃

LunMK7, the very well known French pro, starts here in the top 30!

Chris Pye, a well known Canadian, also joined this month, with a rank of #98. Welcome to the site!

The Japanese legend Attract arrived at #36. In case his name doesn't ring a bell, this is tdz, the MW master!

Lever is the only person this month not to join with a full time sheet. Most of his times are out of the top 100, but he has some staggeringly good times on RIW and WS!

Finally, we have Alex Garcia and Christos Karamanos, two players from Spain and Australia. They start fairly low, at #351 and #361 respectively.

Site Records

A couple this month:

Thomas S. beat the old Rock Rock Mountain site record (1:58.986) with a time of 1:58.844.

Attract beat the old Maka Wuhu site record (1:26.277) with a time of 1:26.219.


We had 36 active players this month.


#1- Weisse has arguably had the best year of us all. 23 WRs. December saw him become the 2nd person ever to sub rMT NG, and make a time just 4 milliseconds behind the WR!
#3- Okami is defending his top 3 position, with top 10 times on rLM and rBC1.
#6- Miracle was yet again consistent this month, and passed the legendary player Alexony. It's a miracle how much you've improved this year!
#19- Thomas S.: 2 Gods, 2 King Bs, very first WR, and top 20. I didn't think you could beat Octobers performance, very well done!
#24- Murray Wright broke into the top 25, and subbed 1:31 on Koopa Troopa Beach.
#26- LunMK7 has made a cracking debut. I hope you continue into the new year!
#33- Aaron Morton cut 1.2 AF with 4 new times. The top 30 is close!
#36- Attract only joined in the middle of the month, but he has already submitted new times left right and centre!
#39- Nozea completed his time sheet this month, which has times ranging from #130 to #25.
#40- X.Dark.x stretches forward 6 places with more batches of PRs.
#45- Martijn Veldhuis focused less on flaps and more on his ranking. It payed off; he shaved 2 AF even with the likes of Nozea and Attract ahead of him!
#47- Etienne improves his WS again to a 1:54.647 ranked Titan C. This time is amazing, well done!


#63- Joshua O. started this year in the top 200. After months of effort, he is in this spot now. December saw him make even more times including a DH ranked 23rd! Incredible!
#66- Hugo de Moya made 3 PRs, but somehow, gained 3 spots. Strange.
#67- Adam Roberts sits just behind Kleenex. He may not have XLed in the amount of PRs he made, but he cut an average of 22 spots on the tracks he did!
#72- Paradox provided a big cut of 8.5AF this month. His cut was fuelled by very nice times on rWP and rAF.
#73- Evan Wiseman or 'Supy' made a few times on a mixture of tracks. Probably still attempting the rMG WR.
#98- Chris Pye submitted all 32 of his times on Christmas Day. His best time is 2:09.565 on rKC, just short of the top 50!


#107- Meteor has had a great month, cutting 7 AF with new records on 15 tracks! The top 100 is within touching distance, keep going!
#114- Frederiek Warreyn cut nearly 1 AF point. But he also celebrated his 1000th day on the MB. Thanks for everything you do for the PP Frederiek!
#116- ORANGE is on summer break and kicked it off with a 2:14.006 on rWP! Remember to put sunscreen on, you might peel.
#119- Kyle H. has become hot on the citrus king's heels, with an 8 AF reduction. Your rivalry is gonna start getting interesting Tongue
#177- Jaden Figueroa submitted one single time, a 2:20.337 on rMT ranked 117. Nice!
#188- Albert Batts is one of the few people in the upper ranks to cut AF. This was due to his 13 track spree.
#196- Noah R. played the Luigi family tracks, being rLR, rLM, and rWP. He cuts just under 1 AF.

200 and beyond

#226- InfinMK somehow found the motivation to improve his rDDJ by nearly a second. Nothing else, that's all.
#227- Ben Stoneman crept right up my tail without me noticing at all! His activity in December was a solitary PR on rKC.
#303- GS_Dark shaves 11 AF and climbs the charts by 6 positions. His WL stands out, ranked 180th.
#314- Greg Howard made a BIG comeback in December! He also got his first top 300 time on NBC.
#322- Potato only found time to submit one PR. This was presumably because of all those fun polls he was creating.
#325- Finlay J-W created times on rKD and rKC. This wasn't enough to make him move down a few places.
#332- Aaron Triplett made a return from his November debut. I'm running out of things to say..... here have a cookie, does it taste good?
#335- Jack Whittingham made 2 times, but unfortunately lost 2 places. Dejavu anyone?
#336- Hugh Moorhead went on a roll with a whopping 14 PRs. His best time was a 1:36 on rKTB!
#351- Alex Garcia made the biggest AF cut of them all; 20.7 AF! Although this was largely down to him joining, it's impressive nonetheless.
#361- Christos Karamanos joined this month! You have a huge amount of potential, stay karting and have fun!


Esa Esa
Joseph Armstrong


You're not the only one to go straight to here.

Player of the Week 1, December:
Miracle for a Top 10 on the tricky BC and another 2 strong PRs. I can only imagine how hard it is to PR at your level, very good!

Player of the Week 2, December:
Meteor raced his way to 8 PRs, cutting 5 AF. Great!

Player of the Week 3, December:
Murray Wright for going on a small PR spree and joining the elite squad on rKTB with a sub 1:31 time!

Player of the Week 4, December:
Sorry Weisse, this goes to Thomas S.! He made his very first WR this week, with an incredible 1:58.844 on RRM, ranked God. Congrats!

Player of the Month, December:
Another tough decision to make but it goes to Paradox! One of the most consistent players of the month, he cut huge AF points, bounced into the top 75, and made an exceptional time on rAF. Congratulations on all your achievements!

Thanks for reading through my news. Hope you had a good Christmas and stay karting in 2017! Until next time,