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04 February 2017: "ORANGE Gives the News a Hint of Citrus"
Hey karters! It’s ORANGE, your favourite (and only) fruity karter. This month’s news will be a new milestone - it’s our first news written in the Southern Hemisphere!

This update will cover activity from the 1st of January - 31st of January.

New players

Jamie Skepper joins this month at #310
Japanese legend Saserema makes his debut at #49
Tate Jet another amazing Japanese player, debuts at #81

Site Records

We had two new site records this month:

Esa Esa beat the old Shy Guy Bazaar site record (2:02.686), with a time of 2:02.587

Weisse beat the old Retro Maple Treeway site record (2:16.989), with a time of 2:16.832


We had 46 active players this month!


#1-Weisse continues his reign as site champion with another World Record! This time on Maple Treeway, which he’s never done before!
#6-Miracle decided to only work on glitch tracks this month, getting 1:12.058 on rDC G. The sub is in sight.
#10-Wouter Mulders joined the trend of playing SGB this month, subbing 2:03 to get 4th on the PP!
#17-Thomas S. gets in 2 PR’s this month on WL and rDKP, which rank 11th and 23rd.
#19-Samuel Klein shaves off 1.9375 AF and is now tied up with Leo!
#21-Attract is starting to attract some attention with a whopping 13.5AF cut, which is very hard to pull this high up in the rankings.
#24-Murray Wright submits 3 amazing top 20 times on both CCL, rLM and rDKP, but unfortunately gained AF
#27-LunMK7 gets 2:08.576 on rKC, that is all.
#28-Liure submits only 1 PR this month - a 3rd PP on CCL! Maybe you’ll “lure” in a WR here...
#32-Nozea is rapidly climbing the charts going from 39th - 32nd. He also got 1:26.546 on MW, ranked Titan A. Keep up the good work!
#35-Aaron Morton gets in two PRs this month, but moves down two places. Strange...
#39-X.Dark.x Like many others, decided to test their luck on SGB this month. He managed to get 2:03.445, which is his 4th Titan time!
#41- Martijn Veldhuis has cut 2.125 AF this month. In doing so he’s now under 50 AF! He also gets in a flap on rCM, which is .007 off the WR!
#49-Saserema makes his debut this month. His best times include a 4th on BC and 3rd on rKC.


#52-Lumi Heart got in 3 times and drops 3 AF. He also got another Titan time on rBC1, which ranks 13th. Your heart must have been pounding when you got that.
#60-Paradox has perhaps had the greatest month of us all, passing well known Adam, Evan and Joshua. Not to mention that he got his first top 10 WW on rAF, which is also Australia’s first top 10 WW!
#63-Joshua O. h no, gets in 3 PRs this month, but for the first time ever, gains AF. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!
#65-Hugo de Moya shows the power of Kleenex with a PR and flap on both CCL and TC. He also gets his 3rd King A time! Gotta get that Titan.
#68-Adam Roberts gets in 4 Pr’s this month, including an amazing 1:37.713 on RR, but has Evan hot on his heels. Better “XL” your performance this month!
#69-Evan Wiseman subbed on 4 tracks this month, while only submitting 4 PR’s. He’s also 1 spot behind the XL himself, Adam.
#74-Matthew Huinker is only 1 spot away from making the top 100 on rRR with a nice 1:14.292.
#81-Tate Jet makes a flying start with 1:26.620 on Daisy Cruiser, which ranks 3rd WW!
#92-White Improves his already legendary rLR to get within .2 of the WR. He also made a top 5 on CCL, noice.
#93-Chris Pye has been very hard at work this month, managing to beat 15/32 of his times. At this rate he’ll be in the top 50 in no time! But do make sure you take a break to have some pie.
#94-Stacy Needham returns after a long break since October to deliver 2 nice PR’s on PPS and rMT, ranking 123rd and 104th.
#98-Retro got in 1 PR this month, a 1:13.823 on rRR, which is also a Retro track. Coincidence?
#100-Hawaado Is one spot away from breaking the top 100 barrier with a 6.469 AF cut. He also got his first WW top 10 on rBC1 which ranks #5, awesome job!


#106-Frederiek Warreyn our main lad from Belgium is edging closer to the top 100 with a sweet 5.657 AF cut. Nice work!
#108-Meteor plays 1 track this month - rRR, getting into the top 100.
#110-Sinmk submits a hoard of PRs after being under the radar for 8 months! He’s also moved up 8 spots.
#113-Kyle H.’s dream of being top 100 is real, cutting 10.688AF. He’s also very close to subbing rAF.
#114-Shoryu unleashed his jurassic side this month with a PR and flap on rDDJ, that is all.
#119-ORANGE moves up 11 spots on CCL while only cutting .086. Now that’s what you call luck o the ol’ Orange.
#130-Kyle Stoeger gets his first PR in over half a year, a 1:59.512 on Bowser’s Castle which ranks 32nd! Welcome back.
#174-Jaden Figueroa gets in 2 top 100 times, on Bowser’s Castle and Waluigi Pinball.
#183- Albert Batts batts his times out of the park with 7 PRs this month, cutting 1.718 AF. He’s still pushing for his first Hero time, you’ll get there Wink
#195-Noah R. is slowly but surely climbing the charts with a 1.438 AF cut driven by 3 PR’s, most notably his Maka Wuhu, which ranks 180th.

200 and beyond

#217-”Zac” gets his first top 100 time on rBC1, and is very close to subbing! Keep at it.
#225-InfinMK gets in 2 flaps and 2 PRs this month. He’s also very close to subbing rKD.
#303-Joseph Armstrong cuts 30 AF thanks to an astonishing 19 PRs this month! 0___0
#309-Kyle Wadley shaves off 20 AF thanks to 13 PRs, his best being 1:45.261 on rLR!
#310-Jamie Skepper debuts at 310th. His best time is an amazing 1:55.423 on rAF, which is well beyond his level!
#326-Christos Karamanos the pocket rocket from Australia has had a very busy month, cutting an amazing 44.219 AF!
#335-Aaron Triplett went on a TT’ing spree this month with 13 PRs, including a 1:15 on rMC2!
#337-Jack Whittingham submitted 3 times this month, including a 1:36 on rKTB!
#349-Alex Garcia our lowest ranked player for the month has a lot of potential. He also got a new highest ranked time - 358th on rDC, try to get all your times top 400 Alex!

Esa Esa


Drum roll please...

Player of the Week 1, January:
Attract, for improving from #36 to #25 on the charts in one week! (-10.7 AF)

Player of the Week 2, January:
Esa Esa, for his first world record on Shy Guy Bazaar! Nicely done!

Player of the Week 3, January:
Martijn Veldhuis stood out to us the whole month, but especially this week. He got three great PR's: 30th on SGB, 32nd on PPS and 48th on rCM.

Player of the Week 4, January:
Paradox, for his four new top 50 times and his first worldwide top 10 on Airship Fortress! Great job.

Player of the Month, January:
Attract sent us 9 new times this month, that was good enough to cut 13.5 AF and catapult himself to 21st on the main charts from 36th.

Thank you all for reading the news and good luck all on improving your Mushroom Gorge record! Yes, it's February and it's Mushroom Gorge Month, so get that PR and post it to Miiverse with the #MGM!