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03 March 2017: "Mushroom Gorge Month III!"
Hello karting community, it’s Evan back again for another news update. Long time no see, eh? I actually haven’t written the news in awhile, but that’s because of all the help we’ve been getting recently from Matt, IsaaK, Bradon and ORANGE! So a big thank you to them for chipping in. However, you’re stuck with me this time! So, how was your Mushroom Gorge Month? Did you set a new record on rMG? I can tell you one person who didn’t, his name starts with “m” and ends with “e”. Hmm, I wonder who this “me” person could be…?

In any case, if you did manage a PR on Mushroom Gorge, you’ll be on our (not so) fancy and (not so) one of a kind leader board! Only the coolest of the cool kids are featured on it.

Anyways, this news will cover activity from February 1st to February 28th. Let’s do this.

New Players

Three this time, say hello to:

Count (USA)
Shine (Japan)
Master KEK (USA)

KEK is that one guy without a complete time set, we’d love to see you on the AF chart. Get to work playing the other 31 tracks! kek

Site Records


#MGM Leader board

Christian Connally............1:35.736
Adam Roberts..................1:36.132
Martijn Veldhuis...............1:36.362
Kyle H............................1:36.681
Frederiek Warreyn............1:36.913
Christos Karamanos..........1:44.530
Alex Garcia.....................1:45.414

Congrats to LunMK7 for taking the top spot! You win…….absolutely nothing!! Hey at least you got the bragging rights, right? And a job well done to the other karters here for improving their rMG records for Mushroom Gorge Month!


There were 42 of you that played this month!

Ranks 1-50

#1 Weisse- remained site champ with two great improvements on rAF and rMT G. He achieved a 1:54.333 on Airship Fortress (4th WW) and a 1:48.977 on Maple Treeway Glitch (3rd WW).
#6 Miracle- made two new PB’s on TC and rDKP. His TC was a Titan C 1:19.6 while his DKP was a Myth D 1:57.961, just .062 from 10th WW...
#17 Attract- posted 7 PR’s for February, very impressive considering his high rank. His best was a sub 1:56 DKJ NG which is ranked 9th!
#18 Thomas S.- played two courses, rDKP and rWP. His Waluigi Pinball is crazy, it’s ranked 3rd WW with a 2:11.246. Good luck for the world record!
#26 LunMK7- our MGM winner scored three new records on CCL, MW and rMG. His 1:34.151 on rMG is 6th world wide, congrats!
#28 Liure- set one new record on rWP, a top ten 2:11.925! It’s Myth B, great work!
#29 Nozea- moved up three spots with the help of five PR’s, ALL ranked at least Titan D! His highest ranked track was a 1:50.983 on rDDJ which is 9th on the charts!
#31 Toy Onehundredandone- hasn’t played much recently. The bulk of his times are from 2013 and 2014, but he decided to send in two PR’s this month: a 1:11.598 rMC2, and a 2:12.696 rWP!
#38 X.Dark.x- got new records on Mushroom Gorge, Mario Circuit 2, and DK Pass and cut 1.375 AF to move him up one spot this time.
#40 Martijn Veldhuis- spent his time improving his rMG and rCM records, while also beating his scores on both the Wuhu tracks. He’s also currently sitting at 56:01 for his total time, the elusive 55 minute mark is near! You can do it….Marty!!
#48 Saserema- went swimming on three water tracks: CCL, WS and RIW. All three improvements were solid top 100 times that netted him a 1.9 AF cut. Nice job.
#50 Lumi Heart- rounds out the top 50 with five PR’s, one of which was a 1:12.035 on rBC1 NG! Get that sub!!


#53 Paradox- jumped up 7 spots and cut an awesome 6.8 AF. He achieved this with 6 new improvements throughout February. His best record of the 6 was a 1:55.030 on Wario Shipyard, ranked 15th and Hero A. Good luck for the sub!
#56 Lever- completed his timesheet this month, welcome to the AF charts! On top of that, he managed a whopping 10 PR’s!! 3 of them are top 10 on TC, DH and NBC, impressive!
#62 Joshua O.- found the time for just one PR on Koopa Cape, a 2:09.744. Where have you gone Joshua?
#68 Adam Roberts- spread some rMG cheer during #MGM. His 1:36.132 was his only new time, other than 2 flaps he sent in as well on DKJ and PPS.
#70 Evan Wiseman- is still searching for his first WR on Mushroom Gorge, but MGM brought him no luck this year. He did however set a 1:27.354 on MW NG to ease the pain a little. (not really)
#71 Tate Jet- flew his jet up 10 positions and cut 14.8 AF since the last update, with 9 PR’s fueling his progress! His best PR was a 1:26.540 on rDC which is 3rd world wide! Congrats!
#72 White- revamped exactly half of his timesheet, 16 new records! I’m not sure if all of those are from February, but great work anyway! White cut an astounding 21.2 AF as a result!
#91 Chris Pye- my fellow Canadian made 10 improvements and slid up 2 spots! His ARR has reached a 15.5312, just .0313 away from Hero C overall!
#95 Hawaado- shared 6 PR’s with us and dropped 9.3 average finish, which in turn put him up 5 spots from last time! The one record that stood out to me was his 1:45.222 on NBC, ranked 26th!
#99 Retro- got 2 times, a 1:37.544 on rMG and a 2:13.117 on rWP which is his best ranked track at 47th!
#100 Sinmk- had 3 improvements near the beginning of the month, one was a 1:34.912 on rKD (Hero A). Teach me how to play this course, please….


#105 Kyle H.- gets us rolling in this section with 7 nice PR’s in total, 5 of them were in the top 100. You had a really solid month, keep it up!
#106 Matthew Carini- likely sent in some old PR’s of his, 7 to be exact. Matthew hasn’t been active since 2013, but we’d like to see you return! Top 100…?
#109 Frederiek Warreyn- dropped 3 spots. UNACCEPTABLE. Get your act together man, you’re teasing us all by hovering just outside the top 100! He also got 4 PR’s...nice 74th rMG.
#110 Shine- starts out just behind Frederiek. Currently, his fastest time is a 1:27.117 on rDC! Can you 1:26?
#172 Jaden Figueroa- played some TC and NBC and got a 1:20.490 and a 1:47.419 respectively, nice NBC man.
#174 Christian Connally- did some shrooms on Mushroom Gorge. He is now ranked 6th American with 1:35.736! Glad you got the sub.
#180 Albert999999- is Albert Batts. He played MK7. 10 PR’s were made. His sub 1:51 on PPS was the best of the bunch, ranked 90th. Good job.
#195 Noah R.- cut two and a half AF with six improvements this time. Nice DKJ by the way, you’re now 80th with 1:56.934!


#217 “Zac”- had one record to submit, an Adv C 2:00.677 on Coconut Mall. No rMG this month? sad
#220 Omar Martinez Ramirez- cleaned up two of his times on rMT and rDC, his 1:29.063 on Daisy Cruiser made it into the top 200, something he’s done only twice before.
#226 InfinMK- also known as one of our new news updaters: IsaaK! He played rDC and rKC this month and got 2 PR’s. How he managed to do so with his messed up 3DS screen? I don’t know.
#230 Ben Stoneman- is the current MKDS champ, though for whatever reason, he felt the need to get a 1:34.922 on rKTB.
#244 SkyfangSSB- submitted 6 PR’s. His sub 2:04 on RRM was good enough for 184th and is one of his best ranks.
#304 Christos Karamanos- has been very active and is working hard on virtually every course in the game. He leaped up 28 spots for his efforts and I’m sure we’ll see him in the top 300 very soon!
#328 Finlay J-W- recorded 5 new times with 2 of them being in the top 300: 2:19.967 rKC and 1:32.801 MW. Keep up the improvements!
#340 Count- debuts at this position. Let’s count his PR’s shall we? 1 PR, ah ha ha, 2 PR’s ah ha ha...3 PR’s ah ha ha...
#343 Alex Garcia- from Spain, sent a big overhaul to his timesheet and hopped up 6 positions overall.


Esa Esa
Master KEK


Player of the Week 1, February:
Nozea for two Titan ranked times on rKD and rCM! Congrats!

Player of the Week 2, February:
Weisse for his progress on Maple Treeway and Airship Fortress, 3rd and 4th world wide respectively.

Player of the Week 3, February:
Lever got 8 new records for the week ranging from a Titan B Toad Circuit, to a King C Wuhu Loop and DK Pass, and to a Hero B Mario Circuit and Airship Fortress. Nice variety!

Player of the Week 4, February:
Attract for 3 amazing times on MP (11th), WS (17th) and DKJ (9th). Way to go!

Player of the Month, February:
Lever for finally getting on the AF ranks! He had 10 PR’s in total and 3 of them were in the top 10! 10th on TC, 8th on NBC and 6th on DH. Great work.

Congratulations to the karters above! I’d like to remind everyone that picking the award winners is no easy task for us! There were many more players on our radar that came out empty handed this month. Just thought I’d put that out there. Anyway, I should wrap this up. Hopefully my Nintendo Switch arrives tomorrow so I can play Breath of the Wild all weekend! hype

See ya next time,