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03 April 2017: "Don't Switch please"
Hi again, it's IsaaK! I have been quite inactive this month both on the MB and for TTs, so I thought I'd make up for that by volunteering to do the news. The Switch has rolled around and we have so many games coming that I can't wait for.
This update will cover activity from 1 March- 31 March.

New Players

CameMK (USA, #127)
Andrew Blechinger (USA, #305)
Jake Evans (USA, #321)

Welcome to them all! Hope you like the PP.

Site Records

Three were submitted this month; two were made this month.

Randy Mangar beat the old Rainbow Road site record (1:36.170) with a time of 1:36.163.

Yacine Wind Waker beat the old Retro Mario Circuit 2 site record (1:08.327) with a time of 1:08.313. (This was made in December)

Weisse beat the old Retro Daisy Cruiser site record (1:26.407) with a time of 1:26.397.


We had 42 active players this month. Impressive.


#1- Weisse is unheard of. At the end of the month, he achieved something even the highest players dream of; Top 10 times on 32/32 tracks. It is something to be proud of, go Weisse!
#5- Karmakas made an anticipated comeback to MK7 after 12 months! Despite 2 TTs, he gained a little bit of AF.
#6- Miracle is approaching the top 5! He cuts just 0.06 AF, and his new times are ranked 6th and 16th. He sure loves the number 6.
#10- Wouter Mulders cut 0.15 AF on a rWP PR, which is a lot for someone his standard.
#16- Attract or 'MW master' as I call him, produced 2 times, both in the top 15. This guy is amazing, I bet he'll be in the top 10 this year!
#18- Thomas S. clocked up 2:11.235 on rWP and another top 10 on MC. Amazing!
#20- Samuel Klein shaved a colossal 1.3 seconds for a Top 10 WW on rDDJ. But be careful, Lun is right behind your back!
#22- LunMK7: two top 10s, three Titan As, and the rest King A or better. You've had a good month, congrats!
#28- Nozea only had time for a couple of PRs; nevertheless, he cut 1 AF from that alone. That's quite impressive.
#36- X.Dark.x rises a couple of places on tracks such as Koopa Cape and Cheep Cheep Lagoon. His rLM stands out though, ranked Titan A!
#40- Martijn Veldhuis still hasn't broken the 56 minute barrier, but he's close! The flapmaster also sent in a rKC flap SR as well as four normal times.
#46- Paradox is consistent every single month. He's going towards the pro ranks and getting their fast!
#48- Etienne had a rather promising Q4 last year, but he's only submitted one time in 2017, that being a 1:56 on rCM. Nice job on the sub though!
#50- Lumi Heart rounds off the top 50. Lever is going for the overtake, tread carefully!


#51- Lever continues his record spree with a whopping 9 times including top 3s on WS and NBC! It takes a lot to do well on such hard tracks.
#57- Tate Jet took off last month and is now flying over everyone! He cruises past 14 people, cutting nearly 10 AF!
#61- White likewise cut nearly 10 AF, but all in the space of one week. Crazy.
#67- Randy Mangar submitted a few old times. The exception of this was his amazing WR on RR, ranked Myth B!
#68- Adam Roberts made a couple of PRs on MC and RIW. He's close to subbing 2:00 on MC, good luck!
#72- Evan Wiseman let down the horrors of MGM by "switching" to Zelda. He did however race on BC, which is a solid 35th.
#80- Yacine Wind Waker also sent in old times like Randy, which included his rMC2 WR from December.
#84- Chris Pye cuts over 3 AF this month on a variety of tracks such as MP and WS.
#96- Shine brings his light into the top 100, subtracting 12 AF with 14 times
#99- Kyle H. is also a new edition to the top 100. One of his best times is a 1:49 PPS!


#101- Retro is no longer in the top 100! I guess when someone enters it, someone else has to leave it. In his style, he made a time on a retro track, being rKC.
#106- Ghost returned from the underworld with a small improvement on TC.
#108- Frederiek Warreyn slithers up a place with a sub on NBC and a 1:51 on PPS. Stop teasing us, get to top 100 already!
#124- Kyle Stoeger made 10 records ranging from #150 to #60. Nice rDDJ man.
#127- CameMK is the highest ranked off the new players, and I hope to see more of him in the future!
#172- Jaden Figueroa had a decent third week in March, making an insane sub 2 minute on MC placed at 35th!
#173- Albert Batts aced March, improving more than half his timesheet. If only I had such motivation :/
#193- Noah R. pumped out 5 PBs, the best being his WS ranked #126! He's nearly under 200 AF as well.

200 and beyond

#216- "Zac" improved his rMG, but luckily it doesn't beat mine lol. I need to pick up my 3DS and catch up to you!
#231- SkyfangSSB is too close for comfort from me! His mini PR spree allows him to slice 18 AF.
#232- Ben Stoneman, the MKDS PRB champ, sends in a solitary time on rKTB, ranked Advanced D.
#302- Christos Karamanos TTed 25 hours a day, 8 days a week last month. His activity died down in March, where he submitted times on rDDJ and BC. Come back and get to the top 300!
#305- Andrew Blechinger is new and debuts just outside the top 300. Make your first achievement to get inside it!
#311- Count has been sending in "countless" PBs. Nice work! I even thought he joined this month bacuse of it๐Ÿ™ƒ
#321- Jake Evans joined last week and has managed to shave 40 AF. Just keep doing that every month, you'll go far!
#332- Aaron Triplett now has an AF score of 360 (a triplet), his best time on rLR is ranked #297 (a triplet), and well he set all of this in the 3rd month (also a triplet). Coincidence? I like to think not.
#340- Alex Garcia rounds off our news. This month saw him get to work and improve every track apart from PPS!


Esa Esa


They say the best part comes last.

Player of the Week 1, March:
Tate Jet set 7 PRs including a #2 time on rDC, well done!

Player of the Week 2, March:
Paradox further improved his rAF to 1:54.400 with another 3 consistent times. rAF is painful man, you make it seem so easy!

Player of the Week 3, March:
Weisse did well but it goes to Randy Mangar for his improvement of the RR WR! You've had that crown for more than 1000 days now!

Player of the Week 4, March:
Weisse deserves this one. Every single one of his times is now top 10 on the PP. This is an amazing goal that he has set only a year into his site champion reign!

Player of the Month, March:
So many consistent players impress. However Tate Jet claims the POM. Passing 14 players and cutting 10 AF is no easy feat, it shows a lot of dedication. Huge congrats to you Tate Jet!

That's all for now. The end of March is also POQ time; get yourselves over to the forum and vote! Nothing much is happening next month, I turn 14 and MK8D releases. Stay karting (here and not on the Switch)!

~IsaaK razz razz