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19 December 2015: "We are the Champions"
IMPORTANT NOTICE (12/23/2015): There will not be a news update next weekend due to the Christmas holiday. However, the times will still be updated. See ya in 2 weeks.



So, now that I actually have stuff from last week documented, I can make a proper news post, with the activity and the site records. Hopefully I don't screw this all up.



#1 Danny Zhu cut 0.3 AF to pass the top 2 players and become the new site champion. Congratulations! #8 Daniel Starxlx and #10 Beat Pika switched spots with each other on the rankings, since Daniel cut 2.1 AF. #9 Jordan Groff cut some AF as well, but he stayed in the same spot.


#22 Darren Woods moved a bit closer to the top 20 by cutting 1.6 AF and passing 2 players. #28 Roberto Ramirez passed 1 player after cutting 1.2 AF. #32 ElZak cut 0.9 AF, but unfortunately that wasn't enough to move up any spots. #39 Harmonia sent in several PRs and managed to finish his time sheet, landing in the top 40. #41 Cynda Quil moved up a spot by cutting 3.9 AF. #48 Matt Bartlett (aka me) cut 1.1 AF, but still remained in the same spot on the charts.


#52 Doodle cut 7.1 AF, but he's still just short of the top 50. Perhaps he'll get up there next week. #95 Steven Quincy was feeling really "Jazzy" this week and jumped up a spot while cutting 2.6 AF. #100 Greg Howard cut 3.7 AF, but happened to move down a spot, which closes out the activity section for now.

Site Records

There were 3 new site records this week.

Danny Zhu set a new Water Park record with a time of 1:40.316.
Darren Woods improved the Dolphin Shoals record with a time of 1:57.520.
Danny Zhu set a new 3DS Music Park record with a time of 1:49.016.

I guess we're all done here. Congrats to Danny, once again.