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23 January 2016: "Still Living"
I guess it's been more than just 2 weeks. Apologies for that.



#1 Danny Zhu cut .2 AF to remain on top as he extends his lead. By cutting 2.5 AF, #4 Christian Côté moved up 2 spots, putting both him and his Wiimote D-Pad into the top 5. #8 Jordan Groff cut 1 AF, which was enough to let him pass one player. Moving down from there, #19 Tim McGraw jumped up 2 spots while cutting over 3 AF.


#21 Darren Woods cut exactly 4 AF, but he's still too lazy to update anyone's timesheet. #25 Roberto Ramirez removed around 4 AF, allowing him to pass a few players. #26 ElZak moved up 8 spots, into the top 30. #31 Bryce Aero moved down a spot, even though he cut a bit of AF this month. Poor guy. #34 Ryan Collins and #37 Harmonia both finished their timesheets, getting themselves some decent spots on the leaderboard. Despite the new players ahead of him, #39 Cynda Quil still managed to move up 2 spots. #48 Doodle came out of nowhere and jumped up 4 spots, passing me and a few others in the process. He also set a very nice rDP3 time, but nobody cares about that, right? #50 Sniper cut almost 5 AF, staying deadlocked in the same spot as he was a month ago.


#59 Joël Codina Poquet finished their timesheet, and cut 10 AF afterwards. #66 Jacob 777 cut a massive 15 AF but only moved up 2 spots, due to all of the new players ahead of him. #74 Blaze on the other hand, wasn't as lucky as Jacob. He cut 4 AF but moved down 4 spots. To finish things off, #91 Troy Howard stunningly cut 91 AF, which placed him into the top 100.

Site Records

5 site records were improved/set in the past month.

Chonko3 improved the Mario Circuit record with a time of 1:43.603.
Doodle set a new SNES Donut Plains 3 record with a time of 1:14.134.
Mehdi PY set a new Wii Wario's Gold Mine record with a time of 1:52.610.
Danny Zhu set a new SNES Rainbow Road record with a time of 1:24.213.
Darren Woods set a new GBA Ribbon Road record with a time of 1:45.587.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for taking forever with this. Laziness is a thing.