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16 March 2016: "I'm a Slacker"
Lots of movement has happened lately. Prepare for a truckload of information to be thrown at you.



#1 Danny Zhu remained at the top, and improved his AF by just 0.5. #7 Daniel Starxlx jumped up 2 positions due to cutting over 2 AF. #10 Alex E has been improving like crazy. He cut 9 AF and moved up 6 spots, landing in the top 10. #15 Darren Woods also moved up 6 spots, but he only needed to cut 4.5 AF in order to do so.


#21 Ethan Laing, #22 Kyle Guyer, and #23 Zakkk cut over 5 AF each, and moved up over 5 spots each as well. #29 Vantox Dudemeister made a pretty solid improvement of 4 AF, allowing him to move up 4 spots on the charts. It was no match for #32 JoeHDG though, who cut around 12 AF and quickly moved up 9 spots. #34 Cynda Quil is now being mentioned because he wanted me to write about him. He cut a solid 7 AF and moved up 5 spots. #46 Up2000 and #47 Sniper both made drastic improvements, hopping 5 spots up each and cutting large amounts of AF.


#52 Jesse PGM cut 9 AF, but sadly failed to move around on the charts at all. How sad. #54 Jacob64 is definitely the highlight of this update. He moved up a massive 12 spots by cutting over 30 AF! #56 Joël Codina Poquet moved up 3 spots and cut a nice 7 AF. #96 Steven Quincy closes out the activity portion, as he moved up 3 spots.

Site Records

Christian Côté tied the Mario Kart Stadium record with a time of 1:34.798.
Christian Côté improved the Thwomp Ruins record with a time of 1:47.250.
Matt Piper improved the Mario Circuit record with a time of 1:43.406.
Danny Zhu improved the Twisted Mansion record with a time of 1:54.515.
Jordan Groff improved the Cloudtop Cruise record with a time of 1:57.273.
SuperFX beat the Wii Moo Moo Meadows record with a time of 1:21.175.
Christian Côté beat the GBA Mario Circuit record with a time of 1:21.594.
Doodle improved the SNES Donut Plains 3 record with a time of 1:14.073.
Kyle Guyer beat the DS Wario Stadium record with a time of 1:47.873.
Danny Zhu beat the DS Tick-Tock Clock record with a time of 1:43.238.
Christian Côté beat the N64 Rainbow Road record with a time of 1:16.703.
SuperFX beat the Animal Crossing record with a time of 1:36.541.

Whew. That took forever.