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10 August 2016: "Enjoying the Sun"
Summer's well under way for the northern half of the globe, which means a lot of us don't have school to keep us from karting. For those who work, well, I guess it's business as usual. I for one just finished my semester at university. Well, I have one more exam to write soon, but I'm not worried about that -- right now I'm focusing on getting this news all caught up smile

New Players

Plenty of new players joined since the last update, but it's unfortunately tricky to hunt down all those names. Rather than spend time delaying an already-overdue news update looking for the new players, I'm just gonna welcome all those who joined lately smile



#1 Danny Zhu sent in some new times since the last update, being enough for him to remain the site champion. However, he slipped nearly 0.4 AF -- not too much, but some.

#4 Christian Côté sent in plenty of new times, cutting 1.2 AF, to maintain his No. 1 Canadian spot, although that title is starting to be threatened by #5 Alex E, who cut over 5 AF, quite a lot considering how close he is to the top.

French karter #6 Daniel Starxlx set some new records as well, but barely enough to maintain his AF, as he improved by less than a tenth of a point. Challenging him is #7 David Batke, who completed his timesheet to debut at #9 but, shortly after, sent in some new times to move him up two spots.

Moving downwards, #12 Matt Piper continued to push his times, improving by 5 AF in the process. UK Champ #14 Toby McDonald cut 2.6 AF recently, enough -- but barely -- to fend off #15 JoeHDG from becoming the top player in the country, as he made significant cuts, amounting to 20 points, lately.

#17 Joel Bresser sent in a ton of strong times lately, earning a top 20 spot. #18 Tyler Barrett also submitted some new scores, but sadly, still lost AF. Closing out the top 20 is #19 Zakkk, who cut about 3 AF to gain a few spots.


Tied at #21, Ethan Laing and Roberto Ramirez both sent in times, with Roberto shaving off 5 AF, but Ethan losing a quarter of a point, despite his new records.

#26 Doodle not only impressed the world with his first world record on Donut Plains 3, but also managed to cut an astonishing 27 AF. #28 Bryce Aero also managed significant cuts to his AF score, amounting to a total of over 12 points.

#30 Vantox Dudemeister and #31 Xytheon improved by a few AF each, with Vantox earning a top 30 spot, and Xytheon coming close. #33 Ethan R is also a serious top 30 contender, improving by nearly 10 AF this time around. None of these players could top #35 Up2000's improvements, who cut an impressive 23 AF and moved up significantly.

#37 Harmonia took part in this summer's action by improving by a nice 8 points. Our top-ranked Australian player, #39 Anthony Caiulo was active this month (despite it not being summer!), cutting 4 AF, which was just enough to keep #40 Mike Bachiller from passing him, as he cut 13 AF.

French players #42 Dragnir and #44 Simon/Shack were both active recently. Dragnir cut 27 points -- enough to earn a top 50 spot -- while Simon improved by 5. #47 Sniper, #48 Pyrus, and #49 Jacob64 all entered the top 50 -- congratulations to them! -- while #50 Jimmy Benson's new records were just enough to keep him his top 50 spot, even though he lost some AF.


#53 Toxy Locks begins this section, cutting almost 10 AF, getting ever closer to the top 50. #54 Floena is also making great progress, improving by nearly 20 points.

#59 Athaway jumped up a few spots by sending in enough times to cut 12 points. Meanwhile, #61 Tynan Johnson made a return to the Players' Page, updating his timesheet with all his new times from the past several months.

#65 Sam Smith sent in some times this summer, but not enough to improve his score, as he lost AF since the last news update. Right behind him, #66 Sparks had some time this summer to play, improving by 5 AF. Further down, #71 Blaze made a sizeable improvement of about 19 points, bringing him a number of spots up the charts.

Nearly all of #76 Nick Prear's times were updated since the last update, as he made a big, 26 point cut. #84 Nicola Torre of Italy made a similar 28 AF improvement, fending off Norwegian racer, #85 Magnus Nicolaysen, who draws close with a 22 point cut.

#96 Greg Howard cut a massive 33 AF while he takes a break from classes, putting him one spot ahead of #97 Steven Quincy, who needs to put more effort in if he wants to keep his top 100 spot for the time to come. #99 DelYoshi made it (barely!) into the top 100, with a nice big 31 point improvement.


#101 Hollend78 -19.9580
#103 Joel De La Rosa -10.0620
#105 Jake Evans -7.1040
#106 Samuel G. -1.6050
#108 Bram Meulendijks -9.5620
#110 Michał Kupecxa -29.6360
#113 Ayden -43.0830
#116 Kyle Wadley -40.7710
#118 Silph Spectre -4.8750
#124 Evan Wiseman -15.9790
#126 Jacob Desmond-Hooper -17.4250
#137 Stephen Weber -13.6250

Site Records

Plenty of site records were set since the last update to the news. I'm just gonna dump them all here:

Alex E is the most active here with six new site records: Sunshine Airport 1'55"530, N64 Royal Raceway 1'51"831, DS Wario Stadium 1'47"521, GBA Cheese Land 1'43"321, Animal Crossing 1'36"507, and Super Bell Subway 1'36"844.
Christian Côté is also doing very well with five site records: Thwomp Ruins 1'47"042, Shy Guy Falls 1'52"543, Bowser's Castle 1'58"363, GCN Dry Dry Desert 1'54"007, and Hyrule Circuit 1'45"287.
Danny Zhu also set five new site records: Mount Wario 1'40"683, Bone-Dry Dunes 1'47"447, Rainbow Road 1'59"655, N64 Toad's Turnpike 1'39"842, and Wild Woods 1'45"029.
David Batke set three site records since the last update: 3DS DK Jungle 1'57"788, Excitebike Arena 1'36"275, and GBA Ribbon Road 1'45"355.
Doodle set two site records: SNES Donut Plains 3 1'13"667 and Big Blue 1'23"483.
Matt Piper set two site records as well: Water Park 1'39"909 and GCN Baby Park 1'02"502.
Jamie Skepper set the GCN Yoshi Circuit record with a time of 1'39"770.
Joel Bresser set the 3DS Neo Bowser City record with a time of 1'44"074.
Jordan Groff set the Cloudtop Cruise record with a time of 1'57"041.
Roberto Ramirez set the GCN Sherbet Land record with a time of 1'44"402.
Tyler Barret tied Danny Zhu's Mount Wario time of 1'40"683.

Well, that took longer than expected. It's 5 AM here and I still haven't slept. Just a few more minutes and the summer sun will be out...