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16 August 2016: "Podium Finish"
Seems like the whole world is tuned in to watch the Olympics, hoping their country wins more medals than ever before. While the athletic pros are competing in the Games in Rio, the Mario Kart pros are continuing to perfect their game.

Just a note, this week's news covers a bit less than a full week. I'd like to get the news schedule to be around the weekends, which will be more manageable for me. If I can, I'd like to write news weekly -- this will allow me to go into more detail about people's accomplishments than simply listing the amount of points people gained and lost.

So, let the games begin! This week's news covers activity from August 10 to 15, 2016.

New Players

We had one new player join this week: Guymane from the United States of America. Guymane submitted all 48 times and debuted at #139, with times consistently ranking in the 300s for non-DLC, 200s for DLC 1, and 100s for DLC 2. There's a lot of potential for improvement at this point, so let's wish Guymane the best of luck at the game!


A total of 17 players were active this week. Let's see how they did!


#13 JoeHDG pushed really hard this week, improving by 4.4 AF. Not only did he move up two spots, but he is the new UK champion! He submitted 16 new times this week, thus improving on a third of his timesheet! Standout times of his include a bronze-medal 1'46"270 on Hyrule Circuit and a new site record on Animal Crossing. Big congrats to him for his outsanding effort!

#17 Joel Bresser submitted five times this week, cutting 0.3 points, which wasn't enough to move up a spot. All five times were in the top 40, with his Neo Bowser City being another new site record!

#20 Roberto Ramirez cut exactly one-sixth of a point this week, which may not seem significant, but it was enough to break the tie at 21st and enter the top 20! Roberto submitted two times this week: 1'45"493 on Tick-Tock Clock, and 1'43"617 on Cheese Land, the latter of which is ranked at shiny silver second!


#26 Doodle maintains his position by cutting 1.5 AF on four tracks. All of his new times are ranked around 50th except for 1'44"017 Neo Bowser City, which is another second-place finish! Joel better watch out...

#37 Harmonia played Bowser's Castle, N64 Rainbow Road, and Big Blue this week, cutting half a point. He scored a new site record with his N64 Rainbow Road time, with his other two times ranking inside the top 50.

Australian champ #38 Anthony Caiulo moved up one spot this week, playing two tracks and improving by just about 0.9 AF. His new times are 1'40"874 on Water Park, ranked 23rd, and 1'51"677 on Music Park, finishing 40th.


For this section we jump all the way down to #96 Greg Howard, who submitted a streak of seven times this week, and shaved off a nice 1.6 points. Perhaps his best new time is 1'49"615 on Ribbon Road, which is ranked 79th. Even though he made considerable effort, it wasn't enough to move him up any spots on the ladder.

#97 Steven Quincy got down and dirty at Wario Stadium this week, managing a time of 1'55"272, ranked in the top 200. This one new record alone was enough to cut 0.9 AF and maintain his position.

#99 DelYoshi closes out the top 100 with four new times, cutting 1.3 points -- again not enough to move up a spot. He played Mount Wario, Wario Stadium, Tick-Tock Clock, and Neo Bowser City, with his 1'48"344 on that last track being ranked in the top 100. Good job!


#103 Bram Meulendijks -2.0210
#114 Kyle Wadley -7.3330
#134 Brian Burchett -4.8540
#139 Guymane -0.1880


Bradon, Emilia Rodriguez, Jinoh Kim/Yoyo, and ORANGE all worked on filling their timesheets this week. Good luck!

Site Records

We have three gold medals to award this week:

Harmonia set the N64 Rainbow Road record with a time of 1'16"682.
JoeHDG set the Animal Crossing record with a time of 1'36"425.
Joel Bresser set the 3DS Neo Bowser City record with a time of 1'43"862.

So that wraps up the news for this week. Too bad I missed out on watching the Olympics to write this...