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05 September 2016: "Better Late Than Never"
Welp, looks like this took waaaay longer than a week to write. But as the saying goes, better late than never! It's clear a weekly news schedule is unmanageable for me. I don't want to promise any schedule just yet, but I still want to stay dedicated to this.

Let's get to it! This news covers activity from August 16 to September 5, 2016.

New Players

We had 3 new players join since the last update! First to join is Scott Dossey from the USA. Scott ranks at #139, which is coincidentally the same position Guymane joined at the week before. Drake, from France, joined a couple weeks later, debuting at #97. Drake shows great potential, improving a ton since joining. Our third and final newcomer is Adam Bellion, who submitted 11 times, all of which rank in the top 100 or come close. If Adam submits all 48 times at this level, he could potentially reach the top 50!


We had 25 active players this time around. Let's take a look at how they played.


#4 Christian Côté leads the pack, cutting a third of one AF point. Edging ever closer to the top, this improvement was made possible by him submitting a ton of new times, including some site records!

#6 David Batke is next up. He submitted 12 new times, also including some site records, amounting to an improvement of 1.9 AF, which brought him up one spot on the overall rankings.

Over at #13 is Darren Woods, who submitted massive improvements to his times. He reduced his score by 11 AF, bringing him up ten spots! That was just enough to pass #14 JoeHDG, who slipped one spot despite submitting 4 new times and cutting 0.2 points.

To finish off the top 20, we have #18 Zakkk, who submitted a plethora of new scores. Improving by 2 AF, Zakkk moved up one spot since the last news update.


#21 Roberto Ramirez submitted five new times lately. Sadly, even though he didn't lose AF, he dropped one spot, out of the top 20. #24 Doodle was also active this week, cutting about one point, yet moving up two spots.

The list of scores that #27 Up2000 submitted looks a gazillion items long. Well, maybe not, but he sent improvements on the majority of his times, putting him up 8 spots since last time. Great work!

#34 Cynda played five tracks this time around, to shave off about one point -- but unfortunately this wasn't enough to prevent him from dropping one spot on the ladder.

#38 Anthony Caiulo from Australia continues to chip away at his times, improving 0.9 points, which was enough to prevent #39 Mike Bachiller from passing him. Mike did, however, get closer to Anthony, as he cut 1.5 points this news period.

To finish off the top 50, we have #47 Jacob64. Jacob moved up two spots by submitting a few new times, solidifying his top-fifty position.


Our highest ranked active player in this section is #66 Sparks, who unfortunately lost AF since the last news, despite being active. Moving further downwards, we have #76 Nick Prear. Nick worked away at his timesheet enough to cut 1.1 points, which still wasn't enough to move him up a spot.

Following Nick is #91 Drake. Wait, #91!? Yep, Drake cut a massive six spots -- improving by 13 AF -- since joining at #97 last week. Great job!

#96 Greg Howard and #97 Steven Quincy continue to battle both each other, and the rest of the players, as they fight to both stay in the top 100. Neither of them moved anywhere on the charts, but both cut over 4 AF since the last update. Only time will reveal their fate...

Last but definitely not least, we finish this section with #99 Hollend78, who moved up 2 spots and cut an enormous 13 points! Good work there!


#103 Bram Meulendijks -1.000
#114 Kyle Wadley -6.479
#136 Scott Dossey -6.449
#146 Carlo Meulendijks +2.000


Adam Bellion, Emilia Rodriguez, and ORANGE were all active this week.

Site Records

This time, 9 new site records were set!

Christian Côté set three new site records: 1'58"248 on Bowser's Castle, 1'53"345 on GCN Dry Dry Desert, and 1'16"532 on N64 Rainbow Road.
Darren Woods also set three new site records: 1'57"368 on Dolphin Shoals, 1'56"662 on Cloudtop Cruise, and 1'45"125 on GBA Ribbon Road.
David Batke set two new records this time around: 1'55"956 on Toad Harbor and 1'21"149 on GBA Mario Circuit.
Finally, Doodle set the SNES Donut Plains 3 Record with a time of 1'13"610.

Well there we go, I (finally) did it! Thanks for reading, and see ya 'round!