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24 October 2016: "Switcharoo"
The new Nintendo Switch was unveiled a few days ago, shown with a game that bears much resemblance to MK8. While we're waiting for more news about a potential Mario Kart 8 rerelease, the Wii U version of the game is still seeing active competition.

Let's a-go! Here's the news for September 6 to October 24, 2016.

New Players

We had 3 new players time. Firstly, we have a very strong contender, Retla from USA. He debuted at #36 and has moved up to #22 already! Our second new player is Jaden dela Cruz, joining us from California. He hasn't submitted a full timesheet, but his Mount Wario time, ranked 19th, shows potential. Lastly, let's welcome Viserion from Ireland, joining with nine times, including two site records!


Since the last news update, we had 37 players who were active. Here they are!


Our reigning champion, #1 Danny Zhu, made a return this last while. He cut one-sixth of an AF point, in an effort to maintain his lead. #4 Christian Côté, our Canadian champion, continued to improve his times, however slipping a fraction of a point.

#6 Daniel Starxlx updated his times with 12 new scores, amounting to a 1.8 AF improvement, which was enough to move him up a spot. Moving out of the top 10, we have #11 JoeHDG, who cut just over one point to move up three spots! Nice work!

#16 Power is next up, with a 2 AF improvement to show. Closing out the top 20 is #18 Ethan Laing. Ethan climbed 3 points, bringing him up five spots and into the top 20 players.


#21 Zakkk starts this section out, sending in a single time on Dragon Driftway. Next, our newcomer #22 Retla cut an incredible 12 points since he joined, moving him way up the ladder since his start. #23 Roberto Ramirez follows, sadly moving down two spots despite being improving his AF score overall.

#25 Doodle continued to improve on a number of tracks, earning him a 1.2 AF cut since the last time around. However, that wasn't enough to prevent him from slipping one spot.

With an improvement of 1.8 points, #27 Up2000 showed more of his skills. #30 Cynda trails a bit further down, with his one-point cut enough for him to move up 4 places on the rankings, into the top 30!

Continuing on, we head down to #39 to meet Anthony Caiulo. Although active, Anthony lost some AF and one spot on the ladder.

#47 Sniper continues to work on his scores, with a sizeable 1.5-point cut. Closing out this section, we look to #49 Jacob, who unfortunately moved down two spots this time around.


To begin the second half of the top 100, we start with #64 Sam Smith. Sam made a small improvement of about a quarter of a point, moving up one spot. Following closely is #67 Sparks. Though active, Sparks sadly moved down a spot on the charts.

Nick Prear, now ranked at #73, showed us some serious improvements, earning him a 7 AF cut. Nick's effort moved him up 3 spots since the last time. #83 Magnus Nicolaysen played during this period as well, and moved up two spots! Congratulations to both of them!

#90 Drake didn't disappoint this time, landing a 3-point cut and climbed one spot. Closing in is #92 Greg Howard, whose impressive effort resulted in an improvement of 9 points and moved him up 4 spots!

To close out the top 100, we have #95 Steven Quincy, who continues to show potential with an improvement of nearly 7 AF. He moved up two spots in his continued effort to stay in the top 100.


#101 DelYoshi -5.1670
#103 Bram Meulendijks -2.8960
#105 Ayden -19.1040
#110 Kyle Wadley -12.5420
#132 Ben Stoneman +0.9790
#135 Scott Dossey -0.3750
#146 Nicholas Kwiecien +2.1670


Although not ranked, Adam Bellion, Bradon, Emilia Rodriguez, Jaden dela Cruz, Jinoh Kim/ Yoyo, Joseph Gurneck, ORANGE, and Viserion worked on their times.

Site Records

This time, 9 new site records were set!

Danny Zhu set two new site records: 1'44"601 on Wild Woods and 1'55"324 on Toad Harbor.
Doodle also set two new site records: 1'13"577 on SNES Donut Plains 3 and 1'23"350 on Big Blue.
Viserion set two new site records as well: 1'20"480 on GBA Mario Circuit and 1'43"859 on 3DS Neo Bowser City.
Christian Côté set the Thwomp Ruins site record with a time of 1'46"782.
Cynda set the N64 Royal Raceway site record with a time of 1'51"623.
Matt Piper now holds the Water Park site record with a time of 1'39"909.
Roberto Ramirez set the GCN Sherbet Land site record with a time of 1'44"025.

Congratulations to all our active players! Good luck to everyone for next time!