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01 January 2017: "Happy New Year, 2017!"
Well here we are, another new year! 2017 is the fourth year of MK8 activity, meaning that we're starting to see the strats mature and competition get even tighter. 2016 has come to a close now, with plenty of karting action—this news update will summarize the last 2 months and a bit.

Cheers to the new year! Here's the news for October 24 to December 31, 2016.

New Players

Like last time, this news update brings 3 new karters. We begin with Australian Christos Karamanos. Starting out with an incomplete set of times, Christos has now submitted scores for all 48 tracks, and ranks at #139. Moving forward, we have Ronan Pomme joining us, from France. Ronan started out at #68, a solid position, but unfortunately slipped to #72, which is still quite an impressive rank. Our final new player is Bryton Daniels from New York, who joins with two times on Thwomp Ruins and DS Cheep Cheep Beach.


This time around, we saw a total of 46 active players. Let's get right to it!


We begin with #1 Danny Z, who maintains his title as World Champion by continuing his activity, although lost 0.6 points to competiton. In part, this was due to the work of #2 Alex E, who made an astonishing cut of over 3.8 points to his AF. Coming up from #5, Alex surpassed Christian Côté to become the reigning Canadian champ. Congrats Alex! #6 Daniel Starxlx from France, while staying put at 6th, contiuned to shave away at his already amazing times, cutting 1.2 points as he nears sub-10 AF. #7 David Batke cut about a fifth of a point, maintaining his position on the charts.

#9 JoeHDG, our UK champion, continues to play away, improving by 0.8 points and jumping up 2 spots into the top 10. Closing out the top 10 is American #10 Darren Woods, who cut an impressive 1.8 points, moving up a total of 4 spots to clinch top 10 by the end of the year. Congratulations!

Moving on, we have #13 Matt Piper, who wasn't active enough to cut any AF. However, he was able to maintain his position despite all the activity around him. #15 Joel Bresser follows, boasting a nice cut of over 4 points. Joel secured his top 20 position by moving 5 spots up the ladder. #16 WilliamtG finally decided to submit his entire hoarded timesheet, giving him an extraordinary cut of 214 points, and bringing him into the top 20. #17 Zakkk also made it into the top 20, by cutting 2 AF and moving upwards 4 positions.

#18 Ethan Laing is next up. He managed to maintain his position amongst the competition by improving by 1.25 AF. #19 Retla played as well, with a 2.6-point cut and made his way up 3 spots, also making him a new top 20 player. #20 Up2000 improved by a very impressive 6 points, which brought him up 7 spots right into the top 20.


#21 Roberto Ramirez continued to play MK8, cutting nearly 2 points and likewise moving up 2 spots, just short of the top 20. #22 Doodle cut 2.6 AF, bringing him 3 spots closer to the top. #23 Power was active, although lost 2 points and dropped 7 spots.

#28 Kyle Wade worked incredibly hard to play MK8 alongside school, showing off a massive cut of 16 AF. #30 Cynda follows, staying put at 30th while cutting just about 2 points. Continuing down the list, we have #33 Vantox Dudemeister, who made a tiny cut of just 0.02 points, but jumped up 2 spots on the charts.

#49 Jacob is next up. Although losing AF, Jacob was able to hold his position this time around. #50 Floena wraps up this section, cutting 9 points, and leaping 5 positions into the top 50. Congratulations!


The second half of the top 100 was the less active half this time around, but we still saw plenty of karting from a number of players. We begin with #66 Nick Prear, who made a nice cut of 7 spots and 18 AF. #67 Sam Smith follows right behind. Unfortunately, Sam lost AF and dropped down 3 spots this time.

#69 Sparks played a little bit this time, with a small improvement of 0.2 AF. However, Sparks dropped 2 spots even though active. #70 Max Legend updated loads of his times that he had been saving, cutting 65 points! This brings his AF score right below 100. Great job!

#72 Ronan Pomme, one of our newcomers, is next. Although active after joining, Ronan still lost AF and dropped four spots from his original position. #82 Magnus Nicolaysen was quite active this time, cutting about 4 points and hopping up one spot. #84 Drake is right up next, with an impressive cut of 17 AF, enough to move up 6 positions up the ranks.

#93 Greg Howard continues to show great potential, landing a cut of exactly 8 points, however dropping one spot in wake of competiton. #97 Steven Quincy set some new records, although he dropped two spots despite a cut of 2.6 AF. We end the top 100 on a strong note with #100 Kyle Wadley, who cut a massive 28 points and made his way into the top 100! Congratulations!


#101 Hollend78 -6.9790
#103 DelYoshi -7.3750
#107 Bram Meulendijks +1.4790
#120 Mac Leoli +3.2090
#134 Ben Stoneman +2.7710
#139 Christos Karamanos -79.4270


Unranked players Adam Bellion, Bryton Daniels, Emilia Rodriguez, LeoMK, Jaden dela Cruz, Joseph Gurneck, ORANGE, and Viserion all submitted times for the end of the year.

Site Records

This time, 22 new site records were set!

Kyle Wade set ten new site records: 1'34"757 on Mario Kart Stadium, 1'52"084 on Shy Guy Falls, 1'20"709 on Wii Moo Moo Meadows, 1'39"323 on N64 Toad's Turnpike, 1'53"334 on GCN Dry Dry Desert, 1'54"999 on N64 Yoshi Valley, 1'34"849 on Excitebike Arena, 1'44"196 on Dragon Driftway, 1'36"089 on Animal Crossing, and 1'45"046 on GBA Ribbon Road.
Alex E set three new site records: 1'44"359 on DS Cheep Cheep Beach, 1'44"697 on Ice Ice Outpost, 1'36"187 on Super Bell Subway.
Danny Z set two new site records: 1'55"290 on Sunshine Airport, 1'48"699 on Mute City.
Christian Côté set the Wii Grumble Volcano site record with a time of 1'53"110.
Darren Woods set the Dolphin Shoals site record with a time of 1'57"203.
Daniel Starxlx set the DS Tick Tock Clock site record with a time of 1'42"600.
David Batke set the Toad Harbor site record with a time of 1'55"239.
Doodle set the Big Blue site record with a time of 1'23"183.
Joel Bresser set the 3DS Neo Bowser City site record with a time of 1'43"779.
Viserion set the GBA Mario Circuit site record with a time of 1'20"381.

Well, that's a wrap for 2016! Good luck for 2017, and happy new year to everyone!