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15 February 2017: "Snow Day"
Holiday season is over and it's back to school or work for most of us. North America has got some snowy winter storms; winter's in full gear now! The cold weather keeps many of us inside with time to play MK8...it's been a busy month-and-a-half to start off the year!

This month's news incoming! This time we'll cover activity from January 1 to February 14, 2017.

New Players

Since the last news, we've had an impressive influx of new players joining the site. Altogether, 8 newcomers have brought their skills to the Players' Page. First up is BrandonWF84 from the USA, who started off ranked pretty high at #68. Gamer Blue, also from the USA, was next to join, starting just outside the top 50, with a starting rank of #55. Another American, Azuza Isinski also subimtted a full timesheet, debuting at an impressive #61. Batboo, yet again from the USA, started off unranked but filled his timesheet since. Moving on, we have William Mach 8, also from the United States. William started off at #110, leaving lots of room to move up the ranks. German karter Mustafa Taskiran joined with an incomplete timesheet, which is still lacking many times. Hopefully Mustafa will continue to work on his scores. Blake 64, coming from the USA, is our highest-ranked newcomer, with a starting rank of #49. Our eigth and final new player is Count, joining from the USA with an incomplete timesheet.


Since the beginning of the new year, we've had 38 active karters. Let's see what's up with them!


#1 Danny Z was active yet again, continuing to improve on his world-class times and defending his champion status. Danny cut 0.18 AF, bringing his score to just under 3.8 points. #2 Alex E, our Canadian champion, pressures Danny with an incredible 1.75 cut, bringing him less than 1 point away from the #1 spot. Are we witnessing a new champion in the making? Only time will tell.

#7 David Batke submitted a number of improvements to his times. He didn't move up or down any spots; however, his AF slipped by about a tenth of a point. #10 Retla did some amazing work this period, moving up 9 spots to secure a top 10 position! With a 6-point cut, Retla's AF score is now under 20 points. #11 Matt Piper moved up 2 positions this time around, putting him just outside the top 10. Matt improved his AF score by over 1 whole point, bringing him very close to the top 10 barrier.

#15 WilliamtG continues to work on his timesheet, improving by over 3 AF and moving up one position. #16 Joel Bresser improved by 0.8 points, swapping spots with William. #18 Up2000 reduced his AF by an impressive 3.6 points, which raised him 2 points up the ladder. #19 Doodle is our newest top 20 member, coming from #22 with a big 4-point cut. To close out the top 20, we have #20 Zakkk, who drove home a 1-point cut, enough to keep him from falling outside the top 20.


#21 Ethan Laing sent in a few new times, although he still lost AF this month. #22 Roberto Ramirez had the same fortune as Ethan, however, it's nice to see both of them active.

#39 Vector is our next active player, sending in 6 new times to start off the year. However, Vector dropped about half a point despite making progress. #47 Blake 64, one of our newcomers, jumped up 2 spots and 2.6 AF, with a strong start to his career on the Players' Page. #49 Floena showed similar aptitude, cutting 3.3 points.


The news continues with new joiner #55 Gamer Blue, who was able to maintain his starting position with a 0.4 AF cut. #60 BrandonWF84, also a new member, moved up 8 spots since joining, owing to a 14-point cut. #63 Azuza Isinski, yet another newcomer, was active, but unfortunately dropped 2 spots since joining.

#68 Nick Prear made some time to play, improving by 1.3 AF. Despite the nice work he put in, Nick dropped 2 spots on the ladder this period. #71 Sam Smith sent in a number of new times to begin the new year, but unfortunately lost AF. #72 Sparks also worked hard at karting, but, like Sam, lost AF too. #77 Stacy Needham, although most active in the older MK games, made some time to play MK8. Stacy's lone Yoshi Valley time wasn't enough to gain any AF, however.

#90 Greg Howard continues to shine, moving up 3 spots and shaving 6 AF. #97 Kyle Wadley also stood out, securing his top 100 position with an incredible 23-point cut. Congrats!


#101 Steven Quincy +3.8750
#110 Willam Mach 8 -1.5630
#123 Nick Cahall +/- ???
#126 Mac Leoli +3.7500
#127 Batboo +3.2560
#144 Christos Karamanos +6.5840
#149 Stephen Weber +4.5000


Unranked karters Adam Bellion, Count, Emilia Rodriguez, Jaden dela Cruz, Mustafa Taskiran, Sofie Wimmer, and Viserion all found some time to play this time around.

Site Records

Since the start of the year, we've had 8 new site records!

Alex E set three new site records: 1'55"383 on Electrodrome, 1'41"261 on DS Tick Tock Clock, and 1'43"945 on Dragon Driftway.
Danny Z set two new site records: 1'48"215 on Sweet Sweet Canyon and 1'43"254 on GBA Cheese Land.
David Batke set the GBA Ribbon Road site record with a time of 1'45"009.
Matt Piper set the Mario Circuit site record with a time of 1'42"953*.
Retla set the Wii Wario's Gold Mine site record with a time of 1'52"298*.

And that's it! Thanks for reading, and good luck for next time!