Follow these rules, or else!

We have some rules for certain tracks, to make sure nobody is cheating with glitches and having an advantage over the other players. If we think you're breaking a rule, we may decline to accept your time. Please make sure you read and fully understand the rules on this page as it will be a webpage before you submit your times to yahoogroups for inclusion on the site.

The following is a list of routes and techniques that are and are not eligible for Non-Shortcut competition for this site.


What's "SC"?

Anything that violates what can be considered a standard, intentional route through the course is a shortcut. Substantial normal cuts and alternate routes that compromise conventional driving are also considered shortcuts. Anything not considered a shortcut by the authority of this document is allowed for Non-Shortcut playing.

Rules are subject to change if need be.


General Rules

These rules apply to every course. If a banned route has no specific explanation, it falls under one or many of these general rules.

  • Any method for circumventing or tricking the finish line. There are several ways to do this, all of which reduce the driving to a minimum. This includes but is not limited to driving into a wall or underwater parallel to the finish line.
  • Ticking/Tricking, which means colliding with wall/tree/object to get a longer boost. This lets you travel off-road without speed loss. A very abusive technique violates the Non-Shortcut approach to the game.
  • Making aided jumps to jump over barriers. There are some exceptions to this rule listed below in the indivudual course descriptions. If it is not mentioned in the list below, then it is banned.
  • Using Lakitu to advance further ahead.
  • Breaking destructible boundaries to allow for tighter cornering and jump-skipping.
  • Bouncing on water to skip barriers, with or without a mushroom.
  • Breaking ice blocks.
  • Using mini turbos (blue boosts) and mushrooms anywhere along the Non-Shortcut routes.

Although these general rules are applied everywhere, some driving situations are hard to judge We've provided further clarification for tracks where we feel it necessary.

Peach Circuit
Shy Guy Beach - [picture]
Riverside Park - [picture]
Shrooming over the tiles section straight ahead after the first corner is considered a shortcut since it cuts out too much track.
Bowser Castle 1
Mario Circuit
Boo Lake - [picture]
Cheese Land - [picture]
Going from the first jump directly onto the bumper plate is allowed.
Bowser Castle 2
Luigi Circuit - [picture]
Sky Garden - [picture]
  • Veering to the left at the first bumper after using a Mushroom to skip more than half the track is forbidden.
  • Shrooming onto other jumps is allowed as long as Lakitu isn't used.
Cheep Cheep Island - [picture]
  • You are not allowed to use a Mushroom to go through the gap in the wall to the left after the first bridge, since it is comparable to skipping boundaries.
  • Shrooming across the water and onto the bumpers is allowed.
Sunset Wilds - [picture]
Snow Land - [picture]
Ribbon Road - [picture]
Making a 90-degree turn to either side after the jump is forbidden. You may only jump straight ahead.
Yoshi Desert - [picture]
Occasionally you will swerve above part of a corner when airborne after using a Mushroom. This is allowed, as long as you are adhering to the Non-SC route.
Bowser Castle 3 - [picture]
Jumping to the left at the bumper section to bypass the hairpin is considered SC.
Lakeside Park - [picture]
Going from the jump directly onto the bumper plate is allowed.
Broken Pier - [picture]
  • Going backwards or otherwise using multiple bumper bounces to cross barriers is not allowed.
  • Using the platform isle is allowed, if not setting up aforementioned bouncing sequences.
Bowser Castle 4
Rainbow Road
You may bounce and shroom wherever you like as long as you don't use Lakitu to get ahead.
Retro Mario Circuit 1
Retro Donut Plains 1
Retro Ghost Valley 1 - [picture]
Retro Bowser Castle 1
Retro Mario Circuit 2 - [picture]
  • Landing on the bumper in the offroad to bounce ahead is allowed.
  • Landing on a part of the barrier to complete a lap and be ejected well into your following lap is not allowed.
Retro Choco Island 1 - [picture]
Jumping over walls along the Non-Shortcut route is allowed.
Retro Ghost Valley 2 - [picture]
Retro Donut Plains 2 - [picture]
Retro Bowser Castle 2
Retro Mario Circuit 3 - [picture]
Retro Koopa Beach 1 - [picture]
Circling around the first corner to complete a lap is considered SC since it cuts out too much track.
Retro Choco Island 2 - [picture]
Jumping over walls is allowed.
Retro Vanilla Lake 1
Retro Bowser Castle 3 - [picture]
Using the bumper to skip to a different lane before the last turn is allowed.
Retro Mario Circuit 4 - [picture]
Retro Donut Plains 3
You are allowed to bypass only the barrier in the water to the left of the second bridge by using the bumper.
Retro Koopa Beach 2
Retro Ghost Valley 3 - [picture]
Shrooming on the broken tiles section to get ahead is not allowed.
Retro Vanilla Lake 2 - [picture]
Retro Rainbow Road
(Compiled by Andreas, Tom and Luca.)